Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 586: Young Beauty Turns Old

Chapter 586: Young Beauty Turns Old

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After satisfying her thirst for gossip, Earth Immortal finally brought up the main topic.

"I am Xuan Mo, the thirteenth generation of Sect Leader of Thousand Flower Sect… Well, I I don't think that you've ever heard of this sect, because, for my sake, The Thousand Flower Sect died out in my generation."

Even after thousands of years, when it came to the demise of her sect, Xuan Mo was still filled with remorse and grief.

Wang Lu recalled the knowledge that he learned in Teng Cloud Hall, and he did not remember the name of Thousand Flower Sect. However, at this time, Wang Wu said, "Thousand Flower Sect? I do remember seeing the records of it somewhere. Before the age of chaos, it was a top-ranking sect that had risen rapidly on the back of several generations of geniuses, and its disciples were known for their versatility.

"Really? Even after thousands of years, after experiencing the Age of Chaos, the name of Thousand Flower Sect still circulates in this world? In that case, I could be barely counted as having not let my sect's ancestors down too badly." Xuan Mo shook her head. "Very well, let's cut to the chase and start the reward process."

"This Rouge Tears used to be a peerless immortal sword, famous for its lightness and sharpness. The sword spirit that resided in it was once a swordsman who had reached the Mahayana Stage but unfortunately failed at the Divine Tribulation, who had endowed it with all sorts of magical abilities. Rouge Tears has followed me for many years and has made countless brilliant achievements. However, seriously speaking, I have never been able to use her well."

Xuan Mo said and gently patted the sword, looking even more regretful.

"As the Sect Leader of Thousand Flower Sect, for a time, I have meticulously studied sword art, and this Rouge Tears was also created and refined by him at that time, and then given to me. However, I'm not a qualified sword cultivator. Thus, giving it to me was simply wasting its potential. Therefore, I will pass it on to you, I hope you can reignite her brilliance once again."

Instead of rushing to take the Rouge Tears, Wang Lu turned around and looked at Autumn Beam. "What's your opinion? For you, this is a chance for an instant success, but it means you have to give up your previous thousand years. Although Xuan Mo promised to help you absorb Rouge Tears instead of the opposite, from now on, you're no longer the sword spirit of Sword of Mount Kun."

Autumn Beam said, "With my qualifications, even if I try my best in my entire lifetime, I have no chance to be promoted to immortal rank. To have such a chance is what Autumn Beam wishes earnestly."

However, while saying that, this loyal and devoted sword spirit could not help but hung her head down.

"Sword of Mount Kun's body is dull and clumsy, indeed she is impossible to follow master for a long time."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu smiled. By saying this, does this mean… she still can't forget her previous relationships? Or does she have other ideas?

However, Autumn Beam quickly raised her head. "It's indeed hard to abandon the place of lodging for the past thousand years, but it's more important for Autumn Beam to follow master than anything else. Master, you're a genius, and one day, you will definitely soar to immortality. I just hope that I can witness that moment with my own eyes."

"Well, I've been with you for twenty years, but this is my first time that I notice you have such a good eloquence." Wang Lu sighed and patted Autumn Beam on the shoulder, and then said to Xuan Mo.

"Let's get this started."

The fusion of Autumn Beam and Rouge Tears was all handled by Xuan Mo.

For an ancient Earth Immortal, this kind of improvement project that could nearly be called as remolding an immortal sword was still not an easy matter.

It was not difficult to separate Autumn Beam from the Sword of Mount Kun. With an unresisting Autumn Beam, Xuan Mo completely cut off the link between the sword spirit and the sword body, while the sword spirit was not hurt, with only a wave of her hand.

Solely this alone had made people sigh with emotion at the ingenious means of the ancient Earth Immortal. At least in the current Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, no refining master dared to boast they could do this thing easily.

However, for Xuan Mo, this was just the beginning.

The real difficulty was in throwing Autumn Beam into Rouge Tears and keeping her in the new sword body intact while preventing her sword heart from being damaged. Autumn Beam was a talented sword spirit, but after all, she was only a sword spirit of spiritual treasure. She was too weak to be put in an immortal treasure rank sword. Rouge Tears looked petite and delicate, but for Autumn Beam, it was so vast that without the protection from Xuan Mo, her spirit and wisdom would be annihilated in an instant, assimilated by the sword body and becoming the new spirit sprout for the Rouge Tears.

In order to grow into a genuine sword spirit, it would at least need to accumulate hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation and growth. And after the new sword spirit was fully grown, she would no longer be the original Autumn Beam, but more like her daughter.

However, how could the weak Autumn Beam occupy the powerful Rouge Tears? This was not even possible in theory in the current era of Nine Regions, let alone putting it into practice. There was quite a lot of immortal rank treasure circulated among the various sects. However, there was also a considerable part of it that previously belonged to the previous generations that were unearthed from the ruins, and that their sword spirit had been lost and their power had been reduced sharply. If one could master this transfer and fusion skill, it would mean that there would be at least dozens of immortal treasures that could probably be able to be restored.

Therefore, Wang Lu and Wang Wu insisted on watching the whole process, hoping to learn enough from it. Even if they had no use in it, it would be very profitable to teach it to those sects that needed it the most in a high price. At least, Wang Lu knew very well that there were at least a dozen pieces of broken immortal treasure that needed to be repaired in Shengjing Sect.

