Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 637: Didn't Expect Someone Would Dare to Ask Me to Solve the Problem

Chapter 637: Didn't Expect Someone Would Dare to Ask Me to Solve the Problem

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A calligraphy copy, a group stand-up comedy… Wang Lu successfully delayed the time for three months with shameless tactics.

It was not extremely long, and it had been much shorter than the most optimistic prediction. However, looking from another point of view, when the grand competition was set, the preparation time was actually just three months. And now, it was equivalent of doubling the preparation time, truly worthy of pride.

However, Wang Lu, who created this miracle by himself, was actually somewhat unable to support himself up. On the rostrum, he fought hard to keep his eyelids open.

In the past three months, he was the person who worked the hardest in the entire City of Immortals. In the first month, he worked tirelessly in the fighting arena in the calligraphy copy performance. Counting the factor of time warp, he hadn't closed his eyes for seven or eight years!

Even though the endurance and energy of a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage were extraordinary, even though he had entered the state of emptiness during his novel writing time, meaning that his energy and endurance consumption was comparably very low, the absence of rest for seven or eight years was still enough to make even a Yuanying Stage cultivator to suffer mental breakdown.

Moreover, he was not idle in the next two months after that. The script for the group stand-up comedy was, of course, written by him. In addition to him, few people could create so many rich scripts in such a short time. Moreover, he would also adjust and modify them in time according to the audience's response. However, the cost of this job was the further consumption of energy. In two months, the group stand-up comedy never stopped, batches of performers appeared one after another in turn. Naturally, as the scriptwriter and director, he could not rest.

Even if the man in black didn't come out to stop it, in fact, it would've been very difficult for Wang Lu to keep going on all night long. When the story of Zheng Shiliu came to an abrupt end, Wang Lu felt relieved instead.

"This is all that I can do. Next… is up to you guys."

Wang Lu said as his eyes swept over all the people around him.

"Everyone is, after all, masters or Supremes of their sects, so please make some contributions to the cause… you guys at least should be able to do a better job than me, this little Jindan, right?"

Many Supreme Elders on the rostrum were very embarrassed. In terms of strength and experience, each of them was far above Wang Lu. However, on the stage of this Grand Competition, they played a very small role and had to rely on Wang Lu, this little Jindan, to control the situation...

Of course, no doubt this was in part because of Supreme He Tu's indulgence on Wang Lu. But on the other hand, these Supremes all knew that, if they changed places with Wang Lu, they really could not achieve this.

For example, the opening ceremony of the Grand Competition was actually something that everyone didn't think seriously about, yet he could actually get a three-month delay out of it! With both genius creativity and extraordinary execution, people could not help but be convinced with this chief planner.

"Everyone, I don't want to say much nonsense. In this Grand Competition, no matter what, I want to win. I never wanted to taste the taste of failure in my entire life. This time is the same, I want to win, not lose… Don't you guys let me down. If when I woke up you guys lost instead… I will consider switching sides!"

After finishing this sentence, Wang Lu could no longer hold back his weariness and immediately went to deep sleep, leaving a group of Supremes in an indescribable awkwardness.

Such a naked condescending and distrustful tone was really rare to be received by these prominent men with incomparable status. And more importantly was the last sentence.

Switch sides? Switch to where? On Earth Immortals side?

In theory, this was, of course, a joke. However, Wang Lu was someone who couldn't be judged by common sense. Treating jokes as serious things, he had done too many things like that… For example, an opening ceremony that could last three months, who didn't think that it was just a joke?

If the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals really lost to the ancient Earth Immortals in the Grand Competition… did he really want to switch side to that of Earth Immortals? For this kind of thing, he might actually able to do it. The reason for this Grand Competition was to determine the leadership role, but ultimately, it was to deal with the crisis of the Fallen Immortal. If the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was really like 'mud couldn't stick on the wall' 1 , then 'a fine bird choosing a tree to nest in' 2 was understandable. On Earth Immortal side, Xuan Mo obviously had a special relationship with him, and during this time, he had gotten a lot of Earth Immortal fans. Moreover, he was the excavator, the opener and the inheritor of this tomb of immortals; thus there was actually not much obstruction if he wanted to join in the Earth Immortal side.

