Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 677 With All One’s Migh

Chapter 677 With All One’s Migh

Along with the order from the man in black, the third match in Jindan Stage one-on-one challenge officially began.

Zhu Shiyao and Flesh Massacre, who had been previously confined in the border area, were simultaneously let out and placed in the middle of the fighting ground.

Zhu Shiyao still exuded her indifferent and cold appearance. In the middle of the venue where millions of people put their focus on, her figure appeared slender and frail, just like a delicate and timid girl. Only the bright sword light of her Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword made her show a bit of fierce momentum.

In contrast, the momentum of Flesh Massacre was much more formidable. All over the body of this Slaughtering Devil was covered with human skin apron. The apron was stained with blood and there were several pieces of flesh hanging at the corners, from which came bloody smell that wafted to the distance.

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In the past, usually, before the fight began, the Flesh Massacre would intimidate the opponent with a large number of corpses, which he hid in the dimensional pocket sewn at the skin apron. After witnessing the tragic defeat of Little Poison Immortal, this slaughtering devil famous for his extreme arrogant and unrestrained slaughter was surprisingly careful.

Some cards were better to hide until the end, but when they were finally used, it turned out to be ineffective.

Flesh Massacre was well aware that the malignant tumor on the chest of Little Poison Immortal contained powerful poison. He once fought against Little Poison Immortal sixteen thousand years ago. At that time, that tumor destroyed his one hundred mountain of corpses and one hundred boiling rivers of blood. However, just now, when that tumor exploded, the omnipresent toxic field was actually pushed straight inside by Liu Li, breaking it in one sword strike. The most trusted card of Little Poison Immortal actually couldn’t save his life.

Flesh Massacre was more lethal than Little Poison Immortal, but also afraid of death more. He liked to slaughter cultivators and cut off their corpses because he sincerely believed that the flesh of others could turn into something he could use, and the more he converted these corpses, the harder it was for him to die. His Stage was Earth Immortal and possessed the body of a Slaughtering Devil, which made him one of the hardest to die among Earth Immortals. Even when he fought against the Fallen Immortal, he could survive a full frontal blown…

However, in this Grand Competition, he suddenly found that his biggest advantage seemed to be disappearing. Being forcibly confined in Jindan Stage, although he still looked very powerful compared to cultivator with the same Stage, compared to himself at his peak, it was really not the same.

Little Poison Immortal was also a person who was hard to die. Although he did not fear death, he also didn’t hope to die. And his poison techniques had already reached the pinnacle, and similarly, he also survived the battle against the Fallen Immortal.

However, he still died in the end, under a humble Jindan cultivator no less. In the previous fight, Wang Lu said it was to deter the opponent and made the Earth Immortal afraid to fight tooth and nail easily again. The Earth Immortal female with lanterns said that it was a bunch of nonsense. But in fact, Wang Lu was right because Flesh Massacre knew that he really didn’t dare to fight tooth and nail easily again.

In fact, this Grand Competition wasn’t important to him. No matter who won in the end, it was of no difference to him.

If the Earth Immortal won, he would not get more recognition. People would only throw him the most bitter and tiring work when he was a mad dog and kick him aside when they don’t need him again… Under the threat of the Fallen Immortal, human and devil could indeed cooperate, but Slaughtering Devil didn’t arrange this.

And if the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals won, he wouldn’t be pushed aside, either. Being among the first class fighting force within the Earth Immortals made him able to be used anywhere. Even if people didn’t like him, when they knew how fierce the Fallen Immortal was, they would still turn to him in the end.

That being the case, why would he fight tooth and nail for such an insignificant outcome? Could it have even a little bit of benefit for him?

Once he had such a thought, the momentum of Flesh Massacre became not so aggressive anymore. Although his human skin apron was amazing, he didn’t bring out his famous Immortal Treasure "Meat Cleaver".

This stance might not be noticeable to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, but the ancient Earth Immortals started to frown one after another.

"What is Flesh Massacre doing? He doesn’t seem to have any fighting intent?"

On the other side, the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals who heard this immediately blushed with shame. This is called not having fighting intent? The overwhelming valor is already making the audience outside the battlefield uncomfortable, what would be the scene if he is full of fighting intent then? This was the lowest Stage in the one on one challenge in the Grand Competition, what would be the scene when it came to the Supreme level Stage then? Would this place even still bearable?

In the battlefield, the situation somewhat made people confused about whether to laugh or cry.

The Flesh Massacre clearly showed that he didn’t want to take this fight seriously—victory or defeat was irrelevant to him. However, his opponent didn’t seem to appreciate it. The Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword remained tightly gripped by Zhu Shiyao as she watched her opponent tightly with her two clear eyes, not letting go of any change.

Although the girl’s imposing manner was not strong, it gave off a kind of hidden danger as if a beast was watching for an opportunity to strike. Flesh Massacre did not want to fight, but Zhu Shiyao looked highly spirited!

This made Flesh Massacre very uncomfortable.

I’ve been very clear about not being serious, yet you’re so eager to fight, do you really think I’m afraid of you? You really don’t know what’s good for you!

Yes, for me, it doesn’t matter whether I win or lose, but it’s exactly because it doesn’t matter that nobody could say anything about me even if I kill you, this little girl, in battle!

Thinking to this, the thick eyebrows of Flesh Massacre gradually stretched, and the killing intent in his heart surged up. In his eyes, bloody red gradually covered his field of vision, and the slender girl before him had also become a pile of bones, blood, and flesh.