Xuan Mo did not refuse their request to be spectators. She just smiled and said, "The technique itself is not that big of a deal, but… it probably doesn't have much use for you two."

She proceeded to cover the Rouge Tears with her hand, and then ripples bloomed from each of her ten fingertips. With each surge of ripple, the Rouge Tears continued to vibrate.

Wang Lu narrowed his eyes and made them more focused… After a moment, his mind was completely immersed in those ripples and suddenly did not realize the passage of time.

The ripple vibration made him vaguely think of something, and it seemed that he had seen similar skills a long time ago. The power was huge, and the cost was also equally huge. With Wang Lu's memory, as well as the primordial spirit attainment of a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, every detail that had happened over the past thirty years of his life could be called at will. However, at this time, all his focus was on understanding those ripples, thus he had no time to care about other things.

After no one knows how long, the ripples gradually stopped and Wang Lu also came to his senses. However, when he looked up, the presence of the grey-haired woman in front of him greatly shocked him.

A moment ago, what he saw was a beautiful twenty-something-year-old woman. However, currently, the woman's face was still the same, but all her hair had turned grey, and in her deep eyes revealed the irresistible vicissitudes of life.

"Millenium ripple?"

At the same time, Wang Lu also remembered the true meaning of the ripple… When he went to Grand Cloud Mountain to compete with the Beast Master School, Grand Cloud Fairy used this skill to let him directly advance to Xudan Stage, giving him the capital to have a frontal fight against the Beast Master School.

In overnight, Wang Lu was promoted into Xudan Stage. In today's immortal cultivation system, this was almost a miracle, thus, Grand Cloud Fairy also paid a hefty price. At present, the ripple of time had reappeared again. The ancient Earth Immortal had forcibly pushed the integration process of Autumn Beam and Rouge Tears advancing for a thousand years, the price of which should be very tragic!

No wonder she previously said that it was meaningless to learn the skill to do that. In today's Nine Regions, who could have such a big capital to squander? Even if there was someone who could, squandering it in order to repair an immortal treasure was not worth it.

No matter how strong an immortal treasure is, it still needs someone to use it.

After finishing that millennium ripple, Xuan Mo put down Rouge Tears and somewhat tiredly said, "It's done. Next, you just have to let her adapt for another three to five days before you refine it, and then you can freely use it."

"Thank you for your kindness." Wang Lu cupped his hands and very seriously said.

"No need, it is me who should say thank you to you. My life should have disappeared when the group of immortal tombs was built. However, when you opened the tomb, it catalyzed a change, brought me back to life, and then personally removed my demon heart, which brought my sanity back to me… Paying all of those with this price was already a big bargain for me."

Speaking to this, Wang Wu suddenly said, "Does this Rouge Tears have any side effect?"

"Side effect?" Xuan Mo asked.

Wang Wu said, "The change in the surrounding spiritual energy and even the rule of the Great Dao. In the Age of Chaos, many of the cultivators who stood at the top of the immortal path were unable to adapt to the environmental change and fell down overnight. Many of the methods were no longer able to be cultivated, and many high-rank magical treasures had also lost their magical effect. And you are undoubtedly a cultivator before the Age of Chaos. Would the magical treasure repaired by your power be rejected by the present environment?"

Upon hearing this, Xuan Mo was slightly startled, as if surprised by Wang Wu's statement. However she soon shook her head and said with a smile, "Don't worry, there won't be any side effect… Since the tombs were built before the Age of Chaos, and all the techniques used were at the peak level of the time, if, as you said that the Age of Chaos has transformed the surrounding the Great Dao, I'm afraid the group of immortal tombs could not have been opened to operate."

"So, the Age of Chaos didn't transform the surrounding Great Dao?"

Xuan Mo said, "The so-called Age of Chaos, I have never experienced it, but if it really shook the world, then the group of immortal tombs must also be affected. So, at least you can understand that the existence of the group of immortal tombs could perfectly adapt to the surrounding Great Dao of the new era."

"That makes sense." Wang Wu therefore nodded. "I have no problem then."

Xuan Mo said, "But I do have a problem. What is your understanding of the Age of Chaos?"

"A helpless natural disaster, at least, that's what recorded in the current books."

"Natural disaster? That could be right." Xuan Mo sighed. "How much do you know about the group of immortal tombs? Did Elder Brother Ming tell you about the origin of this group of immortal tombs?"

Wang Lu said, "He did not give the details, I just know that the group of immortal tombs was built to fight against extremely powerful opponents."

"Extremely powerful opponents… So, in your opinion, what kind of strong opponents are worth building such a group of immortal tombs?"

This problem was actually one of the key problems that had been plaguing Wang Lu for a long time.

The strength of the ancient Earth Immortal was evident from the strength of the gatekeeper Zhong Shengming. Even in the Glorious Age before the Age of Chaos, such a group of people absolutely stood at the peak of the world.

However, the enemy that they needed to face actually made them choose to stay dormant and place their hopes on the future generations. What kind of enemy was worthy of the group of prideful Earth Immortals to accept a compromise like this?

When he first opened the Group of Immortal Tombs, Wang Lu once suspected that they were demon race. But now that he had witnessed the tragedy of the Demon World, Wang Lu had already long rejected this possibility. And with his current vision, there seemed to be only one possibility.

"Is it the Fallen Immortal?"

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