Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 605: Sorry, But I Have to Win This Game

Chapter 605: Sorry, But I Have to Win This Game

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"Cross-stage group confrontation?"

When he received Wang Lu's proposal, the head of the Organizing Committee Daoist He Tu was quite surprised.

According to Wang Lu's plan, next month, the participating cultivators from each event's group would engage in a cross-stage confrontation. The cultivators of Jindan, Yuanying, Deity, and Unity would fight against each other and must earnestly decide the victory and defeat.

"Could you explain it in detail?"

Wang Lu said, "It's like this… For our cultivators of Nine Regions, this grand competition is essentially bringing the enemy to the same level as themselves, trying to win the strong by weakening them. However, the superiority of higher stage cultivators in terms of vision, power utilization, and other aspects could not be compensated by our experience at all. Moreover, most of those ancient Earth Immortals get to where they are at by cultivating step by step from the very beginning of body forging, so their experience is not less than us. Thus, if we want to win, we have to work hard in two aspects. One is to make full use of the rules, and the other one is to do a special strengthening—in a situation limited by Stage, how to face a stronger opponent and win."

Daoist He Tu said, "Therefore, you designed this cross-stage group confrontation to allow cultivators to experience the fight with different stages? But our Supreme level seems…"

Wang Lu said, "Yes, the Supreme level group could not find a stronger opponent than them, and the confrontation with the other three groups is purely about sparring and wasting time. But, as a matter of fact, in my plan, the Supreme level group is not the key group to get the score. I don't know if you have calculated the score distributions of all the events in my plan, but the three stages, Jindan, Yuanying, and Deity account for more than seventy percent of the total score. If we can hold this part of the score in our hands, we would control the overall situation."

After a moment of hesitation, Daoist He Tu asked again, "What about the punishment?"

Wang Lu explained with great enthusiasm, "This is actually the essence of my supplementary plan! Think about it, according to human nature, in the group confrontation, when the lower group lost to the higher group, the lower group would not think anything about it because it is as it should be, and on the contrary, winning is inconceivable. Thus, when training, they could not tap their potential. Therefore, it is necessary to add additional punishment measures! For the lower Stage group, if they could not win from the position of weakness against the highest stage of Supreme level, when it comes to the time to fight against the Earth Immortals, wouldn't they be bound to lose? Therefore, in order to stimulate their potential, punishments are necessary. For the higher stage group, if they inadvertently lost to the lower stage group, it would be even more unforgivable, so the punishment should be tripled. However, if the corporal punishment is inflicted on the cultivators, it would cause injury to them, and we don't have enough time to heal them. If it affects their performance in the event, it would not be worth it… To sum up, that's the reason for the current punishment plan."

Daoist He Tu said, "But if the Organizing Committee carries out such a program, the pressure on it would be…"

"For this, you may rest assured. When the time comes, people would be more happy about it, it's just that, everyone would not be able to say it clearly."

"Hehehe, that's true." After letting out a few chuckles, Daoist He Tu picked up his jade brush and signed his name on Wang Lu's proposal.

"Do it according to your plan."

Being so easily approved like that, even Wang Lu was somewhat surprised.

This time, when he submitted the plan directly to Daoist He Tu, he didn't expect it to be approved immediately. Some of its details still have room for discussions. He didn't expect He Tu to be so trusting at him like that.

… He seemed to be even more cordial than his own elders!

"Thank you for your support, I will not let you down!"

After Wang Lu left, a person walked out of the shadow from behind Daoist He Tu.

"Sect Leader, aren't you being too indulgent toward Wang Lu? He is indeed a genius, and often have fantastical ideas, but this grand competition, in regard to the overall situation of Nine Regions, needs to be treated cautiously. Even if we do not consider the interest of any sect, purely from the point of view of conscientiousness, we should carefully consider before making any decision."

Daoist He Tu said, "After careful consideration? Are you sure your revision would be better than his plan?"

"One man is not enough. No matter how formidable Wang Lu is, there would always be things that passed his consideration."

He Tu said, "How long would it take you to find what's wrong, perfect it, and persuade Wang Lu and everyone else to accept your changes?

"... I understand, but…"

He Tu said, "I don't completely trust him, but there is no need to unreasonably doubt him, either. This grand competition is basically a huge gamble, there's no time for us to deliberate on all the details."

"... Then, would that mean this grand competition would become his performance stage?"

"You're wrong. No matter what kind of achievements Wang Lu has made, the person in charge of the Organizing Committee is, after all, me, who knows his subordinates well and assign them properly. As a person in charge, this is the highest level of wisdom. And the protagonist of this grand competition is destined to be everyone in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Wang Lu is merely the one who kicked off all these things. Besides, don't you think it's necessary to put on more pressure on Qiong Hua?"

