Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 625: To Do Things Without Looking at the Location Is a Road to Disaster

Chapter 625: To Do Things Without Looking at the Location Is a Road to Disaster

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Shu Si had never seen such a vast world.

In Plentiful City, the teenager was used to the amazing means of cultivators. Once they were fortunate to see a righteous cultivator slaying an evildoer, the fire talisman burning half of the sky. However, regardless of which, it was really difficult to compare with what he saw this time.

"This is the real means of immortals." The teenager swallowed hard and then rubbed his eyes hard.

For a long time, he thought that the square around the big stone gate in the center of Plentiful City was already magnificent enough—it occupied more than ten square miles, could accommodate hundreds of thousands of people, and the ground was neat and clean just like a bright mirror.

However, it paled in comparison to the situation in the group of immortal tombs.

The place where Shu Si stood was a spotlessly white flawless high ground. The entrance was on that high ground, and after which, there were long steps that went down all the way to a square. The square was very vast, just like a brand new and independent world. The ground was made of a fine jade slab. Looking at it, there was no trace of any crack within tens of miles.

This was a huge jade that could not exist in Nine Regions. It was so huge and vast that the crowd that was originally packed like sardines in Plentiful City unexpectedly seemed to be sparsely scattered in the square.

At the end of the square, there was also a daunting huge shadow that blotted out the sky.

Shu Si swallowed his saliva and guessed that it was the thing that made people flock into this place, the City of Immortals.

"Are Deadface, Old Black Clothing, and Peach Blossom Wife going there?"

While thinking about it, Shu Si walked down the steps quickly. He was very nimble, and his steps were light, but after all, he was just an ordinary mortal. He only saw, from time to time, people flying as fast as lightning passing him. There were more who, as soon as they passed through the gate, directly flew to the sky, leaving only a black dot over the horizon in the twinkling of an eye.

Shu Si was inwardly quite envious. If only he could have an immortal fate here and learn to come and go as they please like those people. Thinking of this, he became more determined in going down the steps, fantasizing if there was one of those able people who would suddenly take a liking to him.

Walking on that spotlessly white glorious square, Shu Si was excited at the beginning but cooled down very quickly.

After walking for two hours, he changed from fast walk to slow trot, and Shu Si felt that his legs were somewhat worn out and aching. However, his destination, the City of Immortals, was still out of reach. Looking back, the huge stone gate seemed to be so far away.

Looking around, those cultivators who showed their magical abilities could no longer arouse his excitement—in fact, there was nothing to be excited about. He had seen much in Plentiful City.

Once again, two hours went by—more or less. There was no sun in the group of immortal tombs, thus, Shu Si could only estimate the time. In short, when his stomach began to scream, he was still far from his destination.

Finally, the teenager became somewhat depressed. The group of immortal tombs was indeed not a place where ordinary mortals should come. It was said that there were endless delicious food, as well as warm and bright bedrooms, but… for mere ordinary mortals, even walking into the City of Immortals would be extremely difficult.

Shu Si stopped and looked around. He saw that not far ahead, there was a group of starving refugees who simply pitched a camp at the square. The smoke from the kitchen rose high to the sky.

In his heart, Shu Si admired the courage of these people—building a kitchen camp in such a sacred place and not afraid of being beheaded by a cultivator. However, on the other hand, the teenager was also very hungry.

He had more than ten cultivator's mustard seed bags, but he didn't bring any dry food… Thus, he could not help but feel hungry. When Shu Si thought of this, a flash of light suddenly passed through his mind.

The next moment, he held up a mustard seed bag then boldly shouted, "Would anyone like to give me a ride? Would express my thanks with this!"

While shouting, Shu Si felt that he must be crazy.

Generally speaking, cultivators rarely responded to the call of ordinary mortals. However, this time, as soon as Shu Si's voice fell, he was enveloped by a huge shadow from the sky. Then, a big black bird slowly descended while flapping its wings. On its back, a man with a face full of sideburns in the form of a small net stared at the mustard seed bag in Shu Si's hand with big, copper-bell-like eyes.

"You want someone to give you a ride? In exchange for this mustard seed bag?"

Watched by the man's imposing gaze, Shu Si 's neck almost shrank. "Y-Yes."

The bird-riding man nodded. "Come on up."

Shu Si was startled, but then he quickly grabbed the rough and stiff feathers on the black bird's neck. He agilely climbed up, leaned behind the big man, and firmly planted his ass on the bird's back.

The big man looked back at him and laughed. "What a clever kid, your position is actually right! Sit tight!"

Shu Si inwardly said, If you really like my cleverness, then you should take me as your disciple. Although half of your body is in animal skin, your black bird riding crotch could not be compared to those white-robed sword cultivators who rode flying swords. Well, since we can meet, then it's fate. I'm really not that picky.

Unfortunately, after that, the big man said no more. He just grabbed the black bird's feather, which caused it to scream a strange scream, and flew straight back to the sky. When the bird took off, it caused a strong wind pressure, which made Shu Si uncomfortable and almost gasp for breath.

This was the first time Shu Si experienced flying. Although he was somewhat afraid of heights, he still could not hold back his excitement.

This was his first immortal fate. To him, the bird riding uncle was really a good person. Not only the uncle did not ask him the origin of the mustard seed bag, but it was also really kind of him to take him on a flight. Although Shu Si also knew that this was not a profitable deal for the uncle, since they could meet, then it must be fated.

