Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 659 I Saw the Signs of Lily

Chapter 659 I Saw the Signs of Lily

"Yeay, we won!"

"Hahaha, we won another match again! Hooray!"

Along with the loss of the Food Immortal, the cheers from outside the restaurant surged like waves.

Despite the unique atmosphere of the dark cuisine competition, which reduced the audience to less than half, when the remaining tens of thousands of people cheered together, their momentum was still impressive, and the festivity atmosphere was like a real substance.

Although it was only a small competition with no more than ten points, and although the victory relied more on intrigue rather than strength and ability, the outcome of the competition was more important than anything else. People didn’t have to bother to think so much, they just enjoyed this moment of victory.

When the Food Immortal was defeated and left silently, the audience could not help but enthusiastically rush into the lobby of the restaurant. The first few hundred people filled the restaurant lobby in a flash, while many more were stuck in the back. Without the golden armored puppet timely intervention to maintain order, these enthusiastic audiences could overturn the restaurant.

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The first few hundred audiences that managed to get in surrounded Wang Lu, Liu Li, and Aya, offering congratulations and praises. Most of which were given to Wang Lu.

"Long live Wang Lu!"

"Wang Lu, we love you the most!"

"Wang Lu, I want to give you a baby!"

Although the person who won the game was Liu Li and the person who made the crucial move was Aya, everyone knew that the real protagonist of the match was Wang Lu. Without his careful design and layout, this victory would’ve been impossible.

No one could compete with the Food Immortal in a match concerning food. Before Wang Lu made his move, the Food Immortal had defeated many famous masters of food in Nine Regions on the side of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in succession. Every time, they were crushingly defeated, without any hope whatsoever.

However, with just a few simple layouts from Wang Lu, it had already led to two successive defeats of the invincible Food Immortal on the dining table.

The implication of this was far greater than the twenty points brought by the two matches. Because people then began to think, perhaps under Wang Lu’s leadership, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could really turn the situation around and win the final victory.

That was what really mattered.

"Wang Lu, will we win next time?"

From the crowd around Wang Lu, a young cultivator excitedly asked.

"Of course." Wang Lu answered positively, "We would certainly win."

"Then will you continue to make your move?"

Wang Lu nodded. "Yes. These two victories are just the beginning, and the more exciting content is still in the future."

"But, when will you personally do it? We would like to see you personally defeat those Earth Immortals!"

Wang Lu smiled. "Very soon, no need to worry. We know that a satisfying climax is built on sufficient foreplay…"

It took a long time for Wang Lu to finally be able to deal with all these waves of fanatical fans.

It was impossible to meet one by one with these tens of thousands of spectators. Not to mention that, after the news of the victory had spread around, more people were still coming from the various area of the City of Immortals. To meet them one by one would take his entire month. Thus, seeing that he had already enough giving the image of amiable and approachable, Wang Lu politely refused the next meeting.

After calling the golden armored puppets to close the door of the restaurant, and after making sure that their surrounding was clear, Wang Lu took a long breath and laid on his back.

From beside him, Liu Li asked curiously, "Senior Brother, what’s wrong with you?"

However, the answer to her question was silence. Wang Lu had closed his eyes and gone to sleep. The girl was worried and tried to rock him. From behind, Aya came over, shook her head and whispered, "Don’t bother him. Let him rest for a while. In the past few days, he should be the one who was most tired."

"Oh." Liu Li didn’t ask why. Since Sister Aya had said so, she would of course comply. It was just that…"

"Sis Aya, I’m hungry."

"…" Aya was a bit surprised. Just now the girl had eaten so much, yet now she still felt hungry? But, very quickly she realized that most of the previous food that Liu Li ate was wiped out clean by her digestion. In fact, there was not even a gram of oil left in her stomach. No wonder she would cry hungry at this time.

Instead of absorbing nutrients, she had consumed a lot of true yuan in the process of eliminating the waste. It would be strange instead if she didn’t feel hungry!

It was just that… Aya looked back and said hesitantly, "But the chefs are already gone back, there’s nothing here."

Aya giggled and said, "Sister Aya, aren’t you also a chef?"

"Me?" Aya was even more surprised. "Would you like to eat my food?"


"But… " Aya was a bit hesitant. If Wang Lu asked for it, she would happily cook hundreds of traditional foods of Brettonia and then force him to eat them all—even the plate.

But Liu Li was so innocent and very likable, so much that people could not bear to being cruel to her.

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While Aya was still hesitant, Liu Li suddenly stood up and jumped over to hold Aya’s hand, holding her petite but powerful hand in her deep gully.

