Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 623: Our Relationship Is Pure!

Chapter 623: Our Relationship Is Pure!

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"What an eye-opener."

When he came out of the Beautiful Hall, Wang Lu felt something that he rarely felt, causing his feet to become somewhat unsteady.

With his peak Jindan Stage cultivation base, there were very few scenes that could make his footing unsteady. It could be seen that he was shocked inside the Beautiful Hall.

He initially thought that after his experience in the two worlds, he had a very high resistance to this kind of song and dance performance… As a result, though he, of course, had a resistance, the temptation of the Girls' Heavenly Group, which had been carefully trained by Wang Wu and Miao Yan, was no small matter.

Especially when he saw many familiar faces who dressed in a less familiar outfit and smiled like a flower on the stage, the scene was simply irresistible.

Wang Lu had never seen such a passionate and enthusiastic Qiong Hua. She was wearing an apricot yellow sleeveless shirt and short skirt. Her white jade arms and legs were exposed. The immortal sword in her hand was in the Immortal Dew form as she carefully performed an elegant sword dance. Although the sword momentum was rapid, it used the girl's soft state. Combined with the pride and indifference that inadvertently appeared on her eyebrows, it had a captivating peculiar charm.

Wang Lu had never seen Zhu Shiyao appear like a pretty daughter of a humble family. The girl had changed from the female clothing brimming with imposing sword intent to a loose long skirt that exuded a bit of scholarly flavor. On her delicate nose was a pair of well-designed frameless glasses. She was sitting at a writing desk while the writing brush in front of her roamed like a dragon. Although every character written looked like an unsheathed sword, compared with Zhu Shiyao's usual temperament, it still appeared too soft.

The people on the stage, their appearance, outfit, and even their every move had been carefully designed. But it was not seductively vulgar, which warmed and delighted the heart of the audience, and would not arouse sexual thoughts.

Of course, even so, when the last show started, the atmosphere on the stage suddenly changed...

Even though the performance had been over for a long time, when he thought it over, it still caused Wang Lu to be distracted and his footing unsteady.

Behind him, the plain clothed Wang Wu covered her mouth as she laughed.

"You, young man, seems like your feet are floating, and your center of gravity is shaking. Is it because of a moment of passion in the Beautiful Hall, you accidentally lost some bodily fluid?"

Wang Lu turned around and scolded, "Even when I went to the toilet, you vilified me!"

"Going to the toilet is not the problem, the key is what you did in the toilet." Wang Wu laughed, walked forward, and put her arm around Wang Lu's shoulders. "What do you feel about the swimsuit exhibition of the Girls' Heavenly Group? Only insiders can watch this kind of show."

Wang Lu lamented with a sigh. "It's alright if its other people, but you can even let Qiong Hua and Zhu Shiyao change their outfits into swimsuits, amazing."

"Hahaha, what's so difficult about that? Yao'Er is the easiest. I told her that this is some kind of miraculous cultivation method, and she immediately believed it. As for Qiong Hua, I had a sword fight with her. After I won, she promised to cooperate with me."

Wang Lu thought about it and thought that this person really knew how to effectively grasp the weakness of human nature. But on the other hand, the weaknesses of those few people were too obvious...

"In short, now that you've seen the show, I have a few small things that I need you to help me."

Wang Lu's heart immediately turned cold. "Did you just treat the performance as a bribe to me? And then expect me to use my authority as the chief planner to give you the power to seek personal gains?"

Wang Wu said, "It's not a bribe, it's a threat."

"... So the reason why you didn't let me appear at the audience seat during the entire performance but just let me watched in the hidden place is that you didn't tell them that I was coming? Well, I assume it was so. If they knew there was a male audience, their performances would've been less daring. I thought it was because you had trained them good, but it turns out it was a well-designed trap."

"Therefore, if you don't want to be murdered by those girls, it's best to cooperate."

Wang Lu thought for a moment. "Is that so? Very well, then your budget for the Beautiful Hall would be reduced by half. More importantly, all the items involved in the procurement must be submitted to me for approval before they could be approved."

Wang Wu's beautiful face lost its color. "Are you trying to destroy my livelihood?"

"That's right, I never negotiate with terrorists. Either you stop or I destroy your livelihood. In any case, worst come to worst, I would just take responsibility for them, and when the time comes, your head would be dyed with green."

Wang Wu touched her own head and then gritted her teeth. "You're tough!"

After solving this interlude, Wang Lu came back to his office in the sunset. Although this leisure time was only half a day, the leisure time in the Beautiful Hall made him feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Only in this way could he better cope with the situation in the last two days.

There were still two days before the grand competition, but the entire Nine Regions was already tense. Wang Lu was in the valley on the back mountain of Royal Soldier Sect, secluded from the rest of the world, but it was as if the smoke-filled breath lingered in his nose.

