Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 619: Continue to Fight Once Again

Chapter 619: Continue to Fight Once Again

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When he stepped out of the training arena, Wang Lu's heart was somewhat gratified.

As a matter of fact, at the end of the fight, he had also been completely exhausted… A full power output for the entire two hours, just by hearing about this magnificent feat, many people would feel kidney deficiency.

As a cultivator of Void Spirit Root, his magical power recovery speed and output efficiency were far higher than his peers. However, the fight between cultivators not only involved the input and output of magical power in Jade Mansion, but also primordial spirit, immortal heart, and physical body. Although Wang Lu's magical power was still full, his physical body and primordial spirit somewhat could not hold on for much longer.

Fortunately, in the end, Xuan Mo's Jindan avatar gave up the fight first. Perhaps her strength had been exhausted, or perhaps in the face of a peerless man who could keep a full output for the whole two hours her fragrant heart shook and she lost her will to fight. In short, Wang Lu finally won this fight.

"After not seeing you for a while, your progress is really impressive."

Outside the arena, Xuan Mo was quite amazed by Wang Lu's cultivation advancement.

His performance in the immortal dreamland a few months ago was still fresh in Xuan Mo's memory. At that time, from Middle Jindan, Wang Lu reached the Peak in one go. Regardless of his sword art or immortal art, everything was still unstable. It stood to reason that it would take him at least a few years to stabilize and become Peak Jindan in the truest sense.

However, at this time, regardless of whether he had consolidated his cultivation base or not, he had shown more than twice as much strength as he did a few months ago.

A few months ago, it was absolutely impossible for Wang Lu to maintain such high-intensity magical power output for the whole two hours. This endurance had gone beyond the scope of normal… Xuan Mo's Jindan avatar clearly had the ability to restrain the sword qi, but was actually suppressed to death by the opposite party's sword qi. Before this fight started, she would never believe that this kind of twist and turn strange fight could happen.

Inwardly, Wang Lu also sighed with emotion. Fortunately, during this period of time, he did not abandon his cultivation while doing his official duty. Although he could not compare to Qiong Hua, Zhu Shiyao and the likes, those who kept on cultivating day and night like a madman, his progress was so fast that he did not lose to anyone.

However, this was not enough.

Able to defeat Xuan Mo's Jindan avatar was mostly due to doing something that was least expected. Were it not for Xuan Mo at the time thought that she could restrain the sword cultivator to death using the three living things technique… it would've been impossible to defeat the means of Earth Immortal just by relying on endurance alone. In the face of Wang Lu's first wave of fierce offensive, Xuan Mo directly gave up resistance and chose to maintain her avatar. This was actually a wrong move.

If they had to fight again, Wang Lu had no confidence that he could win the opponent, unless he could have a few more years to further stabilize his foothold on the Peak Jindan Stage.

However, let alone a few years, it was likely that the present Earth Immortals would not even leave him even for a few hours… After defeating Xuan Mo, the others soon started to look for trouble.

"What a wonderful cooperation." Bai Ze clapped his hand and walked to the front of Xuan Mo and then stared at her coldly. "Xuan Mo, what you did the previous time could be set aside, but now, isn't it too much?"

Xuan Mo also looked at him coldly. "Bai Ze, I haven't yet allowed you to speak."

"Hah, so what if you don't allow it? When you were chosen as the team leader, was that mean you have a permission to be defeated by little kid who only cultivates for around thirty years? Yes, you are our leader, so you have the authority to shut us up and the likes, and thus, when you previously told me to shut up, I did not hesitate to do so. However, my respect for the authority of the leader is now without a bottom line. Don't forget, even when Big Boss is still alive, I still have the right to stop him when he crossed the line! And now, you are ignoring the public interest because of your own selfish interest, which is way beyond the bottom line!"

Xuan Mo tightly furrowed her brows. "Selfish interest? Are you trying to maliciously slander me?"

Bai Ze said, "Malicious slander? When you woke up from your deep sleep, your primordial spirit up. It was those Nine Regions people who helped you become one again and restored you. That's why, from then on, you have always been so kind to them. So much that even today, you don't even care about the face of Earth Immortal and hand over the victory to the opponent!"

"It is indeed my fault that I lost. After this, I will naturally apologize to everyone. However, it's not your turn yet to accuse me. Three months ago, you also lost to a Nine Regions Jindan."

Bai Ze said, "Yes, I did lose three months ago. That Nine Regions Jindan is indeed formidable, I sincerely convinced. But no matter how bad I am, I would not lose to this Jindan!" Bai Ze said and pointed very disdainfully at Wang Lu.

Xuan Mo was immediately angered. "Bai Ze, you have gone too far!"

Wang Lu instead cheerfully said, "I am actually being unjustly implicated! But no matter, since you, young Bai Zhuo 1 have brought this up, then let's fight."

Upon hearing this, Bai Ze was startled. "You want to fight me?"

"That's right. Didn't you say that you would never lose to me? Then prove it, let me see how good you are."

Wang Lu said as he directly stepped into the arena, letting everyone saw his exceptionally confident and at ease back.

For a moment, let alone Bai Ze and Xuan Mo, even Daoist He Tu and the other Supremes of Nine Regions were also stunned.

"He still wants to fight?"

"Just now he experienced a vicious fight, so it's highly likely that his physical strength has yet to been fully restored, so where does he hide his spare stamina? Does he really think his strength is better than the Earth Immortal?"

