Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 607: Can You Face Your Conscience?

Chapter 607: Can You Face Your Conscience?

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On the other side, Wang Lu, who took advantage of his hiding place behind the meteor felt extremely lucky that he had just recently experienced the time travel dream.

The experience of fighting side by side with the golden generation one hundred and fifty years ago made him profoundly remember many details of Zhou Ming.

Despite the great change that Zhou Ming had undergone in the one hundred and fifty years since then—from successfully cultivated Brilliant Sword Heart, possessed the fire and ice double swords for most of his life, and jumped from Jindan Stage disciple to the master of Brilliant Peak and one of the pillars that supported Spirit Sword Sect...

However, there were many things that couldn't be changed in one's life, especially the Spirit Sword Sect's sword cultivator who mostly cultivated the heart. Ever since the golden core is formed, the dao was locked and could not be changed. Therefore, Wang Lu could handily grasp the characteristics of Zhou Ming.

"But, this opportunistic trick… seems to end here."

Zhou Ming, after all, an experienced Elder of Heavenly Sword Hall. After several of his moves were correctly guessed in advanced, he would not make his move according to his usual habit. In other words, the foresight tactic was now invalid, and Wang Lu had to meet the attack head-on in order to win.

Fortunately, after several full power attacks, Zhou Ming's power had been greatly consumed… and although his own power consumption was not light either, as a young man, he had plenty of primordial yang, and Wang Lu self-boasted that his cooling-down speed 1 should not be worse than an old guy who carried a pair of ice and fire beauties all the time.

If he could stick it to the end, he could see the dawn of victory.

Just as he thought of this, Wang Lu felt that everything around him went black.

Here it comes!

This time, Wang Lu finally couldn't evade and have to directly face with Zhou Ming's Brilliant Sword Heart. The sword attack from the master of Brilliant Peak was indeed soul-stirring. When the sword attack was unleashed, it would completely suppress the people's five senses and immortal heart tremble, making it difficult to have the will to fight.

However, when Wang Lu completely lost his five senses, he made the most correct response by virtue of his natural fighting instinct.

Non-Phase Sword.

Previously, with his understanding of Zhou Ming, he took the initiative and made a quick first attack. However, this time, he could not gain the initiative, attacking would be a dead end.

Only by holding on tenaciously, using all his strength to counter his Fourth Uncle's Brilliant Sword Heart, until the moment when his power was exhausted, would Wang Lu have the chance.


Wang Lu exerted all of his power to support his Non-Phase Sword Defense. The sword defense circle inflated like an explosion, but just as the defense circle was only about one foot in radius, it was pressed back by an even more powerful force, the sword intent actually could not stretch!

The basic rule of Non-Phase Sword Defense was that, the farther the defense circle away from the body, the more disperse its power. Therefore, when Wang Lu encountered a strong enemy, he would limit the sword defense circle very close to him… Before this, the expansion and contraction of the sword defense circle were fully in Wang Lu's control, but at this time, he was not able to expand it even he wanted it.

The next moment, the stormy attack came, and Wang Lu barely able to support his sword defense, which was instantly riddled by countless stabs; the Rouge Tears in his hand was swaying, drifting under the winds and rains. Wang Lu had no other choice but further contract his defense, until his sword qi was pressed up against his body to form the final line of defense together with his countless times tempered body. It was just that, at this stage, the sword defense was naturally out of the question, and the power from inside the golden core was consumed rapidly, and the formidable replenishment capability of Void Spirit Root could not be fully exerted. Zhou Ming's Brilliant Sword Heart had completely cut off the connection between Wang Lu and the surrounding spiritual energy.

It only took a moment for Wang Lu to judge that his odds of winning would not exceed thirty percent… fortunately, his opponent was Zhou Ming, so he still had at least this thirty percent chance of winning. Although the core method of this master of Brilliant Peak was Brilliant Sword Heart, his temperament and the immortal path of Brilliant Sword Heart was not perfectly compatible. Compared with the never-ending and overwhelming imposing momentum, Zhou Ming preferred the dazzling sword technique. Through thousands of attack, an inescapable sword net was weaved until it finally established a winning situation.

