Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 646 You Always Want to Make Big News and Criticize Me

Chapter 646 You Always Want to Make Big News and Criticize Me

"It’s always painful to be a prophet."

In the exquisite courtyard of Immortal Five Area in the City of Immortals, Wang Wu lied on her back on the rockery, put down her wine gourd in an interesting way, and then looked up into the blue sky, watching two figures fighting among the clouds.

The third round of the single person match of poison competition on Yuanying Stage level between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal and ancient Earth Immortal was currently underway.

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This was also the battle that had attracted the highest attention in the past month since the end of the fight between Wang Wu and the illusionary child and the official start of the Grand Competition. The winning points alone exceeded fifty, which was better than the sum of four or five cultural matches. Moreover, the player from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal was an experienced Yuanying Stage expert, which greatly enhanced the public opinion before the match, as if the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side was bound to win the match.

"Unfortunately, I was quickly blinded by his damn omen, pity my great warrior of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals…" Wang Wu looked sad and drank the second half of the gourd wine. "Before it happened, I had predicted that this guy would certainly die without a doubt. As a result, his supporter turned angry at me. No wonder it is said that leading half a step in front of the people is a genius, but one step ahead is a madman."

"Cut the bullsh*t, you could only lead the world one step ahead in how low you could stoop to. People with discerning eyes know that he is just throwing his life away. The propaganda before the match is pure sensationalism from the few literati. After all, a fantasy is just that, a fantasy. If just by loudly singing empty words and one could immediately be able to triumph in every battle, I wouldn’t have to go to the Western Continent and work hard there."

Under the rockery, Wang Lu continued to sneer while holding a stack of documents.

"I already reminded them at the beginning of the Grand Competition that the Earth Immortal would try their best to suppress our morale. So I proposed to avoid it by not sending our best in the early stage. Even the best among the Five Unique must restrain themselves. But those small and insignificant sects came out screaming trying to outdo each other in boasting, and even after being advised against again and again, they refused to accept it! Right now the on the stage is this Senior Red Blood Poison. I don’t know from which corner he came from, but he’s already being regarded as a famous expert, f*cking hell!"

Wang Wu whispered, "This Senior Red Blood Poison was quite famous more than seventy years ago. He actually came from a high-rank sect but was expelled because he repeatedly violated the taboo due to his vicious temperament. However, he also had a rare encounter which made him stronger than his fellow martial brothers and sisters…"

"I don’t care whether he was famous or not, but right now, it’s not the same. On the stage, he doesn’t seem to be clear-headed. Tsk, isn’t red blood poison also known as blood poison diffusion, red land for a thousand miles? How could it be bound inside the body by the enemy, making it unable to come out? The taste of red blood poison bite back ought to be pretty good, look how pleasurable it feels, he even shows the white part of his eyes! Oh, he’s body exploded, what an awesome firework!"

Wang Wu lied on her back and laughed. "Hahaha, why do I feel that you are full of resentment? Did he offend you?"

Wang Lu said, "Well, it could be regarded as not an offense. In the beginning, I kindly came out personally and advised him not to be fooled by those fools. As a result, he immediately became hostile and started to scold me, calling me just a baby and so on… heh, in the City of Immortals, people who dare to be so rude to me are rare."

Wang Wu said with interest, "Unexpectedly even this one? Then how did you deal with him?"

"Humph, this Senior Red Blood Poison has been living in seclusion for decades, and after this Grand Competition was widely publicized in the whole Nine Regions, he became one of the candidates for the match. If you say that his IQ is insufficient, then it must be! But there must also be a lot of villains behind him who egged him! In this fight, any person with discerning eyes could see that the withered Earth Immortal on the Earth Immortal side over there is extremely powerful and merciless, and if they are not sure of victory, then they should immediately concede; if they want to fight, they would surely die. In light of this, how could the Senior Blood Red Poison have the courage to appear? And even after I came out, I couldn’t dissuade him?"

Wang Wu said with a smile, "Naturally, there were some people who bullied that old man for hiding from the world for too long. They accused you and me, and even the entire high-level officials of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals of only paying attention to our own interests while suppressing that of experts that come from the rest of the folk. Then they bragged about his strength, making him forget himself, thinking that he would become instantly famous in the fight. But he didn’t know that the others don’t want him to become famous, but want him to die on the spot!"

Wang Lu nodded. "That’s the way it happened. When he died, the contrast between his death and the previous propaganda was too great, and thus very easy to rouse the public into action. At the appointed time, as long as one could guide the mood of the masses, one could burn down the arrangement that we, the organizers, have prepared. For example, one could tell that the preparation was not good, the drugs provided were unsatisfactory, or one could simply accuse us of being half-hearted, and colluded with the Earth Immortals, which would cause these capable people to nurse grievances to the competition."

"You seem to be very familiar with this!"

"I have seen a lot of the repertoires used as the pretext. I have previously seen something like, the ’Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, please slow down, wait for your people, your conscience!’ Compared with that, this is just a joke." Wang Lu lightly said, "What’s more, there were fewer similar complaint letters received in these two days."

"Hahaha, how did you deal with it"

"I directly sent the complaint letters to little Hai for processing, but I don’t know if he has contacted the waste paper disposal agency." Wang Lu curled his lips, showing his bureaucratic demeanor.

