Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 666
Chapter 666: Women

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On the table, the women’s happy talk and laughter kept on going and going.

“Hahaha, come and feel it, Fan’Er’s chest is really getting bigger again! Moreover, it’s super elastic!”

“Hey, touch it slowly, will you!”

“Youyou is no fun, her body has all been refined, A Wu must wash it clean with maggot fluid to wash before it could be used.”

“Hey, somebody wants maggot? I have it here, want me to spread it now…”

“Tsk, stop bothering me by pulling my legs okay… by the way, Zhang Miao, don’t you feel tired dressing up as a man? Especially with your chess being tied flat, it makes people laugh. Big chest is not a bad thing…”

“Eat your meal and don’t mind my business! Never mind my chest!”

Listening to such dialogue as the only man in the table, Wang Lu felt a bit of pressure, but also deep doubt.

Where on earth did these women come from? When did Wang Wu meet with such strange characters? Moreover, the relationship between each of them was so close!

Zen Master Dog Meat was an old acquaintance. When he met her in Grand Cloud Mountain, it was only her Jindan avatar. At that time, she was trying the method of avatar splitting to break through the barrier between Yuanying and Deity… After not seeing her for several years, it seemed that she had yet to pass this step, but in peak Yuanying Stage, her ‘savings’ were getting deeper and deeper.

That barbarian woman Youjiu of Song had a horrifying body that Wang Lu had never seen before. Although she looked tall and lean, without the bodybuilder’s muscles, but with Wang Lu’s current eyesight, how could he not see the infinite destructive power hidden in her body? Purely in terms of physical strength, almost no one in the same stage as her could be her opponent!

As for the witch doctor, A Wu, whose whole body was covered with bottles and jars and was fond of corpses, she was a master of long-lost witchcraft from the Desolate Age… It was reasonable to say that after the Desolate Age, the laws of heaven and earth had changed, and thus not only the witchcraft was lost, it also became invalid, let alone its principle had also changed over time. However, this witch doctor seemed to be unaffected by that law change; some strange witchcrafts were ready to be cast out at her fingertips…

The dancer Ji Lingfan and Wang Wu seemed to be the closest. The relationship between them seemed to be closer than that of Seventh Madame and Wang Wu. As soon as they were seated, they sat down beside Wang Wu without hesitation and pushed Wang Lu aside. Then they began to hug each other and embrace each other. And many of their intimate gestures even made an adult like Wang Lu uncomfortable. Only occasionally through split vision could he see that there was a wonderful rhythm in the movement of her hands and feet, which could affect the law of heaven and earth.

Then there was that scholar named Zhang Miao who dressed as a man but could not hide her beautiful figure. However, what was more noteworthy was that she had a writing brush in her hand, which she could use to write characters that then turned into objects, as if she had mastered the dao of writing, possessing great magical ability.

Anyone of these people was enough to become a powerful deterrent party in any region in Nine Regions. Moreover, their ability that was far beyond their apparent stage would make them more conspicuous… However, aside from Zen Master Dog Meat who became famous because she had a feud with the Beast Master School, the others were far from well-known.

With Wang Lu’s level of erudition, he could only recall the name of Youjiu of Song, where he read her in a miscellaneous book that he accidentally found before. The others such as A Wu, Zhang Miao, Ling Fan… he had never seen them in any records. It was as if they appeared out of thin air.

However, they were all really strong and had good relationships with Wang Wu. For a long time, Wang Lu hadn’t seen his Master’s undisguised happy smile.

Although normally, Wang Wu liked to laugh and the variety of her laughter was ever changing, such as rape-laugh, humiliation laugh, shameless laughter, rampant laughter… But it was seldom as cheerful and sincere as she was right now. She seemed much more relaxed in front of these friends than that in front of him.

But then again, although they had more than one hundred years of wonderful fate, their daily life was basically based on mutual harm. They had to be very cautious in their every word and deed. If they didn’t pay attention even the slightest bit, they would immediately fall into the pit dug out by the other side. It was both happy and painful… Although there was no lack of happiness, they basically had no time to relax at all.

Therefore, when he saw Wang Wu’s innocent smile, though he had doubts in his heart, Wang Lu did not interfere. All was good as long as Wang Wu was happy. Even if they only talked among themselves while leaving Wang Lu, Aya, and Liu Li out, Wang Lu didn’t care.

In any case, for Aya and Liu Li, they came here because of the free meal invitation. Thus, they were not qualified to complain about not being able to talk. Moreover, they had no friendship relation with Zhang Miao and the others. Everything was okay as long as they could eat happily.

Wang Lu himself only had an average appetite, so he only tasted the nearest dish of beef.

At this time, Aya sighed and said, “What a touching and sincere friendship. It reminds me of the establishment of the Knights of the Round Table. It was a good time where I and my friends have no distinctions of status.”

“That’s an unlucky analogy. I remember that soon after you founded the Knights of the Round Table, your country was torn apart and perish, right?”

Aya was silent for a moment. “Wang Lu, you really are getting chatty by the time.”

“Thank you.”

After being beaten by Wang Lu, Aya had nothing to say, so she began to drink the wine to drown her sorrow. After two cups, her cheeks had become a bit red, and her eyes turned to Wang Wu and her friends.

“These friends of Wang Wu are really strong.”