The more they thought about it, the more complicated these Supremes' looks toward Wang Lu were.

Why would such a talented disciple talk so irresponsibly like this?

Among them, Daoist Master Feng Yin was the most embarrassed one. He wanted to say something but didn't know how to say it. His eloquence had always been average, thus, he was unable to fare well in an argument. Moreover, regarding Wang Lu's problem, he also felt it was difficult to explain, in that Wang Lu's previous incarnation was, after all, that person… How could Feng Yin criticize him?

Feeling in a bind, Feng Yin suddenly caught the sight of Wang Wu who was sitting on the futon not far away. She was holding a plate of melon seeds while watching the scene with interest. Suddenly, Feng Yin could not help but feel angry.

Through primordial spirit, Feng Yin roared, "Wang Wu!"

Wang Wu's whole body quivered, and half of the seeds were spilled. "What happened?"

"Look at your good disciple!"

"What the heck? What does that have to do with me? You can't just implicate people at will!" Wang Wu desperately retorted, but as soon as she finished saying that, Feng Yin slammed her words back at her.

"Do you still want the Elder's salary?"

"Damn, you're a power abuser wretch! Fine, you win! Just you wait"

Through primordial spirit connection, Wang Wu mercilessly spurned Feng Yin for this bullying-the-weak-fearing-the-strong act, and then looked at Wang Lu who had already been asleep while inwardly b*tching: You wretch, you actually pushed everything to me while you sleep alone!

However… things that needed to be done had to be done. He was, after all… Wang Lu.

Wang Wu plastered a smile on her face and then stood up. "Big Bosses, don't take it seriously, Wang Lu's words are merely child's words, they do no harm."

A Supreme coldly snorted. "You consider a grand Daoist Master of Jindan Stage a boy?

Wang Wu curled up her lips. "A virgin boy, what's not to like?"


At that time, one of the Supremes nearly vomited blood. "Wang Lu is a virgin?"

Wang Wu said, "Well, if you take this question seriously, I can't be one hundred percent certain, at least, I have never tried him."

"Nonsense! You two are Master and disciple, you can't overstep the boundary!"

Wang Wu raised her eyebrows. "So what if we're Master and disciple? The ancestor and descendant love and even multiple ancestors and descendants love are very popular in many sects. Compared to those, Master and disciple love is as plain as rice and noodles. So stodgy, what decade are you guys living in?"

"You! A majestic grand Elder of a Super Sect, how could you say such rebellious words?"

Wang Wu put her hands on her hips and laughed out loud three times. "Hahaha! Us cultivators are basically rebellious since what we practice go against the sky! What of mere rebellious words? If you don't even dare to say anything, why are you still cultivating immortal path!"

"You're just pestering endlessly!"

Wang Wu stick out her chest. "I am a woman! So it's perfectly natural for me to pester endlessly! If you are not convinced, you might as well castrate yourself and then you can stand on the same level as me. But I would still beat you with my rich experience."


The more she talked, the more vigorous Wang Wu was, and that the Supreme that became her target had turned pale in anger, so much that he had to launch his immortal heart to suppress his anger from bursting out. On the other side, Feng Yin really wanted to kneel.

"Junior Sister Wu, just stop, please… if you continue to say, you would completely obliterate our Spirit Sword Sect's prestige!"

"Sh*t, weren't you the one who asked me to talk at the beginning? So fickle. You're more like a woman than me!"

Seeing that the quarrel was about to expand into an irremediable situation, Supreme He Tu sighed. "That's enough, stop the quarrel. Is it worth fighting for just for an insignificant matter?"

He Tu's words always had some effect. Although the anger in the heart of the several Supremes was difficult to quell, they all held themselves back and stopped making noises. They merely scowled at Wang Wu with fierce eyes, intending to see the day she would be humiliated. As for Wang Lu, they had to be careful in the future. Although he was indeed talented, the more talented people were, the more difficult they were to control. Once something went wrong, it would be enough to create a huge problem that would hurt the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

"We don't have too many opportunities to waste on questioning each other. If you doubt someone, don't use that someone, but if you use someone, then don't doubt that someone. Since we have chosen Wang Lu, then let him do it. If we guard against everything that he does, then what else should he do?"

