Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 664 Good Female Friend of Seventh Madame

Chapter 664 Good Female Friend of Seventh Madame

Seventh Madame Zen Master Dog Meat was a well-known character in Nine Regions, but how could Hai Yunfan, who was Wang Lu’s pen pal for many years, not recognize that she was also a good female friend of the Supreme Non-Phase? Seeing her here, Hai Yunfan was glad.

Although she did not have the amazing record of the Non-Phase master and disciple, since she could become friends with them, especially a good female friend of Wang Wu, she would not be just an ordinary person… She criticized Hai Yunfan for not inheriting Wang Lu’s sharp tongue, so she must be a master of this skill.

Sure enough, after Zen Master Dog Meat appeared, she sneered at Mo Xiang and said, "You bitch happily yapping here, is it because without your master’s ’nourishment’, you become hungry and thirsty?"

With just one word from here, Hai Yunfan immediately sighed with emotion: She is indeed worthy to be a friend of those two master and disciple, as soon as she opened her mouth, dirt immediately came out! The air pollution index of the entire restaurant had been risen by one magnitude!

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However, although it made people deflate, this kind of personal attack could not alleviate the anxiety caused by Mo Xiang. Because Mo Xiang was telling the truth, and how could someone refute the truth?

In fact, being insulted by Seventh Madam, Mo Xiang merely let out a light smile, completely turning a deaf ear.

However, the next moment, the words from Seventh Madame forced her to change her countenance.

"The path of Immortal Cultivation was a narrow road that kept on narrowing. Millions of people walked on that road, but only a few could reach the highest point. Most people would stop halfway. But some people would choose to enjoy the scenery at their feet, while others would complain and drag more people into the abyss with resentment. All of us have heard the saying that Immortal Cultivation is the privilege of genius. Only the most extraordinary genius is qualified to attain the highest level. Ordinary people have no need to work hard at all, because hard work would not bear fruit. Whenever we get stuck in a bottleneck, there would always be people who jump out and say let it go, and find thousands of reasons to prove that the way ahead is not feasible. Such people have existed since the Desolate Age and would continue to exist in the future. This bitch is just one of them. The question is, are you willing to be dragged down by her?"

With that, Seventh Madame drank a mouthful of wine, her liquor and momentum surged at the same time. "The path of Immortal Cultivation is a road that one could never admit defeat and to have to constantly challenge the limit. We start from Body Forging, and then Qi Cultivating, Foundation Establishment, Xudan, and then Jindan, Yuanying, Deity… Except for a few gifted people, most people have to go through a lot of difficulties, which could sweep out more than half of the cultivators before the hurdle. The gap between Xudan and Jindan is, even more, make most of the people feel powerless and incompetent. However, everyone here has crossed these difficulties. Are you sure you could get through the bottlenecks each time?"

Many restaurant patrons nodded in secret.

Except for a few people, most of them were of ordinary origin. In Immortal Cultivation they could not enjoy the massive resources of high-quality materials of high-rank sects. Every time they faced a hurdle, they faced great uncertainty. However, in the end, they all had made those breakthroughs and persevered until now.

"Since Immortal Cultivation is like this, why not Grand Competition? We have this and that reason to lose and we don’t have ten percent or even one percent chance of victory, but we will continue to move forward and overcome the difficulties, because that the way the cultivators should go. When we set foot on immortal cultivation, we should realize that our destiny is going against heaven. Cultivators live to go against the heaven."

Seventh Madame said and drank a mouthful of liquor, and then said with emotion, "The reason why Wang Lu never gives up, even when the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals is in deep trouble, is that he has the consciousness of a true cultivator and deeply understand that this is a road that could not be turned back, and that he should move forward until the last trace of his life is burned. People often talk about his miraculous battles, or admire his natural void spirit root, or praise his versatility of wit. But few people think that the thing that makes him truly stand out from the rest of the world is his unmatched never-give-up fighting spirit. Even when he met the Holy Ones of the Western Continent in Xudan Stage, he still drew his sword and charged forward! No matter who the enemies that he encounters, he never gives up. According to the number, his chance of winning was only one in ten thousand, but if he had given up fighting, he would’ve ended up as a pile of dead bones!"

Seventh Madame said with a mocking smile, "How could you doubt that Wang Lu had surrendered himself to the ancient Earth Immortals? When did he ever recognize defeat in his life? When did he betray his own team? Are mere ancient Earth Immortals deserving the betrayal of his principle? You guys have too underestimated him! Although he is only a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, he is more of a cultivator than anyone present here."

After a long silence, Mo Xiang sneered and said, "No matter how formidable Wang Lu is, he is just one person…"

"Yes, Wang Lu is just one person, so he actually needs everyone’s help. This is a major matter concerning the fate of Nine Regions, every one of us is involved in it, and there’s no reason to sit idly by. It is for this reason that Daoist He Tu decentralizes his power, Heavenly Sage Hall could sit and watch, and the grand Supreme Tian Lun willing to be told what to do! Because they all know what they should do at this time and how they should do their best to win. Even they have to pay a lot, even if the odds are small! Unfortunately, the people who have this awareness are too few. Seeing you guys, I can’t help but feel ridiculous and sad. While they are fighting for you on the front, you are questioning them in the rear. So, I wonder, is it worthwhile for them to fight so hard for the sake of waste like you guys?"

After those few words, countless faces in the restaurant couldn’t help but have their cheeks turn red while also sweat profusely. Some people felt so agitated that their mouth started to bleed.