If it were Liu Li, there would only be one sword attack, in which she would try her very best. Once the attack was launched, the winner or loser would be immediately decided. Either Wang Lu could not resist and his golden body break, or Liu Li would be defeated in front of the Non-Phase Sword Defense when the success seemed within reach. If that was the case, Wang Lu really had no chance at all...

The sword attack of his Uncle Zhou Ming was indeed the most sophisticated in the world, but Non-Phase Method happened to possess the characteristic to break fancy techniques by pure power. When Wang Lu abandoned the subtlety of Non-Phase Sword Defense and put his strength on his last line of defense, Zhou Ming's exquisite swordsmanship was only able to produce half the result for twice the effort.

However, an Elder was indeed an Elder. Even with all of these favorable factors, Wang Lu's chance of winning was only about thirty percent. Whether he could persist till the end was still very much up in the air.

After no one knows how long, Wang Lu finally felt that the darkness before him gradually disappeared, rains of sharp sword strikes whistled past his ears, his nose smelled a thick smell of blood, and his mouth had a taste of rust.

The power of Uncle Zhou Ming's sword attack began to fall, and thus the suppression of the five senses gradually disappeared. However, Wang Lu was not happy at all.

Compared to the tiredness of the opponent, he was like a completely dry oil lamp. Although the golden sword qi still densely covered the surface of his body, continued to resist the invasion of the ice and fire swords, Brilliant Sword Heart, with its unique penetrating power, gradually penetrated into his body, tearing his muscles, shaking his bones, clogged his veins… Not only his strength would completely be used up, but his internals would also be injured.

Autumn Beam had already done her best. When Zhou Ming's sword momentum was at its strongest, Rouge Tears went completely out of control. Thus, it was Autumn Beam alone who assumed the sole responsibility to suppress the ice and fire swords. Right now, Autumn Beam could no longer fight anymore, she had retreated back inside Wang Lu's Jade Mansion to help maintain the sword qi on the surface of Wang Lu's body, while the immortal sword Rouge Tears hung around his waist, no longer able to be used in this fight.

This fight was really difficult… After all, there were the nearly two hundred years of accumulation difference between them… But then again, to be able to compete against Zhou Ming up to this point, shouldn't he feel proud?

But just as he thought of this, Wang Lu suddenly felt a sharp gaze from the side, which caused him to involuntary turn his eyes in the middle of this fierce fight.

Then he saw a pair of green eyes and beautiful blonde hair.

Being different from the characteristics of the native of Nine Regions, she had attracted a lot of attention from the crowd around the training field. Many cultivators even refused to watch the situation on the arena but instead focused their attention on her.

Wang Lu himself was also surprised: How did Aya come here?

Just as he thought about it, Wang Lu suddenly remembered a sentence.

Once upon a time, when he urged Aya to come with him to the Western Continent, he had made a promise to her.

I am your way to win every fight.

Later, he succeeded in persuading Aya to go to the Western Continent with this promise, and he indeed overcame difficulty one after the other, defeating incredibly powerful enemies… Thereupon, Aya found her sword of victory and able to make up for the regret of the first half of her life. Reasonably speaking, the current Aya should no longer need that promise to maintain her existence

However, Wang Lu was not willing to lose in front of her. Even if this was a deserved defeat.

The immortal heart inside his Jade Mansion shook and a few points of strength emerged from nothingness, supporting Wang Lu in stabilizing his crumbling line of defense.

At the same time, Zhou Ming was shocked. He thought that Wang Lu was already like a completely dried oil lamp, so where did his strength come from?

According to the rules of the training field, in order to avoid unnecessary internal frictions, the cultivators who fight should not use elixirs and must not use innate vitality. Thus, from where else did Wang Lu draw his strength?

