Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 638
Chapter 638: Yin and Yang Person!

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Yin and Yang Person! 1

“What the hell’s wrong with that scene?”

On the square of B3 Area, Shu Si looked up and wondered, and could not help but feel agitated.

Not long ago, he was still moved by the love story of Zheng Shiliu and A Luo. Who would’ve thought the story to stop abruptly? A man in black jumped out and said that the previous story was just a scam. The truth was a disgustingly nauseating tragedy…

At that time, cursing sound rang out from the whole square, which was really impressive. Most of those curses and insults were directed at the man in black.

The truth was very simple. If changed to another person, if someone suddenly jumped out and tried to overthrow that person’s perception, yet failed to come up with any strong evidence… being scolded was inevitable. Although the man in black had put out a subversive story, there was no hard evidence to support that story.

Of course, on the other hand, Wang Lu had provided no evidence to prove that his story narrative of the stand-up comedians was true, but where in the world would that many people be needed to prove it? Everyone was busy in the City of Immortals, each with their own ideals and aspirations, and this group stand-up comedy was just a kind of entertainment for them; they just wanted to be entertained. Who cared about authenticity?

For Shu Si, he did not care about which of the two stories were true. For him, it didn’t matter whether the romantic Zheng Shiliu or the shovel-wielding Zheng Shiliu was the truth. The romantic Zheng Shiliu was evidently far more interesting. Therefore, Shu Si was also extremely disgusted by the man in black who interrupted the story and thus he could not see the ending of the story of romantic Zheng Shiliu.

However, before everyone scolded the man in black enough, the scene in the square’s signboard changed. More than two hundred people entered the fighting arena from two directions, and then the sky and the earth collapsed, becoming the void. In that void, He Tu and that man in black made an exchange and made a Nine Regions Map unification.

Shu Si had never heard of the name Nine Regions Map, and could not understand the means of the top level Supreme and ancient Earth Immortal. What he saw was baffling to him.

It was said that the scene just now was a blood oath, but he didn’t see anyone shed any blood. So how did this oath come into being? Or could it be that cultivators didn’t have the red blood anymore?

“Humph, you inexperienced fool, you don’t even recognize the Nine Regions Map?”

Shu Si replied subconsciously, “Why do I need to know what Nine Regions Map is… Ah! Dead Face, how come it’s you!”

Halfway through his words, Shu Si finally recognized that the voice behind him belonged to his current boss, Dead Face. He was so startled that his soul was about to fly away. Honestly, Dead Face was not a bad person. He had always been good to him, but once he made a mistake, the punishment was merciless. This time, being caught lazy during his work shift, he would at least be scolded and cursed…

However, unexpectedly, Dead Face didn’t seem to notice that Shu Si was being lazy this time. Instead, he quietly explained, “Nine Regions Map is the most precious treasure of Shengjing Sect, which reflects its ambition to control Nine Regions. The design idea of Nine Regions Map is to treat Nine Regions as a complete magical treasure, and then refine a core magical treasure to control this magical treasure.”

Hearing this, Shu Si felt incredulous. “Control the whole Nine Regions? What a great ambition! Now that there’s such a Nine Regions Map in Supreme He Tu, could it be that Nine Regions is already in his palm?”

“People of Shengjing Sect are ambitious, they have been like this for thousands of years.” Dead Face said and then shook his head, “However, to turn Nine Regions into a magical treasure is just a fantasy. The cultivation base of Supreme He Tu is unprecedented, and the whole continent strategy is also supported by the people of Shengjing Sect for thousands of years, yet the Nine Regions Map is still in its infancy. It could barely sense the change of situation on the Nine Regions, let alone wanting to impose immediate influence on the Nine Regions. Nevertheless, being able to see the entire continent and what happens in it is already enough to classify the map as a top rank immortal treasure.”

Shu Si asked, “Now what is going on with this immortal treasure? How could it become a blood oath?”

“Very simple, Nine Regions Map is used as a carrier. The top-ranked Elders of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals extracted a part of their primordial spirit and put them on the map. Similarly, the Earth Immortals also extracted a bit of their immortal spirit and pinned them on the Nine Regions Map. Being put on the map is like a hostage taken by both sides. The contract based on this is stronger than any oath, that’s why it’s called a blood oath. As a matter of fact, there’s no other method other than this that could restrain so many top-level cultivators at once.”

Shu Si appeared to understand but not really, so he asked, “I heard that there something called Big Demon Oath…”

“Big Demon Oath could be skirted around. There’s already a precedent for that in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals—it’s that youth in a red and white robe who gave you the compass. The Demon Oath that he took when he condensed his golden core is already gone now. At the level of ancient Earth Immortal, a bit of immortal spirit is enough to break the entanglement of the demon heart. In other words, the demon oath is basically a joke to them.”

“Okay then, what will happen next?”

“Next? Along with the progress of the Grand Competition, the two sides would rely on the points obtained when they win to divide the primordial spirits and the immortal spirits in the Nine Regions Map. When the division is completed, the Grand Competition is over.”

“Huh? Divide the primordial spirits and the immortal spirits? I heard that when primordial spirit or immortal spirit of someone is in the hands of others, then that someone would not be free anymore!”

