Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 617: City of Immortals

Chapter 617: City of Immortals

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In the hall in the group of immortal tombs, the long silence exaggerated the indescribable awkward atmosphere. Only the white mist that constantly churned under the feet created a bit of liveliness in the place.

The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals headed by Daoist He Tu and the ancient immortals headed by Xuan Mo walked on two distinct rows. The two sides ignored each other, not having any eye contact. However, they all cautiously restrained their primordial spirit and magical power, not letting them out even a little bit, as if they were extremely reserved young girls or women persecuted by an extremely religious sect.

Wang Lu highly suspected that if the road could be extended indefinitely, these people might really go all the way to the end of their lives. And at the moment they die, they would still not turn their heads. If he could capture the scene where the two groups silently marched into death with a video spell, he could sell the video using the political theme with a sky-high price.

Unfortunately, this embarrassing road soon came to an end. At the end of the white mist, a magnificent palace was revealed. At this time, the Earth Immortal side finally broke the silence.

"This is the venue for the grand competition. As you can see, it is a huge venue designed to meet the needs of various events according to your plan. It covers an area of more than a few hundred miles, and with a height of more than fifty miles as well as filled with more than a thousand buildings. Including the supporting facilities, all the indicators are up to your standards—the arenas could accommodate even the battle of the level of true immortal. We welcome you to conduct a field trip later to check the specific quality."

While saying that, Xuan Mo projected the structural map of the venue for people to see.

On Nine Regions side, He Tu and the others quietly watched but declined to comment on this magnificent venue. Based on their position, it was really inconvenient for them to say any compliments. Nevertheless, even with the most stringent standard, it was also hard for them to say any negative word about this huge venue.

The venue was more than just simple and having grand scale. When it was designed, it was made by several Supremes of Deity Stage that were experts in engineering under the overall direction from Wang Lu who tasked them with an almost impossible mission. It was no less difficult than the flood and famine divine ship worth one billion spirit stones that could survive the age of chaos once fantastically proposed by Shengjing Sect… This facility not only required strong foundation, which could accommodate the highest level of fighting but also meet the very complex and specific requirements for various other events.

For example, food competition even required a storage room that could achieve the ability of 'absolute freshness'. The hunting venue required a complete ecosystem of birds, beasts, plants, insects, and fish, which could form their own ecosystem.

At that time, when the proposal was being considered, some members of the Organizing Committee suggested that the design was clearly provocative. However, Wang Lu successfully refuted them using the argument of 'Even if their faces are badly beaten, those stuck up and arrogant Earth Immortals would still strongly support the building of the venue. And if they agree to the design but could not execute it perfectly, then we could have an excuse if we lose…'

However, it seemed that the latter part of the argument was useless now. Using the mysterious remarkable ability of 'creating something out of nothing' of the group of immortal tombs, these Earth Immortals actually completed this architectural marvel in less than a month.

After a long time, Daoist He Tu sighed. "It's really hard on you."

Xuan Mo chuckled. "With the magical ability of creating something out of nothing, it's not really hard. It's not as difficult as creating a world in the immortal cultivation dream…"

However, as soon as she finished speaking, she immediately heard Bai Ze sneer and say, "It's not really hard? Xuan Mo, how could you treat it so lightly? How could physical objects be equal to objects in the immortal dream? It would be nice if this City of Immortals is built in the immortal dreamland. Unfortunately, these wastes are incompetent and suspicious, they refused to believe us! To create things in the real world, it would cost more than one hundred percent of the magical power! Moreover, it is obvious that you guys were the one who put forward the design blueprint, but we were the one responsible for the construction work, during which, you could take advantage of this time to do special training. It was indeed a really good calculation!"

Before his voice even fell, a young man's voice came to retort him, "At the beginning, in order to design the blueprint, our team had been struggling for more than ten days and nights, racking our brains until we were all exhausted. Solely the number of designers who committed blood and died alone had reached thirty people, there were even more Daoist Masters of Deity Stage whose primordial spirits routed, body perished, and dao disappeared! You guys merely lost a bit of strength, so what qualifications do you have to talk like that in front of us?"

Upon hearing this, Bai Ze was furious. "What nonsense! Just those blueprints could kill more than thirty people? Do you think we're idiots!"

Wang Lu sneered. "Don't believe it? Then you can see it yourself!"

With that, he took a stack of files from his mustard seed bag, unfolded the top one, and read aloud, "Daoist Master Mo Yu, Standing Member of Design Committee of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, an outstanding comprehensive designer, died in Evian Valley on the XXth day of the XX calendar year of Nine Regions due to ineffective medical treatment at the age of 622. He is scheduled to be buried at XXth day of the XX calendar year of Nine Regions at Evian Valley. Hereby his obituary...

With that, he began to show the file to the people. The file was stamped with the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals' red seal, which was particularly eye-catching.

The obituary notice authenticated by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals naturally could not be faked. Even though this 'newly formed' organization was new to the Earth Immortals, they at least knew that the authority of this organization was much higher than that of the individual, and that the documents with official seal were not to be trifled with.

