Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 645
Chapter 645: This Pair of Master and Disciple is Incurable

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“Concede? Uh, why?”

“Because if we don’t concede, it is us who would be in disgrace,” the man in black said, and then directly pushed his palm to the outer boundary of the fighting arena, which immediately caused a ripple and distorted the freezing scene.

However, more importantly, with the intervention of his external force, more than ten senior golden-armored strong men appeared in the air. These men’s bodies glowed with red light, and the patterns engraved on their body were even more complex and abstruse than that of ordinary golden-armored strong men. Their momentum was also ten times as stronger. More than ten senior strong men came out in full swing—even a true Supreme level cultivator would have his breath stagnated.

This was the strongest fighting force in guarding the Immortal One Arena. Each one of them had the power of a true Supreme. Only their magical ability was slightly not as good. However, these more than ten of them were enough to cause a headache to any true Supreme. These golden red strong men were personally cast by more than one hundred Earth Immortals themselves, but they were not instructed by anyone. They only acted according to the rules laid down at the beginning of the casting, which was to protect the order in the fighting arena in Immortal One Area. Anyone who dared to break the rules would absolutely be suppressed by these golden red strong men.

When the black-clad Earth Immortal drew out these men, he stepped back two steps and then lifted his hand. “Enough, we admit defeat, you guys can go back.”

The Golden Red Strong Men hovered above him in a circle several times, and after confirming that he was right, drifted away. At this time, the battle in the fighting arena finally came to an end. Wang Wu jumped out first with a smile on her face. Seeing Wang Lu standing at the front row of the rostrum, her smile became even brighter.

“Hey, you woke up? So fast? Why not sleep a bit more?”

Wang Lu laughed and said, “Nonsense, if I don’t wake up, moss would’ve grown on my head.”

“Hahaha, little Lu, you’re really humorous… pity you didn’t see me fighting vigorously against an Earth Immortal just now.”

“Hahaha, you want to test me? Unfortunately, who said I didn’t see it?”

“… Hahaha, don’t talk nonsense little Lu, how could you see anything while you were sleeping like a log?”

“Who told you that I was sleeping like a log? With my temperament, do you think I would sleep on the rostrum for more than a month without any precaution? Master, you can’t look down on me like that.”

“… So you did see it?”

“Of course,” Wang Lu said while the smile on his face became more and more brilliant. “Master, you are so formidable, you can still hold yourself in that situation and even managed to drag the time for more than a month. During which, it’s really hard on you.”

The words “really hard” were spoken clearly and unhurriedly. Thereupon, the ever-fearless Wang Wu actually began to sweat.

“Well, um, I think there might be some misunderstanding us, Master and disciple…”

“Pfft, hahaha, Master, you’re so funny, you’re so nervous like a newlywed. From more than a month ago, of course, I have been sleeping like a log. I was so exhausted at that time, so how could I spare any effort to send out my primordial spirit to look out? That was just a lie to you!”

“Hahaha, little Lu, you’re getting more and more mischievous.”

“You flatter me, how could I be compared to the mischievous person who steps on two boats at the same time.”

“The heck, how much exactly do you know?”

“Hahaha, Master, you’re anxious again, I’m just lying to you! Of course, I haven’t seen anything.”

“Hahaha, didn’t you little brat videotape the whole thing and you just finished the tapes just now, right?”

“Hahaha, how could you know me so well, Master? Did we know each other in the previous life?”

While the Master and the disciple kept laughing and talking both with scary smiles, the temperature around them continued to drop. Just when the people around them felt that they could not stand anymore, the illusionary child also came out from the arena with a solemn face and no longer smiled.

The Earth Immortal side rushed to interrupt the struggle of the pair of Master and disciple of Non-Phase.

“Illusionary, how are you?”

“Phew, it really opened my eyes,” the illusionary child said, patted his cheek, and tried to make his smile back to his face. “This fight, I’m truly convinced. Moreover, there are so many benefits to my illusion technique, so even though I lost, it’s worth it.”

Before he finished, his companion smiled bitterly. “Worth it? We have already lost two rounds in a row! It’s really unexpected, even you couldn’t handle that woman!”

Upon hearing this, the illusionary child immediately looked solemn. “According to the rules of this Grand Competition, no one is her opponent. In the future, we will directly abstain from any competition in which she plays.”


The illusionary child’s words made his companion feel inconceivable.

“Wait a moment.” The illusionary child naturally could see the confusion of his companions, so he stretched out his hand and an illusion of causality distortion obscured the space where they stood.

In the eyes of the Union of the Ten Thousand Immortals side, they saw the group of Earth Immortals was still talking with dignity, and their dialogue showed a deep fear of Wang Wu.

“Although she is a Jindan, her real strength is no less than peak Deity, and rarer still is that her heart is invulnerable. To defeat her on the same stage, unless we take out all the cards, we might have some chance of winning, but it’s not high. We would just expose the cards in our hands instead… I remember that in most of the events, Jindan Stage competition is usually the first to be held, while Yuanying, Deity, and the rest are after that. If she manages to cheat us to reveal our cards in Jindan Stage competition, it would put us in a disadvantageous position in the later competition. After all, Nine Regions is so vast, who could guarantee that there’s only one person like her?”

This was a reasonable statement, coupled with his flawless illusion technique in Earth Immortal stage and lower, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had no doubt about him and didn’t pay too much attention.

