Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 583 - I Feel Like Ill Definitely Die

Chapter 583: I Feel Like I’ll Definitely Die

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"Senior Brother, are you looking for me?"

Not long after Wang Lu issued his order, a charming young girl came in to the chamber with curiosity.

"What kind of place is this, Senior Brother? It feels so strange… Aren’t we supposed to be in Moon Capital?"

Wang Lu sighed. "It’s a long story, come and sit first. Oh, by the way, I have some cakes for you."

"Mm!" Liu Li nodded hard, took the cake, smiled innocently, and then swallowed half a box of cakes in one bite with an ahm~ sound.

In front of Wang Lu, Liu Li had always been very relaxed and casual. Her manner of eating that had been corrected by Zhou Ming many times was also reverted back to the old ways. The cake crumbs stained the girl’s face, and Wang Lu looked at her with interest from the side.

If this child’s problem could be solved in this way, that would be the best.

However, even after Liu Li ate a full box of cakes, the expected ruby did not come out.

Wang Lu touched his chin and was lost in thought.

It seemed that it was not that easy to increase happiness… From the satisfaction point of view, the satisfaction of Liu Li after eating a box imperial kitchen level cakes should be similar with that of Wang Wu who got a mysterious sky crystal—Liu Li was always an easily satisfied child.

The difference between the two probably lied in the… emotional difference.

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Now that he thought about it, just now, what truly made the ruby to appear was perhaps not because of the mysterious sky crystal, but when the mysterious sky crystal was exchanged hand, their fingers and palms slightly touched. At that time, there were indeed a few ripples in the heart.

Previously, when he said those sweet nothings to her, no matter how uncomfortable it was, no matter how in pain Wang Wu was when she heard it so much that she would rather die… but ultimately, that was not a lie, at least not entirely.

Whenever he thought about that time travel dream, thinking of that awkward, clumsy, but persistent and pitiable girl, Wang Lu always felt that there was something in his heart, and the weight became heavy.

He did not inherit the whole memory of Ouyang Shang, but there were some relationships that survived even after crossing through three worlds.

However, compared to Wang Wu, in front of Liu Li, Wang Lu found it hard to generate romantic feelings for her. Of course, she had big boobs, long legs, and beautiful face, but Wang Lu, after all, was not an orangutan in heat that seeing such a beauty he would not be able to hold back his impulse… Secondly, although the time he spent together with Liu Li had been very long, and their familiarity with each other was far better than that of other disciples, it was precisely because of the time they spent together had been too long that the pattern of their relationship had been largely fixed and thus difficult to make a qualitative change.

Moreover, deep down, Wang Lu did not want to push any change in the relationship between the them. The mode of getting along as brother and sister was just the right balance that any steps taken forward or backward would be awkward.

However, now was not the time to care about the relationship between the two… Since even the royal kitchen style cakes could not be exchanged for a ruby for Liu Li, it was obvious that using trick was not that good. Then…

Did he really need to play it for real? But… in the face of such a child, could he have the heart to make his move?

Wang Lu frowned and looked at Liu Li, his head aching.

"Senior Brother, what’s wrong?" Liu Li curiously turned her head.

"It’s okay, I’m just preparing the emotions."


As soon as Liu Liu’s face rose up, the girl noticed an extra person right in front of her, and then there was another pair of powerful arms on her body.

In consternation, she had been hugged by Wang Lu.

"S-Senior Brother?" Liu Li’s eyes were opened wide as her body helplessly froze. Her voice was trembling as she said, "D-Did I do something wrong?"

After a while, Wang Lu loosened her embrace on Liu Li. By now, the girl’s face had been fully flushed with red clouds, and her body had turned as soft as cotton—she almost couldn’t support herself.

At the same time, a red gem slowly condensed before her.

