Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 667
Chapter 667: Hangover

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In the residence of the Chief Planner of the Organizing Committee in Immortal Five Area, in the quiet courtyard, several birds were suddenly startled. Through the lush trees, a sad moan came out.

“Aaa, my head, it hurts. Water, water…”

In the bedroom, the renowned number one Jindan in Nine Regions was curling up in bed in agony. There was a thick and twisted smell of incense in the room, as if to hide something, which made it really weird.

Hearing the groans in the room, the owner of the residence came quickly, kicked open the door, and covered his nose with his hand. However, he actually did not use any spell to clear the smell in the room.

“Hehehe, refreshing, isn’t it? Does it feel like you’re floating?”

The woman in bed curled up and said in great pain, “Bring me water…”

Wang Lu pretended to be surprised. “Bring you water? Didn’t you have a good time getting water yesterday? Forcing Zhang Miao down to the ground and using all kinds of unsightly means to extract the ‘water’ in each other’s body… How is it that you are short of water now?”

“Damn it, are you done? I just want water, okay? Can’t you sympathize and bring me a bowl of water? Ahh, it hurts…”

Seeing Wang Wu’s anger over a splitting headache, mixed in with many kinds of suffering, as if there was a danger of her going through a metamorphosis, Wang Lu nodded. “Okay, here it comes.”

Then, he raised his hand and cast out a five element spell. A huge ball of water condensed out from the void, floated over Wang Wu’s head for a moment, before suddenly crashing down, splashing all over her face.


The person on the bed was immersed in water, screamed, and sat up violently.

And just as Wang Lu was ready to face her boiling anger and pulled out the Rogue Tears just in case…

“So cool, it’s so much more comfortable.”

However, he heard Wang Wu’s sigh of satisfaction and then, completely ignoring the wet quilt, she laid back again.

Wang Lu looked at her from head to toe and saw that she was dripping wet, making her white dress clung to her body. The places that should not be exposed seemed to appear, but she herself seemed not to care. After a while of lying on a completely wet bed, her breathing gradually slowed down.

Wang Lu was amazed. Just how could sleep in this condition?

“… Hey, the water just now, they won’t go straight into your head, right?”

Wang Wu immediately scolded, “You’re the one whose brain is filled with water! Just now, I was really dehydrated… That boiling blood wine is no joke. When dehydrated, the primordial spirit is in disorder and thus spells could not come out.”

“Hehehe.” Wang Lu sneered. Who told you to drink! Because it would be reimbursed by public fund you took as much as you want, right? By relying on your number one Jindan in Nine Regions status, you want to flaunt your impervious-to-poison Non-Phase Golden Body right? Alone you drank seventeen jars of drunk immortal wine the same with that barbarian woman Youyou to your heart’s content, right? Even the semi-poisonous boiling blood wine you took it heroically as if it was plain water right? If you’re not really hurt then it’s really unfair!”

However, Non-Phase Golden Body was Non-Phase Golden Body after all. Even a Supreme, if he or she drunk wine just like Wang Wu, would still need a long time to recover. But Wang Wu only needed a night’s sleep to return to her original state. The path of heaven was obviously not a reliable thing.

After a short rest, Wang Wu frowned. “What’s this strange smell? Is your incense out of date?”


When Wang Wu saw Wang Lu’s attitude, her eyebrows slightly frowned. In her heart, she felt that there must be a trap or something, but the headache caused by the hangover had not completely been alleviated, and her mind was a bit dull. Thus, she unconsciously raised her hand to create wind, which pushed open the window, trying to clear away the suffocating peculiar smell in the room. As a result, when the cool breeze blew, the strange fragrant drifted away, leaving behind a dizzying smell of alcohol. Regardless when the cool breeze turned into a gale, it just wouldn’t scatter.

“How did this happen?”

Wang Lu sneered and said, “This is the thousand miles fragrance. Didn’t you praise it last night when you drank a lot of it?”

“… So it stays here? Isn’t that too amazing? Moreover, there’s only the smell of wine here but not the wine.”

“The wine that you vomited out is certainly not so fragrant…”

“… Did I vomit last night?”

Wang Lu sneered, “Too much drinking and you’ll vomit, isn’t that obvious?”

“I didn’t do anything shameful did I?”

Wang Lu looked up and said thoughtfully, “With your shame limit, it seemed that nothing is shameful.”

“That’s good.” Wang Wu relaxed her mind and asked, “What about Little Seven and the others?”

“They were more responsible. After they woke up, they immediately went to work. Youyou had a match today, which would start on time in four hours. Do you want to watch it?”

Wang Wu directly sat up and snapped her right-hand fingers. A red flame then burned from under her feet to her eyebrows, evaporating all the liquid from her clothes, making them completely dry. Her whole person looked radiant, just like the elegant demeanor of Murong Bingli.

“Of course.”


Wang Wu’s attitude toward her friends was amazing. After hearing the barbarian’s You Jiu had a competition, she immediately went up from the bed despite her sorry state and instead seemed to look energetic.

Not long ago, the Sixth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect Lu Li came and fought against the Earth Immortal as a substitute and won by a narrow margin. The match was so popular that many Supremes from the Heavenly Sage Hall came to watch it. Yet Wang Wu did not come, and moreover, when asked, she argued with the courage of her conviction.

“Ah, Old Six that dabbler is basically sending himself out, I won’t watch it.”

