Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 644
Chapter 644: Whole Process in Mosaic!

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“Come on, the situation in the fighting arena still couldn’t be seen?”

“Yeah, the picture is completely stuck. After the child turned into a young man in a red and white robe, the screen froze for a whole month, what is that supposed to mean? Who is responsible for this? Just now, there’s a golden armored man that had just passed through, did you report it with him?”

“Damn, that golden armored man couldn’t even understand human language, what’s the use in reporting it to him? I already told you many times not to interfere with the official duties… We better look for someone who is good at device refinement to go up there and look it up!”

“It’s useless, all the appliances in this City of Immortal were made by the Earth Immortals. Let alone trying to fix them… any disassembling would be regarded as a hostile act by the golden-armored men and stopped on the spot.”

Remembering the behavior pattern of the golden-armored men in stopping hostile acts, people immediately became terrified and no one mentioned the problem of repairing the signboard anymore.

“Alas, a pity that we didn’t have the chance to watch it on the spot. I heard that the central arena in the Immortal One Area contain space warping magic and could accommodate millions of spectators… But we can’t get in if our level is not high enough, and we don’t know who in this area is up to the standard.”

“A while ago, master Huo Xu went to try it and was thrown into a terrible mess by the protective boundary… and he is, after all, a middle-rank Yuanying Stage expert, yet he couldn’t even get through the door. As for us Foundation Establishment and Qi Cultivating people, let’s just forget about it. Alas, able to see the fight between Supreme He Tu and that female Earth Immortal free of charge and the first half of the fierce fight between Supreme Non-Phase and that child, it could be considered as worth it.”

“Yeah, even after a month, my heart still somewhat palpitate whenever I think about that Yin and Yang Divide… This was when it was only in the broadcast form, if I watch it in the venue, I’m afraid in just one look and my heart’s dao would immediately die.”

“So, in other words, it’s due to our own protection that we, idlers, are not allowed to watch it in the venue?”

“Who knows… alas, when I heard that the race was about to begin, I ran thousands of miles from Eastern Border Region to Southern Heaven Regions. Who knew that in this City of Immortals, I have been waiting for more than half a year, yet the competition has yet to officially run. Alas, although there are food and drinks here, and also enough spiritual energy to cultivate, I still feel that something is missing.”

“Tch, a bunch of useless guys.”

In B3 Area, a young and slender teenager carried a basket of oranges and looked at those cultivators who gathered under the central square signboard with disdain.

For a month, he was used to sighing with emotion at these cultivators who excelled in empty talk. At first, he was amused, but now, he simply thought that they were a bunch of food wasting waste.

Yes, there were food and drinks in this City of Immortals, and life was simply worry-free. There was not much to do before the competition, but this was no reason for idleness. Nowadays, there were so many busy people in the city, and not everyone gathered under the signboard every day to wait for the screen to continue the broadcast.

Most of the people who came to the City of Immortals, whether they were cultivators or ordinary mortals, knew that this was a rare opportunity and they would try their best to gain it. For example… a certain teenager who carried oranges.

“Dead face, the oranges you want have finally arrived.”

Shu Si said as he unceremoniously kicked open the door of a corner shop in B3 Area. After the loud noise, the entire door panel was kicked out, but before it landed, the wooden door was suspended in mid-air.

Then, a middle-aged daoist with wooden face came out of the room.

“Good, have you checked the quality?”

He reached out and pushed the wooden door back in its place, then he took the basket of oranges from the teenager’s hand.

“Nonsense, have there been any oversight in any of my work? Of course, they have been checked, they’re all fine quality goods. This basket of oranges is worth two hundred spirit stones. Speaking of which, dead face, why do you want so many oranges? Your face is already ugly enough, if you eat this many oranges, be careful that you might turn orange.”

The dead face snorted and the corner of his mouth slightly shook, as if to smile, but it was a creepy smile.

“This basket of oranges is for you.”

“What?” Just now, Shu Si had rushed into the inner room to pour himself a tea, but when he heard those words, he almost poured the hot water on his hand. “For me? What do I want those oranges for?”

“Of course it’s to eat. You’re going to finish this basket from today until tomorrow.”

“What the hell? Dead face, you’re joking, right? I…”

“You have just drunk the Eight Desolation Six Directions Soup and opened access in the human body to form a spirit root, and thus could be considered as officially setting foot on the immortal cultivation path. However, your talent is too poor, and I’m afraid the potency of the soup would be reduced by fifty to sixty percent. If you don’t want to lose too much of the drug potency, which would leave you with a waste spirit root in the end, then you should eat all these oranges produced by the Green Tree School.”

Shu Si made a face. “Waste spirit root is fine, in any case, I’m no longer an ordinary mortal.”

Before he could finish his words, he saw an orange that hadn’t been peeled flew straight toward him and directly went into his mouth, which made his gum ache.

“Since you have already entered my door, you would never be allowed to become a waste! Although this Eight Desolation Six Directions soup is not a superior product, it is the most suitable one according to your physique. After taking it, if it’s well conditioned, it could stabilize the rank of the spiritual root to an intermediate level. By that time, there would be a possibility to reach Jindan in the future.”

Shu Si was shocked: I could still reach Jindan? Dead face, you think too highly of me!

Unfortunately, his mouth was already full of orange. The bitterness of the orange skin and the sweetness and sourness of the pulp mixed together, which made him unable to speak a word.

“When Jindan Stage is reached, it is truly the time when the whole world is wide open. Humph, don’t underestimate the Jindan Stage. A golden core contains infinite possibilities… if not, I wouldn’t have bothered myself to care about a lazy little mouse like you!”

