Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 573: Maximum Level Nonsense Talk

Chapter 573: Maximum Level Nonsense Talk

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After successfully taking down Ping Xiwang and her bodyguard, Ping Xiwang did not make any unnecessary resistance.

In fact, when she saw her trusted bodyguard's mind was beaten by the Skybreaker, she accepted her fate with a sigh, retrieved back the already-prepared self-detonate original magical treasure, cast a glance at Wang Wu and thoroughly gave up resistance. After that, she lightly spoke, "... just kill me."

Being a high ranking temple nun allowed her to deal with the situation calmly in any situation. Although there seemed to be some power to resist on the scene—In theory, since she was a master of Peak Deity Stage while the opponents were just two Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage, her single glance and breathing could disperse the opponents and force them to withdraw. However, excluding this prejudice, her many years of practical experience told her that these two Jindan level people were actually very powerful, especially the one in front of her. Although this opponent was only in Jindan Stage, she at least also had the strength of more than Peak Deity Stage. Now that she had lost the upper hand, there was no need to continue to resist.

The calmness of Ping Xiwang reduced the trouble for Wang Wu, but it also dimmed her victory. Because Ping Xiwang did not look like a defeated prisoner of war at all. Her tall and high posture, could not be reduced one iota even when she was reduced to a prisoner.

"Just kill me."

The tone of voice was more like a command rather than a request, and it could be clearly seen that she was serious. If the teachings of Temple of Heaven were not strictly against the suicide, she would've already committed suicide early on.

"Tsk, unexpectedly meet a staunch woman." Wang Wu was suddenly surprised. The top leadership of the Temple of Heaven was dominated by politicians, and most of the politicians were basically double-dealing opportunists. With this as a background, the action of Ping Xiwang was very unexpected.

"Heh, no need to look at her that high, she's just weighing the pros and cons."

With that, Moonless' figure quietly appeared. After sending a gentle smile at Wang Wu, she opened her mouth and explained, "She decides to take the seeking life in death route because she has determined the true identity of Sister Wu's friend, that's all."

Wang Lu pointed at himself. "My true identity?"

Moonless said with a smile, "You're a chaotic creature, are you not?"

"Em…" Wang Lu shook his head. Knowing that his Wang Wu's identity had been revealed, he dismissed his illusion spell. In any case, later on, his opportunity to appear in public would be very rare, so it would not matter if his male identity would not be concealed. If he forgot, he might be treated by people as a chaotic creature.

In fact, since the establishment of Heavenly Earth, there had been no such creatures as "men" for thousands of years. Even if they were to see Wang Lu, the average person would think that he is a special form of existence—in fact, this country of women did not lack those women with big waist like men.

However, Moonless actually participated in the chaos of the invasion of the chaotic world, so she was very familiar with the chaotic world species. And after seeing Wang Lu several times, she recognized him. However, it seemed that under the influence of Telepathic Finger, the bitter hatred toward the chaotic creature had been put down by her.

"Although Ping Xiwang had no meritorious service in the war, her bodyguard had actually repeatedly made great achievements in the war, thus her understanding of chaotic creatures is still above me. Now that she sees you as a chaotic creature, she knew she only had a dead end."

Wang Lu said, "So she wants to demonstrate her sincerity by dying?"

"Yeah, right now she's in a very bad situation, and she could be thrown off her position at any time. If the news that she had a collusion with the chaotic creature were to spread, then she would never be able to make a comeback in the political scene—and as long as she doesn't die today, whether she actually succumbed to the pressure or not, it would not have mattered as she would always be linked with the collusion with the chaotic creature. She would never be able to wash it clean."

Moonless said, and then chuckled, "For a person like her, if her political life is over, it is better to die than continue on living. At least, after death, no one could deny everything that she had ever done. The value of this kind of person has been completely tied with her political life, truly incorrigible."

Wang Lu said, "Sounds like you are very dissatisfied with the political life?"

"Of course." Moonless readily admitted it. "In my opinion, this kind of person is ridiculous, completely 'neglecting the root and pursuing the tip'. Whether it's the Shentian or Chengtian, they're all the same. Even if they become the paramount number one person, so what? Under the glare of public eyes, they must be careful with their every word and every action so as to not make a mistake. They might as well be like me, a vassal lord who has no political future. I can build Moon Capital over the Palace of Heaven, would any one of them dare to do the same? Even the size of their residence has to be curbed. I can keep hundred of harem concubines in the Moon Capital, but if they want to play with women, they have to do it in a sneaky way, unable to openly pursue anything."

