Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 570: The Hundred Years’ Love

Chapter 570: The Hundred Years’ Love

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When the sun shone, the pressure from the sky gradually dissipated, and the imposing Heaven's arrival came to an abrupt end.

This sudden change was really unpredictable, and Wang Lu had to use great perseverance to suppress his curiosity. Neither to look at the flowers and trees around him, nor pay attention to the newborn baby who escaped from the death, let alone pondering what the hell was that idiotic question about saving the adult or the baby. He just concentrated all his energy on his master and did whatever it take to keep her alive.

Heaven was obviously brain-damaged. Nevertheless, a brain-damaged person still had its benefit. This round of disregarding-reason-just-to-keep-her-alive had been very beneficial to the seriously injured Wang Wu. Rosy color had returned on her cheeks, which meant that she should be already out of danger.

However, Wang Lu didn't dare to be negligent because what if this was just the case of consciousness-returning-just-before-dying? What if it was just premenstrual syndrome? Therefore, he still continued his magical power infusion. However, a short period later, he felt a sudden surge of resistance from his Master's body. Although not strong, with a skillful technique, a wall was formed that completely blocked Wang Lu's magical power infusion.

"What the?"

Such a change was far more alarming than that protect the adult protect or the young thing. What did the resistance from his Master's body mean? Had she already… given up?

"Hey, don't give up the treatment. You'd promised me that you would continue living no matter what."

Wang Wu coughed, choking out the clotted blood, which looked miserable. She did not reply, but looked at Wang Lu with a complicated look. However, the magical power rejection had become stronger instead. At the same time, Wang Lu clearly sensed that her two broken golden cores were rapidly losing energy. In just several breaths, the golden core aura disappeared, and the fragments of golden cores vanished into thin air.

In an instant, Wang Wu degenerated from a seriously injured Jindan Stage cultivator into an ordinary person without any cultivation base!

"You!" He never thought that Wang Wu would actually make such a resolute move. Wang Lu anxiously launched a tirade, "Do you really want to die? Damn, I am working so hard to sustain your life, yet you actually made a decision like this? Fine, it is fine that you want to die, but let me have a free f*ck for fun before you die." What Wang Lu was trying to do was like rescuing a living horse as a dead horse. While scolding her, he simply reached out to untie Wang Wu's clothes. In any case, he didn't know what to do, so he was simply trying to make a move to induce a miracle.

However, just as he put his hands on her clothes, they were suddenly grasped by Wang Wu.

"You have a weak sense of survival, yet still took a great effort to keep the chastity…" Wang Lu gnashed his teeth. "Have you lost your IQ after being seriously injured? Doing everything wrong!"

As soon as his voice fell, he heard Wang Wu angrily say, "You wretch, you've done everything wrong!"

"You… hey, why is your voice full of vitality? Wait a minute, what the hell are the things inside your body?"

At this time, Wang Lu was hugging Wang Wu tightly, so he was very sensitive to the change inside her body. With internal view, he could even directly see the situation inside her Jade Mansion.

He saw that among the ruins, dozens of golden dragons came out from the void. And after raging fiercely in the air, they condensed into masses of golden thing. And then those two golden things were compressed and turned into two golden cores!

After the completion of the golden cores, the degeneration was swept away from the Jade Mansion, and various quaint decorations appeared one by one, embellishing it with immortal aura, becoming even more beautiful than the original Jade Mansion.

"... What is this thing?"

At this time, no matter how hot-headed Wang Lu was, he could see that Wang Wu was never in danger at all. It could even be said that she was already in such a good condition that she basically didn't need him to do anything. It was just that… how could these two golden cores suddenly appear here?

"Backup cores." Wang Wu lightly explained, " Women, always need to have several backup cores 1 ."

"..." Wang Lu firmly believed that this was the first time he had heard that there was such a thing as backup cores in this world. If it were any other people, most of them would think that it was bullsh*t.

However, then again, before he met with Wang Wu, did he ever hear a Jindan cultivator capable of withstanding heavenly lightning?

"In short, did you plan it from the beginning?"

"Yes. I have long felt that the original two golden cores were difficult to use, and after the success of your golden core equalization, their levels have dropped a lot. So, rather than wasting time to repair them, it's better to just replace them with new ones. The only problem is that the replacement process is a bit troublesome, especially after you pour in external true qi, it became a troublesome trouble! Before the new golden cores can settle in, the Jade Mansion must be swept clean first. But your true qi was endless, so the Jade Mansion wasn't cleared at all. What's more, you're still trying to stick together the two shattered cores that have already been abandoned… So, you want me to become a waste with two waste golden cores?" Wang Wu said, and then quite unhappily turned her head to look at Wang Lu. "I was almost killed by you!"

"..." Wang Lu had no words to say. After being rendered silent for a moment, he quietly drew back the arm around Wang Wu's back.

Since he started his debut, he had not done such a stupid thing. Although Wang Wu's core swap tactic was fantastic, and broke the myriad theories in the immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions, it was impossible for him to predict that she had such a skill. At that time, he did the most rational choice—well, since it was a decision made while his mind was hot, it was actually not a rational choice.

However, if he was a bit calmer, he could actually more or less infer from Wang Wu's reaction. But how could anyone calm down in that kind of situation? Were it not that he had never put aside the cultivation base of his Non-Phase Immortal Heart, at that time, he would have already gone berserk.

However, regardless of how many reasons he could come up with, his rescuing actions had become a big joke. Thus, Wang Lu had no words to say… except to cover his face and run away.

However, just as he turned around, he immediately felt a warmth on his back. A person had hugged him from behind.

In consternation, Wang Wu's voice came into his ears.