"Sister Aya, I’m really hungry."

Seeing how Liu Li behaved like a spoiled child to her, Aya only felt that, as the Knight King, the sharp sword in her heart melted away in this innocent girl’s arms and soft gully.

"O-Okay, I’ll do it for you. But, we better not disturb his sleep. Come with me to the kitchen."


Then, Aya smiled and re-tied her apron once again. She then took Liu Li’s hand and took her back to the kitchen.

A moment later…

Aya came to the table on the back kitchen with fragrant fried rice with a golden egg.

Liu Li was already impatient, thus, she immediately picked up a spoon and unceremoniously dug up a spoonful into her mouth.

The next moment, tears of joy flowed down her cheeks.

"D-Delicious! This is the first time I’ve had such delicious fried rice with egg!"

Aya, who sat on the side, smilingly looked at Liu Li. While the girl wanted to follow her instinct to boldly ravish the food, she dared not forget her Master’s advice. She had to pretend to be a polite lady from a good family. Thus, she squirmed in her seat as these conflicting emotions battled each other in her mind.

"If you want to eat faster just do it, there’s nobody else here."

"Mm!" Liu Li glanced at her gratefully, and then directly lifted the plate…

Aya chuckled despite trying not to. The child was so innocent and adorable. Seeing her always warmed people’s heart, so much so that she could forget those rigid dogmas.

According to the knight’s dogma, deception was forbidden, but she was willing to ignore those rigid rules for the sake of Liu Li.

"Sister Aya," after she finished her last bite of rice and licked the rice smothered on the side of her lips, Liu Li then asked, "Why didn’t you show such a well-prepared food like this before?"

Hearing this question, Aya was somewhat annoyed but also helpless.

"Because you guys have never given me the chance to show it!"

The young girl Liu Li looked at her in puzzlement.

"Usually, when you go to my cafeteria in Misty Peak, when did you ever not bring your own food? This time in the Grand Competition, I was deceived, I was told that I should promote my excellent traditional food, but it was actually the poison competition who wanted me to make innovations! At the beginning of this competition, I was asked to come to the chef’s house, but I was asked to do the dark cuisine Look Up at the Starry Sky… How could I show my craftsmanship then?"

Although Liu Li was naive, hearing this heartfelt confession of Aya, she could also feel the grief and indignation in the Knight King’s heart and could not help but reach out and touch Aya’s wrist.

"Sister Aya, it’s been hard on you."

Aya shook her head. "There’s nothing embarrassing to admit that Brettonians are not good at cooking. I was also a very poor cook in Brettonia. I really didn’t know how to cook, and I didn’t agree with cooking with all my heart at the time."

Liu Li curiously asked, "Why?"

"I used to be a king and thus needed not defend my dignity in front of millions of people. It was undoubtedly too frivolous to cook by myself. I once cooked for my soldiers on the battlefield, hoping to make them realize that they were comrades-in-arms, but that time, it caused a sharp decline in morale. Soldiers and even some of my confidants were disappointed when they saw me. Obviously, for them, the king’s cooking was an intolerable evil."

Liu Li appeared to understand but not really. She only felt that it was difficult to be a king.

Aya continued, "Since then, I’ve had a mental rejection to cooking… Later, when I came to Nine Regions and settled in Spirit Sword Mountain, I was completely discouraged. In my heart, I abandoned my status as a king and chose to be a cook instead. It’s just that… when I finally realized the correct way to cook, it seemed that I have already made a big mistake."

At this point, Aya was indescribably saddened. Thinking of those years when the pale complexion of those disciples of Misty Peak ran away from her cafeteria, her heart was extremely uncomfortable.

"Cooking is really a broad and profound art. In the past few years, I have devoted all my energies to study cooking as devout as I was at swordsmanship. I regard the chopping board as a battlefield, and only recently I achieved a small success and realized the right path."

"Sister Aya is amazing!" Liu Li sincerely praised, "Since that’s the case, from now on, I and Senior Brother Wang Lu would go to Misty Peak cafeteria and could eat the really good stuff!"

"Wang Lu?" When Aya heard this name, she raised her eyebrows. "Don’t tell him about this."


"Humph, since that scoundrel already has such a deep-rooted impression of my cooking, just let him continue to be obsessed by it."

Aya said and then looked rather badly in the direction of the restaurant hall, toward Wang Lu who was still sleeping on the ground.

"Liu Li, later on, if you want to eat anything, just come to my cafeteria alone. If you are with Wang Lu, you would only have Look Up at the Starry Sky."

Liu Li immediately went alert. "I understand!"

Lily means "lesbian"

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