Wang Wu said, "When you reach the rank of Shentian, isn't there a blessing from the Heaven that makes your strength higher than the original? For example, if you look at Ping Xiwang, her qualification is not as good you, but her power level is actually higher than you."

"What's the point of being strong base on external force? What cultivator cultivate is itself. And what about Ping Xiwang? If she really fights with me on the battlefield, I'm afraid she is not my opponent. Moreover, in my opinion, the stronger the external force, the bigger the bondage. After the establishment of the Temple of Heaven system, I have never heard of anyone who could pass the divine tribulation and ascend to immortality, this includes all of the Chengtian rank nuns, without exception!"

Wang Lu sized Moonless up with great interest. "Unexpectedly, you do have your own way of thinking. I just don't know if you have this way of thinking since the very beginning or that you managed to figure it out in the Palace of Heaven after you realized you no longer have the prospect for the future."


On the other hand, after Wang Wu listened to the analysis of Moonless, she could not help but lost in thoughts. After thinking for a while, she said, "We may have some troubles here."


"Telepathic Finger might not work on Ping Xiwang." Wang Wu explained, "The Telepathic Finger is essentially a primordial spirit skill aimed at the weakness of other people's heart. The social structure of this Heavenly Earth is distorted by external force, so most of the creatures are born handicapped. But Ping Xiwang's… obsession is strong enough to overwhelm all of these defects. Take Moonless for example. Despite establishing a harem in Moon Capital and living in debauchery, her heart actually has always been longing for true love; her past lover died in the battlefield. Taking aim at this point, I easily attacked her primordial spirit. As for the others, they are a lot simpler. Most girls are oblivious to the same-sex love in the depths their hearts, distorted by forceful restriction of the social environment. So as long as I can trace it back to their source, I can disintegrate their heart's defense. However, Ping Xiwang's obsession with politics has thoroughly consumed her. To put it more exaggerate-ly, her primordial spirit structure is different from that of ordinary people."

"Damn, that bad huh?" Wang Lu immediately turned his head and carefully observed Ping Xiwang. She seemed to be a very graceful and elegant woman, and her imposing manner seemed to be quite strong. Unexpectedly, however, her primordial spirit had already turned abnormal.

"Are all the seven Shentian of the Temple of Heaven like this one?"

"It shouldn't be. Her situation is different from that of other people. For other people, if they don't profit from this succession ritual, they would not suffer a loss. But for her, if doesn't move forward, she couldn't afford to retreat, if she does, she might fall into the abyss. So the level of pressure on her is simply not the same compared to that of the other people."

"In short, since your Telepathic Finger is invalid, how do you plan to deal with this?"

Wang Wu said, "This is where the problem is. All this time, we have been turning the Heavenly Earth upside down without attracting any attention. With Telepathic Finger, we can precisely arrange what would happen next. But now…"

Wang Lu thought for a moment, and then said, "I actually have an idea. If you have no other way, let me try it."

"... What are you going to try? Are you going to use your super weapon to straighten Ping Xiwang's primordial spirit so that she can recall a woman's happiness?"

"If my super weapon is so effective, I will first think of a way to straighten out your worldview."

"Hehe, I look forward to it."

Wang Lu frowned, feeling that he clearly had just threatened her, but was instead being taken advantages of by this crazy woman.

However, the matter regarding Ping Xiwang was more important than to deal with her.

Thereupon he strode forward toward Ping Xiwang, and after a moment of silence, opened his mouth to ask, "Just now I heard people say that your primordial spirit is abnormal, and that your worldview is very different from that of ordinary people, so presumably you would not care about honor or disgrace, and success or failure on personal level. Therefore, I'll be straight with you, I believe you can still listen to it." Watching Ping Xiwang completely ignored his existence, Wang Lu chuckled and then threw down his awesomeness. "I have a way to make you a hero that will never be forgotten in this Heavenly Earth, although it's more like a martyred hero. You will die, but your prestige will go far beyond all of your competitors, even beyond the paramount Chengtian. The idea that you insist on, whether or not other people recognize it, will be implemented. And the territory that you govern will become the benchmark for the Heavenly Earth, and it will be imitated by others."

Ping Xiwang opened her eyes.

The scene that Wang Lu just said was very attractive to her. Although she did not want to die, but now death was actually the best result for her. And if she could become a hero after death, then that would be the best. It was just that, could that even possible?

"Of course it's possible, I'm not joking here. In fact, it's not difficult to achieve this goal." Wang Lu paused, and then asked, "You're one of the top rank persons in Temple of Heaven, so you ought to know about Ask the Heaven."

Ping Xiwang was stunned. "Do you want to use me to contact the Heaven?"

