Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 654 I Am Really Sorry For My Wing

Chapter 654 I Am Really Sorry For My Wing

In the restaurant lounge, Wang Lu kindly and thoughtfully served the triumphant heroine cold liquor to restore the physical strength.

The sweaty Aya nodded tirelessly, washed her hands in the basin, took over the offered sweet wine. However, her wrist was actually unable to hold the cup and it slipped through her fingers.

Wang Lu immediately reached out and grabbed the wine cup. He then took it to Aya and gave her a mouthful to drink. A moment later, the girl’s pale cheeks showed a tinge of red, and her blurred eyes were restored to a certain degree of clarity.

"That was dangerous! If he hadn’t quit halfway, I nearly couldn’t hold it." Aya shook her head and was quite dissatisfied with her vulnerability. "It seems that my practice is not enough."

Wang Lu said, "Don’t blame the victor, it’s just a well-known act my one hundred victory girl. You competed against the Food Immortal by intuition rather than skill, in each dish you have to predict using all of your concentration, so it costs no less than an intense battle. And you have been able to fight more than two hundred and eighty times in succession. This resilience is second to none among the Supremes."

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Aya said, "But ultimately, the victory lays in your arrangements…"

Wang Lu took the empty cup from Aya, turned around and then picked up two shinning immortal fruits for her.

"I’m still worried that you are dissatisfied with this despicable machination."

Aya said, "Although I hate despicable things, all your arrangements are within the rules, so I don’t feel that this is repulsive. And I even enjoyed fighting against such an opponent. However, this kind of victory could only be achieved once. Next time the opponent would be cautious and would not leave any chance to be taken advantage of."

Wang Lu said, "It doesn’t matter, next time, I would crush them with strength in an open and aboveboard way."

As Aya ate the fruit, she looked at Wang Lu suspiciously.

Crushing with strength in an open and aboveboard way? This sentence… doesn’t fit with you at all you know.


"Dead Face, see what I bring back today!"

In the A17 Area, a healthy teenager, carrying two food boxes, kicked the door of a residential building.

Behind the door, in the dark environment, two dark green eyes opened, and then a stiff and hoarse voice rang out, "Little Mouse, I’ve warned you not to destroy my door anymore."

"Hahaha, don’t be so rigid, today I return with a full load! The Full Mountain Red Restaurant in the Human Five Area is offering excellent dishes free of charge. And I stake my life to grab two boxes of food in the middle of a group of cultivators for you! It’s absolutely good stuff, totally incomparable with the ones that are automatically generated everyday in this room!"

With that, Shu Si opened the food box and let the refreshing dish fragrance spread out.

"Hahaha, what do you think? Cool isn’t it? Don’t put on your usual long face, you can droll if you want. Don’t worry, it’s not stolen, it’s really a big gift from the restaurant. It is said that Wang Lu had a competition with the Earth Immortal in food tasting. As a result, he forced the other side to surrender before the competition was over. These dishes were meant to be tasted by them, but now could only be given away free of charge."

After listening to Shu Si’s explanation, the Dead Face said, "You mean, Wang Lu himself had made his move?"

Shu Si began to eat a dessert vaguely said, "Not that he personally did it, it’s just that he found a god of fight from the Western Continent, who is said to be a woman but has the real power of a Supreme… The cultivators around me just said it casually, so I couldn’t quite understand. But all in all, Wang Lu won, and now everyone is celebrating the victory. Many shops are offering discounts… but my capital is limited, so I couldn’t afford them."

After a while, when he saw there was no response from the Dead Face, Shu Si asked, "But, is there a need for such a celebration? This is just one win, and in a trivial food tasting competition, which only has twenty points. The fighting competition that resulted in a loss not long ago has more than fifty points."

The Dead Face said in a cold voice, "Ignorant kid! This victory is only the beginning, it would be used by Wang Lu to pave the way for the final battle."

"Pave the way before the final battle?" Shu Si’s cheeks bulged and he revealed a puzzled face.

"Humph, it’s just a waste of time explaining it to you… Next, Wang Lu would continue to repeat the small victory like today. He himself would not appear, but instead would push people around him one by one and without exception they all would win. If you want, you could take advantage of that, but that is not important… Little Mouse, remember, if there’s news that Wang Lu wants to personally appear to compete, you must promptly inform me, no matter what I am doing at that time. If you forget, I’ll let taste the pain."

Shu Si’s whole body shivered. "Hey, hey, hey, Dead Face, we’re already so familiar with each other, why do you need to threaten me? When was the time I failed to do what you told me? Alright, I’ll let you know as long as Wang Lu personally make his move okay? Pfff, unexpectedly you’re also a fan of Wang Lu…"

Before he finished talking, however, Shu Si felt his tongue numb and couldn’t say a word. This was the most used trick of Dead Face when Shu Si was being noisy. Realizing this, Shu Si grinned, made a face. He didn’t take it seriously and began to concentrate on the delicacies in front of him.

