Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 616: Today’s Update Is So Early, It Really Seems Unreal.

Chapter 616: Today’s Update Is So Early, It Really Seems Unreal.

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Four Element Supreme, the Sect Leader of Four Element School, had been cultivating for one thousand and five hundred years and had a pivotal position in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

The leader of a high-rank sect of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and also a standing member of Organizing Committee actually came forward on behalf of a baldy from Flower Stern School. This was somewhat unexpected for Wang Lu.

When did Flower Stern School have a connection with the Four Element School? The Four Element School was well known for its noble and glamorous members—it heavily emphasized on the family background and blood relationship. Its inner court disciples and successor disciples must be members of immortal cultivation families with noble bloodlines and glorious history. In addition, the immortal cultivation method that they used should not be practiced by someone with artificial spirit root. In this way, the number of disciples was naturally worrying. Therefore, the Four Element School also had their reform by accepting a large number of outer court disciples. These people were basically the cannon fodder of Four Element School. But, even the cannon fodder also had the style of cannon fodder—one had to be a descendant of mortal world nobility in order to be accepted. In regard to Flower Stern School, even the leader probably only barely qualified as inner court disciple.

"Luo Xiao is very intelligent, with extraordinary root bone. I have decided to accept him as a successor disciple."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was even more surprised.

Within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, it was not uncommon to recruit other sect's disciple… this Luo Xiao was basically a person of no particular talent, therefore, it was as a matter of course that the Flower Stern School could not keep him. But at this time, there was a Supreme level leader of a high-rank sect that wanted to take him as a successor disciple. To say that it was just a coincidence… could barely make sense, and Wang Lu would not accept this explanation.

It would be better to say that this little baldy of Flower Stern School had a delicate feature and pretty face, which caused the Four Element Supreme unable to help himself… that would've been more convincing.

However, if he refused to accept it, Wang Lu could not really openly question a Supreme level expert. If he said a lot, it might divulge the unchaste physical relationship of others, and that would be too embarrassing. Since Luo Xiao had found his 'godfather', he would stop pursuing the matter for now.

"Since Luo Xiao is so important to Supreme, I'm not going to take away someone else's lover. As for the matter of multicolored stone, I have to trouble your outer court disciples then. I'll take leave, I have something else to do."

After saying goodbye, Wang Lu immediately left and no longer cared for this pair of master and disciple.

When he returned to his office, Wang Lu immediately ordered Hai Yunfan, "Little Hai, help me get all the recent information about Luo Xiao."

"Luo Xiao?" Hai Yunfan looked up from the pile of papers. "Why are you interested in him again? I thought you were already tired of him."

Wang Lu sneered. "Of course it's because that baldy has developed a new way of playing… in this short period of more than half a month, he unexpectedly found the sect leader of Four Element School as a godfather, and now he's the successor disciple of the sect leader of Four Element School. Tell me, do you think it's necessary to take an interest of him again or not?"

Hai Yunfan was also amazed. "Four Element Supreme? It is said that his cultivation base is really high, but his eyes are even higher. He does not put anyone in his eyes. Many people in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals find it difficult to even have the chance to meet him. This Luo Xiao was actually accepted by him as a Successor Disciple? Wait a minute, I have all the records here…"

With that, he waved his finger a bit, and suddenly, a door in the office was suddenly opened. Behind the door were numerous rows of tall shelves where its edge could not be seen at all. Each shelf was piled up with data files.

Hai Yunfan stood outside the door and, with a clear and resonant voice, said, "Keyword, Luo Xiao. Extract all."

The next moment, countless books flew out of the bookshelves. The sound of flipping papers was like a wave. After passing through the door, these books quickly piled up in the office. Every time they piled up into a mountain of books, Hai Yunfan would be at the top and convert them into a jade strip to decrease the volume.

Before long, the number of jade strip increased to more than thirty. Hai Yunfan smiled and said, "What do you think about this file collection and management especially designed by my Ten Thousand Arts Sect for this grand competition."

"I think it's expensive. It cost ten million spirit stones to purchase such a set. At that time, you guys have the nerve to ask for such a price!"

"... Hellooo, in the beginning, we asked for thirteen million spirit stones, the difference is used for the sales commissions for you as the member of Organizing Committee!"

Wang Lu sternly said, "The principle of Organizing Committee is pragmatic, incorruptible, and efficient. And the biggest advantage about me is incorruptible. What sales commissions, I don't know what you're talking about."

With that, Wang Lu picked up a jade strip and immersed his primordial spirit in it. Immediately, floods of information poured in, all of which were related to Luo Xiao's records, including all the activities that he participated in during the training, all of his performance in said training, everything from big to small. The information seemed scattered and disordered, but it had actually been sorted out in a clear and logical way, making it effortless to read. In addition, at peak Jindan Stage, his primordial spirit was extremely strong and thus he quickly finished reading the information.

Afterward, one after another, Wang Lu read more than thirty jade strips in one go. And then he closed his eyes to further sort out the clues.

"It turns out that guy is extremely good in laying low."

After a long time, Wang Lu opened his eyes and took a long breath.

