Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 641 Do You Treat Me as a Little Love Ingenue?

Chapter 641 Do You Treat Me as a Little Love Ingenue?

In the fighting arena, the change could be described as ’the moment a hare is flushed out, the falcon swoops down.’

After ’Bai Ze’ finished saying a string of desperation-causing words, the sudden change was dazzling.

Wang Wu, who should’ve died under the falling stars was magically resurrected and exchanged a series of ridiculous offensive and defensive moves with the opponent. Let alone the Jindan Stage audiences, many Daoist Masters of Yuanying Stage also saw only blurs. When they were finally able to see clearly, the two already had a short truce, and they talked to each other from a distance of more than one hundred feet.

"Did you see from the beginning that I was a fake?"

While stretching out her feet to kick the bamboo stick from the ground to grab it in the air, Wang Wu said, "Of course not. At first, I thought it was Bai Ze that idiot who finally got the hang of it and thus was willing to throw away the flashy golden negation stamp and fight me with a more solid skill. As a result, heh, it was just a series of illusion."

The smile of the child became even more brilliant. "So, you didn’t see my true body at first? Then how did you stop my illusion since you didn’t know it beforehand?"

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Wang Wu sighed. "It’s very simple, you overplayed it."

The child was somewhat puzzled. "Overplayed? My illusion should be perfect for you at this stage."

"Yes, your illusion is indeed exquisite. I couldn’t intuitively see the flaws of the illusion with my Non-Phase Method’s cleansing heart effect. However, your illusion effect is too exaggerated, so I couldn’t help but instinctively resist it."

"Too exaggerated?"

"Yeah, how could there be a Jindan Stage cultivator whose attack power is stronger than my defense? This is simply impossible," Wang Wu said while shrugging her shoulders, with a smile which seemed to show how could you be so stupid like that?

"…" Despite the child’s instinctive smile, at the moment, he actually couldn’t smile.

"That’s your reason?"

"Is that not enough? If you were to see the sun rise from the west one day, would you not doubt the authenticity of the world?"

"For you, is the Non-Phase Method that indestructible?"

Wang Wu said, "You can try it."

"… So that’s how it is. I never thought you actually have such a strong belief… that the illusion failed and you were able to see the flaw." The child shook his head. "This is the first time I’ve seen someone like you."

Wang Wu said, "Actually, I didn’t see it that quickly. At first, I thought Bai Ze had simply changed his tactic, giving up his flashy negation. It was not that until I heard you brag that I realized you were actually not the real Bai Ze. If it were that idiot, once he saw me destroyed by the starlights, he would look up and proudly proclaim to be invincible in the world. How could he have the intelligence to compile a set of lies that strike the people’s heart? It was not Bai Ze’s style to take the opportunity of the fight to give a mental attack to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

The smiling child asked, "That was not an attack on the heart. I was just telling the truth. You guys have no chance of winning this Grand Competition… Including you. I already have the victory in my hand."

With that, he stretched out his arms, flapping slowly like wings. Every slight sway left a shadow that would not fade away. A moment later, he had already accumulated thousands of arms.

"What is this about?"

Outside the arena, there were many people who were confused.

At present, the opponent was a child-like master of illusion. Just now, his one illusion had fooled almost everyone-even those Supremes were not able to see the flaws, which was simply incredible.

Of course, one of the most important reason was that the outside arena was isolated from the surrounding spiritual energy in the arena, which resulted in the fact that the audiences could only rely on their vision to judge the situation inside the arena… and the visual illusion of the child was perfect.

However, even the perfect illusion was just an illusion. Now that Wang Wu’s confidence in herself was strong enough to ignore the illusion… what kind of trick could the child play with? Was this thousands arms move was a prelude to a killer move?

The next moment, the answer was revealed. The child’s arms continued to increase, the surrounding spiritual energy also violently trembled, the clouds above them gathered and lightning flashed…

However, at this moment, a dagger suddenly appeared in Wang Wu’s chest and blood spot soon bloomed around it.

The supposedly flawless Non-Phase Sword Defense was actually broken. However, compared to the sharpness of this dagger, its ’mysteriously appearing and disappearing’ was even more amazing!

There was no one who held the dagger, nor it had even the slightest magical power fluctuation, it simply appeared there without any reason.

Of course, this was also due to the thousands arms move of the child, which successfully attracted everyone’s attention. When people thought the thunderclouds in the sky were the killer move, the dagger that could breakthrough the Non-Phase Method stabbed the opponent.

However, this knife was just the beginning.

On the snow-white dress, the bloodstain continued to bloom. Then another dagger pierced the body, and a moment later, there were already thousands of storm-like curved dagger.

Just as Wang Wu’s body was about to tear apart by the violent stabbing, her body twisted and then turned into a bamboo stick! Wang Wu herself, however, quietly appeared behind the thousands arms child and slapped him on the top of his head.

The same thousands of dagger reappeared on the child’s body, and this smaller-than-that-of-Wang-Wu body could not withstand such pressure. Like a heavy hammer pounding on a watermelon, it was full of red.

In the puddle of blood, the child slowly condensed out his body. However, there was a puzzlement on his face.

The next moment, he stretched out his right hand waved his five fingers. Suddenly, the mountains shook and the ground trembled like the surface of water. Then all the rocks broke into sands and then trapped everything within the radius of fifty miles.

