Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 582: This Guy Can’t Hear the Truth

Chapter 582: This Guy Can’t Hear the Truth

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When he woke up, Wang Lu found himself still in that accursed palace, and in front of him was still the same face that people simultaneously longed for and also gave them a pain in the ass.

"How come it's you?"

Wang Wu said ill-humoredly, "Otherwise, who else? Do you really expect that since you play the emperor role here, a group of harem servants will come to serve you wholeheartedly? They're just a bunch of background characters, they were not even able to explain clearly the whole rules of this game to you… except me, your Master who personally raised you till you grow up, who else can you expect to wipe out your nosebleed at the critical moment!"

While hearing that, Wang Lu saw Wang Wu throw a piece of bloody cloth into the bucket.

Wang Lu frowned, feeling that from the color of the cloth, the amount of bleeding seemed to be excessively exaggerated, the entire bucket was dyed red by it… and looking from the consistent style of doing things of Sister Wu, it was hard not to jump to conclusion that she had somehow faked it to prove how conscientiously she took care of him. Perhaps that could simply be her using the remains of the feminine supplies...

However, now was not the time to care about such trivial matters.

"What about those rubies?"

"Don't have it." Wang Wu shrugged her shoulders.

"Don't have it? How could you not have it?"

Although Wang Lu's first thought was that the rubies were eaten by Wang Wu, logically speaking, the number of rubies that appeared on the pillow at the last minute was about ten, so Wang Wu definitely didn't need to swallow all the gems...

Of course, this did not rule out the possibility of her hoarding them and then later on selling them to Zhu Shiyao and the others at high prices. However, for the sake of their love that spanned two generations, before thinking that badly about her, he would first listen to her explanation.

However, Wang Wu only looked at Wang Lu coldly and then said, "I guess you must suspect that I secretly took the gems and hoarded them."

Wang Lu sighed. "If you were me, would you not have any doubt?"

"... Humph, previously, I did want to take a few gems to play a little bit, but when my hand just reached out, the stones disappeared."


"Yes, but I'm not surprised. In fact, from the time the gems first formed, I saw that they were very unstable. Not only their shape and structure had a bit of a flaw, but the gloss is also vague and indeterminate," Wang Wu sighed, and then said with regret, "it seems that doing tricks is not the correct way. It makes sense though, the ruby symbolizes your favor toward your concubine, which should emphasize feelings, rather than carnal desire. When you first take the drugs to tap your potential, it could be understood as a noble move of sacrificing yourself for the others. But then, eating the drugs as if they were regular meal was a completely trick move, to the extent that it could be classified as rotten carnal desire, which could not be counted."

"..." Wang Lu frowned and thought that this was reasonable. However, as a result of this, many of his plans could not be carried out.

"Actually, I'm quite surprised why you just chose to take the drug." Wang Wu also said, "If you feel that giving a favor is equal to having sex with the concubine, and the current problem is that you don't have enough capital, then you should fully use the power of the props. For example, you can go to the kitchen and take several cucumbers, then you can get as many gems as you like."

"That's nonsense. Cucumber is too insincere."

Wang Wu sneered. "That's because your way of doing it is wrong, fancy that you're still a sword cultivator!"

"... What kind of things do you treat the sword cultivation as?"

"Hahaha, I want to ask you, what do you do with the sword path in immortal cultivation? You ought to know that my Non-Phase Sword has reached one hundred and tenth layer, and you have only…"

"Enough, this topic ends here." Wang Lu promptly stopped this wave of dialogue that insulted the dignity of immortal path.

Wang Wu chuckled, and then sighed. "In short, since you can't solve the problem with drugs, it seems like there's no way to cheat, the rules of this game are designed to be watertight… I think, we should just admit defeat and that's that."

Wang Lu shook his head, indicating his disapproval. Not to mention whether the earth immortal would accept their surrender or not, as far as Wang Lu himself was concerned, he never had the habit of running away halfway. However, the rule of this game was indeed a pain in the ass. Three ♥, seven females, and without using any trick. This was simply an unsolvable problem.

However, on second thought, a flash of insight passed through Wang Lu's mind: Giving out my heart is a must in this game, without allowing for any trick, but this in itself actually secretly offer an opportunity.

"If rubies gained from not giving out heart does not count, then does it mean that things can actually be reversed: The so-called ruby is just an object the equivalent of this action, so when the rubies are insufficient, they can be replaced with my true heart. If I can give them enough heart, and they can get happiness from it, can they also meet the conditions to pass this game?"

The more he thought about it, the more reasonable Wang Lu felt it was. "This should be true. The setting of this ruby was rather abrupt. Using gems to replace the people's feeling, how could it not be absurd? That ancient Earth Immortal ultimately attaches importance to the people's feeling, so these three rubies are more like setting up a convenient stage prop to ease the difficulty of the game—when you really can't give out your heart to someone, you can use gems instead."

