Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 614: Accurately Grasp the People’s Sensitive Point

Chapter 614: Accurately Grasp the People’s Sensitive Point

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There was a silence all around the arena.

The fight started in an unexpected way and ended in a way that was beyond imagination. It was just that, when the fight was over, no one was willing to care about the result. What people cared more about was...

"Fellow Daoists of Cliff of Sound of Thunder, could I use your brainwashing electrode cap?"

"Losing mind fruit, who has losing mind fruit? Fellow Daoists of One Hundred Flora Sect, would you guys be so kind?"

"Where's Grandmother Meng soup? Fellow Daoists of Dark Sect, do you guys have extra Grandmother Meng Soup? I want to buy it with one hundred thousand spirit stones!"

"I-I want the stomach medicine first, but I can vomit no more…"

"Phew, fortunately, I was born with keen senses. Early on, I have already pricked my eyes and poked my ears and thus I was lucky enough to escape."

For a while, one after another, the wailing outside the arena came and went like waves. After having suffered the disaster, people began to help each other and themselves, and then slowly recovered.

Hundreds and thousands of cultivators could be injured at the same time, this fight was bound to be recorded in the history. Of course, a certain person who wore cute animal ear was also destined to become a legend.

When that certain cute beast left the stage with a deathly laughter, many people sighed with emotion in their heart, thinking that Beast Master School would've surely been greatly downgraded. They wonder how would the reaction of the member of the sect when their leader in cute animal clothing appeared in the newspaper.

In any case, if they were to encounter this kind of thing themselves, their only choice was probably to quite the sect and permanently draw a line with it...

Considering the enmity between Wang Lu and his Master against the Beast Master School that happened on Grand Cloud Mountain years ago, people could not help but suspect that this was probably Wang Lu's revenge, even if it was late by more than ten years.

However, compared with the people on the stage, the scene under the stage was actually not surprising.

"Hah… hah…"

The face of Three Rivers Scholar was as white as paper and black blood flowed down his seven orifices. At the same time, his five senses suffered severe torture. The glare, the noise, the stench, the bitterness, and the pain. Any one of which was enough to break an ordinary person in a flash. However, Three Rivers Scholar had to endure these five types of tortures at the same time until he redeemed his sin. His sin of blaspheming the epic.

Three Rivers Scholar was a powerful Peak Deity Stage cultivator. Supreme Tian Lun once predicted that he was only one step away from the level of Supreme, and in the next one hundred years he would have a seat among the Supremes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. However, after experiencing this blow, the path to advancement of Three Rivers Scholar suddenly became bumpy. However, he could not blame this result on others. His defeat in the fight against Daoist Maser Wu Xu was because he himself tore the epic book in anger, digging his own grave.

On the other hand, Daoist Master Wu Xu himself was also uncomfortable… Although the King of Ten Thousand Beasts cheered for Three Rivers, he still suffered the shock wave. He now felt a flash of lightning and thunder in front of his eyes, and then his vision became blurry. As long as he remembered that pink figure, he felt that his stomach turned upside down, but it was not because he had drunk too much ink or other reasons...

In short, this was more a nauseating victory than defeat.

"Nevertheless, victory is victory, so let us cheer for the winner!"

Wang Lu loudly said as he ignored the gaze of countless eyes in and out of the arena, and then went straight to the training arena, trying to lift the hand of Daoist Master Wu Xu.

The later did not mean to resist, but before Wang Lu could grab his hand, Daoist Master Wu Xu couldn't help but cover his mouth with his hand, bent over, and then vomited.


Black ink poured out of his mouth, along with a pungent smell. Wang Lu frowned and used his power to seal his sense of smell. At the same time, however, many people outside the arena were triggered and finally broke through their critical point and also began to vomit.

Outside the arena, the vomiting spread like a contagious disease and quickly became a catastrophe for hundreds of people. The body of most of these cultivators had gone through meticulous care and possessed amazing strength. Ordinary diseases and poisons were meaningless to them, and they have full control of their physiological reactions. However, at this time, they were simply unable to control themselves.

Therefore, even Wang Lu, who personally directed all of this, couldn't bear to look straight. The actual effect of the positive and negative incentives was actually better than expected, but there was some unintended unpleasant side effect, which if he continued to implement as is, it would not leave him with good reputation. Perhaps he would end up being nicknamed vomit maniac and so on.

"In short, this is what we're going to do next. When the junior group challenges the senior group, there would be cheerleaders cheering for them… I wish you all good luck!"

With that, Wang Lu planned to directly leave the arena. However, as he saw more and more resentment from the audience outside the arena, he felt that he still needed to do something. Then he cast a glance at his Master who was watching the show and suddenly had an idea.

"As a compensation, the beautiful girls of the beauty contest's contestants would give you a wonderful performance to wash your eyes."

Thereupon, Wang Wu was immediately taken aback. "What performance? How come I didn't know about it?"

Wang Lu directly threw a mysterious sky crystal at her. "What about now? Now you know right?"

Wang Wu sneered. "What kind of person do you think I am? I am now a famous idol in Nine Regions, do you think a mere mysterious sky crystal can buy me?"

