Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 618: Men’s Comeback Depends On Endurance

Chapter 618: Men’s Comeback Depends On Endurance

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This was the second time Wang Lu had a fight against Xuan Mo.

The last time was in the immortal dreamland where Wang Lu and his Master worked together to overcome the hurdle of the country of women of Heavenly Earth. At that time, Xuan Mo struck down the wrath of Heaven, and the extermination thunder left the surroundings scorched. The pair of Master and disciple tried their best, and by luck, persisted till the end.

This time, his number one Jindan in Nine Regions Master was not present. His opponent, Xuan Mo, was in her perfect condition after her two personalities fused together. Thus, the strength disparity was more than ten times as the previous. However, after Wang Lu entered the arena, he acted as if the victory was already at his hand.

"Senior Xuan Mo, let's have the second fight."

Seeing Wang Lu step in, Xuan Mo was also slightly surprised. She originally thought that her opponent this time would be a Supreme level cultivator who represented the peak fighting power of the Nine Regions, but unexpectedly, it was this Jindan kid who entered the arena.

"Are you serious?" Xuan Mo incredulously asked, "Do you really think you have a chance? Although you and your Master have a common origin, even your Master could only win against Bai Ze in Jindan Stage, and you…"

This kind-hearted Earth Immortal sister didn't have the heart to say: You are like an ant compared to your Master. Therefore, she merely euphemistically said, "I am not that much weaker than Bai Ze."

Wang Lu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Senior, you misunderstood, you are a grand Earth Immortal, yet unexpectedly, you think it's alright to fight a young Jindan who has just cultivated for thirty years using your full power? This group of immortal city is built according to my plan and design, and to be used in the grand competition. Therefore, the fight in this arena is naturally carried out according to the rules of the grand competition. Thus, please, Senior, limit your cultivation base to that of Jindan Stage, let's have a fight in Jindan Stage."

"Jindan?" Xuan Mo was startled once again. "It turns out to be so. I thought you were going to fight me in my full glory, turns out you want me to limit my strength level? Well, that's fine with me. It's just that I almost forgot how to suppress my own strength."

According to the rules of the grand competition, the Earth Immortals needed to suppress their own strength to the same level as their opponent. It was just that, this strength suppression paid particular attention to the skill. For example, if a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage wanted to suppress his own strength to that of Jindan Stage, it was actually very difficult to grasp the degree of how far he should go.

Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, as the name suggested, was a Stage where the core in the Jade Mansion was a golden core in which the Great Dao was formed and magical power was endless. In Yuanying Stage, the primordial spirit catalyzed the golden core, incubated its activity, cleaned the lead, and rose the Great Dao in the golden core to a higher level. This process was similar to how a mother gave birth to a baby, from a tiny point to eventually a living creature, hence the name Yuanying 1 .

However, this process was irreversible. There was no principle in this world that allowed a baby to turn back into a tadpole. Naturally, it was impossible for a cultivator to compress their already mature nascent soul into golden core. To force it would only cause their nascent soul to collapse.

This rule could not be violated even in the Earth Immortal level. Therefore, the so-called cultivation base suppression was actually an imitation of Jindan Stage ability using a stronger force. Magical power, primordial spirit, immortal heart, physical body, magical ability and so on, were all imitated to the level of that of Jindan Stage.

This kind of imitation naturally had its own flaws. The higher the cultivation base is, the more difficult it is to perfectly imitate the details of the lower level. If they did not pay attention, they could exceed the standard of Jindan Stage in some aspects. And according to the rules of the grand competition, once the rule was violated, it would immediately be judged as a lost.

In the last fight between Wang Wu and Bai Ze, in the strictest sense, there was a suspicion that Bai Ze had broken through the restriction when he used the immortal technique. How could mere Jindan possibly be able to use immortal technique? It was just that, that fight was more like a fight of prestige and the rules about the level suppression fight had yet to be fully recognized by the Earth Immortals, hence there was no demand for Bai Ze to strictly observe the rules.

However, in this fight, Wang Lu did not intend to be so tolerant—he also did not have the qualification to be tolerant.

Fortunately, Xuan Mo was also very aware of this. Thus, after thinking for a while, she said, "In my case, it's difficult to guarantee that all my attributes would always be perfectly limited to that of Jindan Stage, therefore… I'll just let her play with you."

With that, took the gem hairpin on her head and put her finger on top of the gem of the hairpin. That sparkling and translucent ruby tumbled down and then, in mid-air, turned into a beautiful girl that looked like Xuan Mo herself.

"This is my Jindan avatar. She has the same thoughts and insight as I do, but in Jindan Stage. If you could win against her, then you could win against me in Jindan Stage."

That Jindan avatar sweetly smiled. "Though this is the case, I am just a toy produced by my master, so please be lenient, fellow daoist."

Wang Lu let out a tch sound and flicked the Rouge Tears in his hand which let out a buzzing sound.

Plaything? Perhaps for the Earth Immortal, a Jindan avatar was just a plaything, but as long as he could win, what else should he care about?

Therefore, regarding please being lenient or other things, he would think about it only after he won!

Thus, while the buzzing sound from the Rouge Tears still coming, Wang Lu's sword qi had already blared. His first move was an almost crazy output of magical power. The original magical ability of Jindan Stage, the violent primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, the rapidly expanding Non-Phase Sword Defense… Anyone of these was enough to exhaust the magical power of an ordinary Peak Jindan Stage in an instant; even if the golden core continued to grow, it would not be able to provide the necessary supply. Moreover, such an excessive output had the danger of having a backfire. However, relying on his deep foundation and supreme qualification of Void Spirit Root, Wang Lu actually did all those three at once! In the twinkling of an eye, the imposing momentum of the fallout had formed a whistling wave, which caused the world to change color.

