Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 578: A Perfect Man

Chapter 578: A Perfect Man

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"Finally I meet you."

In the darkness, Wang Lu heard a woman's voice.

"Who are you?"

"Mm, I'm the master of this chaotic world. You can call me as the source of chaos… Ah, no need to look for me, for the time being, I'm still in the invisible state. In fact, you better not see me for the time being."

Wang Lu was startled. "Are you taking a bath?"

"Hahaha." The laughter of the woman in the dark was clear and melodious, and had the power to soothe the hearts of the people.

"Although it's not taking a bath, the situation is almost the same, I'm not in a good state to be seen by others…" With that, the woman sighed. "It's been a very long time, I finally saw primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi again."

"It's really you..." Hearing her familiarity with the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, Wang Lu immediately said, "You're the one who pulled me in, right?"

"Yes." The girl readily admitted it. "Because I really want to see the heir of Elder Brother Ming. Moreover, after I heard someone talk about you, I became even more interested."

"Elder Brother Ming? Someone talked about me?" Upon hearing this, Wang Lu frowned. "Are all of you… still alive?"

"It depends on how you define 'alive.'" The woman chuckled softly and said, "When we first built the group of immortal tombs, we really thought that we were all going to die. We were surprised upon finding out that we have regained consciousness from the chaos."

"... You mean the kind of ghost who died and then came back to life?" As Wang Lu said that, his mind was racing with thoughts: These ancient Earth Immortals seem to have already been dead but not quite, like ten thousand years dis-rotten! This could be quite different from the expectation. Originally, the reason for the opening of the group of immortal tombs was to explore the inheritance of the Earth Immortals, not to bring out the ghosts of those Earth Immortals.

At present, the Nine Regions was unlike the last Age of Chaos. Right now, the Supreme level expert was by far the top level rank in Nine Regions. And in the entire Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, there were only several dozens of them at most. Most of which were using restricted methods to forcibly advance, making it impossible for them to soar into immortality. The number of experts that could be called as genuine Supreme was in fact even less.

However, for this group of immortal tombs, even the gatekeeper alone, the ancient Sword Demon Zhong Shengming, had slain no less than ten Supreme level cultivators, and the overall power of the two sides were completely in the same level.

If this group of people was to be let out from the tomb, Nine Regions would be in chaos.

When he was thinking about it, the woman's voice rang again in the darkness.

"I call you here because first, I want to see Elder Brother Ming's successor, and secondly, I want to ask you for a favor."

"A favor?" Wang Lu asked, "The ancient Earth Immortal possessed remarkable abilities, what matters can a little Jindan like me help?"

"It's because of the 'remarkable abilities' that is the problem…" The woman paused, "Therefore, I need you to help me. Moreover, by helping me, you are helping yourself. You must have a lot of questions about this group of immortal tombs and about the ancient Earth Immortals right?"

"Oh, I see, if I can help you, you will answer my questions? That's fair."

"In fact, unless you can help me, I will not be able to tell you the answer even if I want to. My memory is incomplete, there are many things in the past that I can't remember. The part that keeps my memory is the opposite of me, we're like water and fire… Moreover, she is stronger than me."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was startled, because the implication of her words was...

"You have a split personality?"

"I suppose you can barely say that… Up in the sky is me, and down below is also me, together we make the complete me. Unfortunately, both of us are in a complete opposition to each other, wishing that one could tear the opposite party. It's really sad."

Listening to this, Wang Lu felt helpless. The one in the sky considered the world's men as mixed entrails, but the one underground was also no better. After the chaotic creatures broke through the barrier of Heavenly Earth, they commenced slaughter in that country of women, killing them like how they killed pigs chickens.

Moreover, after arriving at the lower realm, he could see with his own eyes that there were far more creatures in this chaotic world than in the Heavenly Earth, and this was not due to them diligently performing their version of child bestowing ritual… On the isolated islands of the chaotic world, there was a large number of flesh lair, from which new chaotic creatures were born endlessly.

Those flesh lairs were actually the women of the chaotic world.

A long time ago when the Heaven sublimed the Heavenly Earth, except for a few surviving Human Immortals, the rest were actually abandoned on this cursed land. Of which there were men and women. And between them, the men mutated into 'demon and monsters'. However, the fate of the women was very tragic as they became the fertility machine. After thousands upon thousands of years of evolution, they became a nest-like building.

"There's something that I just don't understand… For you, women ought to be the most hateful species right?"

"Hah, that's right, there's no good woman in the world. Envious, fickle, deceitful, vicious… Except for giving birth, women are just waste."

