Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 585: The Art of Leadership

Chapter 585: The Art of Leadership

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The merging of the split Earth Immortal had been happening for a long time.

After no one knows how long, the source of chaos finally swallowed Heaven completely, the black and white colors fusing into one. After which, a beautiful figure burst out from the ugly meatball.

At the same time, the whole world had turned pure and clear.

There was no longer chaotic world nor Heavenly Earth. The upper realm cultivators and the chaotic creatures disappeared without a trace.

There was only a vast grassland, the warm sunlight that streaked across from the distant mountains, and a ripple of water on the meadow.

"We meet again."

In front of her, Wang Lu, in his red and white robe, nodded. "It has indeed been a long time…"

"Really? It has been a long time? My impression is somewhat unclear…" the woman said, and her eyes gradually turned deeper.

"Unexpectedly, there's a day that I can see the sun again."

"Fart. In this group of immortal tombs, as long as you think about it, you can have as many suns as you like."

"Hehe, I have to be able to think about it in the first place." The woman did not mind Wang Lu's rudeness. "The last time I fell asleep, I never thought that I could wake up. But let's not dwell on this, have your problems been solved?"

With that, the woman looked at Wang Lu with curiosity.

After merging her split personalities into one, the ancient Earth Immortal was no longer that completely biased and almost mad Heaven. Instead, she now had an almost unprecedented clarity of mind. Therefore, she no longer cared about Wang Lu's argument. At the same time, she had also noticed that Wang Lu hadn't really solved the problem.

Although he defeated Heaven, he did not conquer his own Shura Field. How should he deal with the girls who were hurt by him?

Wang Lu replied ill-humoredly, "None of your business."

"I'm very curious." The woman calmly said, "You should've already guessed my experience before I entered the group of immortal tombs. At that time, I was really hurt by a man, the painful feeling of which I suppressed, and later on became the root of my mental instability… After thousands of years, I still think that although that man hurt me, he was without a doubt a hero most respected and admired in the world. The problem that even he can't deal with, I want to know how would you do it?"

Wang Lu gave her a look. "I have big tool good skill."

"Hahaha, you really are interesting. It's obvious that you're naturally reserved, yet you deliberately put a vulgar outlook… If you really can use your 'big tool good life' to establish a harmonious relationship, previously in that scenario, you can put it to great use and subdue everyone rather than leaving a hidden problem for other people to exploit. I know that you're very resistant to indulgence, and you couldn't do it without being sincere, so I'm very curious about how you would clean up the mess? Well, it's okay if you really don't want to answer it, but I can make a deal with you. Tell me how would you deal with that problem and I will answer a few questions of yours. I'm sure you have a lot of questions about the group of immortal tombs, and it just so happened that I participated in the construction of the group of immortal tomb almost from the start to finish, so I know a lot of things about it."

Wang Lu completely did not take this offer. "Come on, I have helped you unify your two personalities, which is equal to the grace of giving a new lease of life. Even if you don't want to devote all your life to me, can't you at least answer a few questions of mine?"

"You're right. According to the rules of the group of immortal tombs, you will get rich rewards when you complete the more difficult challenge. And you have passed my hurdle perfectly, so it's more than enough for me to answer a few questions from you. However, in fact, there's something else that I want to give you."

With that, the woman stretched out her hand and Wang Lu suddenly felt a shock from his waist. His Sword of Mount Kun had involuntarily jumped out and Autumn Beam now stood beside him.

"It's indeed a rare seedling." The woman whispered softly, "Although the sword body is average, nothing fancy with it, but the sword spirit has a thousand years of cultivation, the sword core is clean and clear, and the sword intent is full, which are really not easy to find. It's really a waste for it to fall into your hands and let you use it."

"Em…" Wang Lu turned around and looked at Autumn Beam, while the latter also somewhat curiously took a look.

"Autumn Beam, do you think I have been cruelly licking 1 you all these years?"

Autumn Beam earnestly answered, "When I first followed you, your cultivation base was still shallow, so I had to be given nine seals to be freely used by you. At that time… I did have a bit of prejudice toward you. However, over the years, you have let me witnessed so many miracles that I have never seen in the past one thousand years. Right now, although you're still in peak Jindan Stage, your true strength has already surpassed that of all of my previous masters. Moreover, Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi is an immortal level sword art from before the age of chaos, it is Mount Kun that could not keep up with your pace."

"You're wrong."

Earth Immortal softly interrupted, "That you can't keep up with him is because he didn't use you correctly. Although middle-rank spiritual treasure can't be called as a precious treasure worthy to be handed down from generation to generation, it's power should be able to actually keep up with a Jindan Stage cultivator. Let alone your sword heart is already completed, so you could already be classified as a living creature, and among middle-rank spiritual treasures, you already have the topmost aptitude, which in my time is one of the conditions for the promotion to immortal treasure."

"Immortal treasure?" Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was shocked as he looked up and down at Autumn Beam more seriously, and then softly said, "This matter mustn't be known by Wang Wu… Autumn Beam, later on, if I'm not with you, when Wang Wu wants to ask you to go out, remember to never agree."

"I will remember."

Earth Immortal also said, "The Sword of Mount Kun is a Five Elements Sword. With the five elements spell, you can push her power to its highest limit. The sword body is thick and firm, so if it's mainly used for defense, it's also suitable. However, you defensive swordsmanship looks simple and unpretentious, but the complexity of the changes is simply amazing. As for Elder Brother Ming's primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, it actually has a simple and rough defensive method, and that kind of 'break through everything' sword intent is incompatible with the Sword of Mount Kun. The two sword arts that you are best at are not well adapted to Sword of Mount Kun, so, at most, you can only utilize thirty to forty percent of her potential."