Then he noticed Aya outside the training field and immediately understood.

As a Heavenly Sword Hall Elder, how could he not know the story of Wang Lu and Aya? At that time, when Aya's spirit body was about to collapse, and all the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders felt helpless, it was Wang Lu who stepped forward and kept her alive with an incredible lie… Then, on their legendary adventure in the Western Continent, Aya finally came back from the dead and made an indissoluble bond with Wang Lu. At that time, Zhou Ming could not help but sigh with emotion at how precious the fate was… However, he did not expect that, at this time, this fate had actually become the source of Wang Lu's strength!

While watching Wang Lu's strength suddenly rose up again, Zhou Ming once again sighed with emotion.

The power of sex was indeed strong!

Nevertheless, this would still end here. No matter what, the increased strength was still not enough to let Wang Lu turn the table. The strength that the opposite party was able to stimulate from the immortal heart was nothing but the 'last gasp before death'. Right now, his sword momentum had reached perfection; after the previous violent attack, Wang Lu had fallen into his sword net, waiting to be pulled, and no matter how big Wang Lu's ability was, it would be of no use.

However, at that moment, just as he pulled the sword net, a sharp sword qi burst from the ground and directly hit his wrist!

Impressively, it was Wang Lu's primal chaos sky stealing! Being used in a scrimmage, it actually established a great achievement!

The sword attack came out too strange that even Zhou Ming could not detect it beforehand. When he sensed the pain from his wrist, his ice sword had already flown away.

Since one of the two swords was lost, the sword net was intercepted half-way. If Zhou Ming's control of power had not reached the extremely fine stage, this sneak attack would be enough to break his sword attack. Nevertheless, because of this, the situation was now reversed. Grabbing the Rouge Tears from his waist, Wang Lu launched his counter-attack in great strides!

Holding only the fire sword as he looked at Wang Lu rapidly regaining his magical power due to his Void Spirit Root, Zhou Ming realized that his defeat had already been decided… Thinking of the perverted punishment, beads of sweat broke out of his forehead.

"Wang Lu, do you really want to win against me?"

Wang Lu smiled but said nothing.

"Do you realized that what you are doing now is like deceiving one's own Master and exterminating one's own ancestor!"

Wang Lu said, "This is for the future of Nine Regions! Those who sacrifice would surely leave a fragrant name in history."

"Fragrant name in history? More like a stinky name for a thousand years! If it's really that good, why don't you sacrifice yourself!"

"Leaving Uncle and enjoying the welfare alone is the same as deceiving one's own Master and exterminating one's own ancestor, disciple does not dare."

Zhou Ming gnashed his teeth in anger—In the beginning, how could he think about being lenient toward this kid? If he had known this, he would've come down hard on him with all his might after that primal chaos sword qi attack, and not give him the chance to show his consciousness manipulation!

At that time, he thought that this was just a contest, there was no need to treat this as seriously as if it was a life and death fight… as a result, this kid Wang Lu actually took this fight so seriously!

"... Wang Lu, think about the consequences of this!"

Wang Lu remained silent, but he used his Rouge Tears to urge the primal chaos sword qi to hack Zhou Ming's body.

"Wang Lu, in Spirit Sword Mountain, I usually never treat you unkindly!"

Wang Lu ignored his words, determined to finish this.

"Wang Lu!" Zhou Ming shouted himself hoarse, "I have given Liu Li, who I have painstakingly nurtured for dozens of years, to you, you can't be so ungrateful! No matter how good your relationship with that Western Continent woman is, it must be lined after Liu Li! A man should have principles!"

Wang Lu was so shocked by these words that the true qi in his Jade Mansion nearly went astray. He did not expect the moral integrity of Zhou Ming was actually this low! Sure enough, after more than one hundred years of experience, each of the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall had their own consummate skill.


"I am a proponent of free love."

With that, pointing the Rouge Tears straight ahead, the strength and gentleness of the sword irresistibly pushed Zhou Ming off the field.

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