Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 575: I Like It

Chapter 575: I Like It

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"Fuck, Chaotic world invasion?"

When many high ranking nuns of Temple of Heaven were terrifyingly shocked by this 'sky tearing ground splitting' strange scene, Wang Wu who had planned the Ask the Heaven strategy also 'slap the table and stand up.'

Prior to this, she had carefully deduced the various situations that might occur, and made the necessary plan to deal with each one of them. However, none of the possibilities that she deduced include this scene.

In the distance, the purple flame emanating from the depths of the ground was undoubtedly chaotic fire—the ubiquitous demonic fire that set aflame the chaotic world. The flame, which was highly infectious and corrosive, was considered to be the symbol of foulness and degeneration. And when this chaotic fire appeared in the Heavenly Earth, it meant that the chaotic invasion had begun.

The Heaven came, and the chaos invaded… This was not a coincidence. When Ping Xiwang sacrificed herself and took up the will of Heaven, Wang Wu could clearly feel the subtle change in the structure of the whole Heavenly Earth. And then appeared this demonic fire.

Thousands of chaotic creatures from the hole opened by the demonic fire and greedily looked at this beautiful land.

At the same time, the female cultivators of Heavenly Earth actually fell into great panic. The chaotic invasion happened more than once, but none came so suddenly, and so menacingly!

"Don't panic!" The leader of the temple made a sharp voice, which caused everyone a headache. However, it also expelled the fear and confusion in the hearts of the people instantly, and thus stabilized the situation.

"This kind of scene, we are not seeing it for the first time, and I'm afraid, it would be not the last time either. The establishment of the Temple of Heaven is exactly to cope with this situation. We have the blessing of Heaven. We have won numerous victories in the past, and we will continue to win in the future. Now let us completely expel the chaotic creatures under the gaze of Heaven!"

After some remarks, the situation at the venue finally stabilized. However, some people questioned, "How could the chaotic creatures invade here while the world is Heaven present? A moment ago, Ping Xiwang, she…"

Before she could finish, they were rudely interrupted by Chengtian, "That is not Ask the Heaven! That's just despicable diversionary tactic, so that we were not able to stop her in time. Under the glare of everyone's eyes, she used evil sacrifice to blaspheme the Heaven, therefore the Heaven gave us the punishment!"

"So that's what it is, truly despicable and vicious!"

"It's my fault! Although I have seen her hungry-wolf ambition, I did not expect her to collude with the chaotic creatures. If I had known this earlier, I would've killed her even if I have to give up my life!"

"Enough. Now it's not the time to settle for accountability!" Chengtian solemnly said, "Apprehend the two people who came here with her. They are important suspects and probably know something."

However, upon turning her head, she discovered that the two people who just now fell into a shock had disappeared without a trace from the venue!

"Find them for me!"



At the same time, hundreds of miles away.

Wang Lu leaned against a towering tree, still in a state of shock.

"Oh fuck, thank goodness I ran away real quick. Otherwise, being surrounded by those old ladies, I couldn't have guaranteed the intactness of my chastity." After a pause, Wang Lu remembered something and couldn't help but shake his head. "Poor Ping Xiwang, this time, she must've been made the scapegoat."

On the other side was Wang Wu who was more exhausted than her disciple after breaking through the numerous rings of defense around Sky City and arrived here in a twinkling of an eye.

"What a miscalculation, big of a miscalculation."

Wang Wu had a pained appearance as she said, "Really didn't think the matter would turn out to be like that. It's true, just like the ancient sages said, life is like a pot of big salmagundi, you never know what kind of thing you are going to pick up next with your chopstick."

"What the, you still have the face to talk? Such a fucking big salmagundi must have been made by Aya" Wang Lu peevishly scolded, "At the beginning, you assured me that the tactic of Ask the Heaven will certainly lead to a total victory. Is this your unique way to win? I originally believed you, turned out I was so blind!"

Wang Wu knew that she was wrong, so she scratched her head in distressed. "This thing is really unexpected. In fact, there was no problem with the initial development. Who could've thought that the arrival of Heaven actually caused serious damage to the structure of Heavenly Earth…"

"Has it been confirmed that this was because of the arrival of Heaven?"

"Otherwise, what else could it be?" Wang Wu sighed. "In this, I was indeed negligent. After that save the adult or save the young problem, I should've thought that there would be such a change. The establishment of this Heavenly Earth is based on the deep-seated hatred of men of a certain ancient earth immortal, but after you display a good man in front of it, the hatred cracks, and the foundation of the existence of the whole Heavenly Earth is shaken. You really are a scourge."

Wang Lu gave her a look. "Damn, so according to you, at that time, I should've left you to protect the baby without hesitation?"

"Yeah of course, at that time, if you hadn't desperately sent your true qi into me, my core swap wouldn't have to be terrifying in each step. You're just causing trouble."

"... Mark this word, you will regret what you said today."

Wang Wu sneered a few times, but then, she suddenly felt chill on her back. Not willing to go deep into this topic, she said, "In short, since the problem of chaotic invasion is before us, our previous plan is basically invalid, so we must find a new way. But the trouble is… It seemed that Yao'Er and the others didn't have the time to evacuate."