Shu Si swallowed the orange with great difficulties and then said while gasping for air, “Dead face, you have to have a limit okay? Who is looking down on Jindan? Initially, I never even expected to reach Xudan. For me, even reaching Qi Cultivating Stage is already a great immortal fate! On the contrary, at most, your cultivation base would only reach peak Foundation Establishment, yet you actually dare to talk with great assurance about Jindan Stage, don’t you think that your face is too thick? Your dead face condition is also because of how amazing the thickness of your face, right?

Another orange flew over and completely filled Shu Si’s mouth.

“You’re satisfied just to reach Qi Cultivating Stage? Don’t forget who gave you the immortal fate when you entered this City of Immortals, if you just stop in Qi Cultivating Stage for life, you would put shame on him!”

Shu Si inwardly cursed, An important person like him would’ve long forgotten about me! Moreover, what does Wang Lu’s shame have to do with you? Could it be that he’s your foster father! It would really be a stain to Wang Lu if he had a foster child like you!

However, the little mouse was clear that the other side was stronger than him, moreover, no matter how unbearable the dead face was, he was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator. In addition, although the little mouse just got his spirit root, it was a bit stronger than that of dead face—it was just that he hadn’t started cultivating yet. Thus, for the moment, in order not to get choked to death by orange, he had to eat this loss first.

“By the way, dead face, what do you think is going on over there?”

Shu Si wisely chose to change the topic and pointed out toward the sky outside the house. “The screen has been frozen for the whole month, and during which, the high-rank people from both sides never appeared. It’s so strange. Do you think there’s something wrong in the arena over there?”

The dead face coldly snorted. “If there’s something really wrong, do you think the whole City of Immortals could remain peaceful? This is nothing more than someone over there doesn’t want to let outsiders to see the details, it’s probably a card that could not be exposed at will. As for why it took the whole month, this is an expert level fight so there’s nothing abnormal with it. I even once saw a Jindan level fight that lasted for an entire half a year.”

Shu Si inwardly scolded, You? Able to see a Jindan level fight? If there really was a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage who went into action, merely the aftermath of the attack would’ve blown you away!

However, the words that came out of his mouth were, “Then who do you think would win? That Daoist Master of Non-Phase of that child Earth Immortal?”

“Humph, what a stupid question!” After speaking, the dead face turned around and went back to the inner room.

“How could that person lose?”

At the same time, while many idlers outside the venue were chatting, there was also a lot of discussion between the audiences in the venue about the situation in the arena.

Because they couldn’t see the situation in the arena.

Compared to those who watched the broadcast outside the venue, they also watched the month-long romance, and when the drama was about to end in a climax, the scene similarly froze.

“Hey, why don’t they move?”

At first, people thought that this was the precursor to the revelation of the outcome of the fight, but they soon realized that it was the people inside who deliberately shielded what happened there from the outsiders.

“Hah, looks like we won.” The close friend of the illusionary child laughed. “I suggest you guys just give up on behalf of the person inside.”

He Tu looked at her but said nothing. The red-robed ancestor scolded her rudely, “Win your ass! How do you know that you guys won the fight when the people inside are motionless?”

The girl said, “Isn’t this easy? Why does the scene freeze? Because your Supreme Non-Phase finally could not resist the illusion corrosion and began to open up to her true love, thus they started to make love. If such a scene is exposed to the public, I’m afraid it might have a bad impact on her. Although illusionary child often won by illusion technique and accused of being despicable, he is essentially a decent person and would not embarrass his opponent. Imagine if Wang Wu is the one who has the upper hand, with her temper, she would’ve shown her superiority by thumping her chest!”

The girl’s remark was reasonable and made people completely unable to refute it. Several Supremes on the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side suddenly looked at the scene with concern. They hated that the construction of this site had used the long-lost immortal level technique, which completely isolated the outsider’s perception, and thus, they could not sense the situation inside the arena.

“He Tu, how about we just admit defeat? It’s better than letting Wang Wu that child suffer humiliation…”

He Tu did not speak. However, his eyes narrowed slightly. Obviously, he had some ideas in his mind.

And just at that moment, an unexpected voice came in.

“There’s no need, just wait for the result.”

Upon hearing this, the red-robed ancestor was stunned and then turned his head in surprise. “Wang Lu, you, this kid, finally woke up!”

“Hey, I have been sleeping for a month, if I don’t wake up, do I have to wait for a princess on a white horse to come and kiss me?”

While saying that, Wang Lu jumped to the front of the rostrum and leaned forward, looking at the freezing scene with interest. His eyes were especially focused on the young man in a red and white robe.

“Hahaha, this illusion is really good, it’s just like the real thing. Every detail of that fool’s body has been restored. Gee, this zombie resurrection script is awesome.”

As soon as his voice fell, he immediately heard his Elder Liu Xian angrily said, “Wang Lu, don’t be presumptuous, do you know who that person is?”

Upon hearing that, Wang Lu was startled and then laughed. “I know, it’s Wang Wu’s old paramor.”

“He is…” Liu Xian was about to reprimand Wang Lu for his unbridled words, but he was stopped by his Senior Brother Sect Leader. Although he didn’t understand why his Senior Brother wanted to stop him, he refrained from speaking anymore.

The Earth Immortal girl looked at Wang Lu and said, “Hey, are you sure you don’t want to admit defeat? Your Master… might have already slept with someone else. Although everything is illusory, it might have irreparable effects.”

Wang Lu grinned. “Relax, the irreparable effects had already happened one hundred and fifty years ago.”

The girl still wanted to say something, but then she saw a flash of shadow beside her.

On the Earth Immortal side, the real person in charge came over.

“Enough, we concede this fight.”

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