Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 608: Major Event In Life

Chapter 608: Major Event In Life

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Objectively speaking, Wang Lu's victory was really based on luck.

A Jindan fighting a Yuanying, especially a well-known monster Yuanying in Nine Regions, was really a suicide. Not to mention that Wang Lu was still in the preliminary Peak Jindan Stage, even if he advanced his various methods, techniques, and skills that he became a true Peak Jindan Stage, it would still be a fantasy to defeat Zhou Ming on the same Stage.

The reason for his victory was that, one, Zhou Ming was being lenient, not treating this as important as a life and death fight. Two, Wang Lu correctly executed his respond, cleverly letting Zhou Ming consumed Zhou Ming's acute spirit at the first stage of the fight. Three, Aya's accidental appearance had caused Wang Lu to have a second wind.

In addition, there was a bit of luck.

If his predictions on the first few moves were wrong even once, if the primal chaos sky stealing sword was not accurate… the outcome of this fight would've been very different. The strength disparity was truly obvious. Except for Wang Wu, this abnormal Jindan, Jindan winning against Yuanying was far-fetched.


"F*ck yeah, I won anyway! Hahaha!"

When he walked down the arena, Wang Lu's complexion was so radiant. The significance of this victory was simply too great that he could not help but feel jubilant about it.

On the personal level, not only he managed to avoid a humiliating punishment, but he also passed Aya's test.

After the fight, he could clearly see Aya smiling in the crowd, and then gently opened her mouth to say silently to him these words:

"For the sake of this victory, this time I will spare you for lying to me about the poison competition."

At that time, the huge stone that pressured his heart finally fell to the ground, he no longer had to face the wrath of the Knight King anymore...

On the big picture, the victory of Jindan against Yuanying undoubtedly proved the feasibility of his cross-stage confrontation plan. When the others had to perform this, the resistance would be much smaller.

As a matter of fact, in this cross-stage confrontation, it was really not necessary that junior group should not be able to fight back, not every one of those high Stage cultivators able to smoothly suppress their Stage. For example, some people's core method only shone brilliantly after the cultivator advanced to Yuanying Stage. Thus, suppressing their Stage to Jindan was tantamount to directly eliminate the thing that made them shine. Even though there were still advantages in consciousness, vision, and other aspects, that cultivator might not necessarily win against Jindan Stage cultivator.

Wang Lu's victory was undoubtedly a proclamation of this point: Junior group had the fighting power against the Senior group! This also meant that in the competition against the Earth Immortals in the future, they also had a high chance of winning!

"Therefore, Fourth Uncle, you must not be discouraged. Your sacrifice is very valuable. It would surely become the stepping stone toward the total victory for our Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in the future… Oh, wrong, it's pioneer."

Zhou Ming just looked at Wang Lu coldly, "Later on, don't think you can play with Liu Li anymore."

"Fourth Uncle, don't be so stingy, will you? Moreover, taking your disciple's major event in life as a joke is not good."

Zhou Ming coldly said, "A person like you who 'deceive the Master and wipe out the ancestor', being with you Liu Li would not be happy!"

"Hey, with whom would I not be happy?"

While the two were talking, a beautiful young girl jumped out from the stage. Shocked, Zhou Ming continued to take several steps back. "Why are you here?"

Liu Li tilted her head and said, "Senior Brother told me to come. He said that he wanted to give Master a pleasant surprise… Master, what do you mean by would not be happy just now?"

Zhou Ming didn't pay attention to Liu Li, but angrily stared at Wang Lu. "You actually called Liu Li in advance, is this your plan since the beginning?"

Wang Lu said, "Em, about this, to fight an expert like you, naturally, I have to consider everything in order to have a chance of winning…"

"..." Zhou Ming gnashed his teeth in anger, but he could not justify threatening Wang Lu with Liu Li, especially in front of Liu Li.

"Master, tell me, tell me, why would I not be happy?"

From the side, Liu Li continued to pester him, which caused Zhou Ming a headache.

Fortunately, he didn't have to worry about this problem, an impatient woman voice had come from outside the arena, feeling the mind like a demonic voice.

"Tsk, who lost the fight just now? Quickly come here and report to me. I don't have much time to waste here. If I spend more time with you, this group of stinking barbarian, my life would be shortened by a lot! The loser quickly come here! Don't tell me you want to renege on the agreement? There are so many witnesses here, do you have any shame at all!"

Hearing this, Zhou Ming knew that this was the person from the beauty contest group responsible to bring back the loser. According to Wang Lu's plan, the loser would be directly taken by the people from the beauty contest group and would then be dressed up for public exhibition—of course, this could also be interpreted as a public execution.

"Tsk, aren't the people from the beauty contest group supposed to be beautiful inside and outside? How could this person speak so vulgar and arrogant?"

Zhou Ming inwardly scolded. However, at the same time, he also accepted his fate. Regardless of how many reasons, he still lost to Wang Lu, so he couldn't just refuse to acknowledge it. As for the cross-dress beauty contest exhibition...

Alas, everyone will die in the end. Perhaps as early as one hundred and fifty years ago, my life should've been lost in the Savage Land. But now, after living for such a long time more, I think I deserve this.