Because there happened to be quite a number of contestants in this restaurant who were included in the list of two thousand contestants of Grand Competition. They should’ve fought side by side with Wang Lu, but just because of Mo Xiang’s words, their convictions actually shook. The thought of giving up and admitting defeat had actually crossed their minds. This was indeed shameful.

However, when they turned their heads and looked at the maid of the Heavenly Book Building, people’s eyes gradually turned cold. If it was not for her incitements, how could she shake their belief that they produced such a shameful idea?

"Oh? Want to blame me?" Mo Xiang fiercely grinned. "Yes, I’m trying to incite you, but every word that I say is true. No matter how hard you guys try, the odds are only one in a billion! And in this world, not everyone could stubbornly admit defeat like Wang Lu! As long as you guys realize the fact that you would fail, you will fail! Definitely will!"

"Shut your fucking mouth! I’ll kill you!" A hot-tempered cultivator was about to rush and make his move.

However, Mo Xiang was even more excited. "Good, you guys better kill me now, and then I could curse each and every one of you with my own death! Curse you guys to forever remember every word that I said!"


When Mo Xiang’s madness reached its climax, Seventh Madame suddenly nodded and made her move.

The next moment, Mo Xiang’s voice abruptly stopped.

Because she was already dead. Her beautiful head fell to the ground along with her grim smile. The body that had lost its head stood in place for a moment before silently fell.

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Seventh Madame shook her wrist as if to shake the dust. She then frowned and said, "Really disgusting."

The people in the restaurant were stunned.

She actually did it? Ignoring rules and killing people, and doing it right in front of the Golden-Armored puppet? Did she want to die? Although that crazy woman deserved to be killed, these Golden Armored puppets would not be that reasonable. Weren’t they relentless in dealing with violators?

However, the more surprising scene happened. Obviously, Seventh Madame had killed Mo Xiang, but the Golden Armored Puppets actually turned a blind eye to it. They merely apprehended that Yuanying Stage cultivator who lifted up Mo Xiang’s cloak and brought him away in silence.

That Yuanying Stage cultivator, who had been ready to spend his time in the small dark room, was shocked by this generosity, and then vigorously struggled. "Hey, are you guys blind? There’s a murderer over there, can’t you guys see it? Couldn’t you let me pass? You don’t care when people kill, but you want to punish me for lifting a cloak?"

However, how could the Golden Armored Puppets have room for negotiation? They just silently took that man away from the restaurant while the man continued to curse and shout along the way…

The people in the restaurant stared at Seventh Madame in horror and began to speculate on her identity. Some of them retreated secretly, feeling that this person was dangerous.

Seventh Madame saw them and sneered. "You guys are really rotten wood that couldn’t be carved. I merely killed a person that deserved to be killed, so of course, I won’t be stopped by the Golden Armored Puppets. Otherwise, wouldn’t this City of Immortals become the paradise for criminals?"

Upon hearing this, a cultivator was startled. "This… is indeed not unreasonable. But who should decide whether a person should be killed or not?"

Seventh Madame looked at him as if he was an idiot. "When you committed crimes outside, don’t you know who would punish you?"

"Crimes committed outside of course would be punished by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals… hey, is the authority of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals also effective in the City of Immortals?"

"Otherwise, do you expect those ancient Earth Immortals to judge the case for you? As long as the perpetrators have been certified by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, they would not be protected by any human rights here."

"Then what about the man that has been taken away just now…"

Seventh Madame quite impatiently explained, "Of course that’s because she did nothing at that time. But then she made a lot of remarks here, which was confirmed by people and proved to be conclusive, hence the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals issued the killing order. Okay, I know you guys want to ask who certified her guilt. Look over there, at the couple in the corner. The woman is Ye Feifei, a disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect. The man’s name is Hai Yunfan, Wang Lu’s current secretary, who is familiar with the rules and regulations in the City of Immortals. That’s why I didn’t need to talk nonsense for you, these group of idiots!"

Strictly speaking, Seventh Madame was a generous and open-minded woman, but in the face of a group of foolish people, her patience was far less than her Zen meditation.

"Ai, seeing your clumsy performances, no wonder people couldn’t afford to be confident." Seventh Madame sighed, but then smiled again. "Fortunately, we have come here this time."

We? Everyone had keenly caught that word.

At the same time, hearty laughter came from upstairs. "Seventh Madame still doing things so vigorously. When I just wanted to make my move, you have already killed her. Fortunately, the corpse remains intact and could be used by A Wu."

Amidst the laughter, a tall barbarian woman with simple animal skin and a feathered cap stepped down with heavy steps, trembling the restaurant with each step… if this restaurant hadn’t been built by the Earth Immortal, which made its quality high, perhaps it would’ve already been broken.

Behind that barbarian woman, there was also a handsome and graceful white-skinned scholar with beautiful eyebrows, red lips, and white teeth. It was obviously a woman dressed as a man. A gorgeous and beautiful dancer and an aboriginal witch doctor covered with totems.

These people were women with different identities and temperaments, but they were all cultivators of Jindan and Yuanying. Moreover, their momentums were amazing!

Within the same stage, the gap between cultivators could be hundreds or even thousands of times. For example, the number one Jindan in Nine Regions could easily crush one thousand ordinary Jindan cultivators. These women were undoubtedly the top powerhouses in their respective stage.

Such strong people were really rare, and their presence at the same time made people wonder who they were and where they came from. Because there were many people in the audience who were also knowledgeable but could not recognize these powerful people.

Seeing the doubts in people’s eyes, Seventh Madame slightly looked up. "We are the ones who could bring you victory."

Suddenly the witch doctor came to Mo Xiang’s corpse, picked up her head and grinned.

"Good stuff!"

There was a chill in everyone’s heart.

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