Wang Lu sighed. "Do you think I haven't sensed it? However, first of all, the present age is different from that of the ancient era where spiritual treasure and immortal treasure are dimes a dozen. A spiritual treasure-class flying sword has become very rare, so how can I be so picky? Secondly, Sword of Mount Kun may not be in harmony with my attributes, but Autumn Beam's loyalty and astuteness are hard to find, and even in my life and death fight, she had made great contributions. Thus, even working with her as a friend, it's also good. In any case, when I cultivate primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, I had conveniently learned a method that I could use fingers as swords…"

"So, in fact, you are wasting her potential." The Earth Immortal female covered her mouth and chuckled. "But, I have exactly one thing in my possession that can make Sword of Mount Kun exert her due power."

With that, she took out a pink short sword, which was not much longer than a ruler. The sword body seemed to be light and somewhat lively, but actually firmly threatening. Just looking at it from a distance already made people feel an intermittent chill in the air.

Wang Lu was now an expert in using the sword, thus, after observing for a moment, he frowned slightly. "This sword is made of extraordinary materials, but it looks like it's… dead."

"You are not mistaken. This sword is indeed already dead. When she followed me into the group of immortal tombs, she was buried. Unfortunately, after thousands of years, I woke up, but she did not."

In other words, this was a flying sword that had lost its sword spirit. In terms of quality, before it died, it was about peak level spiritual treasure, or even immortal treasure. However, its sword spirit had been lost, so the power of its body alone had already been greatly reduced. Taking it out at this time, could it be that...

"Yes, let Autumn Beam absorb this 'Rogue Tears' and she can be reborn. If successful, going straight to immortal treasure rank is not difficult."

"How could it be that easy?" Wang Lu questioned, "Absorbing the sword body of an immortal treasure rank sword and thus be promoted sounds good. But with Autumn Beam's current strength, absorbing the immortal sword is tantamount to a snake trying to swallow an elephant, she simply could not digest it."

"That's why I will help her. In the past, I can also refine immortal swords by myself. Although my current strength is no longer at my peak, I can still add your sword spirit to Rouge Tears … Of course, it would not be easy, I have to pay a considerable price."

Wang Lu pondered for a moment. "This gift is certainly not light… Well, for me, a handy Sword of Mount Kun is more precious than a new immortal sword."

Earth Immortal smiled and said, "It should be way more than enough to consider it as a reward for your quest clearance and to repay your kindness in giving me a new lease of life, right?"

"... Well, that's true."

"Therefore, if you want to know the secrets of the group of immortal tombs, you can use your secret to exchange it."

Regarding this exuberant-in-gossiping Earth Immortal sister, Wang Lu was deeply convinced. For a pain in the ass problem, she really did not hesitate to pay the price.

According to the normal situation, simply a sword body of an immortal sword was already worth Wang Lu's previous efforts. After all, it was a top rank weapon rarely seen in the entire Nine Regions. Letting Autumn Beam foster Rouge Tears, they would have an opportunity to merge into one after a few decades.

What that Earth Immortal sister offered to do was to artificially shorten the process… To act against the heaven, even an Earth Immortal had to pay a considerable price. Yet, she was willing to do just that.

"Very well, since you're so persistent with this question…" Wang Lu sighed and then revealed the answer.

The woman listened with rapt attention, and her eyes fully concentrated.

For Wang Lu, perhaps this question was not worth mentioning. However, for her, it was a demon that had been haunting her for thousands of years. Now, she no longer clung to any man or woman, but she still wanted to know if there was a solution to that problem that had caused her heartbreak.

"Actually it's very simple. I told Wang Wu to help me settle those girls, and I'll give her the rest of the three mysterious sky crystals that I still have."

"And then?"

"And then I don't know. In any case, I have already given her the problem, how she handles it is her business, I just want the result."

"Just want the result? Isn't this… Isn't this too sloppy! What if she can't solve the problem? If she can't solve it, wouldn't it make things worse?"

Wang Lu shrugged. "Then I save three mysterious sky crystals. In any case, whatever happens, in the end, she finally solved the problem."

"It was indeed solved. But… until then, did you really trust her?"

"If it's her, if there's enough motivation, she could do things very well. More importantly…" When he said this, Wang Lu looked around, lowered his voice, and whispered. "Harem management must fully rely on the Empress."

Upon hearing that, Earth Immortal was startled, thinking that although it was just a simple single sentence, it contained a very profound knowledge.

She still remembered that, a long time ago, the girls around him could live in harmony, and they forgot that their love was shared with others… At that time, it was because there was a resourceful elder sister by his side that always helped him. That elder sister was beautiful, intelligent, and powerful, making everyone admire her from the heart, ingeniously maintaining the feeling of everyone.

Unfortunately, that elder sister was not able to accompany him to the end. After her death, the contradiction and friction between the girls as well as between the girls and the man increased, finally falling apart in an irreparable state.

Thinking of this, the woman looked at Wang Lu again, and felt that the figure of this young cultivator more and more overlapped with him. In addition, the situation that Wang Lu was in at the moment was very similar to that of him in the past!

"You are very lucky. You must cherish the people around you."

Wang Lu smiled and nodded, and then he remembered something and opened his mouth.

"Oh, by the way, what I told you just now, those words about that harem management must fully rely on the Empress, you must not tell it to other people, okay."

Just as his voice fell, Wang Lu heard someone's voice from behind him.

"What words must not be told to other people?"


"Moreover, what did you mean by 'harem management must fully rely on the Empress'?"

"It means that if you keep asking further right now, those three mysterious sky crystals will be gone!"

Wang Lu looked back at Wang Wu and spoke with a serious complexion.


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