Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 675 Behind the Success of a Lily Is a Man with Silent Dedication

Chapter 675 Behind the Success of a Lily Is a Man with Silent Dedication

"We won!"

"We actually won!"

Outside the fighting arena, countless cheers bloomed at the same time. However, just as people were ready to express their inner joy crazily, Wang Lu faintly said, "Won? How come I didn’t know that?"

In the audience stand, there was an untold number of people who wanted to cut Wang Lu into pieces. This guy’s ability to destroy the atmosphere was simply too strong. Previously, when Liu Li fell into a difficult situation, he remained calm despite the anxiousness of the people around him. But now, after she finally managed to turn the situation around, he poured cold water on the people’s head. To the audience, he was more hateful than the enemy!

However, no one dared to despise Wang Lu’s judgment. Because everyone knew that the way Liu Li manage to wake up the Skybreaker was filled with Wang Lu’s handwriting. Since he could calculate until this step, how could he not clearly understand about the current situation?

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It was just that… having achieved this step, was it not enough to win? Original magical ability being destroyed by Skybreaker resulted in a serious injury that was no different than beheading. Was it not enough to defeat a mere Jindan Stage Little Poison Immortal?

"If he suffered serious injury, he would not have survived, let alone stay in the camp of Earth Immortal to fight side by side with the human with his status as slaughtering devil."

While they were talking, Little Poison Immortal, who fell in mid-air, suddenly adjusted his figure. Although he was seriously injured and every pore in his body was oozing out green viscous blood, the piercing chill in his eyes did not vanish.

On the other hand, although Liu Li managed to break the opponent’s original magical ability, she also lost her Skybreaker. The immortal sword flew straight to the sky, but hadn’t actually returned. Moreover, that one move from her consumed ninety percent of her true yuan. At present, even the toxin invading her body was difficult to suppress. Her situation was even worse than Little Poison Immortal. She was basically unable to fight anymore.

Both sides suffered serious injuries, but Little Poison Immortal obviously had the upper hand in the means to fight back tooth and nail under severe injuries.

At that moment, Wang Lu finally stood up.

"… Are you going to give up?"

"It’s really… a pity."

The situation had developed to this point, which was already beyond the expectation of many people. When Little Poison Immortal let out his original magical ability, everyone thought that Liu Li would never be able to resist, but then the invincible might of Skybreaker opened everyone’s eyes.

This fight could already be said as a glorious defeat. In the face of such an opponent, to be able to find a glimmer of hope in the desperate situation, Liu Li had fully proved her strength. To admit defeat at this stage was understandable.

However, at this moment, Wang Lu’s instruction to her was staggering.

"Liu Li, do it now."

Do it?

People couldn’t believe their ears.

Was this guy still a human? This instruction was clearly to push Liu Li to death! Couldn’t he see that Liu Li had no power to fight anymore at all at this time? Wouldn’t forcibly make her move a dead end? Rumor has it that he usually loved to spoil Liu Li, was it just a fake?

However, Liu Li was not Liu Li if not obedient. Upon hearing Wang Lu’s instruction, the girl immediately nodded, and then took a deep breath. The Golden Core in her Jade Mansion began to rotate crazily, absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy.

The magical power of Daoist Master of Jindan Stage could be endless, but there was a limit the speed of regeneration. If one wanted to restore power in a short time, one must absorb the surrounding spiritual energy. The higher the grade of a spiritual root, the higher its efficiency of absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy. Although Liu Li’s Heavenly Spirit Root was slightly inferior to Wang Lu’s Void Spirit Root, that abnormal spirit root, it was still among the top rank in the world. When her Golden Core began to rotate, it immediately created a vortex, which stirred up the surrounding spiritual energy for several miles.

A massive amount of surrounding spiritual energy was absorbed into Liu Li’s body, which then transformed into true yuan available to be used by the girl with astonishing efficiency. In just several breaths, her true yuan had already been filled more than half. The girl then lightly showed her sleeves, from which a dozen multicolored flying swords floated out, drawing a rainbow in the air.

The speed with which the girl recover was very fast, but for the audience outside the battlefield, they only felt a chill in their heart. Because it was not difficult for people with vision to see that, although Liu Li seemed powerful when she summoned her rainbow flying swords, her face was covered with a shade of green.

That was the sign of the spread of the toxin.

Previously, the girl had accumulated a considerable amount of toxin in her body. After she fully suppressed it, she foolishly made her move. Later, she rotated her Golden Core and used it to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy, which thus allowed the toxin to flow around inside her body and even penetrate into the bone marrow.

In the distance, Little Poison Immortal stabilized his body in mid-air, and upon seeing Liu Li setting up her sword array, sneered.

"You’re already dead."

The toxin had seeped into the bone marrow, yet she still recklessly rotated her Golden Core and absorbed the spiritual energy. At this time, perhaps when her internal organs started to rot she didn’t even know about it!

Of course, it was no wonder that she didn’t realize it. The poison of Little Poison Immortal worked in silent. When the poisoned person found out that something was wrong, it was already too late.