"What are you going to do with those who incite the fire? Do you deny the rumors publicly?"

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Wang Lu said, "That’s the best policy. Why waste your tongue when dealing with a group of flies and dogs? Just crush them down and that’s it. Find someone to seize them and then randomly search and publish the evidence of their crime. In any case, they would not get the chance to answer back. The public could then only believe of what we say."

"Mm, it’s beautifully done. By the way, remember to give me a share when you confiscate their properties. But, I’m afraid that among those who agitate, there are not only scraps and waste but also some big fishes."

"I know. The high ranks of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals are not monolithic, there are many leaders in the top ranks sect who want to seize the opportunity. Therefore, when I was provoked by the Senior Red Blood Poison at the time, I didn’t knock out his front teeth on the spot. For these leaders of top rank sects, steamrolling strategy is difficult to apply, because previously, when I communicated with Supreme He Tu, I tried to sound out two or three rumors, but he was silent, so clearly he has no intention to assist."

Wang Wu sat up and muttered to herself irresolutely, "The old man He Tu is afraid that as the one with the biggest vested interest in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, his every word and action are of great importance, thus it’s not easy to express his position easily, right?"

"Yes, he has his considerations, so I won’t force him in this matter. During this period, he has given me enough support. If I couldn’t do something by myself, wouldn’t I be sorry for his expectation? Right now, crushing them out in the open squarely is not feasible, then… I’ll just change it to quiet crushing."

At the same time, in a large hall in the Immortal Seven Area, a scholarly looking cultivator was bowing his head at a table, furiously writing something.

"Mourning for the Senior Red Blood Poison… Senior Poison was endowed with exceptional talent. From the early age, he had been trained in a high-rank sect, his skill was well rounded and solid… Although his temperament was antisocial and frivolous for a while and thus his foundation was crippled by his sect, making it impossible for him to reach Deity Stage, but through a rare encounter, he inherited a world-shaking poison technique from ancient times, which made Daoist Master of Deity Stage difficult to win against him, and on the same stage, he was even more unequaled. However, today in the fight against an Earth Immortal, he utterly failed. His awe-inspiring poison completely failed to appear, which was inevitably shocking! And witnessing the death of Senior Red Blood Poison, people could not help but ask: Why?"

"Why did Senior Poison, whose victory was already within his grasp, die in the field after the meticulous preparation of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal? Why in recent months, in the fighting arena, there have been countless casualties from the loose cultivators and evil cultivators, but rarely from the prestigious and upright disciples? Why did Senior Poison die and situation of the Grand Competition is much worse, but the high ranks of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals remain set on their own way and do not want to repent?"

An excitingly powerful article was written by him in just a moment. Then the scholar laughed and said, "Mo Xian, send this article. I want to see it everywhere in the City of Immortal by tomorrow morning!"

The maid named Mo Xian, who was next to him, chuckled and responded to the order. She reached out and took the article, glanced at it, and then praised, "Master, your article is getting better and better. Once this article comes out, I’m afraid they would be forced to act."

Upon hearing this, the scholar laughed. "This has nothing to do with my article! It’s them who have to blame themselves for this! Since the preparation stage of this Grand Competition, every decision that they made, they did it themselves without consulting others. Moreover, their attitudes are rude and unreasonable, with no regard for others—only a few of their super sects had the benefits, but how much profit does my Heavenly Book Building make? Those elixirs are all right, but since they themselves told that they want unity, why when my Heavenly Book Building wanted to apply for knowledge sharing with the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, they actually used all sorts of excuses? Today, my article is simply to give voice for those countless people who have suffered hardships from this so much! Alright, the clock is ticking, send this article without delay."

The woman nodded and then turned around. However, just as she turned around, her smile turned stiff.

Her master spoke with a strong sense of righteousness, but… as a person closest to him, how could she not know the truth? This article was indeed wonderful, that was, in beating around the bush, throwing away the key idea, and instigating people’s heart!

For example, it was said that after his sect crippled his foundation, it was impossible for the Senior Poison to ever reach Deity Stage. This seemed to imply that he originally had a promising future, that he should be able to reach Deity Stage. But the fact was, with his spiritual root, peak Yuanying Stage was his upper limit.

Secondly, about him having a rare encounter and inheriting a great technique from the ancient times… the ancient part was true, but unfortunately, it was only an inheritance from a small sect twenty thousand years ago, and the quality might not necessarily be stronger than that of the present age. It was true that it was difficult for Deity Stage to win against him, but that was only for low-level Deity Stage.

About being invincible on the same stage, peak Yuanying was naturally almost invincible in Yuanying Stage. As for the later part, how could he die tragically after all the preparation from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals? Why was the death of the people from the famous upright sect rare? Because they had warned the loose cultivators to not throw their lives away. On the contrary, it was them who instigated them to appear!

However, this was all for the benefit of the Heavenly Book Building… if this ’eulogy’ were to be sent out, the high-pressure posture of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would inevitably be loosened. Moreover, in order to quell the public anger, they even had to issue an explanation. At that time, the long-prepared Heavenly Book Building would have a great prospect.

However, when the enemy was present, there were still internal struggles, was doing this… really good?

With such a doubt, Mo Xiang went out of the hall. However, just as she arrived at the door, she saw a person was already there.

A blonde girl with blue eyes.

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