Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 609: Sometimes Once, Sometimes Half

Chapter 609: Sometimes Once, Sometimes Half

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The news about the fierce fight between Wang Lu and Zhou Ming soon spread throughout the entire Nine Regions.

This fight was a propaganda fight that Wang Lu carried out in order to successfully implement his plan. By personally appearing on stage and with the opponent one of the Elders of his own Spirit Sword Sect, which regardless of victory or defeat would all end up as a humiliation for Spirit Sword Sect, he had shown his full sincerity. It was just that, unlike what most of the people expected, Wang Lu actually ended as the winner.

Originally they thought that Wang Lu would be defeated by his own Elder and then he would use his sacrifice of dignity to shut down the dissenting opinion. As a result, he was actually even more vicious than what everyone thought; he resolutely sacrificed the dignity of his own Elder.

Sure enough, when it came to important matters, trivial things should not be considered.

At the same time, many of the young cultivators who had long heard the name of Stellar Fairy Wang Lulu felt greatly at a loss—most of which were naturally female cultivators.

"What is there to see a middle-aged man for… I heard that many of Shengjing Sect people who had witnessed Wang Lulu had their worldview refreshed."

"Yeah, if he went through the exquisite treatment of Daoist Master Miao Yan, I don't know what he would look like, it's really hard to stop thinking about it."

"... You idiots should stop before you go too far, all of you already have your own daoist companion."

"It's not the same. Wang Lu is our idol, what's wrong with it?"

"That's right, I want to give Wang Lu a child!"

"Hey, aren't you pregnant?"

"... That's what I would give him!"

"Your daoist companion would go crazy!"

"Then what about the opposite, I want Wang Lu to give me a child?"

"Careful he might hack you with primal chaos sword qi…"


In recent months, as the chief planner of the Grand Competition, Wang Lu's reputation in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had become more and more popular. Except for a few people who placed themselves above the common populace and savages who had no access to news, most of the cultivators had already known of this legendary Jindan.

High cultivation base, lead disciples of one of the Five Uniques, handsome appearance, and legendary experience, Wang Lu quickly became the dream lover of countless female cultivators. His reputation was even already above Qiong Hua.

In terms of popularity, among the most popular figures in Nine Regions during this period, Wang Lu was already comparable to the giants such as Daoist He Tu, Supreme Tian Lun and other top leaders of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. He was second only to the new idol who had a meteoric rise in popularity and had swept over the entire Nine Regions.

Unfortunately, as the person itself, Wang Lu had no time to enjoy this reputation. After the fight against Zhou Ming, he quickly plunged into the heavy work and training.

However, after the first fight between Wang Lu and Zhou Ming, the cross-stage confrontation was carried out in an orderly fashion. Although there were still some opposition voices, with the personal demonstration by the Spirit Sword Sect as well as the full support of Supreme He Tu, Wang Lu's plan was fully implemented and soon showed the result.

The Jindan group and Yuanying group later fought many times, which resulted in a lot of upsets.

For example, using her Kill Immortal Sword, Qiong Hua of Shengjing Sect fought with all her might against an experienced Yuanying Stage veteran of Kunlun Sect Daoist San He. After not being able to determine the victory or defeat after a fierce half a day fight, Daoist San He voluntarily admitted defeat on the grounds that Qiong Hua was still able to hold on to her Kill Immortal Sword. This made Qiong Hua the second cultivator to succeed after Wang Lu.

In addition, there was the Big Sister of Spirit Sword Sect Zhu Shiyao who previously just ended her seclusion training and joined the Jindan group at the last moment. The opponent that she picked was the Third Army Commander of Royal Soldier Sect who was a Yuanying Stage expert whose power had reached perfection. In the previous training fight, Zhou Ming's fight against him ended in a tie. As a newcomer who had just reached Peak Jindan Stage, Zhu Shiyao was not favored by anyone before the fight begun. But when the fight started, Zhu Shiyao ended it in just three sword strikes. This army head who could not adapt to Jindan Stage and fell by the opponent's personal magical treasure. Thus, he ended up joining the ranks of Zhou Ming and San He in cross-dressing in the beauty contest.

As for Luo Xiao who had caught Wang Lu's attention, he was lucky enough to escape. He temporarily had to return to his Flower Stern Sect to repair black robe as his sect treasure and thus could not participate in the confrontation. Nevertheless, it didn't really matter whether he participated or not.

In addition to Wang Lu, there were three more people in Jindan group who successfully won their cross-stage fight, which was enough to cause a sensation.

Was this cross-stage confrontation less difficult than what people initially thought? Had people misunderstood the difficulty?

However, very quickly, the Yuanying group against Deity group showed that this cross-stage confrontation was not that easy. Except for Liu Xian, the monster Yuanying from Spirit Sword Sect, who used the Seventh Golden Sword Slayer to defeat a Daoist Master of Deity Stage from Shengjing Sect, no one else was able to create a miracle. Including Fang He, the Third Elder of Spirit Sword Sect who was unfortunately defeated—However, it was the Sect Leader Feng Yin who defeated him. Feng Yin only used one sword strike to defeat Fang He, which vividly showed the incisiveness of the power of Stellar Divine Eyes.

The fight between Deity group against Unity group had not been carried out. It was not a trivial matter for a Supreme to make its move, especially the leaders of the Five Uniques, who represented the last card of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

After all, the basis for the Grand Competition was the tacit understanding between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the Earth Immortals. In case there was a fallout, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals must have the appropriate countermeasures. The Supremes would be the core of their fighting strength, so they must keep this card until the very end.