All the way, they did not exchange any words. The giant bird flew swiftly in the clouds and soon crossed the spotlessly white square. Finally, they arrived in front of the City of Immortals.

As for the City of Immortals, it was another kind atmosphere. Looking at the people coming and going through the entrance, Shu Si's heart was burning hot. However, he still remembered what he was supposed to do. He took the mustard seed bag from his skirt and respectfully handed it to the big man.

"Immortal, this is for you."

That big man looked at him but did not take the bag. After not saying anything for a long time, a slightly weird smile appeared on his face.

"Immortal?" the teenager asked curiously.

The big man finally could not help but laugh. "Immortal? It's really been a long time since the last time I heard of this! Seems like you, this kid, is really just an ordinary mortal who doesn't know anything!"

Shu Si inwardly guessed, Could it be that this bird riding man has no place in the immortal cultivation world? Thus, he acted so fierce in front of him, an ordinary mortal? However, that didn't matter to him. Prior to this, the upper limit to this teenager's ideal was Deadface who hung out with ordinary mortals. And that Deadface was worse than this bird riding uncle.

With this in mind, the teenager said, "Although I don't know anything, I know that immortal has a good heart. When I asked for help in the square, you are the first to respond to me. This kind heart…"

"Kind heart? Hahahaha!" The big man burst into laughter. His voice shocked Shu Si's heart, but strangely, the people around them didn't seem to notice.

"Kid, you are the first to say that I have a kind heart. Hehe, the Black Wing King of Hell has actually become a kind-hearted immortal. If this goes out, I'm afraid all of my brothers in Blood Prison Cliff would laugh to death!"


Shu Si was stunned as he looked at the man who gradually changed his body. He watched as two horns grew between his uncombed hair and tusks protruded between his lips. In the twinkling of an eye, the big man had turned into a pitch-black monster.

Although he had always been astute, he never expected that the immortal fate he wholeheartedly looked forward to was actually bumping into a devil! Moreover, it was a big devil that carried mountains of corpses and oceans of blood and had no qualms in killing people!

At this time, Shu Si remembered the words that his black boss in the suburb repeatedly told him.

"These days, Plentiful City is very chaotic. In addition to those cultivators, it is said that even the devils who walked on the evil path had come in drove. If you don't pay attention, you would be grabbed and eaten by them. So you must not go out and stir up trouble randomly…"

At that time, Su Si ridiculed that the black boss had gone softer with the passage of time. Unexpectedly...

"Kid, properly speaking, in the domain of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the evil cultivators need to restrain themselves in doing things, but it's even more unreasonable for me to refuse a dessert like you who come by yourself into my mouth!"

As he spoke, he raised his arm. His previous five fingers had turned into claws, and the nails were glowing with blue light, which obviously meant they were highly poisonous.

Shu Si's whole body trembled. Forcefully pressing his fear, he said, "Don't kill me, immortal, I still have many bags like this here."

With that, he threw all the mustard seed bags in his clothes in front of the big man.

However, the big man didn't look at those bags and just said, "After I kill you, these things would still belong to me. Moreover, I don't care about the righteous cultivator's things. I want to take your soul and refine it into a treasure."

"Have mercy, great immortal! Have mercy!" Shu Si stumbled down on the back of the bird and shouted for mercy. However, he actually hoped that people would be able to hear it.

With so many people around them, many cultivators would not allow the devil of the evil path to do whatever they wanted, right? Nine Regions still belonged to the upright cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, right?

"Don't be delusional. Since you're on my bird's back, it's like you're in my stomach and covered by my breath. As such, no no one else could see you. Moreover, even if they could, who would provoke my Blood Prison Cliff just for you? I'm an important contestant in this grand competition, so my every move is related to the future of Nine Regions! Compared to the future of Nine Regions, eating a few people is nothing, hahaha!"

With that, the big man stretched his claws out, intending to pierce the teenager's forehead to dig his brain.

However, right at this time, a pink lightning streaked across the sky. The Black Wing King of Hell only had the time to look up in surprise before he was struck by that lightning. His burly body shook, then the head was separated from the neck.

The blood had yet to appear at the cross section when his huge body vanished into a puff of smoke.

The black bird beneath the big man made a sad shrill and then fell to the ground, not daring to move.

Lying on the back of the black bird, Shu Si was still shaking like a sifted chaff. The change in front of him was too fast that it completely exceeded his ability to understand. Why did the Black Wing King of Hell die? What was that pink lightning that streaked across the sky? He could not think about it or dare think about it. He only hoped that he would not meet hell itself.

In fear, he heard a young man's voice, and the tone was full of displeasure.

"The IQ of these evil cultivators is really worrying. They commit crimes openly at the entrance of the city and think that no one could see them, is this a form of covert indecent exposure? Or do they look down on my security design? Moreover, they did it when the opening ceremony is about to start, exactly when I am determined to maintain the stability? Let alone a mere Blood Prison Cliff, even if the upper division Blood Image School dare to cause trouble, I would still flat them out!"

While speaking, a young man in a red and white robe fell from the sky, reached out, picked up the pink sword, and then put it at his waist. He then looked at Shu Si with a playful gaze, as if speculating on his identity.

"Are you… that guy's catamite 1 ?"

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