Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 568: This Is How Unity Is

Chapter 568: This Is How Unity Is

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Prior to this, Wang Lu never thought that in this immortal dreamland, there would be a chance to face the Heaven.

According to the records of Temple of Heaven, mortals would never be able to see Heaven in their entire lives. The child bestowing ritual indeed had a link with Heaven, but the link width was very small. For the inhabitants of Heavenly Earth, if they wanted to face the infinite power of the Heaven, except for the asking Heaven, which had only been done several times in thousands of years, they had to continue to cultivate until they ascend to immortality.

In other words, Heaven descending to Heavenly Earth was almost impossible. At least, it would not happen because of the child bestowing ritual… However, in front of the fact, impossibility was meaningless. The huge pressure from above heavily shook Wang Lu's Jade Mansion and stunned his primordial spirit. Just the existence of Heaven, which was like a real thing, such that it's oppression on him made him unable to move.

Under the oppression of the Heaven, all the fleeting thoughts vanish into thin air, and even in the stunned state of primordial spirit, it was impossible to form any clear thoughts. The awkward atmosphere just a moment ago had completely disappeared, and the power of Heaven shone everywhere.

However, after a while, the huge pressure disappeared, and Wang Lu's mind suddenly cleared up, and he exhaled out the foul air from his chest. He then saw a pale golden light veil on top of his head. His Master's hand had been raised upward, and brilliant light blossomed out from her two sword fingers, which isolated the great pressure from the outside.

Non-Phase Sword Defense.

Wang Lu could not even sigh with emotion to the fact that those scallion-like fingers that had just been inside his mouth were now able to resist the pressure from the Heaven… He immediately summoned out his Sword of Mount Kun and poured all his power into it, ready to fight.

Although he didn't understand the reason for it, the hostility from the Heaven was beyond doubt. Such a huge pressure was far from normal… As a member of Plentiful City Management Committee, he had met with many powerful people of Supreme level in these recent years. Although he could not say that he was able to talk and laugh merrily with them, he was already far from being trembled in their mere presence.

The reason for this was very simple, to those powerhouses, the pressure could be sent and retrieved at will. If not, how could those peak Supreme level powerhouses be able to go out? With their cultivation base, if they didn't restrain their own power, then there would be landslides and earthquakes wherever they went.

As for the Heaven in this immortal dreamland, Wang Lu didn't think that it would be more powerful than those peak Supreme level powerhouses, at least not that much stronger. Therefore, this huge pressure could only indicate that the other side had a bad intention.

"It seems like the speculation is correct, the non-personification is just a gimmick. The so-called Heaven is just an extremely patient cultivator with extremely high cultivation base."

Wang Wu said, "Humph, I never believe any Heaven from the beginning. How could a group of Earth Immortals create a Heaven in an immortal dream land? What a joke!"

Wang Lu nodded lightly, "This giving advice in hindsight is somewhat apt."

"... Do you still feel no shame in making a sarcastic remark behind my back?" Wang Wu angrily glared at him. "I think this change is most likely because of you!"

Wang Lu showed neither approval nor disapproval. After a moment of silence, he cast his Master a glance. Wang Wu chuckled and opened a slight gap in her Non-Phase Sword Defense. A gray sword then went out through that gap and flew toward the Heaven.

That was Wang Lu's all out primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi attack. With the guidance and amplification from the Sword of mount kun, the power of this strike had already far surpassed that of the level of Jindan. However, the dragon-like sword qi only wandered in the air for a short breath time before it was completely crushed by an even greater force.

Wang Lu was not discouraged, he could be proud that his Jindan Stage strike was able to exist in front of the Heaven for a short breath time. Not to mention that his sword strike was only meant to express his greetings.

"Such a big hostility in our first meeting, may I ask the Heaven why it was so?"

After sending out his sword strike, Wang Lu shouted out his greetings. After a while, there was a rumble in the sky, the clouds rolled and thunder buzzed. The Heaven gave out its answer.

Able to establish a direct communication with the other side, meaning that the goal of his sword strike had been reached, Wang Lu, however, could not help but gawk at the answer given.

"Men, not a single one of them is a good thing."

What kind of answer is this?

Alright, it was not an incomprehensible answer. In this immortal dreamland, all the men were creatures from the lower chaotic realm, which was the source of ugliness and disaster. And as the creature of Heavenly Earth, which filled it with women only, naturally, it had such a full discrimination toward the creatures from the chaotic world. However, opening the conversation with that line indeed made people feel awkward.

However, after listening to this, the nearby Wang Wy nodded and said, "Those are the words deep within my heart too, men are really not a good thing."

Wang Lu was ready to argue against this gender discrimination view, but he noticed the look on his Master, which seemed to signal something to him.

Based on the decades of… plus those of Ouyang Shang's, the hundred years tacit understanding with her allowed Wang Lu to instantly grasp her intention.

The Heaven had descended, and they could not resist it just with strength. Wang Wu's Non-Phase Sword Defense could not hold on indefinitely, and the root of the problem was clearly in the word 'men.'

This cultivator, who was regarded as the Heaven by the people, hated men to the bone. Wang Lu started the child bestowing ritual as a man, which irritated the Heaven that it came down. However, on the other hand, what if Wang Lu was not a man?

For example, if stellar fairy Wang Lulu was here, would the Heaven still be furious?

