Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 577: Bitter Hardship

Chapter 577: Bitter Hardship

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Traveling forward in a sea of flames was kind of romantic.

Wang Lu couldn't remember which of the immortal cultivation world predecessor once said it. That predecessor seemed to grow up at the foot of a volcano, an exceptional expert with Heavenly Fire Spirit Root. It was rumored that once it succeeded in its cultivation, except for the immortal world level fire and a few other types of fires, no fires in the Nine Regions could harm it. The common high temperature would only help it recover its strength, and its favorite leisure activity was to bathe in lava.

It was the realm that countless of cultivators of five elements focused on the fire essence endlessly envied. However, Wang Lu believed that even that predecessor who liked to make waves in raging flame, if wrapped in the purple flame of chaotic fire, would find it difficult to escape from death.

This was a very corrosive and powerful demonic fire. Hidden under that high temperature was a strong penetration deep into one's heart. Wang Lu tried to slightly explore his own perception outside of Non-Phase Sword Defense, but as a result, he was captured by the flame in a flash. If he had not been prepared, by promptly cutting off that part of perception, the consequences would simply be unimaginable.

It was more like a demon than fire. The more one savored the taste of this flame, the more one could experience its horror.

At the same time, one could also notice how powerful Wang Wu was by virtue of isolating the chaotic flame using her own power.

It was no exaggeration to say that this was a powerful way to destroy the cultivation theory system that had been established in Nine Regions for tens of thousands of years. A mere Jindan Stage, in theory, could not possibly withstand this! For thousands of years, genius cultivators continued to emerge in an endless stream, and there were countless experts who were far superior to that of their same stage peers. However, could anyone roam the chaotic fire in Jindan Stage?

It was basically impossible… Thinking to this, Wang Lu couldn't help but remember that she used to say that the path of cultivation from Body Forging, Foundation Establishment, Xudan, all the way until Mahayana Stage, was merely one out of the three thousand main paths to reach immortality. Though it was now the path adopted by almost all of the cultivators in Nine Regions, it was by no means unique and irreplaceable. Now, it seemed like she was not just boasting about herself. However, if that was the case, then...

"Master, I have a problem that is currently puzzling my mind."

While still supporting the Sword Defense, Wang Wu asked, "Do you find it strange as to how I could be so strong? Hahaha, that's very simple, it's because I'm a genius."

Wang Lu immediately withdrew his question and replied back, "... Genius my ass, it's not that I have seen with my own eyes that you had to give painstaking effort in cultivation. With natural miscellaneous spirit root, you have to practice so hard that you have no time for a proper female grooming, and that's just so that you could barely keep up with the tail end of the golden generation. You became like today because you inherited some of my inheritance. What's more, since then, you have been cultivating for more than one hundred years, so it's not surprising that you have made this achievement. I want to ask you: You have taught me so much in the past years, is there anything that you concealed from me?"

"Sh*t! You, this bastard, did you forget to inherit your conscience when you reincarnated? I don't remember you being this vicious in the past! I have been suffering every possible torment, enduring all sorts of hardships, just to raise you this big, yet you actually dare to question whether I hide something from you?"

"What the! Are your all sorts of hardships include consuming feces and urine?"

The two habitually fell into their usual quarrel, but the speed of Wang Wu's flying sword remained unchanged as it zigzagged along the crisscrossed gullies, gradually getting closer to the distant vortex.

They were finally discovered when they were about a few hundred kilometers away from the vortex. From the surrounding islands, thousands of chaotic creatures of various shapes rose to the sky and gathered toward them.

These chaotic creatures were much larger in stature compared to the previous abscessed giant. For many of them, it was even difficult to imagine that they actually evolved from human as they have completely lost their humanoid figure. However, without exception, all of them had great strength. If the two of them were to be surrounded, even the number one Jindan in Nine Regions would find it difficult to escape.

Fortunately, this chaotic fire was too powerful for the chaotic creatures, so much that they did not dare to dive down toward them. Though they hovered in the sky and sometimes screamed out deterrence neighing, they didn't really dare to dive down. They could only bombard them with long-range spells from time to time from the distance.

However, most of the spells melted when they were near the chaotic fire. And a few with strong penetrative power were irrelevant after they were weakened by the fire—Wang Wu's Non-Phase Sword Defense had no fear of group attack. Before the attack reached the threshold value, it was basically unbreakable. Moreover, even if something really happened, Wang Lu's peak golden core was ready to contribute its power to the array.

Like a hot knife through butter, the two of them finally approached the immeasurably deep vortex. At this point, there were already countless chaotic creatures hovering above their heads, like a layer of dark clouds.

Although they knew that they would not be easily approached, the pressure of such a large number was also alarming. At this point, even if these chaotic creatures didn't personally approach them, the various long-distance attack was already enough to give them a headache. However, perhaps because it was already too close to the vortex, the chaotic creatures were no longer able to do so. In addition to growling angrily in the air, they no longer made any unnecessary movement.

"Phew, it seems like this road is the right choice."