However, actually, what the illusionary child said was another thing entirely.

“In short, I suspect that she is an outside path Jindan.”

“Outside path?”

“Yes, at least, not on the immortal path that we cultivate. At least, I don’t believe a normal Jindan could be that strong… she just looks like a Jindan.”

After he finished saying that, the people around the illusionary child was shocked. Even the man in black stopped, turned around, and listened quietly.

“How… is this possible?” Xuan Mo could not help but ask, “This is after the Age of Chaos. The surrounding spiritual energy is lacking. The Great Dao has also been blinded. Even all the roads in the immortal path are difficult and bumpy. So how could outside path be cultivated to this point?”

One person speculated, “Perhaps it’s because the right path is being blocked that’s why people could walk on a slanted path. The so-called immortal path was, after all, initially just a narrow path cut out by the great powers of the Desolate Era hundreds of thousands of years ago, which was gradually widened by the numerous generations after that into the Great Dao. However, that’s not to say that we couldn’t go any other way. I have seen the power of the outside path with my own eyes, it was as fierce as you and I. It’s just that… it’s indeed amazing that there’s actually still a cultivator of the outside path after the Age of Chaos.”

However, when the topic came to this point, someone suddenly realized something and asked, “… If she’s really an outside path cultivator, then how could she still be considered a Jindan? This is basically cheating!”

The illusionary child shook his head. “There’s no evidence. I had been fighting with her for more than a month, yet I am completely unable to see through her completely. No matter from which point of view, she’s just an ordinary peak Jindan. The movement of her true Yuan and the fluctuation of her primordial spirit are far from the range of what could be considered as normal in the outside path. Thus, even accusing her of cheating would be meaningless, instead, it would only make people think that we are sore losers. However, this kind of outside path cultivator is almost invincible under the current rules. If we go all out, it would only reveal our cards—I doubt that she has already shown all her strength.”

“… How many points would we lose if we give up all the competition that she’s involved in?”

Xuan Mo calculated, “At most five hundred and ten points, insignificant to the whole competition.”

The illusionary child said, “Mm, it is the same one from my calculation, that’s why we can afford this loss. There’s no need to cause greater losses for this five hundred points. In addition, it would make the person after that to take it seriously. Those guys are actually not as bad as we thought. Let alone He Tu, the so-called number one person in Nine Regions, I think none of the Sect Leaders of their top rank sects are easy to deal with. Moreover, what I care about is their ability to learn and grow. I was dragged by Wang Wu for more than a month, plus the three months of forced delay in the opening ceremony… it’s been a bit too long already.”

The man in black said, “Next, when the competition is started, regardless of martial or cultural, we need to put out our best to crush their morale as soon as possible in the shortest possible time and end this farce as soon as possible. If necessary, I would also participate.”

“Black, you also…” Upon hearing this, the several Earth Immortals were pleasantly surprised.

“Only when needed.” The man in black coldly said, “I am a sinner, not worthy of your dependence. Don’t forget what I’ve done!”

On the other side of the rostrum, the people of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were not idle.

“Wang Wu, in your opinion, that illusionary child…”

Before He Tu could finish his words, Wang Wu had already waved her hand indifferently. “Nothing remarkable. Among the Earth Immortals, he’s more or less in the middle of the pack, which is similar to Xuan Mo.”

Hearing Wang Wu said so, people around her felt slightly relieved—the illusion of the illusionary child was really frightening. And that was in Jindan Stage. If it was in the higher stage, who could stop him?

But since Wang Wu said so, perhaps there were some unknown weaknesses in the actual fight. Thus, as long as they could grasp them, they might have a chance of winning…

“Em, you guys seem to have misunderstood. What I mean is, except me, if you guys meet him in the other events in the future, everyone else should forfeit the match directly, so there’s no need for you guys to waste any more time.”


Wang Wu earnestly said, “In addition, I suggest that after the start of the competition, we should send some weak players for the time being…”


“Because I guess that the Earth Immortal side plans to force a quick decision in the fight, to obtain victories in the early stage with the fastest speed to crush our morale so that the Grand Competition situation would become irreversible. During that period, they would bring out their best, which we could never win with our current strength.”

He Tu asked, “If we can’t compete in the fighting events, then what about cultural events?”

“It’s the same, they have Luo Xue, someone who is proficient with all kinds of skills. It’s hard for us to win in events such as chess, calligraphy, painting, and the likes. In addition, several sub-events in the fighting competition are also similar, there are insurmountable difficulties.”

The red-robed ancestor asked, “How could you be so sure?”

“Of course it is because they told me.” Wang Wu laughed and said, “Although the illusionary child is not the core member of the Earth Immortal side, his illusion technique is amazing, he has abundant information.”

“Why would an illusionary child tell you this information?”

Wang Wu said, “Of course it’s because… he got tricked by his own illusion. His real illusion indeed trapped me for more than a month, but at the same time, how could he not be trapped by the illusion that I reflected back?”

Speaking to this, Wang Wu put on a happy smile on her face. “The harvest in this fight is really abundant!”

Upon hearing this, He Tu and the others were amazed. When they were still guessing what harvest Wang Wu was talking about, a gloomy smile of Wang Lu came from the side, “Yeah, the harvest is really abundant.”

“Damn, did you actually see it or not?”

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