Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 600: My Type of Aesthetics

Chapter 600: My Type of Aesthetics

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Wang Lu had embarked on the path of immortal cultivation for more than twenty years, facing numerous dangers and difficulties, but only a handful of times that he met with despair.

No matter how difficult the situation was, there was always hope for a breakthrough, which was the creed believed by professional adventurers.

However, at this moment, Wang Lu felt that the situation was really hopeless.

The sentence that Big Sister left before her departure had caused him to not be able to think of any excuse no matter how much he wracked his brain. It could be said that, at this time, regardless of whether he denied or not, the result would still be the same—the expression of the crowd that watched the scene could also be seen.

The only way to stop the rumor to spread was to do it on the spot and let fact speak louder than words. However, although he still had some confidence in his own endurance, doing it in broad daylight under everyone's gaze, the shame would surely pierce the sky. Moreover, at this moment, he needed one volunteer to do it—he couldn't possibly just show it by using his left or right hand, right?

However, regarding the volunteer… who should he look for? Despite his reputation as the legendary Jindan, and there were a number of cheap girls who were willing to do it with him, Wang Lu didn't want the world to see his nude body. Regardless of whether the other people believed him or not, he was not such an easy guy.

Unable to show the people on the spot about the fact, and there were no words to refute, in this desperate situation, Wang Lu could only think inwardly, Big Sister, just you wait, I'll get back at you...

However, perhaps this was the case of heaven never bars one's way, just as people began to discuss Zhu Shiyao's parting words, from afar came a wave of noise.

The only thing that could crush a gossip was another stronger gossip. And the person who passed by here was undoubtedly a stronger source of gossip.

"... That was a close save."

Wang Lu sighed, and then looked up to the distance and said to the one who came, "Good morning, Daoist Master Miao Yan."

As soon as his voice fell, he saw a blur, and a woman in splendid attire appeared in the arena. She wore a dazzling dress with colorful gems. However, such an exaggerated dress was not detestable because every detail of her gorgeousness was just right, which accentuated her perfect look and figure. With her appearance, the entire training field looked glorious, and the audience palpitated with excitement.

Daoist Master Miao Yan was the prettiest girl from the Refined and Pure Manor, which was famous for their single-minded devotion to the art of beauty. Right now… as the person in charge of the beauty contest, she was devoted to building the beauty team of Nine Regions.

In the contest against Earth Immortal group, the beauty contest was a major event in the civil category, both in terms of popularity and weighted scores. The Union of Ten Thousand Immortal spared no effort in investing resources in this group, and all kinds of rare treasures that could make girls crazy were stacked in the warehouse of the beauty pageant. The propaganda machine under the Mysterious Sky Mansion had also been put into full operation to collect enough qualified girls and boys from all over the regions.

Being able to join this team, not only could they enjoy the resources dedicated by various sects for this group, but it also meant that they would become famous and become universally acknowledged as a standard of beauty by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals!

Of course, because the benefits were so obvious and so compelling, the difficulty in joining the team could also be imagined. Generally speaking, a one-in-ten-thousand beautiful woman or handsome man didn't even qualify to meet with Daoist Master Miao Yan—these people would've already been eliminated in the preliminary stage.

Therefore, conversely, being recognized by Daoist Master Miao Yan as a member of the beauty team meant that person could compete against the Earth Immortal team! And every time Daoist Master Miao Yan went on a journey, she would bring one or two members along. Daoist Master Miao Yan herself was committed to the pursuit of the ultimate state of beauty and had no interest in the feelings between man and woman. However, she was actually very interested in being a matchmaker.

Therefore, if one could, to some extent, show off in front of Daoist Master Miao Yan, a wonderful journey of love might be opened for that person. Not long ago, there was indeed a lucky man who found love with a peerless beauty; many men gnashed their teeth in envy at that guy.

Today, by chance, Daoist Master Miao Yan was visiting the Royal Soldier Sect, which was exactly the time for people to show their best. At this moment, who cared about Wang Lu's privacy?

Unfortunately, she was not interested in the performance of those hungry and thirsty people. She just stood on stage and looked at Wang Lu with disgust.

"This dress style is completely lacking in aesthetic taste. I remember telling you to not talk to me like this… No, don't talk to me with your man's face, bring Wang Lulu out to me. Right now, we have a serious shortage of people in the beauty contest group. Although there are a lot of problems with your face, since you cultivate Non-Phase Method, after a careful grinding, you can be qualified. All right, that's it, quickly get out of this senseless and vulgar fighting group and concentrate on becoming Wang Lulu and struggle with me in the beauty contest group."

Wang Lu sighed again. After the gossip crisis of his Big Sister was lifted, he unexpectedly jumped into another pit of fire. In the team setting meeting, she met the master planner Wang Lu and strongly persuaded him to join her beauty contest team—unfortunately, she meant him to join using Wang Lulu's identity; god knows how she knew about Wang Lulu's thing.

In regard to this matter, Wang Lu found it both good and ridiculous. "... Even if I have to join the beauty contest group, I will join as a man!"

Miao Yan sneered. "With your condition, you only need to change clothes to participate in the female group, you have the matching temperament that is in contrast with the ability! Of course, regrettably, there's no ladyboy category, otherwise, with my professional packaging, you would definitely be in the top three. As for the male group, no one wants your face, which has not been specially maintained and carefully designed."