"Correct. A nun of Shentian rank or higher must be sacrificed in the Ask the Heaven ritual. Moreover, it is a matter of great significance, for there have not been many examples in thousands of years. So with this opportunity, you can become a hero that only appears in thousands of years—facing the coercion and temptation chaotic creature, you resolutely decide to sacrifice yourself to incur the punishment of Heaven and resolve this Heavenly Earth crisis."

"But it may also become a joke! Can't rely on one's own power to fight the chaotic creature so one has to involve the Heaven, this is the embodiment of incompetence. Let alone, if I let you these chaotic bastards contaminate the Heaven, that's the kind of sin that could not be redeemed even in a hundred deaths!

"Smart, but you don't know enough. In fact, not long ago we have already seen the Heaven."

"You have seen the Heaven? That's impossible! You are all a bunch of chaotic…"

Wang Lu said, "Why is it impossible? Is it what Heaven tells you? Although you are all known as the Temple of Heaven, how many of you have actually seen the Heaven?"

"You're just quibbling with me."

"You mean empty promise is quibbling right?" Wang Lu said, and then slightly breathed out. Immediately, the face of Ping Xiwang undergone an enormous change."

That was a trace of life energy that he had accidentally collected when the Heaven recognized him for his solution to the 'save the adult or save the young' problem.

"... indeed it's a pure Heaven's blessing. It's just that, why?"

Wang Lu inwardly commented, A pity. If it were a reverent believer, she would've already knelt down to kowtow, how could she have the time to ask why? A pity, this Ping Xiwang's believe is completely areligious. She only reverently believes in politics.

"You don't have to worry about why, but you should at least know that since I can get this thing, it means that at least I am not the enemy of Heaven. And according to the teachings, a nefarious eloquent person could not preserve the blessings of Heaven."

"... Indeed." Ping Xiwang lightly nodded and began to weigh quickly in her mind."

Wang Lu's words could not be accepted in its entirety, and there were many contradictions that were difficult to explain.

For example, chaotic creature should be their archenemy, so how could he get the blessings of Heaven? Another example, if he was blessed, then he should be the messenger of Heaven, so why would he need to rely on her strength to communicate with the Heaven? This was totally irrational...

At the same time, Wang Lu also quickly inspired out ideas for the answers in his mind.

By letting Ping Xiwang fall into meditation, he, of course, realized that he was basically just talking nonsense, and definitely would not be able to convince people, but...

But, he is Wang Lu! For a man who could make the impossible possible, the present predicament was nothing!

The theory that could convince the other party, he had already thought of it!

Thereupon, he put on an inscrutable smile, approached Ping Xiwang, and then whispered, "In fact, it's not difficult to guess the truth with your intelligence: We are the spokesperson truly recognized by the Heaven. As for Temple of Heaven, after thousands of years of corruption and degeneration, it has long stood on the opposite of Heaven. Nowadays, they're just a group of authority-thief vile people. If not, why do you do think Heaven has never appeared for thousands of years? Heaven has long been disappointed with everything in this world. Look at current Temple of Heaven, the ascetic nuns love their gold patches, the tyrannical person like Moonless can become a vassal lord, and the high-level people are just full of opportunistic politicians. Tell me, for such a Temple of Heaven, what qualification does it have to have the approval of Heaven?"

"..." Ping Xiwang's brows furrowed more tightly as she completely lost in thought.

"But now, there's a tremendous opportunity placed before you. Sacrifice yourself, take the real will of the Heaven, and you will become an unprecedented hero."

"The Temple of Heaven is impossible to be abolished."

"Of course it would not be abolished. A bridge between the Heaven and the mortals is necessary. The question is, the structure and the properties of the bridge need not be preserved, don't they?"

Wang Lu's voice became more and more bewitching. "Think about it. This time even if we did not appear, how long can you continue to move forward in the Temple of Heaven system while your feet have already been deep in the mud? Do you really think you have the chance to obtain the Chengtian position? Your idea has already been sentenced to death under this set of system! But if the Heaven appeared itself, who would dare to oppose you openly? At that time, who could shake your position?"

"For you, this is simply a no-risk gamble. Tell me, do you have any reason to refuse it?"

A long silence ensued.

After the silence, Ping Xiwang took a deep breath.

"Very well, I'll bet this one time!"

When her voice fell, Wang Lu took the lead in applauding her. However, this applaud seemed a bit sparse. Looking back, he saw that Wang Wu and Moonless were looking at him with an inconceivable look.

Wang Wu said in primordial spirit, "... Senior Brother, you're so fucking amazing."

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