Seeing the gem appear, Wang Lu softly exhaled out; his effort just now had not been in vain—it really took a lot of effort to restrain himself from doing something more to that soft jade and warm body. And the result was…

Indeed, Wang Lu had hardly ever thought of Liu Li as a sexual partner, but his thinking was influenced by realistic conditions. When the two were in close contact, as long as Wang Lu was still a normal human male, his instinct had not disappeared completely, so his heart would naturally follow suit, emerging out a romantic feeling for her and thus a favor.

Hence, the ruby came out.

"Liu Li, collect that gem."

Although the method was somewhat overly utilitarian, since the result was good, then everything was fine. Next thing he needed to do was to take the medicine according to the prescription for several times.

Then, Wang Lu once again hugged Liu Li, and once again a gem appeared. And at this time, Liu Li, who had already stood still, fell to the ground.

Thereupon, Wang Lu picked her up and finally touched her on the forehead with his lips, only to hear a sharp moan as Liu Li’s whole body shivered. But at the same time, she had already gathered three gems.

As soon as she collected the three gems, Liu Li was directly expelled from this world. Wang Lu only saw a bright light on his bosom, and then the next thing he knew, the girl had disappeared.

"Phew, the first one is finally over…"

With a water element spell, he sprinkled his head with ice cold, chilling water, cooling down the passion in his body and began to prepare for the next one.

"Maids, summon Yue Xinyao here."

To some extent, Yue Xinyao was easier to deal with than Liu Li.

Liu Li was actually very ignorant about such a thing as romantic feeling. Although she had always been very close to him for many years, it was actually born out of instinct. Were it not for Wang Lu’s exceptional act just now, perhaps it would take her years to actually realize that she had an unusual feeling for Wang Lu.

However, Yue Xinyao already understood her feelings clearly many years ago.

The problem was only about Wang Lu’s respond.

But how could a professional adventurer not know what to do about this situation?

The same two hugs and a kiss on the forehead and Wang Lu had sent away Yue Xinyao. However, unlike from when he first sent away Liu Li, this time, after sending Yue Xinyao away, Wang Lu always felt that his heart had begun to become a bit heavy, as if it had more shackles.

"… Looks like I’m not born scum after all, having a harem would actually give me psychological pressure."

Whatever those girls thought of him, Wang Lu himself had to be genuine if he wanted to smoothly condense the ruby, as it would not appear if he faked his feelings. However, the fact was that, the more he gave out his genuine feelings, the more emotional burden he had. On this point, even Wang Lu simply could not just ignore it.

"Fortunately, there are three rubies per day as support, otherwise, it would really be difficult…"

As he thought about it, Wang Lu called out the next person.

"Bai Shixuan, come."

The meeting with little Bai was even faster than that of Yue Xinyao, and the process was somewhat dreamlike.

Because when Bai Shixuan came in, Wang Lu didn’t see the familiar tranquil girl, but a woman that had long been living deep in his memory.

"Grand Cloud?"

Grand Cloud Fairy, who once gave him the thousands of years of ripple in the lake, carried a unique memory in Wang Lu’s mind. Thus, when they met again, it was extremely touching.

Although he knew that this was mostly just an illusion, Wang Lu still unconsciously appreciated the unparalleled beauty of Grand Cloud Fairy.

The dream was very short. Not long after, Grand Cloud Fairy had disappeared and Bai Shixuan was sent out from the palace harem world.

"… Just a dream meeting is enough to satisfy the condition? Is this the kind of ejaculation in sleep?"

With a bit of self-deprecation, Wang Lu found the next candidate.

"Cat girl, come here."

Wang Lu had always wondered why even this stupid cat could be chosen by the Earth Immortal to enter the harem world.

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His relationship with the several other girls, more or less, had a chance to develop toward an ambiguous one. Only this cat girl, Wang Lu really had no interest in her.

It was not because the cat girl had basically been trained by Beast Master School into a used woman, nor was it because of any discrimination against beast and monster… More than half of the reason was that, it was the cat girl herself that actually always had a hostility toward him.

