Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 676 It Actually Almost Took Two Lives

Chapter 676 It Actually Almost Took Two Lives

The change in the battlefield happened so suddenly that, although the results had been revealed, most people’s reaction was late by several moments.

Looking at the lively Liu Li, as well as the decapitated, punctured-in-the-chest corpse of Little Poison Immortal, even the audience in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side felt so inconceivable.

That’s it? We won?

The taste of victory was certainly nice, but an inexplicable victory seemed a bit odd. People were willing to cheer for Liu Li’s victory, but… they at least needed to know how?

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How come Liu Li, who had always been known for a strong attack but weak in defense, was still able to stand even after repeated baptism of violent poison? And how come there were signs of poisoning all over her body but they didn’t seem to matter at all?

Then, how come Wang Lu, who just watched from the sidelines, looked deeply poisoned and tragic? In particular, what was the meaning of his last sentence about having tasted the poison of Earth Immortal?

Then, if these two questions were asked together, the answer seemed to be self-evident.

After realizing this, people looked at Wang Lu again, and some of their previous dissatisfaction suddenly vanished.

Although they didn’t know how he did it, it was obvious that Wang Lu had bore the damage that Liu Li should’ve bore. Hence, the girl who was strong in attack but weak in defense could withstand the deadly poison and kill Little Poison Immortal without being affected.

This was a wondrous move. The most important thing was that, no one could’ve foreseen it before. After hundreds of battles, the cultivators who had died in the hands of Little Poison Immortals were difficult to count. However, Little Poison Immortal did not expect the opponent to have such a mean to transfer damage, and thus he was caught off guard and died on the spot.

"Sure enough… Wang Lu, this kid, has endless means. He’s really good at creating miracles. No wonder that at such a young age, people already have high expectations of him and even become a core figure in this Grand Competition."

An Elder of Heavenly Sage Hall was quite impressed. Previously, he was not sure of Wang Lu yet because even though he had heard many of Wang Lu’s deeds, he didn’t witness them. This time, however, he witnessed everything from the beginning to the end, and hence his emotion fluctuated along with the tide of the battle. When Little Poison Immortal first let out his original magical ability, he thought that their defeat had already been decided. Later, after the original magical ability of Little Poison Immortal was broken by Skybreaker and badly injured, he thought that if Wang Lu knew how to differentiate between good and bad, he ought to let Liu Li withdraw as soon as possible. At least, it would make it a valiant defeat…

Who knew that the final result was totally out of his expectation. Liu Li won, while Little Poison Immortal died… This was something that was unbelievable before the start of the match. Even now, he still didn’t understand how Wang Lu did it.

Just as he thought about it, someone else said, "This shifting injury move is really beautiful, but have you ever thought that although the injury has been shifted, it still has to be restored to someone to bear. The poison of Little Poison Immortal, let alone in Jindan Stage level, even if it’s us in Deity Stage level, do you dare to rely solely on your physical body to withstand it?"

That Elder was shocked again and began to imagine. If it was him, though he would not be poisoned, he would still likely to suffer some injuries, and if it was a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage, it was likely that the body would disintegrate on the spot. This Wang Lu was only in peak Jindan Stage, yet he actually could shoulder that kind of violent poison…

On their side, the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had been completely immersed in this sudden victory. But in contrast, the ancient Earth Immortals were furious.

"Two against one, is that how you do a one on one match in Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?"

A woman angrily accused. Beside her, a few lanterns floated in mid-air, releasing a disturbing horrifying aura.

Aside from her, there were also seven or eight Earth Immortals who echoed loudly. The other side was extremely dissatisfied with the match.

Wang Lu could use a stealthy move to bear the damage to Liu Li on himself. This was indeed awesome, but even more serious was the rules. In a one on one fight, this was clearly a two against one, by superimposing his strength on Liu Li. Naturally, such a victory was unconvincing.

In this regard, Wang Lu closed his eyes and then took a deep breath. Then, the green shade in his face dissipated rapidly, and even the traces of blood oozing out his seven orifices flowed back to where they previously came. In just a moment, he had fully recovered.

Then he opened his eyes, looked at the person from the opposite party, and slightly turned his head. "Are you guys sure you want to argue with me about this?"

The woman who took the lead angrily said, "If you don’t explain it clearly to us now, I think there’s no point in continuing this Grand Competition anymore. Everything in this Tomb of Immortals has nothing to do with your Union of Ten Thousand Immortals anymore. On the contrary, in the future, we would go out and challenge you, these later generations of cultivators, who control everything in Nine Regions!"

"Pfft." Upon hearing this, Wang Lu unceremoniously laughed. "Lantern girl, is your brain filled with water? You dare to talk sh*t like this to me, who do you think you are? Are you the owner of this Tomb of Immortals?"

His words were harsh and ruthless, as if slapping people in the face. That lantern female Earth Immortal immediately changed her face and the seven ancient lanterns that circled around her shone brightly.

However, Wang Lu became even more intense. "Being angry at this time is just to cover up your lack of confidence. Because this match has finally exposed your fatal flaws: that is, you guys could die as well! As long as you guys die on the battlefield, then that is truly death! Whether you guys suppress your own strength to one percent or one thousandth, once you guys die, it’s the end! The peak strength of Little Poison Immortal is ten thousands of times better than Liu Li, but he was killed by Liu Li’s sword! Although you guys are indeed powerful, you guys are only around one hundred in numbers, so one death would greatly affect your overall strength. So you guys could not afford to die, does not dare to die. Thus, after the start of the Grand Competition, you become completely crazy and ridiculous in trying to kill us. So much that you guys even ignored the basic cooperative relationship, just solely because you guys wanted to scare and prevent us from going all out on the battlefield and then you could just sit back and relax! And now you are afraid, afraid that every match from now on, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would not hesitate to fight tooth and nail, trading life for life with you—something so you couldn’t afford!"