Thinking that his own face had the same origin as Wang Wu, which had never been touched by any cosmetic, Wang Lu said, "My selling point can be designed as a wild beauty."

"There are plenty of hybrids of human-beast in Beast Master School, many of which had that uncarved natural beauty."

When Daoist Miao Yan finished saying that, she suddenly looked at the Rouge Tears in Wang Lu's hand.

"Wait a minute, please let me see the one in your sword."

Wang Lu was startled. "Autumn Beam?"

"Yes, that's it, it's her! This young lady seems to have gone through a lot of things. She was only a piece of jade when we last met, but now she has really begun to shine. Unexpectedly, you actually have something good by your side. Give her to me as so that I can train her!"

"What the, are you a beautician or a pimp…"

Even so, seeing that Daoist Master Miao Yan didn't seem to be joking, Wang Lu called Autumn Beam out.

Unfortunately, Autumn Beam appeared quite unhappy when she came out.

"Master, Autumn Beam is just a sword spirit who focuses only on the sword path. I have no intention to get distracted and be treated like goods in public."

Wang Lu nodded and said to Miao Yan, "See, the concerned party has said so."

Daoist Master Miao Yan gave a thumbs up. "This noble and cool temperament is exactly what I want! Especially when this kind of people are forced to participate in the beauty contest, that kind of unwillingness and even humiliation is simply the manifestation of the ultimate beauty!"

"... The more I look, the more I think you're a complete pervert."

"Ai, it's no use explaining to you, people who don't understand aesthetics. In short, just give her to me. Hiding this beauty is a crime against the entire Nine Regions. Moreover, in the team setting meeting, you stood on the podium and said personally that this competition is a matter of life and death for the Nine Regions, and then anyone and any sect must unconditionally support the overall situation. It is because of this saying that I am being recruited as a beautician from Refined and Pure Manor. Do you mean when it comes to you, that sentence is void? Do you want to back down? It's already a compromise that I didn't force you to become Wang Lulu to join the female group!"

"Yeah, but Autumn Beam is my immortal sword's sword spirit, and I am the main force in the fighting group of Jindan Stage. I can't do that without my sword spirit."

"What kind of argument is this? The competition is not carried out at the same time; you can just give her after you're done with the fighting group, wouldn't that be okay? Don't forget, Qiong Hua is also in my group, isn't she the main force in the fighting group?"

Being refuted by Daoist Master Miao Yan, Wang Lu was in a bind. He looked at Autumn Beam in a dilemma; he really didn't want to force her to participate. However, on the other hand, it was not easy to convince Daoist Master Miao Yan.

"Ah, I got it. How about this, I'll give you a substitution. I will recommend you a peerless beauty as an alternative."

Daoist Master Miao Yan said, "Do you want to recommend Liu Li, Zhu Shiyao, and Bai Shixuan? They are already my favorite candidates, no need for you to recommend them."

"No, no, no, I guarantee you that she's a mysterious beauty that you have never seen before. The quality is just as good as Autumn Beam."

"With your aesthetic taste, what do you know about quality?"

"You can see her first, if you think she's not suitable, then I will force Autumn Beam. By that time, I will have no complaint."

Daoist Master Miao Yan hesitated for a moment, and finally looked at the chief planner Wang Lu's face and then nodded.

Thus, shortly afterward, Wang Lu led Daoist Master Miao Yan to his room. Before entering the room, he said out loud.

"Master, someone is looking for you."

A lazy voice came from inside the room. "If it is to collect debts, help me pay it. In any case, you have a lot of public money in your hands right now."

"... No, it's Daoist Master Miao Yan, the head of the beauty contest group."

Wang Wu's voice suddenly became a bit more energetic. "Did she bring the girls here to try my Telepathic Finger?"

"She came to ask you to join the beauty contest."

"Not interested."

During the conversation between Master and disciple, the eyebrows of Daoist Master Miao Yan became more and more furrowed. "Wang Lu, you want to recommend me your master? Don't be ridiculous! What kind of beauty is there for a careless woman who has no lower limit?"

Wang Lu said, "That's just because you don't realize how formidable her subjective initiative is. Don't forget, the Non-Phase Method that you value is her original creation, and her accomplishment on it is ten times as high as me! In short…" Wang Lu turned his head and said, "Master, if you can join this group, there would be an unlimited supply of exotic treasures. And if you can become the main force of the group, by popularity alone, you can have hundreds of millions of net worth. When the time comes, you can casually write an autobiography or publish a photo album, and the spirit stones would be endless like a long river."

"I see, come on in then."

Wang Lu pushed open the door and entered.

Upon entering the room, he was petrified.

In the bedroom, dressed in a plain white light shirt, a long-haired beauty was lazily reclining on the window. Her flawless posture and enchanting curve revealed an unprecedented shock.

If there was any scene in the world that was perfect, it must be this scene.

And just when Wang Lu was deeply shocked by this scene, the woman in white sweetly smiled and stood up from the window. Then, she held out her hand to greet Daoist Master Miao Yan who was also deeply shocked behind Wang Lu.

"Hello, I am Murong Icy Bing-Night Glamour Phoenix-Stellar Oriole-Wu Er, my dream is to become the number one idol of Nine Regions. I hope we can work together in the future!"


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