The Dead Face was not in a hurry to eat—in fact, Shu Si never saw him really in a hurry to do anything—but was fiddling with a copper coin in his hand.

Shu Si suddenly became interested—after living with the Dead Face for so long, he knew it was his divination trick, the accuracy was unknown, however—because he would never tell what he was divining. However, Shu Si was still very interested in the result of his divination.

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The Dead Face threw the copper coin into the air nine times in a row, and all of the results was the Head! Shu Si looked at it with gusto, but by the tenth time, the Dead Face actually covered the result with his hand, not allowing Shu Si to see it.

"Tsk, you’re so stingy!" The teenager shook his head in dismay and then fiercely stuffed the last piece of immortal grass cake from the food box into his mouth without leaving a piece for the Dead Face!


At the same time, in Immortal Five Area, in the courtyard reserved for the general planning place for the Organizing Committee, there was a new guest.

"Senior Brother, long time no see."

A young girl dressed in a colorful long dress called her Elder Brother from the gate of the courtyard with a sweet and pampered voice, which soften the beautiful scenery of the whole courtyard.

From the exquisite house under the shade of a mottled tree, Wang Lu pushed open the door and similarly greeted the guest with a smile.

"Long time no see, Little Liu Li. You seem to have lost quite a lot of weight. Fortunately, not in the place where it’s not supposed to."

The next moment, a cloud of colorful clouds fluttered before him. Liu Li arrived right in front of him, grabbed his sleeve, and looked at him with both eyes. "Senior Brother, you said in the letter that you would treat me to eat anything I want all day and all night, is it true or not?"

Wang Lu touched her head and said, "When did I ever deceive you?"

Upon hearing this, Liu Li began to count with her finger. "The first was in the sect’s grand final fight, the second time was at the Cloud Platform, the third time…"

"… Okay-okay, no need to count anymore, I’m indeed guilty of serious crime, but this time I do not lie to you. The owner of the Full Mountain Red Restaurant in Human Five Area just gave me two free meal vouchers for life, and I could go there any time I want. I know that you’ve been working hard with other people in Royal Soldier Sect recently, so your meals must have been simple. That’s why I called you here to improve your meals."

"Hahaha, my Senior Brother is the best!" Liu Li said and jumped toward him with joy. Her movement was lightning fast and she slammed Wang Lu, this cultivator of Non-Phase, that he staggered back. If there was not enough cushion at her chest, she would probably suffer some trauma.

Wang Lu embraced this cheerful and lively Junior Sister, but was also inwardly surprised by her unusual speed. "After not seeing you these recent times, you’ve really made a great stride…"

As soon as his words came out, he immediately saw the bitter face of Liu Li. "Senior Brother, during these recent times, we were all tortured by those perverted old men in the Royal Soldier Sect. Every day, from morning till night, we didn’t have any moment to rest. Moreover, we were forced to drink those sticky nutrients drink from time to time…"

"Wait a minute, it’s certainly good that you still can be lively and active even after those harsh training, but who taught you to sum up your training life with these obscene words?"

Liu Li blinked her big beautiful eyes. "It’s Fifth Aunt. She taught me to say that, saying that I should say those words when I meet other people. Those people from Royal Soldier Sect lost their head out of fear and came to look for me, asking me for my conditions!"

"… Damn that bitch! Forget all the nonsense that she taught you, and then come and eat with me!"

"Okay!" Hearing the word eat, Liu Li immediately threw the Fifth Aunt out to the back of her head and forgot all about it!


"Here, this is the Overwhelming-with-sadness food that was previously praised by the Food Immortal, taste it."

"Hmm…" The smile of Liu Li was full of expectation, eager to dig a spoonful and put it into her mouth.

The next moment, the girl’s charming smile collapsed and tears flowed out.

"Huhuh, Senior Brother, I’m thinking of the training experience again, every day it’s hard…"

Wang Lu could not help but sigh. The hellish training of Royal Soldier Sect was already well-known, one in ten people survived till the end of the training could already be considered as a good result… Although this time the people that they trained were the elites of Nine Regions, the elimination rate was quite alarming.

Even the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, such as Zhan Ziye and Zhou Mumu had to try very hard to persevere. Only Qiong Hua and Xiang Liang who were relatively relaxed, while Liu Li was a bit less than the lead disciples of the Five Uniques. Thus, for her to complain how hard it was, it was indeed not easy.

Then he heard Liu Li say, "Royal Soldier Sect never gave us enough to eat, saying that we should live in an extreme limit and moreover, every time we ate, all the foods were unpalatable… When I tried to secretly sneak in some snacks, I was reprimanded by them… I haven’t eaten anything delicious for a long time."

Hearing this, Wang Lu almost teared up: Turns out this is what you mean about the ’hard time’ there!

"Okay, I now know all about it. During this period, you can eat here with ease and eat as much as you want…"

Because in two days, you are going to experience something more brutal than the training of Royal Soldier Sect…

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