Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 64: Please Drink the Tea

Chapter 64: Please Drink the Tea

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Spirit Sword Hall, Four Divisions Peak, Spirit Sword Mountain.

Among the Spirit Sword Sect’s twelve peaks, as the Sect’s transport hub, Four Divisions Peak has the most extensive shrinking arrays which were connected in all directions and were very convenient. At the same time, Four Divisions Peak was also an important place where the Spirit Sword Sect received their important guests. This Spirit Sword Hall, which stood in the middle of a square at one of the corner, was the place for high-level meeting with foreign guests.

When Wang Lu arrived at the Four Divisions Peak, the entrance to the Spirit Sword Hall has been firmly blocked by two Inner Court Jindan Stage disciples—they were Martial Uncle Liu Xian’s favorite disciples. Although they weren’t Successor Disciples, the current batch of Successor Disciples were still young with insufficient cultivation level. Thus, these two Jindan Stage Daoist Masters were comparable to Successor Disciples, hence they were selected for this assignment.

From their high level of cultivation, it was clear that the one who was seeking audience inside wasn’t an ordinary cultivator. At the very least, that person should be an Elder of a big sect.

At this time, there were already thirty to forty people outside the hall. Wang Lu looked around and finally found a fairly familiar face from the Carefree Peak; he then patted her shoulder. “Hello, Junior Sister…”

That young female disciple looked back and was taken aback when she saw that it was Wang Lu. “Senior Brother Wang Lu!?”

She looked around and then whispered, “Why did you come here!? Quickly go back!”

Wang Lu was also taken aback. “What happened? You look like you just step on dog sh*t or something. Junior Sister Wen, I’ve never wronged you, have I? At most, I just scared you with that Giant Brute’s genital, do you still hate me for that?”

Upon hearing this complaint from Wang Lu, Junior Sister Wen, who entered the sect at the same time as him, could not help but tightly frown. “What nonsense are you talking about? I am warning you for your own good! Do you know who’s inside?”

Wang Lu thought for a moment and made a guess, “Is it my Master’s mistress? Did she think that I am her illegitimate child and thus come to look for trouble?”

Wen Yin was shocked by this powerful and unconstrained imagination. “You… really are your Master’s disciple! Let me tell you, the one who came is from the Shengjing Sect!”

“Shengjing Sect?” Wang Lu wrinkled his brows, thinking, “Isn’t that sect the big brother in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals? Did Master offend them?”

“I am not quite sure about the specific, but from the other Senior Brothers and Sisters, I heard that the Shengjing Sect’s Elder is menacing and scary!”

Wang Lu thought for a moment. “Is it because my Master stole his concubine?”

“Your Master is a woman!”

“Then… my Master stole his man?”

“The Shengjing Sect’s Elder is a man!”

The naive Junior Sister has yet to understand the true meaning of love; seeing that Wang Lu was still pestering her, she anxiously urged him, “You need to leave this place right now, okay? This time, it is said that the thing got very big. The opposite party said that they would refuse to let it go, and now, even the Sect Leader is in the Spirit Sword Hall to help solve the problem. It is said that the Fifth Elder has already been apprehended by the Second and Third Elder, so it’s difficult to say what would happen next; if you’re implicated by this, that would be bad.”

Seeing how serious Wen Yin’s countenance was, Wang Lu’s heart sank, thinking, “Is it really that serious?”

In Wang Lu’s mind, although his Master liked to deliberately cause trouble, she wasn’t stupid enough to not understand the limits; oftentimes, she would do small mistakes, but never a big mistake. She was like a flying swallow that was as lithe as a dancer; although she would often strike the Second and Third Elder’s nerve, she never met any huge obstacles.

But this time, even Wen Yin could see how big the trouble she got herself into. However, the real reason for Wang Lu to frown was that...

Regardless of how big the trouble that she caused, she was still the Spirit Sword Sect’s people. However, seeing the current development… The arrival of the Sect Leader, and the Fifth Elder being detained by the Second and Third Elder... what could possibly warrant this treatment? Did they really want to put righteousness over their own people? Though from a moral point of view, being impartial seemed nobler, but at the current Immortal Cultivation World, no sect that relied on being noble could grow to become such a big sect. Not to mention the Fifth Elder just came back to the mountain for less than a day, so it was impossible to tell the whole truth.

… Could it be they were under pressure from the Shengjing Sect?

While he was still thinking, he suddenly saw a tall and sturdy cultivator stepping out of the Spirit Sword Hall. His pace seemed restless. When that person went out, he just paced back and forth at the entrance, however, with every step he took, plants and grass would quickly grow from the gap between the white stone slab on the ground. After a few laps, the front entrance of the Spirit Sword Hall has been covered with shade.

This seemingly miraculous feat actually revealed how restless that cultivator’s mind was; his anxiousness caused him to inadvertently leak his magical power, which resulted in this effect. Upon seeing this, the disciples became even more curious of what was happening inside.

“Hey, Senior Brother, who is he?”

Wen Yin curiously looked at the tall cultivator pacing around in circles in the front of the hall. That person came from inside the Spirit Sword Hall, so his identity should be very high. But that person hid his face under the hood; his appearance was shrouded in mystery, and Wen Yin couldn’t remember ever seeing such a senior.

However, how could Wang Lu not recognize that person? He was his Master’s best friend, the Seventh Elder, Ao Guanhai.

The seriousness of the situation could be clearly seen; it was actually able to turn the ever-optimistic and cheerful Black Martial Uncle into such an agitated state.

Moreover, it just so happened that at this time, Ao Guanhai had also caught the sight of Wang Lu.

“Wang Lu, you’re here!”

