Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 661 Can’t Think of I

Chapter 661 Can’t Think of I

The appearance of Wang Lu also attracted the attention of both of the contestants.

Supreme Tian Lun slightly turned his head and, after giving off a smile, ignored him. However, on the other side, Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen stopped moving, his brows frowning tightly.

Although at present he had a slight advantage in this fierce calculation confrontation, the advantage was not obvious. This slight difference might be overturned at any time, so he should not be distracted from thinking about too many other things.

However, Wang Lu’s appearance made him have to think more.

Because Wang Lu shouldn’t be here at all. Although these two worlds were only derived from the two exceptionally divine calculations and did not possess the power to destroy all living beings, there were full of peak power thoughts.

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The mountains and rivers were fake, the strange misty peaks were also fake, but the power to create these gorgeous illusions from the darkness was by no means something that a mere Jindan could bear. Being here, being washed back and forth by two opposing forces, was no different from suicide.

Wang Lu was certainly not a person willing to commit suicide, so why did he come? What did he want to do here?

This incomparable amazing calculation was a one on one match, no outside force was allowed to interfere in the process. Even if Wang Lu had such a great magical ability, he was still not qualified to interfere at this time… As a matter of fact, the most puzzling thing in Lu Biechen’s mind was why would the other let Wang Lu in?

There was no need for someone to preside over this match, and there was no need for a server to attend to this arena. From the beginning to the end, there should only be two people, and this third person should not appear at all!

If there was a problem in his mind, naturally, he would have less calculation power. Thus, he had to stop his progress and then withdrew half a step.

Because the opponent had already begun to retreat, the wheel behind Supreme Tian Lun accelerated. Countless thin lines penetrated into the ground from the wheel and began to push his world forward.

Lu Biechen lost his earlier advantage and felt that the world he had calculated was beginning to collapse. The vanguard was no longer able to deal with the enemy, so he retreated half a step to regroup and then advance.

His calculation ability was better than his opponent. As long as he regained his strength, it was not difficult to regain the initiative and suppress the opponent.

However, after half a step, his subconscious mind took another half a step back.

He could not regain his breath by just taking half a step. Billions of characters surged through his mind, making profound and mysterious changes, which turned into a torrent of flood toward his opponent, but he still could not shake his opponent’s momentum. The opponent seized this opportunity into an attack. The opponent took just half a step forward, but it seemed to have infinite strength.

After half a step, it was another half a step. After three consecutive half a step, he had already withdrawn by more than a hundred miles. The world of Supreme Tian Lun, which was originally swallowed by a whale halfway was now spat out most of it.

Lu Biechen’s heart sank, knowing that things had become difficult to improve. The battle was not likely to be won easily, but unfortunately, he had no time to calculate these changes. Thus… he could not hide this deficiency.

He intended to change his current algorithm to the one that he had yet to fully grasp and still had many shortcomings but was undoubtedly efficient and more powerful.

As a matter of fact, at the beginning of the match, he realized that he was in a weak position in the algorithm. When it came to calculating power, he was more than twice as good as Supreme Tian Lun. However, the outcome was almost indistinguishable. He only had a ten percent advantage, and even that was not stable.

This was an incredible thing. He was known as Calculation Immortal, not only because he had an unparalleled calculation power. More importantly, because he had also mastered thousands of different algorithms, which could be perfectly adapted to his need on any occasion. Most of his cultivation was used to improve his calculation power and algorithms. He was confident that no one else in the world could be better than him in calculation power and algorithm. He was, without a doubt, the first person in his field.

Yet, Supreme Tian Lun’s algorithm was indeed above him. More efficient and more varied.

After sleeping for sixteen thousand years, he finally missed a lot of things… It was thought that after the last Age of Chaos, the Nine Regions was completely withered. However, it seemed that after the surrounding spiritual energy gradually dried up and the law for the Great Dao suffered, the descendants had found new ways and made remarkable achievements.

Unfortunately, he had no effort to spare to lament these trivial things. Lu Biechen calmed himself and was ready to use his killer move.

In this huge and complex confrontation, suddenly switching algorithm seemed to be suicide for many calculation experts. However, to be considered as a trump card by the Calculation Immortal who masted tens of millions of algorithms, it naturally had its strength.

All rivers would run into the sea. Everything was inclusive. As long as he put his mind together, the new algorithm would replace the current one, and with its more efficient calculation, he would completely crush the opponent.

However, the moment Lu Biechen switched his algorithm, there was a new change in the field. The unexpected visitor took a step forward.

Wang Lu, it’s you again! A mere Jindan; are you still dreaming of stirring up the winds and rains here?

Nevertheless, the next moment, Lu Biechen was stunned. Because when Wang Lu took a step, behind him was also broken mountains and rivers, which was then subsequently rebuilt. However, his world was not the same as Supreme Tian Lun nor Lu Biechen. What appeared behind him was millions of cities and their billions of inhabitants.

In a twinkling of an eye, the layout of the competition arena had changed from two powerful and more or less evenly matched forces to three strong forces!

"What is going on here? Is a little Jindan really so powerful that he could participate in such a contest? Moreover, even if he has the ability, it’s not the time to show it! This is a one on one fight, not a group fight!"