The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals of Nine Regions were also similarly dumbfounded, because even Daoist He Tu himself did not know. What was so special with this Daoist Master Mo Yu who spared no effort to the task until death put an end to him? They were even more baffled that the seal of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could actually be in this unfathomable obituary.

While the crowds were staring at him, Wang Lu opened the files one after another and pronounced the name of the deceased.

Daoist Hong Luo, Daoist Master Jin Jing… Every obituary was stamped with the red seal symbolizing the supreme authority of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

Every time they saw such an obituary, several Supreme level Elders could not help but look at He Tu, but He Tu would just look up and ignore them. This was a completely unthinkable act for the head of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals famous for his earnest and conscientious working attitude.

"In the face of these unfortunate victims, do you have the face to continue to show off your so-called painstaking effort?" Wang Lu said, "To solve the dispute between us in the grand competition and to integrate the two forces with the least lost in order to fight the Fallen Immortal, this is the overall situation strategic situation that we are currently facing together. For this reason, both of our groups need constant compromise to finally reach an agreement. And our side has already made compromises and even sacrifices. It is you guys who, from the beginning to the end, only want to devour all the spoils. By sparing only a little bit of strength, you guys already feel resentful, not only this is ridiculous, but it is also shameful!"

Bai Ze was fuming in anger. "Who do you say are shameful?"

Wang Lu didn't say much, but just pushed the more than thirty obituaries directly before him.

"Come on, explain to me the most glorious labor you did in front of these obituaries."

Bai Ze was so angry that his body had almost exploded due to his qi and blood circulation going on the reverse. However, when he finally managed to control his breathing and raise his spirit to launch a counter attack, Xuan Mo reached out and stopped him. "That's enough, this kind of argument is meaningless. When we first accepted the other party's proposal, it is tantamount to accepting that the other party would use this time to make targeted arrangements. We have more than ten times their vision and strength, so there's no need for us to be so calculating."

"Hah, what a good argument, if not for the fact that you have the immortal spirit qi, I would've thought that you were one of them! Xuan Mo, everyone let you be the leader this time, but it doesn't mean that we allow you lead us to do things all wrong!"

As always, Bai Ze practiced his dao of negation, but this time, Xuan Mo was surprisingly tough.

"I have heard of your opinion, so now please shut your mouth."

Bai Ze's eyelids abruptly jumped, but when he saw the firm posture of Xuan Mo, he only sneered a few times.

After Xuan Mo shut Bai Ze up, the atmosphere gradually warmed up. And because the previous silence had been broken, the two sides could finally start a limited dialogue.

Xuan Mo led He Tu and the other people to the City of Immortals, introduced the city's facility one after another and invited them to inspect the quality of the City of Immortals.

The Nine Regions side readily accepted the offer and began to inspect according to the most stringent standard. The results proved that the city did not have any problems. This honesty from the Earth Immortal side had more or less won the trust of the Nine Regions side, and thus the subsequent dialogues became smoother. The two sides began to exchange views on many of the details of the grand competition and soon reached a consensus.

However, this peaceful dialogue did not last. When the two groups reached the center of the venue and saw the most core facility there, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

In the middle of the City of Immortals, a previously folded space unfolded into a vast fighting arena with a thousand miles of radius. Using most of their magical ability, the Earth Immortals had placed a complete Feng Shui line in that vast space, and this gave birth to mountains, rivers and other natural landscapes. At the same time, the fighting arena had also undergone a special strengthening, such that even the full output of a True Immortal would not cause the facility to collapse.

This was a super fighting arena with standards exceeding all of those in Nine Regions. After witnessing and testing the property of the venue, none of the several Supremes of Nine Regions didn't gasp amazement. It was not impossible to build a venue of such standard in Nine Regions, but even the local boss like Shengjing Sect would not invest such huge resources to make such a thing.

The remarkable ability of creating something out of nothing was really enviable.

"Since everyone is satisfied with the venue, why don't you take this opportunity to come in and experience it yourself?"

Xuan Mo said as she entered the fighting arena. Her whole body was pulled hundreds of miles far inside the arena by the folded space, however, her voice still traveled unimpeded.

The several Supremes looked at each other in dismay, knowing that today's meeting had finally arrived at its main point.

After the Earth Immortals exhausted their hospitality, it was time to confront each other. All the way, the leader of the Earth Immortals Xuan Mo was gentle and courteous, but at this time, she was the first who jumped into the arena and challenged the Nine Regions group for a duel. It could be seen that this fight had long been planned by the Earth Immortals, and thus would certainly be earth-shattering.

He Tu was silent, but his body was slightly leaning forward, ready to take a step forward.

Since the opposite party had sent their leader, his party had to take this seriously. However, before he could move, someone had already walked in front of him.

"Your Excellency, there is no need for you to personally take this fight. Just give it to me."

Wang Lu said, and then turned his attention to the arena.

"Senior Xuan Mo, this time, let me accompany you to play."

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