“Yes, this Grand Competition is held to determine the leadership of the future. The leader of tomorrow would always be people. As long as the people are controlled, then naturally, the future is also controlled. If the high-ranking cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals fall into the hands of the Earth Immortals, where would there be opportunities for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to speak out in the future? And vice versa.”

Once again, Shu Si appeared to understand but not really. “It turns out to be so… But, don’t you think that it’s really strange? I heard people say that this Grand Competition is ultimately in order to fight the Fallen Immortal. But now, everyone puts their primordial spirits and immortal spirits in a map, what if something happens to Nine Regions Map, wouldn’t that mean we are done for?”

“Heh, you’re right. That’s why we must sincerely pray for nothing bad to happen to Nine Regions Map. Once the Nine Regions is in chaos, you and I would be no different than ants.”

With that, Dead Face let out a faint sigh and his whole body shivered.

This gloomy sigh was unbearable to Shu Si. This was one of the reasons why he was usually uncomfortable to be in the same room as Dead Face and thus would often sneak out.

At this time, Dead Face looked up slightly, seemingly immersed in some old memories causing the atmosphere to become increasingly gloomy. Shu Si couldn’t stand it anymore so he planned to take the opportunity to slip away and go to the other areas.

However, before he could move, the change in the signboard compelled him to stop.

Because the first fight in the Grand Competition actually came faster than anyone could expect. As soon as the blood oath was established, the opening fight immediately came.

The opening fight would be between He Tu and Xuan Mo.

Needless to say, after showing his magical ability to suppress the immortal spirits, He Tu undoubtedly showed that his reputation as the number one cultivator in Nine Regions was warranted. Thus, it was better for him to kick off the fight. If Nine Regions wanted to have a good start, they had to rely on him.

On the other hand, something unexpected happened to the other party. After the man in black made the blood oath, he quietly left and let Xuan Mo, the elected leader, to the stage. Although Xuan Mo looked somewhat helpless, she still resolutely took up the heavy responsibility.

The fight was located in the central fighting arena of the Immortal One Area. From above the endless lofty square, the Nine Regions Map of Supreme He Tu was like a star overlooking the earth, waiting for the fortune of the victor.

At this time, the fighting arena was still in the form of a dark void, and it did not return to the previous natural scenery. The reason was that, for this level of fight, the terrain no longer had a substantial role. Even when the Feng Shui line was inserted in, it was difficult for it to compete with two peak level cultivators. Thus, it was better to just clean up everything and leave a blank space for them to play freely.

The Supreme level fight was indeed not disappointing.

“Yin and Yang Divide.”

Without any greetings nor superfluous actions, after entering the arena, Xuan Mo immediately launched her earth-shaking great immortal technique.

Yin and Yang Divide.

Legend has it that in the infinitely distant past, the whole world was a piece of primal chaos in the void—there was no distinction between heaven and earth; Yin and Yang did not separate. From the center of that primal chaos born a sage that divided the primal chaos. The clear energy rose, but the turbid one fell, and the heaven and earth and Yin and Yang came into being. This was the reason why the present Nine Regions was able to exist.

And Xuan Mo reproduced that magnificent miracle of that ancient sage. Her finger merely pointed to the sky, and the pitch-black void was torn apart, divided into Yin and Yang, two layers.

Outside the arena, the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals who witnessed the scene held their breath.

This was the first time they witnessed an ancient immortal going all out to display the immortal technique. A few months ago, when Bai Ze fought against Wang Wu in Jindan Stage using Negation Stamp, it was entirely different. What was displayed by Xuan Mo was comparable to the godly skill of splitting heaven and earth apart. Within the existing theoretical system, this was the most lethal technique that people could imagine.

According to the existing system of immortal cultivation in Nine Regions, it was generally believed that Yin and Yang, the two kinds of energy, constituted everything in the world. In other words, no matter what or who, once separated by Yin and Yang, they would cease to exist, collapse, and fall apart from the structural part.

No one could escape unless they were detached from the world itself… However, that would already be in the realm of divine tribulation to soar to immortality. For the existing realm of the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, this was a sure kill.

“Sect Leader Senior Brother!”

Several nearest Shengjing Sect Elders could not help but exclaim. No one could’ve imagined that the seemingly gentle and friendly Earth Immortal Xuan Mo, and somewhat weak, even, could have such power once she made her move! And none of them thought that they could survive if they changed position with Daoist He Tu.

The next moment, they only heard a muffled humph from Daoist He Tu and his body was cut from the waist, divided into two pieces!

However, when countless people saw this with eyes bulged out, Xuan Mo actually snorted lightly.

The body was divided from the middle… this should not be the result obtained from the Yin and Yang Divide technique.

A person targeted by this technique should have its very existence disintegrated and then turned into Yin and Yang, the two types of energy, to be assimilated by the world. If it was only divided into two parts, would that mean the upper body of He Tu was Yang, while his lower body Yin? Was he a hermaphrodite?

However, the next moment, Xuan Mo had already seen the answer.

“… Indeed the number one person in Nine Regions, I am deeply impressed.”

Right in front of Xuan Mo, there was a young man in white, and a girl in black, the two Yin and Yang division. They looked at her with a solemn expression.

“What a great Yin and Yang embodiment!”

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