At this moment, there were many thoughts in Lu Biechen’s mind.

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If other people were to involve, he would not think too much of it. But Wang Lu… was indeed different. This little guy was so good at creating miracles that it was not strange for him to turn impossibility to possibility. Lu Biechen tried several times to create a mathematical model for him, but it all ended in failure.

This was a very difficult person to calculate, a variable that was very difficult to deal with. Although in the face of a Supreme and an Earth Immortal he could not play too much of a role, in the fierce fight between these two powerful opponents, he might be able to tilt the balance!

Others might not pay too much attention to Wang Lu, but Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen always held planning before doing something in high regard. Thus, before the start of the competition, Wang Lu had also been carefully investigated by him. In that investigation, he found out that in Xudan Stage Wang Lu had traveled to the Western Continent and borrowed the hand of an ancient sage to destroy several Holy Ones.

At that time, Wang Lu was only in his twenties and his cultivation base was still in Xudan Stage!

Therefore, in the face of this strong intervention of Wang Lu, Calculation Immortal had to hesitate. His new algorithm had already been prepared, but now it seemed like it still needed an adjustment to include Wang Lu’s intervention.

However, this was already beyond the scope of his ability. It was not difficult to include Wang Lu as a variable, after all, his strength was far superior to that of Wang Lu, even if now Wang Lu seemingly had the power to make this a three-way fight. However, there was still Supreme Tian Lun. Supreme Tian Lun who was moving forward step by step!

This split second of astonishment had caused irreparable consequences. Lu Biechen the key opportunity to change the algorithm. In the face of tremendous pressure from Supreme Tian Lun, he had to take another step back.

This step, however, had already placed him outside the stage.

At the last moment, the pressure from the front was extraordinarily strong, almost doubling its previous expansion, and it was so sudden that he was unable to respond. When he retreated, he intended to take only one step, but instead was pushed back by the pressure. This took his step farther back than he previously intended, and when he landed his foot, he was already outside the arena.

The outcome of the match was thus decided. But Lu Biechen, the Calculation Immortal, relaxed his mind instead. He was not very concerned about the outcome of this match. Instead, because of the result had been decided, he could work out something he was interested in calculating.

In an instant, the calculation yielded the result, and Lu Biechen involuntarily laughed.

"Good calculation, what a good calculation."

After sighing, Lu Biechen floated away, leaving hundreds of thousands of spectators outside the arena staring at each other. Their hearts were full of doubt and even the cheering voice for the victory was a bit less loud.

Could this… count as a victory? Although the victory result was certainly good, the process was not glorious enough. Was it unfair to forcibly join a one on one match? With two against one, even if they won, would people admit it?

But, just when they were still in doubt, from among the audience, a young man stood up and shouted hello.

His voice was not particularly loud because it attracted everyone’s attention in an instant—the voice was already well-known. People turned their eyes and saw a young man in a red and white dress.

It was actually Wang Lu!

People were shocked because at the same time, there was another Wang Lu in the arena! His world there occupied half of the arena, and his momentum was as strong as that of a Supreme and an Earth Immortal.

However, the next moment, Supreme Tian Lu stepped out of the arena, and Wang Lu in the arena disappeared.

After they were stunned for a moment, people finally realized what had happened.

It turned out the unexpected visitor in the arena was actually a diversionary tactic from Supreme Tian Lun since the beginning!

Supreme Tian Lun could use his superior algorithm to calculate out a world from the pitch-black primal chaos, naturally, it would not be difficult for him to calculate out Wang Lu. At the same time, when Wang Lu appeared, the world behind him was apparently derived from the world of Supreme Tian Lun.

Although the calculated Wang Lu would undoubtedly lack all kinds of charm compared with the real Wang Lu, it was still Wang Lu after all. And this was enough to surprise Lu Biechen and caused him to miss the good opportunity…

However, this method was more like a plan than calculation. This incomparable amazing calculation was about the competition of the world based out of the calculation, but Supreme Tian Lun had included his opponent in his calculation by using a strategy of calculating out Wang Lu, was this not a calculation?

It was then no wonder that the Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen would sigh with sorrow about how good the calculation was after he suffered defeat.

Although it seemed to fail to be just and aboveboard, able to use a plot to beat the Calculation Immortal, who could say that it was not a victory? Calculation Immortal was good at calculation and also good at planning. Even Wang Lu who loved to calculate and plan the most said that one should not use devious ideas to try to beat Calculation Immortal.

However, today, the Calculation Immortal fell into the plot of Supreme Tian Lun and thus lost. And since he himself was willing to win and also lose in a gamble, he, therefore, floated away.

Realizing this, people became more emboldened with their cheer. This was a victory, an unquestionable victory, without a doubt.

This victory belonged to Supreme Tian Lun, belonged to the entire Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and at the same time… it also belonged to Wang Lu.

Because as long as one was not a fool, it was not difficult to understand the truth.

Whether using calculation or plot, Supreme Tian Lun alone could hardly suppress Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen. Nevertheless, he eventually won. So where did the winning part come from?

Of course, it was Wang Lu.

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