But in her friend’s match, she was more active than anyone else.

“Hey, are there no props used for cheering? Are the fireworks and wine celebration ready? Youyou has to drink every time she wins, otherwise, she would feel worse than losing…”

Listening to his Master’s enthusiastic nagging, Wang Lu was even more curious about the origins of these people. How could they cause her to be so anxious, what in the world was happening here? During the past more than one hundred and fifty years, strictly speaking, Wang Wu’s heart should be like a dying ember due to her Senior Brother’s death. So how could she basically glow for these friends of her?

Of course, Wang Lu didn’t expect her to be like a chaste martyr. During the more than one hundred and fifty years window, it was more important for her to be happy than anything else. But, being happy should also have its reason, right? The fellow Brothers and Sister in Heavenly Sword Hall who had life and death experience with her could not make her untie the knot in her heart, so how could these women from all over the continent be able to do it?

All the way to the venue, Wang Lu didn’t want to sound out this problem, but he couldn’t help but think that the identity of Seventh Madame, Youyou, and the others was more and more mysterious.

The venue where You Jiu participated was located in Heaven One Area.

Heaven One Area was an independent realm, which needed a special teleportation array to connect with other areas. After crossing the teleportation array, they saw a crater.

The so-called ring-shaped mountain was a literal ring. A huge ring with a width of about 50 miles and about 100 miles in outer diameter. In the middle was an air-suspended island of ten miles in diameter.

The venue of the match was on that isolated island.

Special terrain created a special venue. Heaven One Area only had this one venue, but because of the special nature of this place, it could hold multiple competitions as needed. Right now, the Jindan level match was held here. The contestants for Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was the barbarian girl You Jiu, while the contestant from Earth Immortal was Du Xiaoxiao who was known for his strength.

The name Du Xiaoxiao seemed to elicit warm and cheerful feelings. People would easily think of a young man of a girl with a smile on their faces. But in fact, Du Xiaoxiao was a short, slender, expressionless figure who looked more like a dead person than a living one. Which was in stark contrast to his amazing explosive power.

On the other hand, Du Xiaoxiao was an extremely serious and responsible person. When Wang Lu took his Master to the spectator’s stand, Du Xiaoxiao had already arrived at the venue two hours earlier.

Although this Strong Power Competition was considered a martial competition, it was relatively less confrontational one. So the arena was not large, only a square mile of flat white stone. Du Xiaoxiao sat cross-legged on the ground, wrapped himself in a black cloak, and shut his eyes.

In this regard, arguments soon ensued among the audiences.

“Gee, he really knows how to show off, does he want to scare by posing here in advance?”

“Let it be, he shows off because he has the capital to show off. You’ve already seen that he had won all his previous matches before this.”

“… Could we win this match?”

“It is said that we would win the game if Wang Lu personally watches it. All the previous competition where he watched were all resulted in our victory.”

“If Wang Lu personally comes here, then I’ll bet that this would be a win. But, who is the person chosen to participate now? This You Jiu, I never heard of her.”

“Don’t think too much, since Wang Lu is here, then she’s probably good.”

“He’s the chief planner, so he is involved in making the list of contestants. Didn’t he previously favored the King of Ten Thousand Beasts?”

“Um… about this…”

Half a month ago, in the Strong Power Competition of Yuanying Stage level, Du Xiaoxiao’s opponent was the King of Ten Thousand Beasts who had a two-headed mammoth as his pet. His strength was so strong that in Strong Power Competition, he was nearly second to none. However, he badly lost to Du Xiaoxiao and suffered serious injuries. After seeing the match, Supreme Qin Shan of Shengjing Sect, who was previously full of ambition, immediately chose to postpone the match indefinitely. At present, there was still an emergency in the candidate position.

The contestant in Jindan Stage level was originally designated to Jiang Lu of Shengjing Sect. Power King True Body was a rare top method, even rare still that Jiang Lu managed to train it to a great success at Jindan Stage. Although everyone did not expect him to win, many were actually still somewhat hopeful.

However, now he had been replaced by a barbarian woman named You Jiu of Song, which naturally led to some doubt.

Not long after, amidst the doubts of people, the other contestant finally appeared.

You Jiu of Song, a tall and fit barbarian woman, still wore the animal skin from her tribe. Her pace was neither hurried nor slow, but heavy and powerful.

After the barbarian woman appeared, the arguments between the audiences became louder, but they were soon covered by an earth-shaking cheer.

“Youyou! You’re finally here!”

Wang Wu’s voice was unusually loud. It even covered the voices of many Yuanying and Deity Stage cultivators in the venue, which made people fully realize the real strength of this number one Jindan in Nine Regions was actually far beyond her Stage.

Then, fireworks flew up from Wang Wu’s hands, which subsequently covered the sky with colors for miles. The audience gaped at the magnificent view of the sky. Wang Lu silently walked away from such people.

After letting off the fireworks, Wang Wu took out a bottle of wine and waved it high. “I have prepared the wine. Win this match and we’ll drink till we pass out!”

In the arena, Youyou turned around with amazement and then showed a bright smile. “Awesome!”

On the other side, Du Xiaoxiao, who had been sitting for a long time, finally stood up. Although his movements were light, it nevertheless trembled the whole ground.

“We can start the match, right?”

Youyou turned her head. “Come on.”

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