After sighing with emotion, Zhou Ming was ready to leave with the person in charge of the beauty contest group. However, at this time, he suddenly discovered that everything around him was quiet. The bustling crowd seemed to be frozen, stuck in the same spot. However, their eyes were focused on one spot, as if their souls had flown away.

Following the line of sight of everyone, Zhou Ming frowned and turned his gaze. And then he felt a dazzling brilliance in front of his eyes.

What a gorgeous woman! Everything about her, from the clothing, even every inch of her skin, was gorgeous to the fullest. Every detail was flawless, too beautiful to behold. Obviously, she was only one person, but she gave the viewer the feeling of 'too much for the eye to take in.'

Is this the person in charge of the beauty contest group? The one they called… Miao Yan?

Zhou Ming previously only heard about her name, often hearing that many powerful and influential people were willing to offer their lives for her. At that time, he thought that it was mostly just groundless rumors—after all, when it came to beauty, it was not that there was none in Spirit Sword Mountain. The Master of Carefree Peak Hua Yun, Misty Peak's Chef Aya, and Bai Shixuan who was brought by Wang Lu from Grand Cloud Mountain were all first class beauties. However, they were by no means able to make people's souls fly away… But at this time, Zhou Ming truly believed extreme beauty could conquer everything.

Whether it was Hua Yun, or Aya, or even Bai Shixuan who looked like an angel on earth, they were all still limited to natural level beauty; they didn't have many 'after-touch'. As for the beauty lover Hua Yun, although she didn't experience the calamity one hundred and fifty years ago and thus her heart was much livelier and usually liked to dress up, she was limited by preference, not at all on the level of obsession.

Compared with this Daoist Master Miao Yan, although they were all beautiful, they didn't move people's heart. On the other hand, Miao Yan's beauty was soul-stirring...

And just as Zhou Ming was still in shocked, Miao Yan had already come before him and sized him up. "Tsk, is it you? The Yuanying who lost to a Jindan? Not bad. Being able to lose is indeed something. Although I don't know much about the barbaric world of sword cultivators like you, properly speaking, Yuanying should not lose to Jindan, right? But, looking at your stupid face, I can also guess why you lost. Regardless, since you're the loser, you have to come with me. I will fully use my expertise to dress you up beautifully. You might be stupid and a bit too tall, but I could hide them with fancy dress…"

While talking incessantly, Miao Yan stretched out her hand to pull Zhou Ming, ready to fly away. However, just as her hand touched Zhou Ming's wrist, the later was shocked that he continued to take several steps backward as if he was frightened.

Miao Yan said with a smile, "What? Are you afraid? What is there to be afraid of… Do you not believe in my expertise? Rest assured, I can even dress up a pig beautifully, let alone you. To be honest, joining the beauty contest as a punishment is an insult to me! You'll see, I'll dress you up to be a top-rated beauty in the world and let those people open their eyes!"

With that, once again, Miao Yan grabbed Zhou Ming's hand while at the same time put a piece of talisman on his wrist. Suddenly, Zhou Ming felt that all of his magical power was drained and his body involuntarily pulled by Miao Yan and then flew to the sky.

"This is the talisman issued by the Organizing Committee. It is said that is especially effective in subduing those disobedient losers. It seems like its true, hahaha."

As the silvery bell-like laughter of Miao Yan faded away, the crowd around the training field gradually came to their senses.

"Senior Brother, what happened to Master?"

Liu Li asked Wang Lu somewhat worriedly. Although she didn't understand the cause and effect of this, she saw that her Master seemed to have a bad future.

Wang Lu was also dumbfounded, looking at the direction where the two people flew away, unable to talk for a long time.

He, of course, had a much-sophisticated vision than Liu Li, thus, he could see deeper things. Just now, Zhou Ming was taken away by Daoist Master Miao Yan almost without any resistance. However, the truth was that it was really not because of the talisman, but he simply gave up his resistance, willingly to be at the mercy of others!

More importantly, after the appearance of Miao Yan, Zhou Ming's shock was completely beyond what was necessary. Moreover, as Miao Yan approached, his entire magical power, and even the immortal heart in his Jade Mansion were all in a highly excited and disorganized state. Before the talisman was even used on him, ninety percent of his strength had already been drained.

According to Wang Lu's experience, Zhou Ming's reaction could only be explained with one thing.

"Little Liu Li, your Master… is in heat."

Liu Li was bewildered. "What do you mean by in heat?"

Wang Lu sighed with emotion. "That kid Zhou Ming has finally found his home. Unlike Feng Yin, Fang He and the several others who are doomed to live a lonely life, he should diligently seek for his own happiness."

Liu Li pulled Wang Lu's sleeve. "Senior Brother, your words are more and more confusing now, what exactly is happening here?"

Wang Lu touched his nose, mulled it over in his mind, and then told it in a way that Liu Li could understand.

"In simple terms, you are probably going to have a Master's wife. She's that gorgeously dressed big sister just now. In the future, she might become Uncle Zhou Ming's wife, what do you think?"

Liu Li looked up and thought about it. "I don't know, because there's no Uncle on Spirit Sword Mountain who has a wife."

"... You really have involuntarily exposed the cruel truth."

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