Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 630: A Writer’s Self-Attainment

Chapter 630: A Writer’s Self-Attainment

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Three days later.

Wang Lu was still writing hard at the desk. Although he had not closed his eyes for three days and three nights, he did not look tired at all. His right wrist had become even more determined and vigorous!

Wang Lu's calligraphy copying performance had lasted for three days. During this time, he had transcribed hundreds of thousands of words from scratch with amazing speed. The manuscript papers were stacked like mountains and grew at an alarming rate. The momentum seemed endless.

In these three days, most of the audience had given up watching.

With Wang Lu's stance of dead-set-in delaying-the-time, people soon realized that there would be no more serious performance after this, thus there was no need for them to waste time here.

At the same time, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was operating efficiently and quickly organized those contestants to return to the training ground to continue the training for the final push.

The news revealed by Wang Wu was that Wang Lu planned to delay the opening ceremony for at least one or two years, which was for the last burst of all the Nine Region players. Although it was hard to imagine how he could accomplish this feat, at present, they had to carry out the work according to his plan.

Previously, with two months of intensive training, many people had broken through bottlenecks and made great progress. If they could consolidate those results in these one or two years, then, at the start of the competition, they might really be able to complete the miracle of defeating the Earth Immortals.

Of course, they had to win it. Wang Lu had already tried to create too many favorable conditions for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals—in negotiating the Grand Competition, he managed to make it so that the events would be held with stage restriction. Moreover, it was also divided into two kinds of competition: civil and martial. Then he won a lot of training time for the contestants… If despite all of these, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was still unable to win, they would be too unworthy of Wang Lu's hard work.

On the other hand, those idlers who looked forward to entering the City of Immortals also took this opportunity to get to know the city in depth.

The radius of the fighting arena of the City of Immortals was hundreds of miles, moreover, there were many warped spaces inside, thus, the real space was difficult to estimate. Such a huge city was divided into five large areas and hundreds of communities. Currently, only area A was open to everyone, which was the general residential area. This area could accommodate up to ten million people and provide them with basic living supplies. Most of the ordinary mortals settled here as they tried to find their own immortal fate.

The City of Immortals also gathered numerous cultivators. Thus, the so-called immortal fate was bound to happen. Every day, there were many ordinary mortals who were picked by cultivators and brought to cross the boundary between ordinary mortal and cultivator. There were also many loose cultivators and disciples from small sects who met and favored by the Elders of high-rank sects and henceforth advanced by leaps and bounds...

In short, everyone had their own issues.

Only those who sat on the rostrum suffered in these past three days. Because, according to the rules, during the opening ceremony, those who sat on the rostrum were not allowed to leave without permission. Once they were on the stage, they had to wait for the show to finish.

This rule was originally designed to limit the need for both high-level parties to come forward at the same time, so that no side needed to worry about if the other side could be having some secret move during the show. At that time, the Earth Immortal side also agreed to this rule. Who would've ever thought of that it had now become a spell for action restriction? As long as they acknowledged that the rules of this grand competition were valid, no matter how dissatisfied they were, they had to stay on the stage to enjoy the show. Thus, when the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals' Organizing Committee of the Grand Competition fully operated the training, more than eighty percent of the Earth Immortals in the group of immortal tombs could only sit on the rostrum and watch Wang Lu copy the novel for three days!

The psychological torture of this was self-evident. Thus, after those three days, one Earth Immortal could not hold back anymore, stood up, and roared angrily.

"The heck, when would he finish writing? It's been three days already! The opening ceremony was originally expected to finish in less than a day, right? Even if you want to delay time, it has been delayed long enough!"

Toward this, the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could only look at their nose which was pointed at their chest, pretending not to hear it.

Xuan Mo sighed, stretched out her arm, and pulled him back so that he didn't need to say it anymore.

Three days? She thought. I'm afraid the other side wanted to delay for three months or even three years. The last time we met, Wang Lu has already shown an amazing strength… The cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had made great progress during this period, but if they wanted to overwhelm the Earth Immortals on the field, they needed to do at least a few more years of targeted training. After all, Wang Lu's against the heaven strength was only a special case.

Xuan Mo had previously assessed with her companion who was good at deduction and concluded that, unless the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was given more than a year, the overall advantage of the Earth Immortals should be unshakeable. However, it seemed that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was also aware of this, hence, they resorted to this despicable delaying tactic. As for the delaying time itself, of course, the longer the better.

"Wait two more days. If it's still like this, I will take measures."

Since Xuan Mo had said so, other people who had objections could only hold back temporarily. However, people were still skeptical. With Xuan Mo's temper and amiable words, if the situation still stayed the same two days later, what could she do?

Thus, two days passed by.

As expected, the situation hadn't changed.

Wang Lu was still writing at the desk, one freshly written manuscript after another was carried by his sword wind and slowly and smoothly put on the table… The light paper covered the soft lawn, shaking gently with the breeze, yet it didn't fly with the wind but was firmly stuck to the ground as if it was pushed down by an invisible force.