Finished saying that, He Tu looked at the other side. The dozens of Earth Immortals had already stepped onto the stage from the rostrum. He said, "It seems like our Earth Immortals friend couldn't wait any longer. Let's go, we'll complete the last part."

The last part of the Opening Ceremony was for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and ancient Earth Immortals to jointly make a blood oath to ensure the validity of this Grand Competition.

Since it was necessary to determine the leadership of the future battle against the Fallen Immortal through this Grand Competition, there must always be a restraining measure. For example, if one side lost on the field and on the surface admitted the lost but secretly acted in the opposite direction, acting for one side's own interest, it would eventually lead to mutual distrust and mutual opposition. Then what's the point of this Grand Competition?

A contract that was binding to both sides was absolutely necessary. And the signing of this contract was arranged in the last part of the Opening Ceremony, which was located in the central area of the fighting arena.

The two sides who were ready to sign the contract were all the 121 ancient Earth Immortals who had awakened in the group of immortal tombs and the 147 high-level Elders who represented the will of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Among which, one hundred of them came from Sacred Heaven Hall—the highest authority in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The other 47 came from the so-called evil path.

More than two hundred people entered the fighting arena at the same time. The pressure generated by their existence alone overwhelmed the arena, making it fiercely tremble. The lush meadow, that previously carried the opening ceremony performance, broke apart in a flash. Tens and millions of deep and bottomless cracks crisscrossed and bloomed on the ground like a beautiful flower of death. The blue sky was ruthlessly torn. The stars fell and the sky collapsed, revealing a dark void.

However, very quickly, the space in the fighting arena began to expand rapidly until it reached its limit. Only then did it manage to absorb the pressure of more than two hundred top-level cultivators. However, at this time, there was nothing tangible in the field. More than two hundred people stood in the dark void, each emitting a faint light.

After the two sides stood in silence for a while, Daoist He Tu stepped forward from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side. On the other side, the man in black who claimed to be a sinner also quietly appeared and came to the front of He Tu.

The two of them represented their respective side. When their eyes met, they felt a vast expanse of power, the power that was near that of Heaven came right to the face.

The man in black was startled a bit and then nodded. "Indeed the number one cultivator in Nine Regions."

He Tu said, "There are many talented people in Nine Regions in each generation, I'm afraid it would be too exaggerated to call me the number one cultivator."

With that, he took out a quaint scroll and placed it in the empty space in front of his chest. Then, he horizontally pushed the scroll to open with an invisible force, which revealed a drawing.

It was a map depicting the geography and landscape of Nine Regions. The scroll was only two feet wide and three feet long. Such a vast area like Nine Regions was actually drawn in such a small scroll. However, upon closer look, one could zoom in and out from the map to see the terrain of the mountains and rivers. One could even see the flow of surrounding spiritual energy. This seemingly small a few square feet map actually had endless content.

A map seemed to actually carry the entire Nine Regions!

Daoist Master He Tu said in a deep voice, "This is the map of Nine Regions, which records everything that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals knows about Nine Regions. All one hundred and seventy of us had put a part of our primordial spirit in it."

On the other side, the man in black nodded, and then raised his hand high. More than a hundred stars suddenly lit up the dark sky.

"These are a bit of our immortal spirit. Keep them on your map."

With that, like a meteor shower, more than a hundred rays of light fell, and then lingered on the Nine Regions Map, vaguely forming a dome of heaven that shrouded it.

Daoist Master He Tu took a look and smiled. He then reached out and pressed that dome of heaven on the Nine Regions Map.

The more than one hundred rays of light were pressed by this palm to cover the scope of the map, which then integrated with the Nine Regions Map, just like the blending between heaven and earth.


This lifting heavy thing as if it was light, as if by prior agreement, brought out applause from the two parties. Restraining the more than one hundred immortal spirit into the Nine Regions Map was a skill no less than the magical ability of a True Immortal! The strength of Supreme He Tu was simply bottomless!

"Good, the blood oath is done, so then…"

Daoist Master He Tu looked at the Nine Regions Map, which contained both the immortal spirits of the Earth Immortals and the primordial spirits of the top Elders of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The feelings in his heart were indescribable.

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