Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 588: Golden Finger

Chapter 588: Golden Finger

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"These wake-up companions… do they have some objections?"

Wang Lu immediately caught the key point. There were more than one Earth Immortal in the group of immortal tombs, and most of them felt that the present Nine Regions was in a dire state. Then...

"What are they going to do?"

Xuan Mo said, "On the day we decided to retire and become dormant, we pinned all our hopes on the future generations. It was a decision made under great controversy. It could even be said that it was a decision pushed forward by our leader alone. If not for his great prestige among the Earth Immortals, and the obvious strength superiority that he showed in the upper realm battle, we might not have given up so decisively."

Wang Lu said, "Now that they have woken up again, are they unwilling to be left out?"

Xuan Mo said, "No one really wants to be left out. When we raised the banner of the Earth Immortals, we rallied the top masters of Nine Regions of the time. Each one was a living legend, so how could they be willing to be under anyone? But since you don't live in that era, you can't understand our hatreds toward the Fallen Immortals. It was a far more painful choice for us to give up our revenge. At that time, the leader promised that in the future, Nine Regions would be stronger, and there would be rarely seen geniuses among geniuses. By then, that guy would open the group of immortal tombs to take our heritage and Nine Regions would truly have the strength to contend against the Fallen Immortals. However…

"However, we saw the present Nine Regions has degenerated, the surrounding spiritual energy exhausted, and the cultivators are weak, leading a befuddled life as if they were drunk in dreaming, not knowing that the crisis is coming. The sacrifice and humiliation that we endured in the past simply became a joke."

During her speech, there were a few more people that appeared in that pale world, each with different shapes. However, without exception, they all have amazing power.

Among which, one who had a youthful look had his eyebrows flew up as he looked at Wang Lu and Wang Wu. "Xuan Mo, is this the person that you choose?"

Xuan Mo corrected him, "Not me, but Elder Brother Ming… Well, I also believe that he is the person that is worth looking forward to."

"Zhong Shengming is indeed formidable—more than ten thousand years ago, he was very formidable, but the group of immortal tombs has been dormant for too long, and his primordial spirit was not even complete, splitting into Demon and God, two bodies. How could he make a sound judgment in that kind of situation? As for you… your eyes have always been good, but your heart is soft and easy to shake. Once other people gave kindness to you, it is difficult for you to judge calmly. This person helped you dispel your demon heart so it's normal for you to have a preference for him."

As the young looking man spoke, he overturned Zhong Shengming and Xuan Mo's judgments, and it seemed that Xuan Mo had no choice but to accept it.

Wang Lu turned around and looked at the young looking man. Inwardly, he guessed that this young-looking man was probably a small leader of the ancient Earth Immortals team.

Just then, the young-looking man also looked at him. At first glance, his eyebrows jumped slightly. "Void Spirit Root? It's indeed somewhat worthy. But, seeing that you're cultivation time is not too short, how come you're still in Jindan Stage? The cultivation speed of Void Spirit Root is very fast. In the past, Immortal Qin soared into immortality in just twenty years. Even if the current Nine Regions lacks the surrounding spiritual energy, after cultivating for more than twenty years, you should not be just in Jindan Stage. Moreover, what is it about the model Great Dao that congealed inside your golden core? Zhong Shengming's primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi is all right, but what is the other half? The combination of the two is simply a mess!"

Having said this, the young-looking man even became a bit angrier.

"At that day I have already said it, we must fight them to the end. Our lineup is formidable, and we were launching a surprise attack, so we can't necessarily achieve a positive result. But the boss had to pin his hope on the future generations! And you guys unexpectedly all also agreed!"

Upon hearing this, Xuan Mo's face sunk. "Are you questioning his decision?"

"Yes, I am questioning! What's so surprising about it? When he was still living, I constantly questioned him. And now that he is dead, and I have witnessed the degrading situation of Nine Regions, of course, I even more want to question! You all honor him as if he was a god, but for me, he was just an ordinary person!"

Xuan Mo angrily said, "Bai Ze, you're too impudent!"

Bai Ze laughed. "Is this the first day you knew me? I have always been this impudent, that was why boss appointed me as the deputy. Because apart from me, none of you wastes dare to be impudent!"

Xuan Mo's whole body trembled and then her eyes turned toward the crowd behind Bai Ze.

"What about you guys? Are you just going to get away with it?"

The crowd gave no answer.

Bai Ze's face turned serious. "Xuan Mo, Boss is also human, not a god or an immortal. It is true that he is better than any of us, but it did not mean that he would not make mistakes. And when he makes a mistake, someone must point it out for him. That's the meaning of my existence. And I will continue to question his decision and sing against him so that he can always make a judgment rationally and calmly. Before you realize this, you are not qualified to accuse me of being impudent."

Xuan Mo shook her head somewhat in pain. She could not fully accept this statement.

Bai Ze said, "You all have no reservation about your trust in him, and in the end, only pushed all of your responsibilities on him. Once the boss makes a mistake, it is tantamount to disappointing the trust of all of you. And now, isn't everything obvious? Boss' judgment is wrong. His bet on the later generations is undoubtedly a wrong bet."

Xuan Mo still wanted to argue, but Bai Ze interrupted her, "I know that you're very optimistic about this Void Spirit Root. Yes, he is indeed formidable. Although at present, there are many problems in his cultivation, as long as he inherits the things in this group of tombs, in a few decades, he would be able to keep pace with us, and even catch up with leader's achievements. However, what can he do alone? He is strong, but can he be as strong as those immortals who cultivate in the immortal world? The reason why we constructed the group of immortal tombs is in the hope that it can form a Nine Regions with unprecedented prosperity, a Nine Regions with thousands of Earth Immortals that no one would dare to invade. Xuan Mo, tell me, does the present Nine Regions have the qualifications to deter people from invading it easily?"