Of course, due to rank limitation, even if the cat girl had a hostility toward him, she dared not put it into action. However, since she didn’t like him, he didn’t need to like her either. Since the end of the Grand Cloud Mountain adventure and the cat girl came back with him to Spirit Sword Mountain, Wang Lu rarely dealt with her.

Until today.

Although it was troublesome for Wang Lu to deal with the cat girl, there were still ways.

The favor toward the cat girl could start from the most simple lust—although he had little affection for her, objectively, the attraction of the cat girl as a female creature still existed, especially as her body had been carefully developed by the professionals of Beast Master School. The physical attraction was indeed extraordinary.

As for how to let the cat girl laid down her hostility, it was as simple as giving her…

"Here, take these two items. They are for you."

Wang Lu easily solved the problem with two personal clothing of Liu Li—since the last trip to Grand Cloud Mountain, Wang Lu discovered that the cat girl was very close with those two people, especially Liu Li, to such extent that she even considered herself as her loyal bodyguard—although Liu Li basically had no use of her at all. Thus, it could be assumed that she had an intention toward the two people. As a result, just by baiting her with two personal clothing of Liu Li, she took the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

As for the source of this clothing… when he previously hugged Liu Li, Wang Lu somewhat pilfered a little.

And that was also why he chose Liu Li first before the others since her clothing had a very important role.

After increasing the favorable impression of the cat girl, several hugs and caresses succeeded in condensing out the gems.

After sending the cat girl away, Wang Lu summoned Zhu Shiyao.

How to give this cold-toward-friendship Big Sister his favor was, indeed, a problem. However, fortunately, Zhu Shiyao was also not a normal person.

When she came under his summon, Wang Lu didn’t say much nonsense, but just attacked her with primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi.

Although it was not an all-out attack, for common Jindan Stage cultivators, it was already an attack that was difficult to resist with all their strength. However, Zhu Shiyao merely used her finger as sword lightly, and by her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword Method deftly broke the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi.

However, after that one sword strike, Zhu Shiyao gradually showed an incredulous look, and her face quickly flushed with a tinge of red, appearing very excited.

Seeing this, Wang Lu immediately smiled. Big Sister was indeed Big Sister, her degree of swordsmanship was already far higher than her peers… This primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi contained all the insight of Wang Lu from his experience after he formed his emergency golden core. Compared with the original, it already had a considerable difference. Although he didn’t dare say it could outperform the version of the Sword Demon of Bai Li, the details were undoubtedly more suitable for Wang Lu’s style. Moreover, the attribute of the sword qi and its variation were also extremely valuable.

For Zhu Shiyao, the value of that sword strike was no less valuable than the value of mysterious sky crystal for Wang Wu. As for the degree of favorability, that was actually not a big problem.

After all, Zhu Shiyao was a physically impeccable beauty.

Wang Lu tried to bear the even heavier burden in his heart. When Zhu Shiyao was still immersed in the memorable primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, he touched her face and glanced at her seductive body curve and forced himself to have sexual-fantasy thoughts.

Thereupon, although the quality was inadequate, nevertheless, three rubies still appeared.

The last person was Lady Boss.

Upon seeing Feng Ling, Wang Lu did not hesitate. Without saying anything, he directly put the three original rubies in her hand.

"Hey, what does this mean?" Feng Ling was completely baffled.

"Good buddy does not ask much. With our friendship, do you need to care about a few gems?"

"… Well, that’s true." Feng Ling nodded. And then, before she could talk more, in astonishment, she was transported out of this harem world.

Wang Lu breathed a sigh of relief—he was not dissatisfied with the Lady Boss. As a matter of fact, in terms of friendship, the friendship between the two was actually the most profound… The two of them had already established a profound revolutionary friendship as early as when they first met in Ru Family Inn before he went up the mountain.

However, after years of great friendship, coupled with Lady Boss’ straightforward temperament, Wang Lu had already long regarded her as his ’good brother’.

