Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 622: The Real Start Of The Competition Might Be In Ten Years

Chapter 622: The Real Start Of The Competition Might Be In Ten Years

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"Opening ceremony?"

Hai Yunfan curiously looked in the direction of Wang Lu's finger.

In the plan book, the opening ceremony was indeed designed. After all, the Grand Competition was a major event related to the future of Nine Regions. Its main purpose was to promote cooperation between the two parties. Peace and development were the central themes, moreover, "friendship first, competition second" was the principle of the grand competition. Thus, if one of the two sides ended up with blood on the face, then that would be incompatible with the theme.

Therefore, before the official opening of the competition, an opening ceremony was also added, which consisted of some entertainment performances by the two sides to create a peaceful atmosphere. As for whether that principle of friendship first, competition second could be maintained after the start of the grand competition, one could only resign it to fate.

Therefore, on the whole, this opening ceremony could only be regarded as an appetizer, which was insignificant in the context of the grand competition. Even Wang Lu himself had not paid much attention to this—assigning the newly rising idol group to raise their thighs would be enough.

However, when Wang Wu presented the beauty contest group report to Wang Lu and happened to turn over to the page that he currently pointed at, a flash of inspiration came to him and he thought of a solution.

"Simply speaking, there is no time limit for the opening ceremony."

Hai Yunfan was startled for a moment, and then retorted, "Do you want to delay the opening ceremony indefinitely? But, before the show begins, the programs must be mutually approved."

"Yes, that's why a show with five thousand programs would be rejected by them. We must create unlimited possibilities in limited programs."

Hai Yunfan frowned. "Limited programs… unlimited possibilities?"

Wang Lu was in an inspired state, so he immediately stretched out his hand to write down a line of words on the table.

Program: Calligraphy performance, copy of "Starting from Zero."

Hai Yunfan curiously asked, "I know calligraphy performance, but what is Starting from Zero?"

"You will know."

Then, Wang Lu wrote another line of words. Program: Group comedy monologue, New Year's greeting.

"I know comedy monologue is a form of entertainment that has gradually become popular in Nine Regions in the recent centuries. It must be very new for the Earth Immortals who have slept for sixteen thousand years, but what's the deal here?"

Wang Lu said with a smile, "That same sentence, when the time comes, you will know. But for now, let me keep it a secret."

Seeing that Wang Lu was deliberately holding back the climax, Hai Yunfan shook his head and no longer asked. In any case, since he vividly showed that he already had the victory in hand, he shouldn't have to worry about it.

"By the way, Little Hai, this opening ceremony thing is only known to the three of us in this room. Don't mention it to anyone. If you feel that you can't keep a secret, I can help you wipe your recent memories."

Hai Yunfan waved his hand. "No need, just now, you promised that you would give me a vacation after the official start of the grand competition. If you wipe my recent memories, that vacation thing would probably be gone."

Wang Lu praised him, "Little Hai, your thoughts are getting more and more meticulous."


Then Wang Lu cast a glance to his Master, signaling her that there would be another time to talk about this topic.

The next was to tackle the current official duties at hand.

"By the way, have all those cross-dressers been counted?"

Wang Wu said, "Of course, they have been counted, how could I possibly forget this blackmail material?"

More than a month ago, Wang Lu designed the cross-group competition, with the losing side dressing as the opposite sex as the punishment. However, in practice, for variety of reasons—one of which was the terrifying performance of the King of Ten Thousand Beasts, which had brought a serious psychological scar to everyone—), there was no time to organize a wide range of tours for those crossdressers, so the punishment effect was actually limited.

Later, many people thought that the so-called cross-dressing was just all talk. To actually implement it was impossible, and thus, their fears were eased. In a sense, the last month's competition did not fully meet Wang Lu's requirement.

However, that did not mean that Wang Lu intended to spare them.

Indeed, the resistance to the implementation of this policy was very large. Because, according to his plan, except for the very small number of geniuses, almost everyone would inevitably fail… Was it necessary to let thousands of the elite talents of Nine Regions to dress as the opposite sex? In particular, it might involve Supreme level cultivators, which would make the implementation difficulty even greater.

However, it was exactly because of the difficulty in the implementation that it was more important to implement it resolutely. If the Supreme level cultivator could take the lead in cross-dressing, who would dare to put up a resistance? Unfortunately, despite Wang Lu's ability, he failed to convince He Tu… after all, many of the Elders in Shengjing Sect were also in the cross-dressing list, which put a huge pressure on He Tu himself.

However, at that time, Wang Lu fought alone, but now, he had his Master beside him, and her action power was quite vigorous.

Wang Wu wrote down all the previous losers in the cross-group competition, so that when they had the preparation later, they could be held accountable. There was a huge room for arbitrage here.