The countenance of Xuan Mo's Jindan avatar also changed, no more was the previous calmness there. She was the avatar of an Earth Immortal, so her vision and skills were much higher than that of ordinary Jindan Stage cultivators. If he traded skills with her, even if Wang Lu simultaneously cultivated two great immortal level method, he would still absolutely not be her opponent… However, this unreasonable attack had actually hit her soft spot!

As an avatar, her strength was limited, and she was even less likely to have the unprecedented Void Spirit Root, and thus the power that could burst out in a short time was limited.

Wang Lu's tsunamis of attack had more power than ten times her instantaneous strength! Moreover, with the original magical ability, even space had been distorted. Thus, even if she had a vision the level of Earth Immortal, at this time, she still found it a bit tricky, it was indeed impossible to make a brick without the straw.

However, Earth Immortal was indeed Earth Immortal. Her feet moved a bit and immediately her figure became distorted and transparent, and then smashed into pieces under Wang Lu's fierce attack.

However, the debris did not disappear, but instead, they drifted in the air like dust, and then kept trying to reunite.

No matter how powerful Wang Lu's sword qi was, and the fragments were further broken down into tiny particles, they were always pulled back together by an invisible force. If Wang Lu didn't pay attention, a lot of the debris would come together to form lumps. And when these lumps were connected to each other, they would gradually condense out the outline of a human body.

Wang Lu continued to expand the scope of the attack, but the fierce sword wind only made the dust drift farther and farther away and the assembled lumps became increasingly unpredictable.

On the sidelines, a Supreme of Nine Regions who observed the fight could not help but praise.

"What a great skill to change her own life form so as to completely offset Wang Lu's fierce offensive. But, is this skill really a Jindan level skill?"

Xuan Mo smiled faintly. "Of course it is. What she is using is the dao of three-produce-all 2 , allowing her to split herself into countless individuals, just like sand and fog, and thus countering all kinds of sharp devices. With her Jindan Stage, it is just enough for her to perfectly control the third form of her physique. Although it's difficult to damage people with this, she would not be hurt by the sword qi. If you don't believe it, I can explain the principle of this method to you. I don't have to go that far as publicly lying for this kind of thing."

"Would not be hurt by the sword qi? Fellow daoist, I'm afraid this sentence is not enough."

Daoist He Tu slightly narrowed his eyes and whispered.

"Without mentioning that the atomization of the physique is restrained by the five element spell, saying that she would not be hurt by the sword qi… this is just because Wang Lu's sword qi is not sharp enough. If his sword qi could be sharper, no matter how small her particles are divided to, they could still be precisely split and destroyed, and presumably, you could no longer be able to regenerate."

Xuan Mo was silent for a moment. She shook her head and smiled. "Fellow daoist's eyes are like a torch, truly admirable. This three living things technique indeed could not perfectly restain various sharp objects. If there is a sword cultivator, whose realm has gone through the heaven, who could come up with a supreme sharp sword, even I have millions upon millions of avatars, they could all still be smashed. For example, the heaven splitting sword of that Brother Ming of mine, I would never dare to stop it. However, for your Daoist Master of Jindan Stage here, I'm afraid there's no such a thing as pure sword intent."

Daoist He Tu nodded. "He was distracted by too many chores. When it comes to the purity of the sword intent, he is indeed not the best in the world. But, if you think you can eat him with this kind of thing, I'm afraid fellow daoist would be sorely disappointed."

Xuan Mo asked, "Oh? The sword attack that his is best at is not effective and the five element spell might not necessarily be able to do it either, is there any way for him to turn the table around?"

"Watch and you will know."

Xuan Mo then curiously waited for Wang Lu to use his trump card to turn the table around.

However, after waiting for a long time, she only saw Wang Lu kept repeating the same offensive, just Non-Phase Sword Defense, Primal Chao Sword Qi, and original magical ability again and again. He didn't even take out any props from his mustard seed bag. At this time, Xuan Mo, who had been immune to this offensive, began to gradually stabilize her position and constantly reformed and regenerated in places that Wang Lu could not take into account.

If this continued, Wang Lu would eventually be exhausted… it was not even necessary for her to wait for Wang Lu to be exhausted, as long as this violent offensive was slightly weakened, Xuan Mo would immediately launch a counterattack, and the means of Earth Immortal were not something that ordinary Jindan could resist.

However, Xuan Mo had been watching for a long time, yet she never had the chance to launch her counterattack. Gradually, Xuan Mo's countenance changed to that of a surprised.

"He actually…"

The Supremes of Nine Regions on the side were also equally amazed. "Wang Lu, this kid, is actually…"

Actually last this long?

From the beginning of the fight till now, he had been fighting for the whole two hours… For a fight between common Jindan, two hours was not a long time, but for the full two hours of the fight, he carried on the same crazy magical power output!

In terms of sexual intercourse, this was equivalent to holding the ejaculation at the last minute for the entire two hours!

Let alone Peak Jindan, even a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage would've long exhausted his magical power if using the same magical power output efficiency. Yet, Wang Lu was still as fierce as dragon and tiger, not showing even the least bit of fatigue!

On the other hand, Xuan Mo's avatar seemed already not able to persist.

No matter how brilliant the remarkable ability of the three living things technique was, this technique of forcibly transforming life forms was ultimately against the heaven, and thus required considerable magical power. As a Jindan cultivator, her magical power could be replenished indefinitely, but under the violent attack from Wang Lu, her output was always considerably more than her input.

Up to now, she thought that, no matter what, Wang Lu would collapse before her avatar. But now… Wang Lu's lasting endurance had gone beyond common sense.

If this stalemate continued, it was likely that she would lose, yet, in this situation, she had no chance to change her move...

"Enough, I lost this fight."

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