"Hm, when you say it like that, it seems to make sense in theory. The ruby in this world should be just a symbol, a substitute. I learned earlier that the rules about gems are only parts of the rules about this world. But…" Wang Wu said, and then her face showed a complicated look. "At the same time, giving your heart to the seven girls at the same time, you have indeed taken a big step on the path of scum. I don't remember having taught a playboy-like disciple."

Wang Lu inwardly sneered: As an addict of wine, pretty girls and avarice, you have the nerve to say that?

However, on the other hand, he showed a deep expression of affection and softly said to Wang Wu, "With other people, I was just playing along with the game, but our love has been going on for more than hundred years, it's decreed by fate, a match made in heaven. You know that in the depths of my heart, you are the only one."

"The… f*ck!"

With a scream, Wang Wu jumped off from the bed like a catapult and slammed her back against the wall, which caused the dust to rustle down. Then her face seemed to be so in pain as to not want to live, and her ten fingers kept on scratching both of her arms while she groaned.

"Oh, so uncomfortable, I feel like my bones are itching!"

Wang Lu slapped the bed in anger. "What is f*cking wrong with you?"

"Who told you to say such disgusting words first! Moreover, by saying it so close to me, I felt like someone had sprinkled excrement water over my head!"

"Really? Then hear me out: Your eyes are like the stars in the night sky, forever in my heart. I've been wandering in another world for hundred years, and every time I look up at the stars, all I can think about is your eyes and your gentleness."

"Aaah, stop, quickly stop it!" Wang Wu's footing became unsteady, and both her hands tried to cover her ears, screaming.

"My love for you is like Kunlun Mountain, which will exist forever, as endless as…"

Wang Wu immediately rolled on the ground. "Help! Rebel disciple is trying to kill me!"

"..." Seeing that the other side had even used the lazy-donkey-rolling-around-on-the-ground trick, Wang Lu finally said no more.

In the struggle for the lower limit competition, he really couldn't win.

After a long time, Wang Wu got up in a tired state. "I'm really afraid of you, those words really made me want to die."

Wang Lu was still somewhat unwilling. "Don't you feel something in the deepest part of your heart, even if it's just a little bit?"

"You mean the feeling like having a heart attack? Just now, I did feel it quite big."

"... Alas, the blue sea has turned into mulberry fields [1]." Wang Lu had to sigh with emotion. After more than a hundred years, the change in Wang Wu was really too great. If it were a hundred and fifty years ago, if her Big Brother that she adored said this kind of sweet talk to her, she would've cried with joy. But now, she just rolled on the ground, afraid to hear more.

"To tell you the truth, this favor thing is different from person to person, so you should adapt to each person's taste," Wang Wu explained with lingering fear.

Wang Lu, of course, knew this truth. He just didn't expect Wang Wu to be completely uninterested in his sweet talk even for a little bit. If Yue Xinyao had listened to those words just now, the girl wouldn't wash her ears for about a year.

"In that case, I'm not going argue anymore. This is my sincere heart, take it if you want it."

With that, from his mustard seed bag, he took out a top grade mysterious sky crystal.

The next moment, two filled-with-burning-desires eyes zeroed in on it, and from a serious look, Wang Wu revealed a shocked look, and from a shocked look to emotional, and finally, she nearly burst into tears. "I-Is this really for me?"

"Yes, it's for you."

Wang Wu took that mysterious sky crystal with trembling hands, and in the instant the crystal came into her hands, a bright ruby also fell into her palm.

"Damn, it actually works!" Wang Lu had no words for this.

Was the world created by the ancient Earth Immortal too strange or was it Wang Wu?

However, solving the problem with money was, after all, better than solving the problem with body. Unfortunately, this method probably only worked on Wang Wu. Moreover, he suspected that the reason it was so easy to use money to deal with Wang Wu was that of the unclear relationship between the two of them.

If it were other people, it would not be so easy.

Just as he thought about it, he heard the urging from Wang Wu in his ears. "Hey, there are still two mysterious sky crystals needed, how about give them to me now?"

"Give your sister! Are you going to leave behind many of our sect's younger disciples? Be a darling and keep it until the end! Before everyone finish, I won't let you leave!"

"What? You're not serious right?"

"That's enough, you can go now, I want to prepare to give my favor to other people." Wang Lu decisively waved his hand to drive Wang Wu away, and then began to prepare for the next person's favor.

According to the maid that he met previously, the emperor could not choose more than one sign at any given time, so he could only solve the problem one by one. The best order was from easy to difficult, from a simple start, to finally having no way to make her happy and thus having to use those three universal rubies to increase her happiness. Therefore, the next person should be...

"Maids, summon Liu Li to me!"


[1] (Everything changes with time)

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