In these two days, Wang Lu had copied thousands of pages. Coupled with the almost innumerable manuscripts that he copied in the previous three days, they were scattered and laid on the ground, making it look like a vast expanse of black and white. Those who don't understand might think he was showing his calligraphy, but the cultivators on the rostrum were able to see that Wang Lu was taking the opportunity to cultivate his primal chaos heaven splitting sword.

The primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, which was always strong and powerful, was now being well controlled by him like a soft wind. He gently lifted the thin page from the desk to the lawn and held it down gently. The strength was neither light nor heavy, but just right. A little weaker, and the paper would be blown away by the wind. A bit heavier, and it would crush the grass under the paper, and thus the manuscript would be stained by the grass. At the same time, it was necessary to forcefully soften the strong sword qi, so as not to make the paper be cut.

Meanwhile, vigorously writing on the table was also a form of cultivation for Wang Lu. This was nominally a calligraphy performance, and Wang Lu did show a good calligraphy that did not disgrace the title of the best student of Spirit Sword Sect. Although he wrote quickly, he paid close attention to every character and integrated his own understanding of swordsmanship into it.

Purely in terms of calligraphy skill, Wang Lu could not be considered as someone who had attained a high level. Even in the eyes of great artisans in the martial world of calligraphy, his work was still very young. However, with his unique and awe-inspiring sword qi, he stood in a realm which no ordinary mortal master could reach. The name calligraphy performance was indeed well-deserved.

On the fifth day, Wang Lu's handwriting had become swifter and fiercer. The stroke, the arc, and the line had become sharper. Now, it looked as if small swords had densely covered the paper.

Using calligraphy to raise the sword intent, and then using the thin paper to sharpen the sword qi, Wang Lu seemed to be doing a dull text copying, but his sword cultivation actually kept advancing day by day.

However, in the eyes of the Supremes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, this had another meaning.

Behind He Tu, a red-robed old man sighed. "I remember when I first set foot on the path of immortal cultivation more than five hundred years ago, my sect's Patriarch once said that there are geniuses in this world that we simply could not reach. At that time, I was still an arrogant youngster whose self-confidence was as high as the sky; with heavenly spirit root, I considered myself unequaled in the world. I asked him how was there any spirit root higher than Heavenly Spirit Root? How was there any unique power of understanding that I have no hope of catching up? The Patriarch said that my spirit root and power of understanding are indeed the top ranks in the world, and that even if someone is stronger than me, the difference would not be big. I then asked him, if such were the case, was there anyone that I could not hope to reach?"

At this point, several Supremes already had their interests piqued and listened.

That red-robed old man said, "At that time, my Patriarch told me that the terrifying thing was not someone who could be smarter than me, but someone who is as smart as me but works harder than me. I was unconvinced. With my zeal in the immortal path, how could anyone ne more diligent than me?"

The several Supremes secretly nodded. This red-robed old man had been cultivating for more than five hundred years, a unique master who had walked half a step from peak Unity Stage. His talent and perception were extremely good, moreover, he cultivated very hard. In all his life, he had never even married or had any child, nor he did he have any special hobby. He wholeheartedly devoted his life to cultivation. Thus, it would be unbelievable to say that someone could work harder than him.

"My Patriarch said that it is impossible for any cultivator of immortal cultivation to be problem-free. Cultivators could abstain from eating, could give up sleeping, but it would be impossible to stay in seclusion starting from one's birth. One has to wander around to gain experience in experiential learning. And during this period, cultivation could only be done intermittently. But he said that there are genuine geniuses in this world who could turn any circumstances into his own training and could regard any place as his own training arena and room to practice his skill. From the scene I'm witnessing today, Wang Lu right now has that kind of temperament that my Patriarch once described. Fellow Daoist Feng Yin, your noble sect has really received a treasure."

Upon hearing this, Feng Yin laughed and then said with a smile, "You overpraised him. Wang Lu, this kid, is far from being a persistent cultivator. In the past twenty years, the time he had wasted is not little. Through several experiences, although he earned a lot of fame, they also more or less delayed his cultivation."

The red-robed old man shook his head. "The past is the past, and the future is the future. He is now standing on that path, and that path, which I have been longing for five hundred years, is still not achievable to me… If I could go back to more than twenty years ago, I would definitely do my best to invite him to enter my sect and take up my mantle!"

"Hahaha, since that's the case, then you have to get in line behind me. Several years ago, I have already said to fellow daoist Feng Yin that if time could flow backward, the first thing that I would do is to go back to before the Immortal Gathering of Spirit Sword Sect and, whether it's by hook or by crook, bring Wang Lu back to my sect!"

On the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side, several supremes were laughing and talking.

On the other side of the rostrum, the Earth Immortals were getting restless.

Two days had passed, but regardless, Xuan Mo had not come up with an effective way to prevent the other party from delaying time with impunity.

"Xuan Mo, you didn't forget what you say two days ago right?"

Xuan Mo sighed gently. "Of course, I didn't forget… Indeed, it's time for us to take measures."

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