And then he turned around to face the Elders of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and shouted, "Do you guys understand now? From now on, we will go all out in every match, even if we have to risk our lives! As long as we dare to fight, our opponents would not dare to fight. And only when they dare not fight anymore will this meaningless killing could end!"

With that, he turned around again to face the shocked Earth Immortals and said with a smile, "That’s why I remind you again, do you really want to argue with me on this issue?"

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"What nonsense!" That lantern female immortal wanted to refute, but her momentum was already much weaker than Wang Lu.

Wang Lu no longer paid attention to her but, instead, shifted his gaze elsewhere and explained in a quiet voice.

"Speaking about the match just now, its principle is actually very simple. Liu Li and I share a Same Body Insect within our bodies."

"Same Body Insect?" An Earth Immortal frowned. No matter what, he couldn’t remember what it was. In a moment, he looked at his companions and indicated that he couldn’t figure it out.

After a while, someone invited Immortal Luo Xue who knew all kinds of arts. After a moment of hesitation, Luo Xue said, "It’s a magical insect that is only found in the Age of Desolation. It appears in pairs, and as long as it’s planted into two human bodies, it could share the damage between the two people. It’s indeed just like what happened in the fight just now. It’s just that, this insect should’ve extinct for a long time. Unexpectedly, there’s someone that could breed it… If I’m not mistaken, it should be Miss A Wu, right?"

"A Wu?" Several Earth Immortals could not help but ask.

Before this match, A Wu once fought in poison technique against Little Poison Immortal and easily won it. It was just that, afterward, Little Poison Immortal said that he was experimenting with a new poison during the fight and thus he was distracted and the victory snatched. As for A Wu herself, he said that her strength was average and not worth paying attention to.

However, from the beginning, Luo Xue didn’t believe the word of Little Poison Immortal. For someone who dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of poison technique and even bore the title of slaughtering devil to accept the fact that his poison was not as good than a mere human? Even if he deceived himself, he would still find enough excuses.

That A Wu was definitely the archenemy of Earth Immortal in this Grand Competition… This was something that the man in black had said a long time ago and it had been recognized as true.

"Miss A Wu has mastered the witchcraft of the Age of Desolation, and her attainment of it is profound. She could defeat Little Poison Immortal without him knowing it. If she could breed the Same Body Insect, that is only natural."

Wang Lu laughed and said, "Sister A Wu is indeed powerful, but you don’t have to bring out the witchcraft from the Age of Desolation. Speaking of Same Body Insect alone, although it’s usefulness is indeed miraculous, there are many restrictions. First of all, the two people have to have similar cultivation base, which makes it less practical. Secondly, the two people have to be able to trust each other unconditionally, even to the point of willing to die in the hands of the opposite party…"

Upon hearing this, Luo Xue felt somewhat incredulous. "Could you trust a person unconditionally?"

In the data, Liu Li indeed had unconditional trust toward Wang Lu, however, the opposite might not be true. Although Wang Lu doted on Liu Li, it was from a higher position looking down on the lower. To say that this person who always had a hundred schemes in mind could trust someone unconditionally…

"Of course I can." Wang Lu lightly said with a smile, "I trust my ability to train very much. Liu Li had been trained by me for many years and has now become just like my own hands and feet, so how could I not trust my own hands and feet?"

"… In short, the marvelousness of the Same Body Insect is irrelevant to the issue that we are discussing. Back to the topic, what you guys did are two against one…"

Before Luo Xue could continue, she was already interrupted by Wang Lu.

"Immortal Luo Xue seems to have misunderstood." Wang Lu seemed to have a much better attitude toward Luo Xue. "In this fight, the only thing that played a role was the Same Body Insect in Liu Li’s body. The insect transferred the damage, and she could fight freely in the match. It has nothing to do with me."

Luo Xue said, "Without you, where would her injury go? You played a vital role in it, so of course, you are also counted here."

"This thinking is wrong. If we use your logic, without the parents of Little Poison Immortal, then naturally, there would be no Little Poison Immortal. In the battle just now, does that mean Little Poison Immortal’s parents fight together with him in the battle?"

"Pfft!" Several cultivators of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals burst out laughing on the spot.

Upon hearing this, Luo Xue frowned. "You’re just using sophistry."

"Whether it’s sophistry or not, it could be clearly seen at a glance. In the fight just now, from the beginning to the end, I was within the audience, yet you guys accused me of participating in the battle, that is sophistry. If you guys disagree, then try to influence the fighting arena while sitting in the audience. This fighting arena was made by you guys, if you guys could exert influence in it, then please do so."

This remark was the key point.

This was a foolproof logic that they simply couldn’t beat it. Wang Lu had done it—if they had the ability, then they could try it.

The Earth Immortal side certainly couldn’t do it. The magical ability from the Age of Desolation was extremely rare, even for the ancient Earth Immortals. Otherwise, how could they not consider the wondrous power of Same Body Insect and try to make preparation against it?

Immortal Luo Xue sighed and whispered with several of her companions, and the protesting crowd gradually calmed down.

At present, for the Earth Immortals, they could only swallow this lost. Fortunately, the restrictions of the Same Body Insect were extremely great. In this Jindan Stage level fight, no one except Liu Li could satisfy the requirements of having the Same Body Insect as Wang Lu. There were still three more matches, so the hope of winning was still there.

At this point, the man in black who has been silent this whole time nodded. "The next match is ready to begin."

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