"Qiong Hua, she…"

"No matter what other sects' people say, I always think that the best cultivator in Nine Regions in the last one hundred years is Qiong Hua. Eventually, there would be a time when she takes over my position and become the new leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so she must do this!"


At the same time, after obtaining the approval of He Tu, Wang Lu began to formally implement his plan.

In Plentiful City of Southern Heaven Region, Wang Lu held an emergency meeting to convey the instructions of Supreme He Tu to the person in charge of the various locations of the Grand Competition. After seeing Wang Lu's plan, many people naturally frowned.

Among them, a Daoist Master of Deity Stage who was in charge of the training in the Eastern Border Region asked, "Wang Lu, we can understand the idea behind the cross-stage confrontation, but, isn't the punishment too childish?"

Wang Lu said, "If time permits, I also want to design a set of plan that is not childish and can disable cultivators physically and mentally, so that they would remember it forever, and when the Grand Competition comes, they could go all out… But unfortunately, we do not have that time, we only have this crooked path."

"But this path is too crooked. Those who lost in the match would be forced to participate in the opposite sex beauty contest, what kind of punishment is this?"

Wang Lu lightly said, "You can use your own imagination to imagine it."

The elder who questioned Wang Lu froze for a moment, thinking about what if he dressed up gorgeously as a woman and entered Daoist Master Miao Yan's beauty contest, that would be too...


His already solidified and transformed primordial spirit fiercely shook, as if it was about to crack. That scene was simply too frightening to think of.

"... It is indeed a very shocking scene, but the majority of the cultivators might not be able to accept it."

Wang Lu said, "Yes, I have fully estimated the average IQ of the present Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Therefore, it is necessary for all the regional leaders to implement the plan in the shortest time possible. Of course, I will be the first who take the lead. Starting from Jindan Stage group, where I am at now, in turn, I will challenge the Yuanying Stage group, Deity Stage group, and Unity Stage group, in which I will assume as the leader of each challenge. If I am unfortunately defeated, the punishment would be doubled. In light of this, I believe the opposing voice would be much smaller."

"You want to take the lead in challenging the higher stage group? Are you… being sincere?"

The elder who previously imagined himself in a woman's dress couldn't help but think that if Wang Lu was defeated, he would be forced to enter the beauty contest and dress up as an opposite sex by Miao Yan. That scene would be...

Pretty good? Wait a minute, why would I think a boy is pretty good in a girl's clothing?

Just as that elder was stunned and began to reflect on his own worldview, the other people at the meeting put forward their opinions.

"If you are willing to discard your dignity and face, there's no reason for us not to cooperate with you to carry out the plan… Alas, in the end, this Grand Competition is indeed not the time to pay attention to fame because it is a matter of life and death. However, as a young man who has just entered Jindan, it's not necessary for you to successively challenge the three group of Yuanying, Deity, and Unity. I think it's enough if you just challenge the Yuanying Stage group. If you lose too many times, it would make your sacrifice seem trivial instead. Besides, you are the chief planner of this Grand Competition, so it's necessary for you to maintain a certain prestige."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu gawked. "Umm, regarding this, I do not plan to lose."


The elder who previously said those things felt somewhat inconceivable: Don't tell me you really plan to win?

Among all the Jindan Stage cultivators in Nine Regions, Wang Lu was almost the best in the top five in terms of overall strength, aside from his master, the number one Jindan in Nine Regions. Even if there was a hundred years old peak Jindan cultivator antique with evil methods who could cross stage challenge, none of them have the assurance that they could win against Wang Lu.

However, cross-stage fighting was different. Jindan against Yuanying, against Deity… moreover, they were also the top rank among their respective stage. There was simply no chance of victory at all. Although there have been few such battles before, at least among the present cultivators, no one felt that he would lose to a Jindan, even if their stage was suppressed to Jindan Stage.

"As you said, I am the chief planner of this competition, so if I lose face in the public eyes, there would be resistance to the implementation of many programs. Therefore, I will definitely win the next battle. Whether it's against Yuanying, Deity, or even Unity, I will definitely win."

Seeing how decisive Wang Lu was in his conviction, the others had nothing to say.

"... Do your best then."

The words that the elders should say have already been said, but since Wang Lu was obsessed with this path to one's own doom, they would just have to sit and watch the good show to unfold.

And there was no doubt in their mind that it would be a good show.

"Well, according to what Wang Lu said just now, his first battle was to lead Jindan group against Yuanying group, right?"

Outside the venue, two elders spoke to each other through primordial spirit.

"Yes, hehe, half of the Yuanying group are monsters from his own Spirit Sword Sect."

"Hahaha, I was just thinking if Wang Lu really has the confidence to win against the elders of his own sect!"

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