When she was about to enter the vortex, Wang Wu slowed down a bit to catch her breath. And then she fixed her distorted Non-Phase Sword Defense. However, her trembling hands and pale face showed that she had finally reached her limit.

"Double golden cores are not omnipotent after all… Little Lu, this is as far as I can take you."

Wang Lu was startled. "Only this far? What do you mean? You don't care about the road after this?"

"It's not that I don't care, don't forget, this vortex is the core of the chaotic world. It is the equivalent to the whereabouts of Heaven for the Heavenly Earth. Naturally, it's the Supreme level thing, so how could I handle it?"

"Hey, hey, you are known as the number one Jindan in Nine Regions."

"F*ck, so you know I'm just Jindan? When I become the number one Supreme in Nine Regions, let alone this huge vortex, even the treasure house of Shengjing Sect, I can rush into it…" Wang Wu said and then spat out a mouthful of foul air, but it smelled bloody.

"Even if the whole journey here was quick, I have also reached my limit. If I have to go further, then this Non-Phase Sword Defense is going to collapse, and you and I are going to die in the chaotic fire. Therefore…"

"... Therefore you smash the pot since it's already cracked 1 [1]? The place that you, the number one Jindan in Nine Regions couldn't go, yet you want me to enter?" Wang Lu said while frowning, "Do you still know something?"

"You can say that I don't know, it's just that, because of the keen perception of this genius cultivator, I vaguely feel that there are some issues here. I felt this before I entered the chaotic world, but after I get here, it's becoming more obvious," Wang Wu said and then pointed at Wang Lu's chest. "Don't you think that it's strange? This immortal dreamland is originally intended for women, so what are you doing here then?"

Wang Lu was startled, thinking that unexpectedly, she would repeat the same old tune. However, it might be assumed that she would never come to talk nonsense at this time, therefore...

"Do you mean, someone in this immortal dreamland wants me to come in?"

"Otherwise, there's no other way to explain this point. Before you, there were already a lot of sects that have tried to send in male cultivators, and without exception, all of them failed. Even if a Supreme level cultivator made their move, it was still no use. Do you think you are more special than those Supreme cultivators?"

Hearing this, Wang Lu finally understood. "That makes sense. Someone in this immortal dreamland wants to see me, but it's not on the Heavenly Earth, because of the top rank people in Heavenly Earth… have met with us in the previous succession ritual. However, none of them recognized me. With this in mind, then the only possibility left is that the person is in the chaotic world, and in this vortex is likely to have the highest possibility."

"Yes, that's how it is. Now that I have already sent you to the front door… do you dare to gamble?"

Although what Wang Wu said just now seemed reasonable, generally speaking, it mostly contained a subjective thought. To simply put, there was no concrete evidence. It was just that, to urge him to take a risk and penetrate deeply into the vortex, courage was not the only thing that mattered.

However, Wang Lu believed that she was right. Under the protection of Non-Phase Sword Defense, he made several preparations for himself. He then adjusted his condition to perfection and tried to rush out of the sword defense.

Beyond the sword defense was precisely the chaotic demonic fire. And because it was near the vortex, the fierceness of the fire was unprecedented. With Wang Lu's current cultivation base, even if he exhausted all his strength using Non-Phase Method, it would still not last.

Therefore, he simply abandoned Non-Phase Method altogether and stood on the edge of his Master's Non-Phase Sword Defense. He then launched his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi deep into the vortex.

The penetrative power of primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi was unparalleled in the world. Such that even in the blazing flame it was still unimpeded. The sword qi went all the way until they could not see it anymore.

"What is this?" Wang Wu asked.

"A greeting." Wang Lu said, "If someone is really waiting for me there."

As a male, Wang Lu broke into this country of women in an unusual way. The biggest possibility was that someone deliberately wanted him to come. Thinking about the strong suction at the entrance of this immortal dreamland, this point seemed to be certain without a doubt.

But why? Why him?

There were many special things about Wang Lu, like his Void Spirit Root, Non-Phase Method, unparalleled golden core… However, the one that could really attract the master of this immortal dreamland, there was only one possibility.

The one that he inherited from the ancient sword demon, Zhong Shengming, in the group of immortal tombs...

Sure enough, shortly after Wang Lu sent out his sword strike, the vortex began to violently vibrate and a gap appeared on the ever-rotating chaotic fire, which extended all the way toward Wang Lu, as if it was an invitation path.

Wang Lu took a long breath and then stepped forward, leaving Wang Wu's sword defense.

However, just before he moved, his Master's hand landed on his shoulder, and his Master's voice rang in his ears.

"Last question."

Wang Lu blurted out, "It's love."

"... What I want to say is, if something happens to you there, then the inheritance will be mine."

Wang Lu thought about it and then realized that she was cheering him up in her own way. He couldn't help but smile. "Don't be stupid, as early as one hundred and fifty years ago, I have already given to you my inheritance."

With that, he took a step forward, and as soon as he stepped on the path, he disappeared without a trace.

Wang Wu continued to gaze at him, even long after he had disappeared.

After that, she couldn't help but smile.

"Tsk, I almost become Amah rock 2 !"


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