The lava valley of Royal Soldier Sect was the place where many fighting groups trained and cultivated. In recent days, the atmosphere was especially tense. Many cultivators, having ended their cultivation early, sat upright in repose in the middle of the valley as if they were prisoners on the death row, unafraid of death.

"Unfortunately, this will let everyone's expectation to fall."

Thinking about the victory and defeat in the City of Immortal a few days ago, Wang Lu felt that if this gang of unafraid to die people really went on stage, they would really die without a burial place just like what they wished.

With just three months of preparation time, even if every means were exhausted, it would still be difficult to make up for the difference between the cultivators of Nine Regions and the ancient Earth Immortals. Therefore, the means that could be used right now must be used, even if the side effects were too big.

Wang Lu sat down and began to write the plan for the opening ceremony. This time, he didn't even need Hai Yunfan to write it for him—little Hai was racking his brain, thinking about the plan for the crossdressers. Moreover, there were only two days before the opening ceremony, so Wang Lu could not afford to lose time.

The plan was completed in one go. All the tens of thousands of characters were written in a time it took to finish a cup of tea. The writing speed of a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage was far better than that of ordinary people, not to mention that Wang Lu also used a spell. He merely thought out the words in his mind, wrote a bit, and the paper would be full of ink.

Wang Lu's manuscript was not proofread, and he had no intention to polish it. Immediately after, he sealed it into the bag and then went to Shengjing Sect through the teleportation array at Royal Soldier Sect.

His teleportation array was specially authorized to go directly to the study room of Daoist He Tu.

In the entire Nine Regions, this honor was only bestowed to the select few. Wang Lu's performance in this grand competition was so great that his status jumped by leaps and bounds.

In his study room, Daoist He Tu was contemplating in front of the Nine Regions Geomancy Map. Sensing that Wang Lu had come in, He Tu looked up and smiled. "What's the matter?"

Able to arouse a smile on the face of Supreme He Tu who had always been meticulous and strict in his words was a privilege not even bestowed to Qiong Hua. Therefore, many cultivators were speculating if there were any secret between Wang Lu and He Tu. Was it related to He Tu being unmarried for all these years? Or perhaps there was a resemblance between Wang Lu and He Tu in his youth...

The fact was, the two had no secret to hide.

He Tu was more friendly to Wang Lu than to Qiong Hua, not because he valued Wang Lu more than Qiong Hua—Wang Lu was, after all, only an outsider. It was because Wang Lu's temperament was open to persuasion but not to coercion, while Qiong Hua preferred to do official business according to the official principles. Thus, He Tu merely treated Wang Lu in the most correct way.

He was the Sect Leader of Shengjing Sect, the number one sect in Nine Regions. At the same time, he was also the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so he needed to look after the Nine Regions and the well being of millions upon millions of cultivators.

In many people's eyes, the so-called Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was just a tool for the elite sects to suppress the Nine Regions, and the main consideration of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was just the interest of a very small number of people. However, He Tu never thought so. In his position, he did everything in earnest.

Therefore, for Qiong Hua, who would inherit his mantle and lead Shengjing Sect into promising future, he spared no effort to support her. He taught her the most brilliant method, gave her the nearly unsurpassed Kill Immortal Sword, and also provided all the resources available in the sect for her to succeed in her cultivation… This was his decision as the Sect Leader of Shengjing Sect.

At the same time, when he believed that Wang Lu could play an irreplaceable role in this grand competition, he spared no effort to help him, giving him every convenience within his authority.

Not because he liked Wang Lu, but because, as the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, he believed it would be more beneficial to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to do so.

However, after reading Wang Lu's plan, this Supreme, who had full confidence in Wang Lu, could not help but slightly frown and remain silent.

After a long time, He Tu asked, "Two days. No. Now, it's only one and a half day to meet these all sorts of conditions. It's going to be a lot of work."

Wang Lu said, "Then let's work. Wasn't this Organizing Committee set up to command the integration of the resources in Nine Regions so that we could use it when we need it? For the grand competition, we have to pay no matter the cost."

He Tu thought for a while and then looked again at the manuscript in his hand. "The key to the problem is not here with us."

Wang Lu said, "Yes, no matter how big or how many the programs that we prepare, it would be meaningless if the other party refuse to accept this long opening ceremony. However, I have already considered this. It's just that, there are some things that are not convenient to be put into writing."

He Tu repeated the several last words, "Not convenient to be put into writing? Then do you know what kind of pressure you have to bear?"

Wang Lu said with a smile, "What kind of treatment have I enjoyed in these past few months? Rights and obligations have always been equally matched, this is something that I am still aware of."

Pleased with what he heard, He Tu nodded. "Very well, I approve your plan, go ahead and do it."

With that, the golden seal that symbolized the supreme authority of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was printed on Wang Lu's manuscript.

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