In addition, he had just dealt with five people one after the other—six if Wang Wu was included—Wang Lu’s inner world had already been overwhelmed, and the burden of stepping on multiple boats had almost brought down his Non-Phase Immortal Heart.

Therefore, it was really too difficult for Wang Lu to arouse evil desire in his heart.

Overall, the process had been far better than expected. Initially, he thought that as long as there were only three people left, relying on the daily generated gems, he would be able to safely pass this hurdle. However, unexpectedly, he was able to complete everything in one go.

Then he just needed to use the gem to directly solve the problem.

"There’s only one person left… According to the agreement, it’s finally your turn, respected Master."

Wang Lu’s voice had just fallen, and his Master’s white clothes appeared in front of him.

It was just that, unlike what he had expected, Wang Wu did not have any expectation on her face—at least, not the kind of expectation that Wang Lu was looking forward to.

Wang Lu initially thought that she had been waiting patiently, wishing that she could get more mysterious sky crystals one step earlier. However, right now, Wang Wu looked as if she was waiting for a good show to begin. Moreover, the smile at the corner of her mouth clearly showed that she was harboring evil intention. Regardless of what, it was very suspicious!

"What are you laughing at?"

"Pft… I did not laugh," Wang Wu said, trying very hard to suppress her trembling abdominal muscle.

Wang Lu looked at her for a while and still couldn’t guess her thoughts. However, considering that the mind of this person had always been wired differently, there was no need for him to bother with this minutiae.

"In short, take your mysterious sky crystals and leave."

"Are you sure you want to end this harem dream?" Wang Wu lightly took the mysterious sky crystals and asked with interest, "Then I wish you good luck, hahaha."

With a burst of laughter, Wang Wu was finally sent out of the harem.

Then, standing alone in the empty and lonely bedroom, Wang Lu couldn’t help but frown.

"I think, the game should be over right? I have completed your conditions, and now it’s your turn to fulfill your promise!"

After that, the voice of the Earth Immortal reverberated in the palace.

"Previously, I made a bet with you, if you can finish the scenario without hurting any girl, I’ll let you pass."

Wang Lu said, "Since you remember that, then…"

"Then, you can see for yourself whether or not you have fulfilled my conditions."

When that voice fell, the palace around Wang Lu disappeared.

It was the first time Wang Lu saw anything outside the palace—the layout of the scene was very simple, it was a dazzling whiteness.

In the vast white world, Liu Li, Yue Xinyao, Bai Shixuan… plus Wang Wu, the seven women set themselves up in a circle and stood at a distance of less than a dozens of feet.

It was just that, the expression of these people was very strange… Wang Wu looked as if she very much wanted to laugh but she forcibly suppressed herself. Lady Boss had both of her hands on her hips, shaking her head and sighing, as if feeling greatly sorry for someone… However, these two people were not the focus here. The problem was that Liu Li and Yue Xinyao, these people had their eyes red and swollen from crying.

This was the first time Wang Lu saw them look so sad.

"Hey, what’s wrong with you gals…" Wang Lu was full of concern and curiosity as he was ready to ask about their situation. However, right at that moment, a flash of inspiration passed through his mind.

Wait a minute…

Previously, after receiving three rubies, each of them was sent out of the palace, and then… where were they sent to?

Although it seemed that they had left the harem scene once they were teleported, did they really leave? Or were they sent outside the harem chamber to clearly observe every scene in the harem chamber?

Hugging Liu Li, hugging Yue Xinyao, hugging the cat girl Ling Yan, meeting Grand Cloud Fairy in the dream… and some thoughts that arose when he was together with them.

These scenes, all had fallen into their eyes.

Although in theory, latecomers couldn’t see what happened in the past, Wang Lu didn’t think that video recording crystal was a complex technology.

At this time, hearing the depressing sobbing of the several girls, there was only one thought in Wang Lu’s heart.

I feel like I’ll definitely die?

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