This type of spell wasn’t easy to launch, but Wang Wu could not hide from it. She was directly buried within those soft sands.

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A moment later, an emerald green bamboo stick came straight out from the bottom of the infinite sand trap. At the same time, Wang Wu appeared like a ghost in front of the child, her slender hand was wrapped in the yellow sand…


With a roar, the child flew back and kept a distance away from the opponent.

"You actually dare use illusion to counter me?"

Wang Wu curled her lips. "Huh? You’re actually able to see it so quickly? I was planning to play with you a bit longer."

While speaking, her figure began to look erratic, and like the child, thousands of arms appeared on her.

At this moment, countless of people inside and outside the venue was once again shocked.


"My goodness! She actually dares confront the illusionary child with illusion?"

On the Earth Immortal side, a young girl who looked less than twenty years old rose up and looked at the arena incredulously.

She was a good friend to that smiling child, so she knew that it was not overrated to describe her friend’s illusion technique as reaching perfection! At peak its peak, his illusion could force and distort the boundaries between reality and illusion; In a word, even the Great Dao could loosen. Half of this amazing illusion came from the ancient immortal world and another half came from his special blood heritage. Although this illusionary child looked like an innocent young child, in essence, he was actually mostly a ’non-human’ creature, almost an immortal beast. In theory, even if he suppressed his cultivation base, no one could resist the illusion of this master of illusion.

The illusion child was the trump card of the Earth Immortal side. They had carefully analyzed the fight between Wang Wu and Bai Ze before and decided that it was difficult to win in a full frontal fight against this barbarian woman. Thus, they sent this illusion child. Who would’ve thought… Against the heaven’s will, Wang Wu actually fought illusion for illusion against the illusion child!

"… Fellow Daoist Feng Yin, you guys, Spirit Sword Sect, hide your strength too deep! Let alone that kid Wang Lu, but this Non-Phase Peak Master really could hide her ability too deep. Previously, she broke into the title of number one Jindan in Nine Regions, that is by virtue of the strong and inconceivable skill of her Non-Phase Method… Unexpectedly, over the years, her Non-Phase Method has become more and more sophisticated that it also simultaneously cultivates illusion technique?"

Saying to this, the red-robed old man lamented, "Such a talent is really rare in this world. Unfortunately, she is not born with good spirit root, and thus has no chance to break through Yuanying Stage… Otherwise, she could have the same stage as the other Elders in your sect’s Heavenly Sword Hall. At that time, heh, I’m afraid it would not be your turn to be the Sect Leader."

Hearing this, Feng Yin just shook his head and grinned bitterly. After a moment, he said, "How could she have any illusion technique? At present, it’s nothing more than another way of exerting her Nameless Sword."

"Nameless Sword? Is that the sword skill that could return the damage?" The red-robed old man asked, "Could she even return back an illusion?"

Feng Yin explained, "It’s called illusion technique, but it’s essentially just a change of energy, and with her swordsmanship, it’s not difficult to return it back."

Saying the principle is easy, but in the ears of experts, they couldn’t help but be amazed.

It was essentially an energy change? Yes, that was right, weren’t Immortal Tea and Yin and Yang Divide in essence also energy changes? If any energy change could be rebounded, then Wang Wu was really invincible!

"Looks like we got this fight."

On the Earth Immortal side, the close friend of the illusionary child sneered at those words and said, "Your thought is too fanciful! The illusion technique of the illusionary child is not that simple! Illusion technique is a psychological attack, and he has yet to come up with his real skill!"

Just as she said that, in the fighting arena, the illusionary child finally decided to show his real card.

The thousands of arms behind him disappeared and the child’s smiling face melted like snow, turning into a flat, water-like surface, and then regenerated new facial features between the surging ripples. The slender body was suddenly elongated and became strong and straight.

And then, the clothes also changed, becoming that of a red and white robe, and finally, a smiling face was revealed.

At that moment, the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall of Spirit Sword Sect who watched the fight stood up at the same time, glaring with anger.

"He actually dares to take that appearance!"

At the same time, Wang Wu was also taken aback.

"Big Brother, is that you?"

The opposite Ouyang Shang smiled gently, "Long time no see."

The tone of the voice was exactly the same as that of the previous Big Brother of Spirit Sword Sect.

The true illusion lied in understanding the weakness of the human heart and burying the seeds of evil in the crevices. The illusionary child didn’t know the story of Wang Wu, but with the instinct of an Earth Immortal, he changed his figure into the one that could best touch the heartstrings of the opponent.

There were always people who knew perfectly well that the scene was illusory, yet could not bear to make the move.

The illusionary child used this tactic to defeat countless powerful enemies thousands of years ago. And this time, it might be assumed that it was of no exception. Toward women, love was always a killer move.

"Indeed it’s a long time no see."

Sure enough, Wang Wu sighed and unconsciously put down the bamboo stick.

And then, she stepped forward toward Ouyang Shang. Her petite hand clenched into a fist, which she then, in the inconceivable eyes of the opposite party, sent forward and printed on his nose.

To his dismay, blood poured out like spring from his nose.

"Hahaha, I had wanted to play this for once a long time ago! Unfortunately, he died too early and his corpse could not be saved, thus I couldn’t do it! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do it!"

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