Black Martial Uncle’s voice suddenly sounded in Wang Lu’s mind without any warning. A Yuanying Stage cultivator needed not to open their mouth when they wanted to talk. With the power of their strong Primordial Spirit, they could directly pass their thoughts into other people’s consciousness. However, what Ao Guanhai did wasn’t this; he just passed his voice using a secret spell.

This spell could accommodate two-way communication; as long as Wang Lu’s mind formed his reply, he could answer it directly. But this time, Black Martial Uncle didn’t even give him a chance to speak; he immediately unloaded his grievances.

“Looks like you already know. Alas, people of the Shengjing Sect are really overbearing; as soon as they entered the mountain, they immediately demanded the Sect Leader to hand over Fifth Senior Sister. When the Sect Leader came to negotiate with him, he framed the Fifth Sister even though he had no evidence, forcing our Spirit Sword Sect to bow our head; he is so arrogant! Yet the Sect Leader still wants to negotiate with him; how could you negotiate with such a person? If you ask me, we should directly drive him away from the mountain! So what if he’s a Shengjing Sect’s people? Does that identity allow him to be unreasonable? But Senior Brother not only accepted him with open arms, he even offered kind words and entertained him with our sect’s Green Mountain Mist Tea! Previously, when Fifth Senior Sister gained a few pounds, the Third Elder would incessantly grumble for a long time. But now, he brought her in front of the evil guest! Alas…”

Before he finished, a sigh came from inside the hall and interrupted the two people’s secret communication. “Junior Brother, come in.”

Ao Guanhai firmly shook his head. “Senior Brother, you’re on the side of appeasing the opposite party, I’m not with you!”

The Sect Leader felt angry and funny at the same time. “What’s with this random strange statement that you learned from Fifth Junior Sister! Who’s on the side of appeasement? Just come in, don’t let this be the source of a joke for the disciples outside.”

With that, an invisible but irresistible force pulled Ao Guanhai back into the hall.

The disciples outside the hall naturally talked about what had just transpired; however, because all of them were equally clueless, this event just left them with guesses.

Wen Yin’s young heart was also burning with curiosity; her eyes lit up as she asked, “Senior Brother Wang Lu, do you think… huh, Senior Brother Wang Lu?”

Wang Lu was nowhere to be seen.


At this time, inside the Spirit Sword Hall, a number of Elders had gathered, sitting side by side on one side of the hall. Sitting on the other side was one person. That person was tall with a ruddy complexion. He was looking arrogantly at the several Spirit Sword Elders sitting before him. Behind him stood two young disciples who maintained perfect silence.

Before long, that person slowly opened his mouth, “It’s been quite some time, I don’t know how your sect would decide on this?”

His voice sounded aggressive, especially when he swept the others with an unbridled gaze, which was even ruder.

Several Elders looked unhappy. However, the Sect Leader Feng Yin ignored his arrogance and just laughed. “Daoist Master Zhifeng, some things still need to be verified, please be patient.”

Daoist Master Zhifeng’s eyes flashed. “Still need to be verified? Daoist Master Feng Yin, you’ve already said that four hours ago; how long do you still need to verify this? I think you’re just trying to cover this up!?”

Before he could finish his words, however, a certain hooded Spirit Sword Elder could not help but say, “Isn’t it obvious? How could we just believe your testimony alone!”

Daoist Master Zhifeng sneered. “Do you think someone who’s too afraid to show his face like you have the qualification to talk to me? Inferior race is really ineducable!”

Upon hearing such a remark, several Spirit Sword Elders immediately got up.

Daoist Master Zhifeng wasn’t deterred by this; instead, he sternly asked, “You want to use your numbers to bully me!?”

“Hahaha, that’s ridiculous!” Daoist Master Feng Yin laughed and motioned his Junior Brothers to sit down, and then he said, “How could we dare to bully other people? Daoist Master Zhifeng is a Senior Elder of the Shengjing Sect, and you’re visiting us, the Spirit Sword Sect, as a representative of the Shengjing Sect. Moreover, our two sects are both among the top five sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so we should stick together; how could we bully each other?”

“Among the top five sects? Ha!” Daoist Master Zhifeng nearly squeezed out a sneer from his nostril. “Fine, for the moment, I acknowledge our sects position within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. But, the words brothers and sisters… That still needs to be determined. Your sect’s Elder is the one who started the fight here; she slandered my Shengjing Sect’s subdivision head in the White Moon Country. Moreover, she even spread malicious rumors to destroy my sect’s reputation; how could this be called ‘sticking together’!?”

Daoist Master Feng Yin laughed and was about to change the topic, but the youngest Elder, Hua Yun, who stood nearby, could no longer contain herself. “Humph, whether those are just rumors or not, you’re the only one who knows!”

“Ha!?” Daoist Master Zhifeng flew into a rage. “Is this the result of your verification? It looks like you really want to cover this up!?”

A fierce and strong aura followed suit after his statement.

The face of the several Spirit Sword Elders immediately changed. However, the Sect Leader Feng Yin laughed and smilingly said, “Please be patient, Daoist Master Zhifeng. Our verification will soon come out. By then, we will give you a proper explanation.”

Daoist Master Zhifeng coldly sneered, but then he found out that the Sect Leader’s Feng Yin pair of eyes, which was hidden behind the glasses, were actually staring at him, and he somewhat couldn’t control his body.

Daoist Master Zhifeng’s Jade Mansion immediately trembled, but when he checked his body, he didn’t find anything unusual.

Was it just an illusion? However, if that was a real soul distraction technique, Daoist Master Zhifeng knew that he would’ve been dead, so he gritted his teeth. “... Fine, I’ll wait for another half an hour!”

“Hahaha, what’s the hurry? We might as well wait a bit more. Come, serve tea for our guest!”

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