According to Wang Lu's rules, the losers in the cross-group competition should dress in the opposite sex's dress. When a person from the senior team was defeated, the punishment would be tripled. In light of this, how should the benchmark be defined? How to implement the so-called tripled? At present, the more mature program was to integrate them into the opposite sex cheerleader squad—if one lost once, one would be scheduled for the future play.

Not long ago, under the vigorous promotion of Wang Wu, this program finally got the acquiescence of Supreme He Tu.

Then a problem arose which was still in the shameful cross-dressing performance. Performing on the fighting arena under the eyes of countless people versus appearing on the secluded event watched by several spectators were entirely two different concepts.

And of course, it was the pair of Master and disciple Wang Wu and Wang Lu who decided the list of the performer. The operating space inside all this was all profit for Wang Wu.

As long as one had a nimble mind and promptly offered Wang Wu a piece of kind intention, one's task on the performance would be lighter. As for those who didn't know how to appreciate kindness, then they could only give a good cross-dressing performance in the public eyes.

After discussing the details of the performance, they instructed Hai Yunfan to draft a notice so that those famous people in the cross-dressing list could accurately understand the spirit of the higher authority and promptly pay a bribe so as not to embarrass themselves. Of course, the words should be sufficiently obscure to avoid being caught. Hai Yunfan was tongue-tied for a long time before he finally relented and buried his head to try hard to write this article that was destined to be nailed to the pillar of the humiliation of the history.

When Hai Yunfan was working hard, Wang Wu thought of something and asked something.

"According to you, the big fighting arena in the middle of the City of Immortal can be isolated from inside and outside. That was why even after you have gone for so long, Bai Ze hadn't been able to figure it out… In such a venue, the effect of the cheerleader might not appear."

"It doesn't matter. When the venue was first designed, we left a space for the cheerleader. I can ask them to open this function, so no need to be worried. But, I remember that according to the work schedule, before the formal opening of the competition, I had asked your beauty contest group for a public performance, how is the preparation?"

Wang Wu patted her chest. "Rest assured, all the handsome and beautiful girls are all properly trained and kept in good use."

Wang Lu suspiciously asked, "Kept in good use? How to use them? Have you used them before?"

"Nonsense, if I didn't personally check the goods, how can I trust them on stage?"

"... How many?"

Wang Wu counted with her fingers and said, "All the girls have basically been checked. The men are exempted from the examination, I left Miao Yan to take charge of them."

"Your sense of responsibility is really touching."

Wang Wu snorted contemptuously. "Then good, I'm going to test the men's group and make sure that your head would be covered with lush green 1 , what do you think?"

While they were talking, an angry slap struck the table that was next to them. "You wretches, if you want to flirt, then get out! Have you ever considered my feeling? Because of my busy schedule, it has been a long time since the last time I saw my companion!"

Being severely criticized by Hai Yunfan's righteous words, the Master and disciple of Non-Phase had to escape with laughter.

When he walked out of the office, Wang Lu was slightly dazed. Without any reason, he felt that his shoulder had turned lighter.

When he thought of it, it was logical. At this time, it was only two days away from the start of the competition. Most of the training program had stopped, except for those who would appear first on the scene and had to raise their spirit.

This made the chief planner who had been busy for several months felt somewhat unable to adapt.

"Let's relax today. According to your plan, I'm afraid we would be busy again after this." Wang Wu patted her disciple's shoulder and said while sighing with emotion.

If the plan of delaying the opening ceremony could be carried out smoothly, it meant that the people of Nine Regions would have more time for intensive fighting training. And as the chief planner, naturally, he would be busy. However, at least, for the next two days, he could relax a little bit.

"Why don't we go to the rehearsal of the beauty contest together? We have gathered the world's most beautiful people, and they have been wonderfully trained. The previous two rehearsals had made many people who had succeeded in practicing dao unable to control themselves."

Wang Lu smiled. "Then you took a snapshot of their shameful performance to blackmail them?"

Wang Wu laughed and then said, "Nonsense."

"Then let's take a look. Speaking of this, in recent days, I have been extremely busy, so I haven't had the time to pay attention to the beauty contest team… It is said that little Bai is definitely selected?"

Wang Wu said, "You really don't care about my career. Let alone little Bai, even Liu Li and Yao'Er can't get away. All have been grabbed by me to enrich the team."

Wang Lu was surprised when he heard this. "You're not going to seize the chance to inspect the goods?"

Wang Wu asked, "Since when did you become forgetful? I have already done the inspection. When we were in the 'ask the heaven' immortal dreamland, if I hadn't checked all of the goods with my telepathic finger, do you think you can be this free and unfettered? You would've long debased yourself to be a house-husband like Hai Yunfan!"

From inside the room came the roar of Hai Yunfan, "Get away from me, you two wretches!"

Wang Wu burst into laughter and pulled Wang Wu along with her on her flying sword. In mid-air, she opened her mouth and said, "Let's go and see the results of my work, you'd be surprised."

Wang Lu had no choice. "Alright, in any case, there's nothing else to do now."

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