Wang Lu nodded. “How could they have the qualification to be friends with Wang Wu if they’re not strong enough?”

Birds of a feather flock together—Wang Wu herself was not glamorous and elegant. In fact, she was the complete opposite of glamorous and elegant. However, if they didn’t have the skill, they would not even enter Wang Wu’s eyes, let alone be her friends. Moreover, Zhang Miao, Youyou, and the others were powerful fighters specifically recruited by Wang Wu for the Grand Competition, so it was natural that they were really strong.

“No, what I mean is, they are really strong.” Aya was serious. “Although limited by their respective stage, impossible to be as powerful as a Supreme, they have already reached the limit of their respective fields. Just like Wang Wu’s defense and survival skills that have reached the limit.”

Hearing how Aya compared Youyou and the others with Wang Wu, Wang Lu was surprised: That formidable?

What kind of person was Wang Wu? The name of number one Jindan in Nine Regions had already spread throughout the Nine Regions. Her absolute invincibility in Jindan Stage had become the consensus of hundreds of millions of cultivators. Some people even suspected that she had long since deviated from the immortal path and entered the outside path—because in the theory of immortal path, there could never be such a powerful Jindan in the world!

And Youyou, A Wu, Zhang Miao… how could these people reach the level of Wang Wu?

“Not necessarily as formidable as Wang Wu, but they are undoubtedly on the same level. There are many similarities between them. I think the strength difference would not be too big.”

After speaking up to this, the sound of a light knock on the door came from outside the room, and then a new wave of dishes prepared by the chef was delivered one after another. When Aya saw the new dishes, her eyes immediately shone just like that of Liu Li and she immediately lost all her interest in talking.

As for Wang Lu, after listening to what she just said a moment ago, he could not help but put down his chopsticks and think about it.

The same level? These people consisted of Jindan and Yuanying Stage, but were evaluated as the same level by Aya? This reminded him of what Wang Wu had said a long time ago.

Jindan, Yuanying, Deity… The emergence and division of these stages were the results of the exploration and summary of the path of immortal cultivation by the previous generations of cultivators. However, the path to immortality was by no means just one. Now, it seemed like Wang Wu had undoubtedly broken away from the shackles of their predecessors, and with the help of the inheritance left by him in that year, had stepped on a brand new path in the path of immortal cultivation.

However, a kind of miracle like Wang Wu could not be repeated. Even Wang Lu himself was not prepared to take on her path, but was preparing to take the Yuanying Stage in a step-by-step manner. But now, according to Aya, there were many people who had the same view as Wang Wu!

Over the past more than one hundred years, what Wang Wu had experienced had always been a mystery, and Wang Lu never asked out of respect. But now, he was really interested.

Seventh Madame, Youyou… These people could not be recognized anywhere at will. And since they had come now, Wang Wu, who stepped on outside path, might also be inextricably linked with them.

No wonder they were summoned when a strong force was needed, and they seemed reluctant about it.

However, regardless if they could really be as strong as Wang Wu, then with the participation of these new forces, the pressure on the next match would be much less.

Just as he thought about it, those party women had begun to consume liquor in earnest and then started to clamor loudly.

The Drunken Immortal House was named after the Drunken Immortal, so naturally, the liquor in this house was very strong. Even the Knight King Aya whose power was comparable to that of a Supreme had her cheeks turned red after a few rounds of drinks. For normal Jindan and Yuanying, they would’ve already passed out drunk.

Of course, Seventh Madame and the others were not ordinary people, but after consuming dozens of bottles of wine, they also began to lose consciousness.

Youyou, the tall barbarian woman, drank a pot of liquor in a leisurely way, wiped her own mouth, gave Wang Wu a look, and rushed toward Zhang Miao, the scholar, and then threw her on the ground.

“Hahaha, little Wu, quickly come and help me hold Miaomiao down. I’m going to take off her clothes!”

Wang Wu was very happy. “Awesome, seeing her dressed as a man is also not pleasing to my eyes. She has big breasts, but she doesn’t show them to me! This is simply evil conduct that is against the heaven!”

Being thrown down by the barbarian girl, her tipsy feeling burst forth, thus she was unable to use her magical abilities. Seeing that the barbarian woman had put her hand in front of her clothes without hesitation, she was shocked and said, “Stop, you idiots!”

Wang Wu said with a drunken smile, “You’re still acting like you’re a man at this time?”

“You’re not a man, either! Aaa!”

While talking, Youyou had impolitely opened her clothes, revealing a white skin under the neck and a round-shaped bra.

The nearby drunken dancer Ji Lingfan gently covered her mouth and laughed, “Miaomiao, you really wrapped your chest. Why are you so secretive in front of your sisters, come and let us see your true face!”

Zhang Miao blushed and tearfully said, “Just wait, you perverts!”

When Wang Lu saw these drunken ribald actions, he saw that these crazy women seemed to be playing for real… The relatively uncommunicative witch doctor had directly untied Zhang Miao’s belt.

He was initially interested in watching, but thinking of the side effect after it, Wang Lu smiled and stood up to say goodbye. And then he grabbed the reluctant Aya and Liu Li—although they were both women, they were, after all, outsiders.

When the three of them went out, they heard a cheer of celebration from inside the room.

A certain handsome scholar had probably been finished…

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