Xuan Mo took a breath but did not speak.

No matter how much she admired their former leader, she had to admit that there were so many differences between Nine Regions and what was once they envisioned.

"So, you're just going to give up?"

"Give up? Are you joking?" Bai Ze sneered at Xuan Mo's question. "When did you ever see me give up halfway through? Although this time, the setbacks are really serious, but it is far from the time to give up."

"It's just that." Bai Ze grimly said, "From now on, we can no longer take any wrong step. We have missed an opportunity, and I'm afraid there are probably not going to be another one again. I don't know why the Fallen Immortals haven't arrived here in large scale after all these years, but I think it's only a matter of time… Moreover, time is not on our side. The pace of cultivation in the present Nine Regions is by no means comparable to that of the immortal world where the immortal spirit energy is overflowing."

"What are you going to do?"

Bai Ze said, "The first step is to wake up all the survivors, and then take out the treasures in the group of immortal tombs and reassemble the team of those years. After that, we'll lead all the cultivators on the Nine Regions to fight against the Fallen Immortals. Although the odds are not high, but it's already…"

Before he could continue, Wang Wu could no longer hold herself back.

"Lead all the cultivators on the continent? That's some boasting you got there."

Before she even finished speaking, Bai Ze had already interrupted her, "I know that you don't accept it. I believe the cultivators of Nine Regions would not want to be ordered around by a group of strangers who have just suddenly woken up after a long sleep. But think about it, with your ability, what would happen when the Fallen Immortals finally come? At least we have succeeded in repelling the Fallen Immortals, but what about you guys? Right now, you cling to the false reputation, but it might have ruined the future of the entire Nine Regions!"

However, upon hearing this, Wang Wu merely sneered.

"What can we do once the Fallen Immortal come? That's a really good question!"

Standing beside Wang Wu, Wang Lu couldn't help but want to laugh. It was okay if this problem was put forward on someone else, but, wanting to show off the success against the Fallen Immortal in front of Spirit Sword Sect?

A group of Unity, Mahayana Stage Earth Immortals gathered the resources of the whole continent and tore the vault of heaven to go to the Immortal World. In the end, after the fight, they fell into desolation and fled, hiding in secret. Such an accomplishment was actually dared to be showed off.

In the past, using the power of their own sect, Spirit Sword Sect staked it all against Mr. Feng Yue that his soul flew away and scattered. The courage and wisdom contained within it were far more dazzling than that of the ancient Earth Immortals.

Perhaps the cultivators after the Age of Chaos could not be compared with their predecessors in terms of power level, but it was because of their weakness that they would try their best to bring their limited power to the extreme and achieve all sorts of miracles that were unbelievable to their predecessors.

In the face of Bai Ze's condescending and unpretentious gesture, even the frivolous Wang Wu could not hold herself.

For her, most of the things in the world were irrelevant, but the war one hundred and fifty years ago was a holy war that no one could blaspheme.

"I wasn't going to take it out initially, but since someone asked for it going this deep, not showing it off would let my Big Brother, who died a long time ago, down."

The long dead Big Brother had no time to say anything before seeing Wang Wu took out a hand from her mustard seed bag.

A hand that was cut off from the wrist and had been meticulously preserved that it looked as if it was still alive. At the sight of that hand, everyone present was shocked.

Although it was already a dead object, the immortal spirit aura still lingered around it. It was actually the hand of an immortal, and concealed within the immortal spirit aura was a bloody murderous intent, which was the standard sign of a Fallen Immortal.

"The hand of a Fallen Immortal, you have actually killed a Fallen Immortal?" Bai Ze was so frightened that he was suddenly unable to fervently express his view.

However, from the other side, looking at the hand, the only thing in Wang Lu's mind was: "What Fallen Immortal hand? That's my own hand!"

In the real history, Ouyang Shang, at the last moment, drew Mr. Feng Yue's primordial spirit into his own body, and then he decisively self-detonated, blowing himself to death. However, the other party's primordial spirit had already entered his body and transformed Ouyang Shang's physical body into an immortal body… Fortunately, at that time, Mr. Feng Yue was already badly injured and weak and thus unable to completely complete the transformation. Otherwise, Ouyang Shang's self-detonation might not be able to eliminate the root.

However, after all, because the physical body had already been transformed into an immortal body, under that large explosion, Ouyang Shang's body was lucky enough to leave behind some fragments. Wang Lu originally thought that the remnant had been cleaned up by the people of Spirit Sword Sect, but he didn't expect that the biggest piece actually fell into Wang Wu's hand!

"You actually keep this thing?" Wang Lu incredulously looked at Wang Wu. "Aren't you disgusted by it?"

Wang Wu sighed as her eyes revealed mixed feelings. "This is the most memorable medal of victory in my life, how could I be disgusted by it?"

"..." Wang Lu opened his mouth lightly, but the thousands of words were stuck in his throat.

However, just at this time, he saw Wang Wu gently smile. "Moreover, from the utility point of view, this immortal hand's wondrous uses are infinite, so it would be a pity to throw it away. For over a hundred years, the benefits of this hand to me were inexhaustible."

"Wait a minute, what did you do with my hand?"

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