"Although there have been too many changes, you're still as stupid as before… Previously, when you were on the mountain, you always made this kind of mistake. However, I know that you were confused because of concern."

Being embraced by her, Wang Lu's body stiffened a bit. He wanted to say something but felt that he didn't know where to start.

His relationship with the woman behind him was so subtle that he didn't know how to deal with it.

In regard to Wang Wu, it was probably the same. Tightly held by her, Wang Lu could even hear her heartbeat.

Silent descended on all around them. However, in this silence, the atmosphere became more and more awkward. Wang Lu stood quietly, but his heart became more and more disorderly.

Just then, suddenly, there was a cry from the thick grass.

This cry broke the silence, but also broke their reveries. Wang Wu took advantage of that situation to withdraw her arms, took a few steps toward the source of the sound, looked down, and then let out a tsk sound.

It was that baby.

When Wang Lu looked at the baby, he felt a pain in the ass. The child bestowing ritual was originally meant to use the communication channel to probe out Heaven. From the very beginning, they did not take this child bestowing ritual seriously.

The conditions required for the baby to be bestowed were that the couple must really love each other, and must also have intimate behavior. However, how could they satisfy these two conditions? At least, Wang Lu estimated that it was possible to open a communication channel with Heaven. However, to let Heaven recognize the relationship between the two and give them a child was really a joke.

As a result, the child bestowing ritual had been twisted, and the original purpose of the ritual could be said as exceeding much more than expected. They were able to mostly feel out Heaven, but the thing that they first thought of as a joke, had finally become real.

"What should we do?" After a long time, Wang Lu decided to kick the ball at Wang Wu.

Wang Wu was originally shocked by this baby's affair, but gradually, she recovered her usual agile posture. She walked around the baby, thought about it, and then suddenly walked forward boldly to pick up the baby.

Looking at this from the side, Wang Lu was startled. This baby was actually a big trouble for them, but unexpectedly, Wang Wu actually took the initiative to pick it up? Could it be that after the two generations' love affair, her maternal instinct suddenly erupted?

This was totally unreasonable. Regardless of his past and present life, his impression of Wang Wu was that, she was totally immune to motherhood. She could be a genius enlightened person, a persistent cultivator, or a maverick who did not give a damn toward the worldly customs, but she could never be a good wife and loving mother!

Just as Wang Lu was deeply impressed with this development, Wang Wu's finger had just touched the baby, and after a hiccup sound, the baby disappeared!

Both of them were stunned. However, Wang Lu quickly understood the situation and said, "There's no way the immortal dreamland could create life out of thin air! No way to create a true living person!"

The so-called creating life out of thin air, in other words, was an artificial life. Instead of going through the natural way of unity of Yin and Yang, it was a synthetic life by means of alchemy and refining. And this life out of thin air was a miracle puzzle that has been plaguing the immortal cultivation world for many years, and had been proven to be impossible to achieve.

As for all the creatures in the group of immortal tombs, they were essentially just parts of the immortal dream, and it was not too much to state that they were just fakes. In this immortal dreamland, the child bestowing ritual was basically the merging of the characteristics of two imaginary lives, to create a new imaginary life. However, Wang Wu and Wang Lu were real living beings. They did not possess the characteristics of imaginary lives. Extracting the characteristics of both of them to create life would only result in a virtual image, which would disappear once in contact with a living being.

As for the other creatures, they could only live in the immortal dreamland, and could not be brought out. Otherwise, since everytime a cultivator entered an immortal dreamland, it would create a new world for it—if counted for all the cultivators that entered the group of immortal tombs—there would be an untold number of Supreme level or above cultivators. Furthermore, if they could walk out of the immortal dreamland at will, wouldn't there be a big mess in Nine Regions?

Regardless, the baby disappeared just like that. And Wang Lu was somewhat relieved. When he turned his gaze, however, he discovered that Wang Wu had an 'at a loss' look on her face, as if she felt an extreme lost for the disappearance of the baby?

"Hey… you were not expecting anything, weren't you?"

When Wang Lu spoke this, his heartbeat somewhat sped up. However, after a long silence, Wang Wu just sighed and then explained with a smile, "It's nothing, it was just that, I had planned to use the 'mother is dear to the child' tactic to divide your inheritance. But now, it seemed that the dream was just for naught."

"..." Upon hearing this, Wang Lu felt that the Master that he was familiar with had returned… But this rapid change in attitude had somewhat caught him off guard.

However, when he thought about it, Wang Lu immediately felt that something was not right.

"Wait a minute, just now, you said that you want to use the 'mother is dear to the child' tactic to divide my… inheritance?"

"Hehe, it's just a slip of the tongue."

"That should be the careless expression of your true words, huh? Tsk, as you mentioned it, it reminds me. As you could have already been considered as a successful cultivator with great fame, it should be the time for you to return the inheritance that I gave you!"

"In your dreams!" Wang Wu covered her chest with her hands. "This is already mine!"

"You really have the face to say that?"

"I…" Wang Wu rolled her eyes and suddenly said with a smile, "Fine, after taking advantage of you for so many years for free, if I don't repay anything at all, it would be too unreasonable. Well, I'll just pay you some interests…"

The next moment, Wang Lu suddenly felt fragrant wind blowing at his face, and the woman's figure was already right in front of him. Her beautiful eyes were flowing, and her beauty was charming.

A gentle touch was on his lips, like morning dew, clear and sweet, penetrating deeply into the heart..

Beside his ears, Wang Wu's voice was vague and traceless, but it was like a morning bell and evening drum, surging one's heart.

"Sorry, although it wasn't the first kiss, it still feels a bit awkward in technique, so if you don't like it, then just forget about it."

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