At that time, Hai Yunfan barely read four or five jade strips, so he didn't have the time to sort it out. However, the gap between peak Xudan and peak Jindan was enormous. After so many years of friendship, he had also known the 'best student' attribute of Wang Lu and thus didn't think much about it. Immediately, he put down his jade strips and directly asked the conclusion, "So what do you think?"

"Simply speaking, it is carefully arranged to fit into somebody's taste. Ten days ago, Four Element Supreme and Black and White Patriarch were playing go on the Silent Island. The go piece of Four Element Supreme was a step behind when Luo Xiao, perfectly on the right moment, passed by. Then he secretly supported Four Element Supreme with one marvelous move, turning defeat into victory for the Four Element Supreme. In exultation, Four Element Supreme asked Luo Xiao what was his request. Luo Xiao asked to be accepted as successor disciple. Four Element Supreme then brought up three tests, which he completed one after another. Finally, Four Element Supreme could not back down from his words and accept him."

Upon hearing this, Hai Yunfan could not help but laugh. "It turns out Four Element Supreme is a go addict and he pays particular attention to victory or defeat. The Black and White Patriarch is his opponent for many years, but he lost more than he won. If someone could help him win in a match, it's possible that he might forget himself and promise that someone an extremely high reward. But, let's just forget the several tests that he gave, the chest skill of Four Element Supreme and Black and White Patriarch could be considered as the top standard in Nine Regions, the Black and White Patriarch has even left behind the immortal list, so how could he participate in their match? Moreover, he was even able to help Four Element Supreme win against the Black and White Patriarch?"

Wang Lu said, "Perhaps he is a peerless genius? Or that he accidentally found an ancient inheritance and thus was possessed by a divine go master? The go thing is not important, the important thing is…"

Wang Lu pointed to a newly drawn chart with multiple upward curves with striking colors.

"This is his progress in various events during the training period. What do you think?"

Hai Yunfan picked up the chart and looked at it. "Amazing…"

Wang Lu said, "Correct, it's no less than the progress speed of the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, moreover, it's very comprehensive. Such a talent is rare even in this era of talented generation. It was only when Four Element Supreme saw this that he reluctantly accepted a cultivator form humble origins…"

"Then that means, Luo Xiao is indeed a rare talent. Why don't you put aside your prejudice and make good use of his strength?" Hai Yunfan said with a smile.

Wang Lu did not give any reply.

So far, apart from intuition, he really could not find any evidence to prove what was wrong with Luo Xiao. However, intuition could only convince himself but not others. Even Hai Yunfan, listening to the intuition explanation, would only doubt. For normal people, they would feel that Wang Lu was jealous of Luo Xiao and thus created trouble for him.

Therefore, since there was no use in saying it, he might as well just shut up.

Seeing Wang Lu's hesitant face, Hai Yunfan no longer dwelled on this matter and said, "Tomorrow there's going to be a pre-match meeting with the Earth Immortals, why don't you see if there's any more preparation that you need to do?"

Wang Lu said, "Oh, that's right, thank you for reminding me, I almost forgot… Let me check my equipment."

With that, Wang Lu picked up his mustard seed bag and took out his equipment props one by one for inspection. These included blood sealing throat of exterminating immortal powder, golden thunder origin cone that could blast a mountain range into a plain, instant rejuvenation spring pill… While Wang Lu was rummaging his equipment, Hai Yunfan burst into cold sweat.

"Wang Lu, are you going to the meeting in peace or to stir up trouble?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu sneered. "Little Hai, living as a family man has indeed turned you into a fool. How could this pre-match meeting be anything but peaceful? This must be a f*cking fight! Fighting out the imposing manner, fighting out the elegant bearing, fighting out everything in order to raise the morale before the grand competition officially begins."

"... Previously, you never said that you want an open fight against the Earth Immortal tomorrow."

"Do I even need to say it? Little Hai, how could a secretary like you not understand? Think about it, this meeting is the last meeting between the two groups before the competition. Next time, the two groups are going to have a big fight, so don't you want to probe the other side's situation in advance? To see what cards the other party has? But, to probe the actual situation, in addition to directly make your move, is there any more effective way?"

"Umm… so you want to personally make your move?"

"Is there anyone more suitable than me? Among the top-level Jindan, in terms of winning chance against the Earth Immortals, I am simply better than the others… In addition, strong observation and analytical ability can guarantee that I get the most intelligence in the fight. Lastly, I am the chief planner of the events, and all the controversial proposals during this training period were put forward by me. If I don't personally fight against the Earth Immortal, the doubtful voice of those common people would not stop."

Hai Yunfan thought to himself and then said, "Actually, there's no need to trouble yourself like that. If you lose one of those cross-stage confrontations and become a beautiful girl like everyone else, there wouldn't be so many people who voice out their doubts."

Wang Lu waved his hand. "Knock it off. My wisdom and beauty would only make more people fall into despair, so no need to bring up this cross-dressing thing anymore."

Then, after checking all the equipment items, Wang Lu put them all back in his mustard seed bag. After placing a seal on its lid, Wang Lu's whole appearance turned murderous. Even Hai Yunfan, as his secretary, could not help but take a few steps back.

"Very good, at least in terms of imposing manner, I won't lose to the other party…"

As he said that, Wang Lu seemed to remember something and then took the plain white cloth at his desk and put it into his bosom.

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