Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 594: Welcome Everyone to Submit Any Articles to Spirit Sword Briefing

Chapter 594: Welcome Everyone to Submit Any Articles to Spirit Sword Briefing

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The situation in the arena was very dull.

There was neither sky-collapsing-earth-cracking mighty power nor river-and-ocean-flowed-backward strange sight. The hundred kilometers arena painstakingly built by Bai Ze that could adapt to the five element need only used just a small part of it.

First of all, Wang Lu had completely abandoned the offense—as a matter of fact, she did not have a good offensive technique. She merely used Non-Phase Method to consolidate her defense. On the other side, when Bai Ze began to make his move with the rest of his stamps, he also became silent.

In fact, in a real high-level contest, it was the manifestation of inadequate control of power that caused a wide range of sights such as the meaningless environmental damages. Regardless, in any case, the battle between Wang Wu and Bai Ze was really dull.

For the viewers with insufficient eyesight, the two people were standing opposite of each other on the open ground in the middle of the arena. From time to time, Wang Wu occasionally threw aside her broken wooden sword and replaced it with a new one. And the opposite of her, Bai Ze once in a while pressed forward with his golden stamp. The battle lasted for an hour, and the two did not even move half a step.

Only those who knew the truth could understand the danger contained in this dull battle.

Every time Wang Wu threw away the sword in her hand, it meant that she had just suffered a fatal blow, and every time Bai Ze flipped the golden stamp, he exerted a crushing power from another level to his opponent.

After another hour of this to-and-fro tussle, Wang Wu finally ran out of all of the wooden sword in her hand and did not make a new one.

Bai Ze lifted his eyelids. "Finally ran out? Your patience is even more astonishing than I imagined—Jade Mansion binds the golden core, and magical power is free to be born, but the magical power that I negated will never recover. You have withstood more than twenty of my negation, which, as a Jindan Stage cultivator, was worthy of praise, but that's all there is. This time when you will feel the real immortal power without relying on the wooden sword, then you will understand the gap between Earth Immortal and mortal."

As he said that, he reached out and took the largest Negation Stamp that floated in mid-air and stretched it forward.

At the same time, Wang Wu staggered back two steps and then closed her eyes.

"This stamp, negates your eyes."

Bai Ze stepped forward and used that large stamp once again. "This stamp, negates your ears."

"This stamp, negates your tongue."

One after the other, Bai Ze deprived his opponent's senses with his negation, and even sealed Wang Wu's golden core… After the previous failure of life-negation, Bai Ze had become more cautious.

No. It was not accurate to describe it with the word caution. He was just enjoying the negation of the senses of the opponent little by little. This negation of individual senses was actually quite taxing for him. The fourteen stamps floating beside him had all changed color, becoming dimmer. However, he still enjoyed what he was doing.

Using less than one-tenth of the power of the opponent, easily driving her into despair, and even giving her a public-execution-like torture, fully demonstrated the huge gap between the Earth Immortal and this good-for-nothing later generation mortal.

Nothing was more satisfying than this.

No. If he became too proud because of this, he would lose the Earth Immortal's status. Although he was now a bit tired—using the power of Jindan Stage to launch his Negation Technique not only consumed his magical power—however, he had decided to draw the curtain of this battle in the most luxurious way.

At the same time, the Earth Immortals outside the arena shook their heads and sighed, feeling sorry for such a result.

If Bai Ze was not picked for this fight but any of them, perhaps this Jindan Stage woman who was good at defense could have a different result. Her strength was indeed far above the Jindan Stage, and in terms of efficiency of utilizing the power, she was also super-class, and this fully proved that the cultivators after the Age of Chaos indeed had their own strong point.

Unfortunately, the choice of opponent was a bit too high for them. In other words, Bai Ze actually used immortal technique even when facing Jindan Stage opponent. Although this was probably a bit shameless, the result had been decided, and it was indisputable.

Xuan Mo looked at Wang Lu in silence and then asked, "This ought to be enough, right? Don't you want to claim giving up on behalf of your Master? Bai Ze really doesn't know how to be merciful, he would definitely kill her if you don't give up."

Wang Lu shrugged. "Let him try if he can do it. The average moral integrity level of the entire Nine Regions will rise by a lot."

Upon hearing this, Xuan Mo was startled. She saw that Wang Lu seemed to have absolute confidence in his Master, yet at this time, it was clear that Wang Wu was in a desperate situation, and there was no possibility for a comeback.

Although Bai Ze had also consumed a lot, Wang Wu was basically in a situation where she was sealed from consuming anything. The fight would end unless they took turn against Bai Ze to wear him out. However, Xuan Mo believed that except for Wang Wu, there was no other Jindan Stage cultivator within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals who could withstand more than twenty Negation Stamp attack of Bai Ze.

At the same time, Bai Ze also believed that he had won the battle, thereupon he stopped his action.

"Looking at the fact that you have been able to take more than twenty Negation attack from me, I will give you the chance to give up. I will count to three, if you are willing to give up, I will spare you."


There were many sighs from the people outside the arena.

This was basically a cat and mouse game, giving up within the count of three? Bai Ze had already negated the opponent's five senses, so she couldn't hear him at all and had no way to speak, how could she give up?

However, the next moment, Wang Wu's voice was clearly heard by everyone.


A swear, like a stone that broke the surface of a calm lake, shocked everyone present.