Just as Wang Lu remained silence, Wang Wu continued to signal him, saying some words without the sound and then using her free hand to make a gesture: Quickly cut it, before it's too late!

Wang Lu replied with his own middle finger gesture and also silently said, Fucking cut yourself!

Wang Wu was also anxious that she directly blurted out, "Hey, think about me okay! Now I'm using my Non-Phase Sword Defense to hold the pressure from the Heaven! But I can't do this indefinitely! It's okay if you want to keep your self-respect in the face of life and death crisis, but do you actually want to entangle me into trouble just for a wee bit of an organ?"

Wang Lu was also anxious. "You dare to slander my piercing dead brier spear as a wee bit of an organ!"

Wang Wu sneered and no longer paid attention to him. Instead, she turned her head and shouted at the Heaven, "Hey! I at least am innocent! I am a real one hundred percent woman! Later when I let go of my Non-Phase Sword Defense, you can crush him, but please let me go okay!"

As a result, the next moment, a thunder directly flew down from the Heaven and went straight for Wang Wu's head. For a while, the pale golden light shook.

Wang Wu raised her head in disbelief and looked at the sky, "Damn, why did you hit me?"

Heaven responded with a thundering sound, "The woman who falls in love with a man also deserve to die!"

"Hahaha!" Wang Lu immediately burst into laughter.

Seeing the countless flashes of lightning snaked through the clouds, Wang Lu immediately explained loudly after laughing, "The love between a man and a woman is not a sin, Heaven, you must have misunderstood!"

The thunders were still rolling.

Wang Lu continued, "The world's men are indeed mostly scum. The love between a man and a woman often leads people into the extreme toward the degeneration. But the affairs of life are not absolute. Is there no scum among women? Are all the love between women and women pure and free from dirt? Even in Heavenly Earth, this piece of paradise land—With the blessings from Heaven, the later generations of human immortals have been carefully selected, but it still breeds all kinds of sins. So it can clearly be seen that gender discrimination, and even obsessive cleanliness is not desirable. Let alone the inspiring love between man and woman are too numerous to cite them individually. If you don't believe it, I can tell you a story of ancient sword absurd story 1 .…"

Before he could finish his words, an unprecedentedly violent thunder went straight at Wang Lu. Very keen to predict the blow, Wang Lu had already taken a step toward Wang Wu and stood right beside her in advance, bringing this trouble to Wang Wu.

Wang Wu had to work hard to thwart this thunderbolt, and after that, she shouted herself hoarse to explain herself, "Heaven please hear me out! I absolutely have not fallen in love with him, what I like is woman!"

As a result, before she could continue, because her body continued to tremble, the crystal stone that she previously had taken back tumbled out toward the ground. While that crystal stone rolled on the ground, it stimulated by the raging magical power, which immediately shook it and then from within it came out a series of images and sounds.

A pair of man and woman were having a really hot sexual intercourse. The scene was buzzing with activity.

At that moment, Wang Lu and Wang Wu stared blankly at the crystal stone on the ground, not knowing what to say.

The so-called gods want me to die probably referred to their current situation… For a while, everything was silent, and the only sound was the moaning of the man and the woman in various sexual positions that came from the crystal stone.

"Unbelievably shameless!"


The next moment, the thunderbolt power suddenly doubled, and the hand of Wang Wu that supported her sword defense tingled with numbness.

However, after the situation became a hundred times more severe, Wang Wu instead, seemed to calm down a lot. She raised her left hand and stabilized the sword defense while at the same time said to Wang Lu, "We have been acting for so long, so what is your analysis?"

After the arrival of Heaven, most of their performances were just deliberate acting—Of course, there was also a small part where they blurted out their true feelings. All this was to create a various extreme situation to observe the reaction of the other side. Wang Wu needed to fully maintain the sword defense, so the heavy responsibility of analysis fell on Wang Lu.

Wang Lu nodded and sneered, "The so-called Heaven, is but a low EQ, worrier, and stubborn little girl. She had nothing except for her strong power, and even then, she's only on the level of an ordinary Earth Immortal, nothing remarkable about it."

"... Could you not be so condescending when talking about the level of an ordinary Earth Immortal? How high do you think you are compared to her?"

"Humph, at least, compared to Zhong Shengming, this fellow is far below."

Thinking about the experience when fighting with the Sword Demon with both wisdom and courage, Wang Lu felt that the so-called Heaven who only had a strong strength was just so-so.

"I've probably seen some clues, a god that can call out thunder… It's okay, I'll help you, we'll do it together."

Wang Lu said, took a step forward to stand behind Wang Wu, and then gently hugged her.

This ambiguous action, at this time, actually felt incomparably solemn and respectful. Because as soon as he pressed his body on her, their more than two golden cores echoed each other. Wang Wu felt that a trace of warm force poured into her Jade Mansion, and the sword defense line that was on the verge of crisis immediately got a strong support.

In front of the god of thunder, the power of Wang Lu alone was insignificant, but his golden core was, in terms of relative purity, after all, a top-rank golden core. And when it fell into the control of Wang Wu, it could have a much big effect.

The difference between Wang Wu's more than one hundred and tenth layer and Wang Lu's mere around sixtieth to the seventieth layer was like the difference between night and day.

Body fusion is power.

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