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Zhu Shiyao, the Big Sister of Spirit Sword Sect, possessor of sword spirit root and stellar divine eyes… The flesh and bones in front of Flesh Massacre’s eyes had gradually become good materials. He was not as greedy as Little Poison Immortal who wanted to occupy both the body and primordial spirit of the opponent. For Flesh Massacre, if in this battle he could get a few drops of blood and a few pieces of flesh, then it was already a good harvest for him.

After sixteen thousand years of sleep, the degeneration of Nine Regions was astounding, but after the end of Age of Chaos, there were many amazing and brilliant cultivators, not to mention that Wang Wu and her amazing disciple. The girl in front of him didn’t have much in terms of intelligence and wisdom, but in terms of talent, she was never under Wang Lu. Her sword spirit root body was also unusually rare even in the glory days of the cultivators.

Finally, Flesh Massacre pulled out his blade, which relieved the atmosphere among the Earth Immortals in the audience.

The blade was Meat Cleaver, which was a treasure that Flesh Massacre depended upon. The blade was two feet long and had a broad body. The shape was also completely different from a fighting blade but more like a butcher’s knife. It was just that, this blade condensed the best thing in heaven and earth. When the blade was pulled out, it must meet the flesh. No matter how great the ability of the opponent was, it was difficult to run away from the law of restriction.

Once he fought a Supreme of Mahayana Stage, if the opponent didn’t have a diamond body, which made it as resilient as an immortal treasure and could be relied on to withstand the divine tribulation, then the opponent would surely die. However, Flesh Massacre’s Meat Cleaver was sent out thirteen times and all the flesh in his hands and feet was butchered, leaving behind four sets of white bones.

At present, the blade naturally was not as sharp as its peak. In Jindan Stage, Meat Cleaver’s ability to disintegrate the body was much weaker, but with the law governing immortal treasure, even if the ability that it could display was negligible, it was enough to defeat a little Daoist Master of Jindan Stage.

After pulling out the blade, Flesh Massacre looked at his opponent reaction because he had to decide how much flesh he would cut when he sent out his blade later.

Right when he looked up, the girl suddenly disappeared.

Flesh Massacred didn’t hesitate and wielded his blade.

This blade strike had no amazing power and strength, it didn’t even give out three feet blade energy, but the blade always met with flesh whenever wielded. When the Meat Cleaver was halfway through, the edge of the blade was already dyed red. A line of blood fell from the air and Zhu Shiyao’s figure, who disappeared a moment ago, appeared. The blood line from her left shoulder to her right leg seemed to divide her body into two halves!

However, Zhu Shiyao’s eyes didn’t waver at all, treating her injury as if it didn’t exist. She was in mid-air, only three meters away from Flesh Massacre. The Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword stabbed forward and three feet long clear light immediately streaked across space, pressing the vital part of Flesh Massacre.

Although this sword attack didn’t come with the brilliant sword heart momentum of Liu Li, the angle and the strength of the sword was just right, which made Flesh Massacre unusually uncomfortable. Because no matter how he responded to it, he seemed to be always wrong.

Zhu Shiyao was seriously injured by the Meat Cleaver, but unexpectedly, she still pressed forward and seized the opportunity. At this time, his blade power was exhausted, but the opponent’s sword potential was in full swing!

Flesh Massacre didn’t want to meet this sword strike head-on. Although he could give it a try with his physical strength, with the death of Little Poison Immortal closed at hand, he didn’t dare to be careless.

The next moment, the human skin apron was shaken by him, which contained mountains of flesh and rivers of blood equivalent to the essence of hundreds of millions of souls. Unless the opponent could chop off hundreds of millions of people with that one sword strike, otherwise, even a hair of him would not be cut.

Once Little Poison Immortal melted a hundred mountain of flesh and river of blood with the poison tumor, but it was still only a small part of the entire mountains and rivers. At present, the human skin apron didn’t have that kind of magical ability, but the opponent also didn’t have the strength of Little Poison Immortal.

How many people could a Jindan sword strike cut? Thousands of people? Ten Thousand? For Flesh Massacre, it was a drop in a bucket.

At the same time, Flesh Massacre was more cautious. His arm hidden at his abdomen quietly grasped a knife hidden in the fat.

It was a knife rarely shown before. The name of the knife was Deboned and was six inches in length. It was nimble and light, a better weapon for defense.

However, the next moment, the Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword suddenly penetrated through the apron. The sword momentum was so fast that the Deboned was less responsive.

When Flesh Massacre came to his senses, the sword point had already entered three inches into the center of his forehead. At the same time, an agile galaxy-like sword qi went down all the way from the forehead straight to the heart in his chest!

Zhu Shiyao’s sword didn’t kill thousands of people, but only one person. That person was Flesh Massacre. Now, his life was hanging under the sword!

Flesh Massacre had never seen the power of Stellar Divine Eyes and didn’t know that the sword strike from Zhu Shiyao would be even more difficult to resist than that of Liu Li.

However, in times of crisis, he was calmer instead. At this time, since his existing method could not hold back the opponent’s determined-to-seize-life sword strike, then there was only one method left.

With all of one’s might.

Only when he went all out could he save his life. No matter how powerful the opponent’s sword strike was, it was still controlled by a human. If he could kill the controller in advance, then the powerful sword strike would vanish into thin air.

Therefore, at this moment, Flesh Massacre, who had always been afraid of death, was no longer so. He forcibly resisted the pain and horror of sword point entering his body, putting all his attention to his right hand which was gripping the Meat Cleaver.

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