And when he saw that Liu Li was trying to court her own doom, Little Poison Immortal’s original fighting-tooth-and-nail spirit was also gone. Because he didn’t have to use his life-saving skill on a dead person. As long as he could block her last blow, victory would come naturally. Moreover, judging from Liu Li’s current poisoning situation, she might not even able to complete her power built up. After the toxin breakout, not only it could melt flesh and blood, it could also melt even true yuan. Perhaps, in the end, her true yuan wouldn’t even be enough.

Thinking to this, Little Poison Immortal secretly looked forward to the scene after the victory. As long as he made his move fast enough, he should have the time to suck out Liu Li’s primordial spirit and turn her into a poison girl. Previously, he was worried the opponent could see that the situation was irreversible and thus take the initiative to admit defeat. But now, it seemed that it was simply not the case!

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However, just when Little Poison Immortal was slightly absent-minded, Liu Li made her move.

At this time, her power built up was clearly still unfinished. The true yuan in her Jade Mansion had only been accumulated to seventy percent of its total, and the sword array had not been completely set up. However, she resolutely made her move, launching her more than ten multicolored flying swords. The flying swords instantly turned into a rainbow as they flew out.

This sword strike came as fast as lightning and without any warning. Little Poison Immortal didn’t expect that Liu Li would attack at this time and couldn’t help but become shocked.

Fortunately, his rich combat experience prevented him from being totally caught off guard. Waving his tiny arm, he summoned out half of the defensive toxic egg-shell. That toxic egg could even block the sword of lightning, so he didn’t believe that it couldn’t stop the sudden strike from the opponent’s unfinished power built up!

Let alone before Liu Li made her move, Little Poison Immortal had clearly seen that she had become greener, meaning that the poison could erupt at any time. As long as the toxic egg-shell could stop this strike, she might not even able to persist.

And then he put the toxic egg-shell in front of him like a shield, and his tiny fragile body hid behind the egg-shell, waiting for the victory.

The next moment, a white sword light flashed before his eyes.

Little Poison Immortal was slightly shocked, but then he was puzzled—how could he see the sword light? Shouldn’t he see nothing under the cover of the toxic egg-shell?

Then he felt a chill on his neck, as if something had pierced through.

I’ve been stabbed?

The numerous experience of wandering between life and death made Little Poison Immortal immediately realize that the toxic egg-shell that he regarded as the trump card had not been able to protect him. A momentary carelessness had allowed him to be directly stabbed by the opponent, becoming seriously injured.

Although he didn’t understand how the opponent could do it, Little Poison Immortal knew that this was not the time to worry about it. He was pierced by a sword in his neck and the sharp sword qi had begun to quickly destroy his body. When he was still a human, he would certainly die, but now that he was a slaughtering devil, it was not easy for him to die.

In this critical moment, Little Poison Immortal put his hand on his chest, searched his clothes with his fingers, and touched a sarcoma-like thing on his chest.

It was his hidden poison sac. There were three ten thousand spirit blood beads that could multiply the power of the poison. This was also the limit that he could control in Jindan Stage. Once detonated, there would not be a living being on this battlefield, and the opposite party’s powerful onslaught would come to an abrupt end. Of course, he himself would suffer serious irreparable injuries.

But it didn’t matter. When decisiveness was needed, Little Poison Immortal could be more decisive than anyone else.

The next moment, he broke the poison sac and the poison burst in an instant. The shockwave spread across the surrounding area and everything in it disappeared.

However, a sharp sword light broke through that dead zone, like lightning breaking through the darkness in the night sky.

The sword light passed through the broken poison sac on the chest of Little Poison Immortal, smashing a red core inside his chest.

That was the vital core of the slaughtering devil. There were two vital points in Demon Race, the core in the head and in the chest. Any of which could be regenerated as long as the other one still was intact. However, at this time, both that belonged to Little Poison Immortal had been destroyed!

Thus, he had to die.

As the corpse of Little Poison Immortal fell from mid-air, Liu Li appeared again with her sword. Since she had passed through the poison field of Little Poison Immortal, her body had stained with rust. Both of her hands and her forehead had turned completely green.

But she was still alive.

With the poison technique of Little Poison Immortal, Liu Li should’ve turned into pus in the ground by this time, let alone after experiencing the poison field of Little Poison Immortal released from his poison sac. She should’ve died even before that when she ignored the poison in her body and forcibly absorbed the surrounding spiritual energy! Yet, she was still alive. And although the girl’s face had turned miserably green, it was hard to hide her brilliant smile.


In the audience, the Earth Immortals stood up and looked at the result in the battlefield incredulously, unable to figure out why.

However, the victor would not explain that.

"Senior Brother, I won!"

With that, Liu Li stepped out of the battlefield and came to the audience stand, hugging Wang Lu firmly with her rust.

"I won!"

Wang Lu nodded and patted the back of Liu Li. He then touched her head. "Go and find Seventh Elder to clear your poison, and then take a good rest."

Liu Li let out an affirmation sound, twisted her waist, and then hopped away.

After Liu Li left, Wang Lu finally sat back. However, just as he sat down, his entire body trembled and a shade of green burst into his face. At the same time, his seven orifices began to bleed.

"The poison of Earth Immortal, I have tasted it."

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