Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 602: The Food Made With Love Is A Comfort!

Chapter 602: The Food Made With Love Is A Comfort!

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Wang Lu, as the chief planner of the event, had a busy life that was filled with activities. Every day, he would work out some sweat at the various training sites in Royal Soldier Sect. Half of the time, he buried himself in the official documents. At the same time, he occasionally had to coordinate the relationships between various groups, as well as coping with the rising popularity of the idol Murong Bingli in the form of trouble that she caused.

This grand competition against the Earth Immortals was like a huge machine. Over time, everything began to go on the right track, operating in an orderly manner. Every day, it devoured countless resources. The manpower and material resources invested by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals for this grand competition were even enough to create a salvation arc that Shengjing Sect once promoted as a concept, which could support a 'pure land' in the middle of the Age of Chaos.

Within a month, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had been fully mobilized by this competition, and there had been amazing cohesiveness and action. The boundaries between sects had been diminishing, and even the relationship between the righteous and evil sects had become increasingly close.

All of this owed to Wang Lu's original plan.

In the competition against the Earth Immortals plan, Wang Lu vigorously promoted the concept of group. Even if it was just a single-group event, it had to be participated by many people, using the best of five to determine the winner. Therefore, when the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was preparing for the event, a huge group must be prepared for any event. The number of cultivators who eventually participated in the event was actually several times as many as two thousand people after taking into account factors such as substitutes. And the number of people who served as participants had even gone beyond tens of thousands.

With heartfelt solidarity, all barriers and misunderstanding began to dissipate. In just over a month, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals presented an unprecedented scene of peace and prosperity.

Thus, some people even said that even if the Earth Immortals would end up to be the victor of this grand competition, with this cohesion alone, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would not lose.

However, the people who struggled at the frontline of the organizing committee obviously could not set such a low target. They had to do their best to win.

"The elixirs of Shengjing Sect have arrived again. Anyone of you who can continue to consume the medicine would quickly consume it. After that, go to the Hundred Refinement Copper Furnace to pressurize and refine the medicine power. Try your best reach peak Jindan before the grand competition begins."

In an enclosed training room, a cultivator who looked like an elder wearily pulled in a huge iron box filled with colorful porcelain vases.

In front of that elder was a row of Jindan Stage cultivators sitting on the round prayer mat. Most of them were high-level Jindan cultivators, and a few were middle-Level Jindan. However, without exception, these people's cultivation bases were progressing at astonishing speeds. Almost every breath they took would make their golden core more concise and Jade Mansion more stable.

Their training room was located in Kunlun Mountain, next to an ancient Feng Shui vein where the surrounding spiritual energy was so rich that it was like essence. Near the center of the vein, energy with the quality of immortal spirit energy would gush out. It was indeed a well-deserved holy land of cultivation.

At present, the site was open to the organizing committee by the Kunlun Sect. They were used by a group of cultivators with excellent qualifications and unique skills but unfortunately had yet to reach the standard cultivation base for the competition. The purpose of the training was so that they could reach the peak of their current stage within two months.

Starting from Jindan Stage, each level of advancement was a new training for the cultivator. The majority of Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage in the world could not hope to break through Yuanying Stage in their lifetime, and the result of their hundreds of years of cultivation was a more concise golden core.

Even those who were highly qualified would have to work hard for a few years. Since the last Age of Chaos, reaching Yuanying from Jindan in twenty years had already been qualified as a genius. And nobody could replicate Wang Lu who achieved peak Jindan from Low-Level Jindan in just a few years.

In order to reach peak Jindan in a short period of time, it was not enough to solely rely on the power of ancient Feng Shui vein—one had to resort to the power of external things such as elixirs. Even so, in this group of thirty people, at most, only half of them could reach peak Jindan Stage. Of which, half of that would have to suffer some side effects—Immortal cultivation was basically an act against the heaven, spoiling things through excessive enthusiasm was even more disgraceful. If the quality of the root bone was not good enough, the rapid advancement in cultivation base in a short period of time basically could not be afforded.

However, in order to meet the deadline for the grand competition one month later, no one could care so much about it. After two months, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals gradually became infected with a kind of fanaticism.

"Heh, I can't imagine that us, cultivators from low to middle-level sects, could actually enjoy the treatment reserved for the talented elite of the top rank sects. The ancient Feng Shui vein, the immortal elixirs of Shengjing, things that I once could only dream of are now available to me. I wonder if I should give thanks to those ancient Earth Immortals."

In the training room, a cultivator who had just digested the immortal elixirs of Shengjing and whose seven orifices were still slowly bleeding, lit up with a smile. He stretched out his limbs, which emitted out a series of crackling from the joints of his bones.

"So comfortable. Long live the Earth Immortals! Hahaha!"

After kicking up a fuss and being noisy, the people around him looked at him with disgust.