"In the last fight, he was obviously extremely lucky to score a victory, he should've known not to push his luck too far."

"Wang Lu has never been a reckless man, perhaps he has his own deep meaning?"

Upon hearing this, Daoist He Tu shook his head. "Fellow daoists need not think so complicated like that, he just wants another fight."

"Another fight? Why?"

"Because there's no harm in winning or losing. If he wins, needless to say, the morale of our Nine Regions side would rise greatly. And even if he loses, at least we could learn more about the hidden cards of the Earth Immortals. Moreover, today is just an exploratory fight, both sides could easily accept the result whether it's a win or a loss."

Hearing the explanation of He Tu, the other Supremes could not help but sigh with emotion that, at such a young age, Wang Lu, this kid, already had the style of a general in doing things, which was truly admirable.

However, for the person in the arena, things were actually much simpler than the explanation from Supreme He Tu.

Because he thought he had a good chance to win.

If it were the other Earth Immortal, Wang Lu would probably not look for another fight, because he was indeed a bit tired. That kind of continuous full power output was unsustainable.

However, since the opponent was Bai Ze, then it was another matter. This young man Bai Zhuo was born with a taunting face, as soon as he opened his mouth, people immediately wanted to slap him and ignore his provocation. Moreover, his cards were more or less the same as the last time when he fought against Wang Wu.

The negation stamp was indeed a very powerful immortal treasure, but since Wang Lu had already seen it, it was no longer mysterious to him. Right now he had several advance plans to use to deal with the negation stamp in Jindan Stage.

Moreover, he also had other means. Before this fight, he actually made quite adequate preparations. His mustard seed bag was filled with all kinds of props, each with wonderful function. Unfortunately, he didn't have the chance to use these props in the previous fights, which was quite regrettable.

After Wang Lu entered the arena, Bai Ze didn't hesitate to join him.

"Kid, since you want to die, don't blame me for being merciless."

After entering the arena, Bai Ze immediately summoned out his golden negation seals and eleven golden seals began to float around him. He then picked the biggest one and flicked it forward.

By means of Earth Immortal, he had locked Wang Lu's position the moment he entered the arena, which was at the center of the arena, five hundred miles from him at the edge. Such a grand gesture was indeed commendable… but also impossibly stupid.

Bai Ze didn't know how to speak some pleasantries like Xuan Mo. After entering the arena, winning was his only goal. And what he wanted was a thunderous victory. Thus, after locking Wang Lu's position, he tried to use the biggest negation seal to negate the whole person from the arena.

This was a heavy hand move. He indeed did not show mercy, and also did not believe that Wang Lu had the ability to withstand his own immortal technique of negation.

However, the moment he made his move, there was a warning sign from his primordial spirit, warning him that great danger was imminent.

Bai Ze immediately looked in the direction his intuition told him and saw three dusky golden cones coming right at him.

"Are those… golden thunder origin cones?"

Bai Ze was shocked. He never thought that as soon as he stepped into the arena he would immediately encounter this great killer device that was famous in Nine Regions ten thousand years ago.

Just one of this kind of weapon, which was made by gathering the heavenly tribulation thunders, was enough to blow up a mountain range. And now, three of them, which explosive power that even a Daoist Master of Deity Stage could not withstand, were coming at him at once.

Yet, Bai Ze was currently in Jindan Stage.

Moreover, he had just made his negation seal move, which meant that he had put all his magical power into his personal magical treasure. Therefore, it was too late for him to gather the strength to deal with these three golden thunder origin cones.

In an instant, Bai Ze gnashed his teeth and his eyes almost cracked.

No wonder previously Wang Lu was so at ease when he stepped into the arena. The purpose of him entering the arena first was actually to lay such a trap to Bai Ze!

These three golden thunder origin cones were indeed such a great move! This prop was very precious in the original era of the Earth Immortal, so now it should be priceless. Yet, Wang Lu actually sent out three of them at once! This was truly the opposite of his Master!

However, wanting to defeat an Earth Immortal with such a trick was simply a fantasy!

Bai Ze violently bit the tip of his tongue and, as the negation seal in his hand bloomed with extraordinary splendor, the target of the negation seal violently changed from the Daoist Master of Jindan Stage five hundred miles from him to the three golden thunder origin cones.

The next moment, the golden thunder origin cones, which were about to explode, were directly obliterated by the invincible force and disappeared without a trace.

When Bai Ze finally finished taking five breaths, he realized that he had finally passed this disaster.

At the crucial moment, he used the negation immortal technique to negate the existence of the golden cones.

"Good… that is indeed impressive, but a pity, it ends here."

The golden thunder origin cone was, after all, limited in number. Even if Wang Lu was the richest in the world, it was impossible for him to simultaneously use too many golden cones; stimulating the hidden weapon that carried the power of the divine tribulation was not a small burden for Wang Lu.

Bai Ze then took a long breath, picked the biggest golden seal again, and then locked his target five hundred miles away.

"This time, I want to see what else can you do to escape this!"

At this time, through his Earth Immortal eyes, he could clearly see Wang Lu's every move.

Including Wang Lu's slightly surprised face when witnessing the failure of the golden thunder origin cone, but then… a white flag was suddenly raised by him.


Bai Ze was simultaneously surprised and angry.

He actually gave up? Seeing that Bai Ze was about to grasp an unquestionable victory with the negation seal, he actually gave up?

However, when Bai Ze was extremely angry, a sharp sword qi suddenly cut his wrist before he could respond!

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