"... Since you hate women that much, why do you have a woman's image? Don't you have feelings for yourself?"

As soon as Wang Lu finished his question, he heard a burst of crazy laughter.

"Hahahaha! I don't feel anything for myself? What do you know? Little guy who thinks himself clever, just so you know, the greatest hate that I have in my entire life is this woman's body. Every time I think of myself as a woman, I can't wait to break myself."

"Then why don't you do it?"

"I have already done it."

With that, the surrounding darkness was lit up, becoming a vast expanse of whiteness. Wang Lu squinted, trying to see what was in front of him.

In front of him was a mass of constantly fluttering flesh, barely possessing human form, but devoid of any semblance of a person. The flesh was covered with horrible scars, cuts, burns, corrosive wounds, and so on… In his dozens of years of life, this was the most brutal execution ground that Wang Lu had ever seen. The executioner had imposed the maximum punishment for suffering and injury while guaranteeing that the executed was not dead.

In fact, for women, this ugly posture was already a great torture. That sweet voice just now was actually spat out from the cracks in the bruises.

Compared with ordinary people's imagination of cherry lips, it was really different.


Seeing this scene, even Wang Lu had nothing to say. The abnormalness of this split-personality Earth Immortals had already gone to the extreme. Just because of the gender discrimination, she had done things so absolutely, that she didn't let go even herself.

"Therefore, I hope that you can help me end this split situation."

The flesh-shaped woman sighed. "As a split body, I have no control over my aversion to woman, but I also kept a trace of sobriety that I can't identify with this deformity at all. I am actually really envious at the up in the sky me where she can completely immerse in her own world, living carefree and without worries."

Wang Lu asked, "What is the reason for this split?"

"I regretted that I can't remember what happened in the past, but I must have experienced some serious stimulation. No one is born this abnormal."

"... That's hard to say, as there are also people born with abnormalities. In short, how do you want me to help you?"

"Very simple, show your best side to the up in the sky me."

"Show my best side?"

"Up in the sky me firmly believe that there's no good man in the world, so I want to trouble you to play the role of a perfect man to break her assumptions, just as what you've done before in the choice between saving the adult or saving the child."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu curiously said, "There's no need to act as a perfect man, I just need to show my true side. But, are you sure that it would work?"

"Of course it would. No one knows me better than myself. You know, previously, your answer to the question of saving the adult or saving the child thoroughly shook up in the sky me, so that the whole barrier between Heavenly Earth and Chaotic World revealed a flaw."

"And then you took advantage of it? That's really cheap of you."

"That's very normal. Compared to the up in the sky me, the underground me is the sober me. When it comes to integrating the two of us back, it's up to me to be the dominant one to really push for solving the problem. Otherwise, do you want to place your hope on that some Heaven who knows nothing?"

Wang Lu smiled but said nothing.

By his habit, he would not easily put his hope on anyone other than himself. Currently, the words said by this mass of meat were all good, but what would happen after she swallowed Heaven? What would be the result of it?

While he was thinking, suddenly a cold voice interrupted his thoughts.

"A perfect man? What a joke! Are you planning to knock me down with false proposition? That's simply indulging in fantasy!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was shocked because he recognized this voice. Not long ago on the Heavenly Earth, it was this voice that lamented there was actually a good man in the world!

Heaven had arrived.

A white-haired girl came out from the surrounding whiteness. She was petite and slender, but her eyes were glistening with lightning, an astonishing power. Wang Lu tried to look directly at her, but in just a second, he felt pain in his eyes that he could no longer look at her directly.

The other party obviously didn't put him in her mind, but as an ancient Earth Immortal—even if she was split, the strong sense of existence was beyond the ability of Jindan Stage to cope.

Wang Lu very rationally chose to avoid the sharp edge, because at this time, there would naturally be other people who couldn't help but jump out.

"It's you?" The voice of the source of chaos was cold, "How dare you run into my territory?"

"Likewise, are you being polite in sending those dirty things to my territory? I'm just returning the favor."

"Just returning the favor? What a joke, since you're already here, do you think you are able to leave?"

"If I want to go, you can't stop me. No matter how sober you boast yourself, in strength, I'm still stronger than you."

"Then are you here to crush me with your powerful strength?"

"No, I came here to make a bet with you." The girl said, and then sneered, "I'm sick of this back and forth battle with you. Didn't you say you want to use a perfect man to disintegrate me? Then give it a try, I'll give you this opportunity. However, if you can't do it…"

"Hmph, if I can't do it, you can do as you wish."

These two split entities quickly reached an agreement. The problem was...

"Haven't the two of you considered asking for my opinion?"

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