That cultivator shrugged. "I know that you guys must find me annoying. Can't help it, disciples from the high-rank sects like you do not understand our hardships at the bottom. In my sect, for a bottle of immortal elixir just like now, we could turn against each other, even with brothers of the same sect. Together with my childhood sweetheart Junior Sister, we resolutely threw ourselves into the arms of other people just for half a bottle of immortal elixir. Alas, I was willing to sell my kidney for such a bottle of immortal elixir, but now, I can take a whole bottle a day, and there's also the Copper Furnace that helps me digest it, which is an unimaginable dream to me."

Listening to the heartfelt words of the cultivator from a small sect, all of the present geniuses felt a bit speechless, and their eyes turned softer.

"The saints in the ancient times said that being famous in the morning, one can die in the evening. Now, I feel like after taking medicine in the morning, I can die in the evening… But, rest assured, I won't die so easily. Though born humble, at least I know that I have to be loyal to those that gave me food. The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals has given me so many benefits that I must defeat those ancient Earth Immortals in the competitions even if I have to die without a burial place. At the very least, I will not hold you back, hahaha!"

As soon as the guy finished, a strange voice came from behind him.

"Lu Chuan, no one wants you to die without a burial place. You have to live well until you reach Yuanying and even Deity Stage. The grand competition against the Earth Immortals is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a bigger war."

During the speech, a young man in a red and white robe came into the room, nodded at the old cultivator at the door, went to medicine box, opened up a porcelain bottle, put two pills into his mouth, and then nodded.

"Fortunately, although the process of the medicine refining has been streamlined, the efficacy is still within the scope of the qualification. Shengjing Sect is not as unkind as the rumors make them out to be… Alright, everyone needs to work hard, I won't bother you anymore."

With that, the young man turned and walked away.

Lu Chuan looked at the young man's back with astonishment. "Who is this guy? How did he know me? Did the organizing committee come here for inspection? He acts as if he's a Supreme, but he's just a peak Jindan right?"

Everyone around him sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

"Lu Chuan, what is wrong with your head? How could you not even know Wang Lu? Even if you come from a small place, you couldn't be that ignorant right?"

Lu Chuan was puzzled. "Do I need to know Wang Lu? It's not like he's a Supreme of Unity Stage… There are so many Jindan Stage in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, how could I know every one of them? I only know celebrities who are Deity Stage or higher."

All the present Jindan Stage cultivators were deeply speechless regarding the education policy of this small sect.

The old man at the door sighed. "Even if you don't know all of the Jindan Stage cultivators in the world, you have to at least know him. He is now a standing committee member of the organizing committee of the competition, and also the chief planner of the whole event. Do you think you should know him?

Lu Chuan was shocked. "Standing committee member? Shouldn't one need to be at least peak Deity Stage to be able… Even if he is the son of Supreme He Tu, they shouldn't make that kind of exception, right? Moreover, what's up with being the chief planner? There are so many senior elders, how could they let him plan the whole event?"

"Alas, things about him are too long to explain in just a few words. If you really want to know, someone is selling his biography recently."

"Biography? How old is he that they have actually made his biography?"

"The book is very popular. No one knows how the author got it, but the daily life of Wang Lu are written in every detail there. Even if you know that the author is making things out of thin air, it still looks fascinating. A few days ago, I even saw a Supreme of Deity Stage of Kunlun Sect reading that book."

Lu Chuan was stunned. "Is it really that good?"

"If you don't believe it, just buy it yourself. The title of the book is 'The Legendary Adventure Curing the World', and the author is, 'I Love Big Brother'."

"I-I understand…"

"Oh, wherever you go, you are surrounded by people like you're some kind of strange animal. Is this the worry of an idol?"

After inspecting the training room, Wang Lu returned to Royal Soldier Sect through the teleportation array between the Five Uniques and complained about his current situation with his secretary Hai Yunfan.

"I think you might as well learn from Murong Icy Bling-Night Glamour Phoenix-Stellar Oriole-Wu Er and enjoy the pleasure of being an idol."

"... Don't mention her name, my stomach aches."

Hai Yunfan pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose. "Your stomach aches probably because you've just eaten an exotic cuisine. I really admire you more and more. How did you eat that 'Supreme Look Up At The Starry Sky'?"

"How else? Being looked at by Aya with that kind of expectant look, can you spit it out? Alas, this is indeed enmeshed in a trap of one's own devising… By the way, help me inform the poison group, tell them that the new poison is so sick, it is even almost unbearable for a Jindan Stage Non-Phase Method."

"I had recorded your momentary pained expression and sent it to them. It was very encouraging for them."

"Well done, little Hai, you are indeed my secretary."

As they spoke, they had already passed through the teleportation array and arrived at the training ground of Royal Soldier Sect—this place also had Wang Lu's office.

However, just as he landed, Hai Yunfan looked up in amazement. "It seems that a guest is coming."

Wang Lu also raised his head and looked at the familiar figure with great astonishment.

"Uncle Sect Leader? Why did you come?"

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