All in all, after a numerous round of fighting in a few days, people found out that the cross-stage confrontation was really difficult. Apart from the one on one fight, the situation in other events was also similar. The high stage cultivators had considerable advantages in most fields. Thus, this weak overcoming the strong thing still needed to be pondered over.

The only exception was the Jindan group. After sorting out the fights over the past few days, people were surprised to find that the Jindan Stage cultivators of Nine Regions were extraordinarily powerful and performed well in various events. The success rate of their cross-stage confrontation was much higher than that of Yuanying group and Deity group. In particular, the performance of the young cultivators who had only come out in recent decades was even more eye-catching. In addition to the well-known disciples like Wang Lu and Qiong Hua, some of the young Jindan Stage disciples of the small and medium-sized sects also showed amazing talents.

This was not something that the theory that one or two peerless geniuses would appear every once in a while could explain. The only explanation for this was that in recent decades the Nine Regions had ushered in a wave of talented cultivators. Suddenly many sects began to rejoice and started to look forward to a better future.

Of course, those with broader vision would start to worry. The sudden appearance of this many geniuses might not be an auspicious sign for the Nine Regions. The last wave of geniuses appeared around two hundred years ago when the Spirit Sword Sect of Blue River Region had their illustrious golden generation, and then...

However, on the other hand, if the crisis really came, it was not a bad thing to have a bunch of incredibly talented cultivators. From the history of Nine Regions in the past tens of thousands of years, every time a big crisis came, it was always the young people who rode the wave.

At the same time, people also understood why Wang Lu wanted to focus on Jindan group and Yuanying group, especially the Jindan group. He had high hope for the growth of these geniuses and looked forward to their miracles!


"But, it's still really difficult to create the expected progress with this result."

In his office in the lava cave area on the back of Royal Soldier Sect Mountain, Wang Lu reached out and patted the report form on his desk, slightly dissatisfied.

"The Jindan fighting group, which I put my greatest expectation for, could barely defeat the Yuanying group. And when it came to the fight against the Deity Stage group, the entire team was destroyed. With this performance, winning against the Earth Immortals is just a silly dream."

"It's not accurate to say the entire team was destroyed. First, you did not participate in the fight. Second, at least Murong Icy Bling-Night Glamour Phoenix-Stellar Oriole-Wu Er."

Wang Lu chuckled. "Are you kidding me? She's the number one Jindan in Nine Regions! Even if her Deity Stage opponent did not suppress the stage, no one could beat her except Feng Yin, let alone by suppressing their stage… She could even win against the Earth Immortal, her victory naturally does not count."

Hai Yunfan said, "If we exclude her, then objectively speaking, hoping for the win in the fight between Jindan group against Earth Immortals is just a pipe dream."

"Pipe dream? Little Hai, if humans do not dream, what is the difference between us and (being) salty-wet (horny)?"

Hai Yunfan gawked. "Do you mean salted fish?"

"It's all the same, there are no fishes that are not wet. Alas, since you got married, I feel like you've changed a lot. From a teenager full of ideals to a househusband who washes diapers all day. Previously, after you went to the Ten Thousand Arts Sect and I started to cultivate in Spirit Sword Sect, our correspondences were mostly about our cultivation experience. But now… your last letter to me was actually asking me to buy for you the maternal and baby products, which are the specialty of Blue River Regions. Little Hai oh Little Hai, how could you become so debased like that!"

Hai Yunfan said, "A bachelor like you would not understand the debased happiness. Moreover, if I really pursue my ideal, I would've gone to the group of immortal tombs for adventure and not to run as your secretary in drafting documents. In short, according to current progress, your plan to use Jindan group and Yuanying group to defeat the Earth Immortals is almost impossible."

"I know…" Wang Lu suddenly felt embarrassed. Thus, he stroked his chin with his left hand and rotated his writing brush between his fingers of his right hand.

After a long time, he had a flash of insight.

"Since it's not possible to reach the desired result with the current progress, we will just speed up the progress a little bit."

With that, he dipped the brush into the ink and began to write.

"Little Hai, later, help me send a message. Notify the beauty contest group to form a cheerleader team as soon as possible.

Hai Yunfan was startled. "Cheerleaders?"

Wang Lu said, "You don't know? It's a group of beautiful girls who wear sexy and gorgeous clothes who cheer for the players on the arena with singing and dancing."

Hai Yunfan said, "I know what cheerleader is, but I just don't know what's their use in this."

"Did you forget the situation around my fight against Uncle Zhou Ming? My victory was because of the support from outside the arena. At the critical moment, strength poured out of my body so that I could use my primal chaos sky stealing sword and turn the table in one fell swoop. The power is the one that we need to focus on."

Hai Yunfan raised his eyebrows. "Do you mean the power of sex?"

"... It's the power of blood! Little Hai, you are getting more and more dirty. After your marriage with Ye Feifei, sometimes once, sometimes half of the time, you become completely depraved!"

Hai Yunfan finally could not keep his rarely disturbed calm as he angrily slapped the table. "You're the one who sometimes once, sometimes half!"

"Hahaha, in short, if we can make full use of this power, we would have more chance to win against the Earth Immortals." Wang Lu said and then handed over the initial draft to Hai Yunfan.

"Polish the text according to this outline, and then send to the beauty contest group. The day after tomorrow, Jindan group will fight again against Deity group. At that time, the cheerleader team, head by Murong Icy Bling-Night Glamour Phoenix-Stellar Oriole-Wu Er, an idol who is all the rage today in Nine Regions, would perform, and let's see if it would be effective!"

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