While saying that, she put the mysterious sky crystal into her mustard seed bag and then righteously said, "Right now you have deviated from the right path. When encountering difficulties you are always thinking of using money to pave the way, but in the long run, it would lead to a disaster. I must seriously correct your worldview. Uhm, ugly thing should be washed with beauty, so I'll show you the beauty team that I personally trained!"

With that, Wang Wu clapped her hands. "Girls, get ready to perform on stage!"

Wang Lu sighed. "Your thick face is the thing that I always admire about you."

Wang Wu laughed and said, "Hahaha, as an idol, my face is my capital to make a living."

With that, Wang Wu regrouped the cheerleaders and made them use another gorgeous costume. After once again performing on the training arena, the crowd's resentment was finally quelled.

After that, the fight between Jindan and Deity continued for three more rounds, each with both positive and negative incentives. Qiong Hua, Zhu Shiyao and Wang Lu respectively defeated their opponents, pushing the losers into the abyss of cross-dressing in the beauty contest.

However, in the fight, Wang Lu also found some problems.

Different people have different sensitivities to positive and negative incentives. For example, Daoist Master Wu Xu was very sensitive to the lively beauty of youth. Those young beautiful girls could arouse his vigor with a single cheer. However, relatively, Zhu Shiyao was very insensitive to this. Even when they shouted their throat hoarse, the cheerleaders could not even arouse her half-hearted enthusiasm—because Zhu Shiyao was actually younger and more beautiful than those cheerleaders.

At the same time, negative incentives also didn't work for everyone. For example, for the King of Ten Thousand Beasts, burly man in cute costume was not very effective. When people showed him the recorded video of him after it was all over, the big man just scratched his chest hair and then grinned and said, "Never thought I could actually be so cute! Hahaha, it's kind of fun though."

At that time, the people could not help but sigh: Fun your ass!

In short, after this event, Wang Lu realized that, although the positive and negative incentives were effective, they also needed to be tailored to specific conditions. Beauty and ugliness could not be generalized, so it was necessary to accurately find the audience's sensitive point.

Fortunately, there was still time before the opening of the grand competition. It was entirely possible to organize people to slowly collect the individual sensitive point.

Moreover, after further consideration, he realized that a person's sensitive point and weaknesses were often dialectically unified. For example, Daoist Master Wu Xu's preference for youthful vigor, then relatively speaking, old and feeble things were like a poison to him. Three Rivers Scholar was a self-proclaimed intellectual and was particularly fond of beauty and beautiful things, thus things like burly men in cute animal costume were extremely lethal to him.

Thus, collecting sensitive point was, in a sense, also a way to collect weaknesses. In normal times, most of the cultivators would reject this kind of data collection. However, with the incoming grand competition, Wang Lu was not afraid of others.

In that Jindan versus Deity event, Wang Lu received a lot of valuable information. For example, his Big Sister Zhu Shiyao seemed to have a fully occupied mind, but her excessive attachment to the sword art was precisely one of her weaknesses.

At that time, in order to stimulate her to defeat the Deity Stage opponent, Wang Lu found a row of immortal swords' sword spirits and tempted her from the sideline. These sword spirits mostly came from the immortal swords of the veteran elders and sect leaders of various big sects. In addition to their magical abilities, most of them also carried the aura of their masters. Their mere presence on the sideline already gave birth to astonishing sword intent.

And when she saw this row of immortal swords' sword spirits, Zhu Shiyao's eyes lit up and with one sword strike from her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword, which created a sword wave that swept away hundreds of thousands of armed forces, she actually defeated a Daoist Master of Deity Stage with brute force.

In addition, Qiong Hua also had a unique incentive model. The lead disciple of Shengjing Sect who was known for her flawless performance was calm in front of everyone and indifferent to personal gains and losses. For example, on the first Jindan versus Deity fight, she underestimated the King of Ten Thousand Beasts. At that time, many people questioned that she didn't seem to be doing her best. She always had her own considerations in doing things. The pros and cons of winning and losing must be weighed repeatedly, and she also attached great importance to the public opinion, nevertheless, she didn't just blindly follow them.

However, this time, when Wang Lu managed to bring the Elders of Shengjing Sect and even He Tu to the sideline, an unprecedented anxiety appeared in Qiong Hua. Suddenly, her effort to defeat her opponent shot right through the roof. Her swordsmanship also changed with it. Without paying any attention to calm posture, she rushed to the opponent with unprecedented though attitude, as if she was having a desperate life and death fight, which finally, step by step, turned the disadvantaged position into a victory.

Qiong Hua's sensitive point was the expectation of the Elders of her sect.

As for Wang Lu himself, it was very simple. As long as Aya was on the sideline, Wang Lu would even risk his life to achieve victory.

With these gains, Wang Lu decided that his plan was on the right track and organized more people to participate in the building an unprecedented cheerleading team.

In fact, this was a necessary move. The grand competition involved the interest of the hundreds of thousands of cultivators in Nine Regions. However, only two thousand people who would end up participating. If the others could not be fully used, it would equivalent to a waste of resources. But the establishment of a cheerleading team could effectively avoid such waste.

"But, in the final analysis, these are just out-of-the-box moves. This is a good way to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm to win. However, in the next month event, this trick couldn't be counted on to win."

"Looking at the fight between Wang Wu and Bai Ze, the gap between the Nine Regions and the Earth Immortals is still…"

Thinking of the next month's competition, Wang Lu's head began to hurt again.

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