"You!" Bai Ze was shocked and quickly pulled out a stamp. However, at the same time, Wang Wu also did not hesitate to reach out and summon out a new wooden sword, a dazzling blue wooden sword. It was clear that the amount of magical power attached to it was enough to rank it as the finest middle-rank magical treasure.

Bai Ze immediately stopped what he was about to do because even if he launched his Negation Technique, the other side would quickly use the wooden sword as a substitute for the person. The key question here was how could she continue to use her magical power?

In theory, her five senses, her Jade Mansion, and even her golden core had been negated. She had already become a waste that was even inferior to that of an ordinary mortal. So how could she still speak and even make a new temporary magical treasure?

This question also existed in the minds of the present Earth Immortals, but only Xuan Mo who nodded slightly.

"Core swap?"

Generally speaking, techniques that targeted individual or single golden core was ineffective for Wang Wu. Because even if the golden cores in her Jade Mansion was crushed, she could still replace them with her back up cores.

Wang Lu didn't know how many golden cores exactly were in her hand; it shouldn't be too much—with her current intoxicated attitude, she would certainly take the extra money. But it was not too little either, because no matter how unreliable this woman was, at least she wouldn't make fun of her own life. To deal with Bai Ze, she must have certainly come well-prepared.

Then, in vain, Bai Ze launched his Negation Stamp one after the other, and Wang Wu continued to replace her wooden sword until the magical power of her golden core gradually declined. After which, she would replace it with another one.

At this time, Bai Ze finally could not fight anymore. He looked at his opponent with an incomprehensible look.

Undoubtedly, from the beginning to the end, he had suppressed his power level and used immortal technique on the other side so that his power consumption was only one percent of that of his opponent.

However, the opponent seemed to have endless golden cores, which made that one percent consumption seem unsustainable. The three pennies iron dagger could kill a billionaire, but if that billionaire could be reborn indefinitely, that three pennies iron dagger would be worth tens of thousands, which was enough to bankrupt someone.

And now, Bai Ze was on the verge of bankruptcy. The suppression of cultivation base made it impossible for him to freely use immortal technique. Although Jindan Stage cultivator had vast magical power, the magical power needed to be consumed for the immortal technique was not easy to replenish.

He had to think of another way...

At the same time, in the arena, Wang Wu licked her lips, seemingly still wanting to continue.

"The taste of Negation, I have actually tasted. The mystery of the immortal technique, I have also remembered deep in my heart. It is really satisfying… Now, you can leave the stage, trash."

With that, in a flash, the expression of this number one Jindan in Nine Regions became as sharp as sword. Her right hand swung and her foot stepped forward. A chilly sword emerged out of thin air and was held in her right hand, replacing the wooden sword.

"Mysterious Frost Sword?"

Outside the arena, Wang Lu was surprised to see that the sword that was destroyed by him more than twenty years ago seemed to be reborn. He wondered why that sword fell into the hands of Wang Wu.

In the arena, Wang Wu pushed the power of that high-rank spiritual treasure flying sword to the limit. The piercing chill in the air was as sharp as a sword. She then thrust that sword straight. The killing intent of that sword thrust assaulted the senses.

Bai Ze immediately flipped his Negation Stamp, trying to negate the source of the problem in one stroke. However, the golden stamp had just been held, the immortal spirit had just been brewing, and the next moment, there was a muffled sound. Wang Wu's thrust was blocked, and the golden stamp of Bai Ze broke in his hand. The smashed immortal spirit aura was printed in his right hand.

However, Bai Ze did not have time to think about the pain since the shock pushed him several steps back. "Where did you learn the Negation Technique?"

Just now, it was not an ordinary spell that broke his Negation Stamp, but rather an out and out Negation Immortal Technique! It was two Negation Techniques that collided together, and the Negation sent out by an immortal treasure was actually the one that broke.

However, Negation Immortal Technique was a unique skill of Bai Ze, which even the few Fallen Immortals who died in his hand in the past could not learn it, how could she...

However, Wang Wu did not answer his question at all. Instead, she took another step forward and once again thrust her sword forward.

Bai Ze had no choice but to use his Negation Stamp once again. It was just that, now he used two of them. One was to negate Wang Wu's incoming sword qi, another one was to resist the opponent's Negation Immortal Technique.

Although he didn't understand why the other party could use Negation Immortal Technique, he was still the inventor of this immortal technique, thus, he was confident that he would never lose to anyone in his specialty.

He successively flipped two Negation Stamps, and then there were two bursts of explosion sound. Golden dust covered the field of vision for a moment. His entire left arm was swallowed by the runaway immortal spirit aura. Even his heart would've been destroyed had it not been for his heart protection mirror on his torso.

As a Jindan Stage cultivator, Bai Ze also had the means to regenerate his flesh. However, before he had the time to save himself, a fierce sword light had penetrated the golden dust, rapidly expanding in his sight.

Then, it stopped less than an inch in front of him.

The voice from outside the arena had already declared the end of the fight...

"Stop the fight, we give up."

Xuan Mo's figure drifted from outside of the arena.

Wang Wu smiled, put away her Mysterious Frost Sword, and raised her head high, vividly showing the winner's gesture.

It was indeed a proud achievement to defeat the Earth Immortal who possessed Immortal Technique in Jindan Stage. However, what really made her proud was obviously another thing.

"Wang Lu, don't forget the ten million agreement!"

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