"They haven't withdrawn yet? What the hell?" Wang Lu's surprise at that time was not small. He thought that after the decisive battle of the succession ritual he could be free of worry, but unexpectedly, it was this shocking."

If the Heavenly Earth was in normal time, then it didn't matter. But the great war brought upon by the chaotic invasion bring disaster to the entire world. Especially by looking at the purple fire that ignited the sky, this was clearly a big invasion that was rarely seen for thousands of years. It was still unknown how many people in this Heavenly Earth could survive this calamity, but their group of people merely have Jindan Stage as the average cultivation base, which in this troubled time, would be hard to defend themselves.

"Withdrawing is not that easy." Wang Wu helplessly shook her head. "The mechanism of the group of immortal tombs has changed greatly since the beginning. For example, in this super large scale immortal dream, it's not difficult for a cultivator to leave, but if you want to leave with your harvest, you have to meet certain conditions and follow certain procedures. Generally speaking, you will be arranged a task according to your performance in the immortal dreamland. The more the cause and effect are involved, the harder the arranged task is. Previously, relying on ambush, they beat a large number of Yuanying Stage and even Deity Stage fanatics, making a lot of profits in the process. The cause and effect involved in this need not be said. If they want to smoothly withdraw, even though it would be as difficult as ascending to the sky, at least they had to spend a lot of thoughts to it. I have previously noted that they have to pay a visit to an ascetic nun who lived in seclusion, and complete her mission to find a way out from the mountain. But…"

But in these few days, due to the chaotic invasion, the pattern of the Heavenly Earth had turned upside down. According to the practice of Temple of Heaven, once a large-scale war broke out, the temple would quickly convene all the available forces. From the retired high ranking nuns to peddlers and pawn seller, there were no exceptions in this mobilization, and therefore, any line of task would be broken.

"This kind of thing is not common." Wang Wu explained, "In this immortal dreamland, there are not just one or two cultivators who do experiential learning. And usually, the more people participate in the experiential learning, the more stable the structure of that immortal dreamland is, and local turmoil is difficult to affect the overall situation. For example, what if you leave a city on a mission but the city then is wiped out by a passing force? It doesn't matter, the world is so big, so there are still many other available cities, thus, you simply go to another city to pick up the mission. However, this time, the chaotic invasion is very vigorous. Those who did not harvest much, like those few Yin and Yang girls, might be able to leave smoothly. But for others, it's difficult to say. In addition to our Spirit Sword Sect people, there are quite a few cultivators who had come in, and the number is probably close to a hundred."

"That much?"

"Actually, that's not much. Because our power level is high, so we think that the world is not large, and there are not many people in it. However, for little girls of Foundation Establishment and Xudan Stage, a Palace of Heaven is enough for them to digest for a long time. And in Heavenly Earth, there are more than a hundred cities like Palace of Heaven."

"Tsk, the implication is going to be big. If something happens to them, the aftermath would become a hassle."

Wang Wu was not worried about this. "It's okay, as long as we don't admit it, no one knows what we did."

"As long as they know that we were there when the accident happens, even a fool could guess that it is us who made this happen."

"... Then what do you think we should do?"

"Do you still need to ask?" Wang Lu said and then looked up.

Obviously it was not yet noon, but the sky over their head had already dimmed. The purple-flame-ignited clouds unceasingly spread.

At the same time, if listened carefully, it could be clearly heard the cries of countless of creatures in pain. The chaotic creatures and human immortals had begun to engage in their fierce battle. Those chaotic creatures that have suffered for thousands of years in the lower realm have endless desire to kill people on the Heavenly Earth, and once they met, it would be either you live or I die situation.

"Even if you don't care about the lives of other cultivators, if you and I want to leave this immortal dreamland, I'm afraid that's the only way to go."

"Tsk, helping them fight the chaotic invasion? Well, since you're a chaotic dog creature, I'll take your dog's life away." Wang Wu actually thought otherwise and, overcame with boredom, tried to stretch her finger to flick Wang Lu's forehead.

"Get away." Wang Lu slapped away her stretched out paw, and then said, "Actually, I already have a vague idea… It's about the whole immortal dreamland. You see, Heavenly Earth is a woman who harbors deep hatred toward men. Then, in turn, who do you think commands the millions upon millions of creatures in the chaotic world? Human Immortals worship the Heaven, so, do chaotic creatures have their own religious belief?"

Hearing this, Wang Wu couldn't help but say, "You think…"

"Remember when we cooperated to withstand the thunderbolt from Heaven, don't you think that by the standard of an 'Immortal', the strength of Heaven seems to be a bit weaker? As the biggest character in the background, it seems to be incomplete. So, we might as well speculate that, in this immortal dreamland, there are still half of the missions, which is below."

"... My goodness." After a long silence, Wang Wu whispered, "You, this kid really know how to pierce a hole in the brain 1 . But… I like it."

"If we have to play, we might as well play a bigger one."

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