Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 679
Chapter 679: Happy Friday

Ravenous Wolf had never felt such an immsense pain for a long time.

It was not physical pain because his body had been strengthened to the extreme—not only did it have a super huge size and strong defense, it also had sufficient resilience. With the physical strength of Ravenous Wolf, even if his body was torn limb to limb, he could quickly recover to what he was before. After half of his fist was beaten, he quickly regenerated it in one or two breaths.

The pain experienced by Ravenous Wolf was heartache.

No miser would be happy to see his property taken by others. This powerful body was the most precious asset of Ravenous Wolf and the thing that he most relied on. Ravenous Wolf had spent countless efforts and care to build it. Even a piece of hair must not be allowed to be taken away, let alone half of the hand.

The greedier the man, the more intolerable it was for him to be separated from his wealth. Seeing Quan Zouhua walking while licking the blood from her canine teeth, deep inside the heart of Ravenous Wolf, anger began to surge.

Things that were taken away must be taken back twice as much!

However, anger did not destroy his reason. On the contrary, Ravenous Wolf became more rational and cautious under anger, thus he quickly realized a problem.

How could Quan Zouhua accomplish that?

Although Ravenous Wolf only released a small part of his body, it was an inconceivable colossus in Jindan Stage. The size alone was the same as a mountain, let alone the body had been tempered by Ravenous Wolf that its intrinsic strength was far stronger than steel and iron.

So why didn’t the canine teeth break? Moreover, if she had swallowed half a mountain, why didn’t she suffer indigestion? If it was the usual method of devouring things, it would’ve already burst her belly!

Western Continent Monster Wolf, Fenrir…

The angry eyes of Ravenous Wolf became more and more gloomy.

“Hah! That fool actually dares to offer his flesh in front of the stupid dog, has there ever been an instance where meat bun defeated a dog? Or did he expect the stupid dog to have indigestion?”

In the audience stand, Wang Lu couldn’t help but laugh.

Never question Fenrir’s food intake. This was a rule that needed not be said in Spirit Sword Mountain.

Although she didn’t eat much when she was on the mountain, that was only because she didn’t want to eat more—if she ate too much, she would be scolded by Bai Shixuan for wasting food. However, if Fenrir really opened up her appetite, the granary on Spirit Sword Mountain that could be consumed by hundreds of cultivators for decades wouldn’t survive two or three years of her.

Monster Wolf Fenrir of the Western Continent was a top-rank magical beast that could devour everything. The Barking Dog that could swallow the moon in the legend in Nine Regions was actually inferior to it. For this kind of top-level existence, the amount of food that could be consumed had already reached the unthinkable. Even the two girls in Spirit Sword Mountain who was given the honorary title of “King of Stomach” couldn’t hope to ever challenge the food intake of Monster Wolf Fenrir.

When she was eating, she completely didn’t understand the taste, so she would just wolf down her food. This was why it was Liu Li and Aya who was sent to participate in the food tasting competition instead of her.

Could a mere mountain fill the stomach of a Fenrir? What a joke. Even if Ravenous Wolf showed his true body, which could be comparable to the giant creatures in the Age of Desolation, Fenrir could still digest it! A punch was basically the same as offering food!

Thinking of this, Wang Lu gently sighed with relieved.

Putting Fenrir in the third match was the right decision… Before the challenge, he went to find Supreme Tian Lun to figure out the best order of appearance in today’s match. However, each of Tian Lun’s three calculation was different. Obviously, in the case of interference with the other party, calculation alone could not give a reliable answer. Thus, Wang Lu had to rely on himself, by throwing the dice thrice to determine the order. Now it seemed that it was just right.

At the same time, the fighting in the arena had entered the climax stage.

Ravenous Wolf calmly burned his anger, took a deep breath, and then opened his mouth.

He was a Slaughtering Devil, but it was actually a step by step transformation from a human. His natural physique’s magical ability fell short of that of a magical beast, but his acquired growth potential was actually limitless. He was an ancient Earth Immortal who came to prominence when he fought an immortal beast, so a mere Western Continent Monster with a little bit of magical ability did not discourage him. On the contrary, it inspired his fighting spirit.

Even it was just a swallowing competition, he never thought he would lose. After all, the story that Western Continent Monster Wolf swallowed the world was only a legend, but he actually swallowed one side of the world, which was still inside his stomach.

As long as he could swallow this Western Continent Monster Wolf in this fight, his immortal path might probably be successful!

A black-hole like vortex slowly stirred in the throat of Ravenous Wolf, pulling everything around it.

Seeing this, Quan Zouhua seemed quite surprised.

“Hey, what’s with that wide open mouth? Are you trying to compete with me in swallowing? You ought to know who I am, right?” Quan Zouhua gazed at him with eyes opened wide and then incredulously asked, “Wang Lu, what kind of wretch did you arrange as my opponent here? Winning against this brain-damaged thing would only make me lose my face. Little White would not fall in love with me because of my cool and valiant effort!”

From the audience stand, Wang Lu’s voice came into the fighting arena through the shield.

“In that case, next time I’ll arrange a superior opponent for you who could slap your brain open in an instant, so that Little White could see the grey matter of your brain and thus fall deeply in love with you!”


“That’s why it’s more appropriate to face off against a brain-damaged opponent, yet you still dare to complain, don’t you know that Little White is also watching this entire match? If you say nonsense again, be careful I won’t be able to help you after this is over!”

Quan Zouhua immediately shut her mouth and turned her attention back to Ravenous Wolf.

Regarding this opponent who was incomparably dreadful for others, Quan Zouhua didn’t think much of it.

Because her intuition told her although the opponent seemed powerful, the real trump card was completely restrained by her. There was nothing terrifying about him. If it was the two previous guys instead, she might have to think twice about how to preserve her shiny grey matter.

Right now, as long as she used the skill she most excelled at, the victory would be hers, and then she could finally be with Little White forever!

Thus, with the howl of wolf that shocked the world, the girl revealed her true wolf body and viciously pounced on Ravenous Wolf. This was in line with Ravenous Wolf as he equally opened her mouth, showing his two rows of teeth. The cold light from his teeth seemed to welcome that attack.

The next moment, blood splattered in all directions.

Fenrir and Ravenous Wolf fought in a completely different way from the previous two matches. There was no matchless sword qi, no space changing magical ability, but rather the most primitive way to fight, by biting and devouring like beasts.

You bite me, I bite you back. With their sharp canine teeth, flesh and blood splashed in all directions.

Ravenous Wolf did not completely reveal his true body. Because since the other party could swallow half a mountain, his colossal body would just be a burden. Instead, he turned himself into a beast of equal size his opponent and then began the bloody fight.

In such a fight, all calculations and strategies lost their meanings. Only the one with most instinct and wildness could persist to the end. Ravenous Wolf was cautious by nature, but in this fight, he completely let go of himself and attacked with near crazy attitude to oppress the other side. This way of fighting quickly showed its result.

Fenrir’s devouring capability was almost limitless. However, she only had one mouth and two rows of teeth. When Ravenous Wolf attacked with one hand, she could bite off half of the hand, but what if the opponent sent out two punches?

Fenrir had no other choice but to withstand it with her body. At this time, Ravenous Wolf seized the opportunity and bit her without hesitation.

After just two or three rounds of such fight, she had lost a piece of flesh each from the left forearm and abdomen, and she also suffered a bleak wound in her right thigh. Of course, her harvest was equally plentiful. Ravenous Wolf had lost both of his arms and half of his face.

However, Ravenous Wolf gradually showed the smile of a winner. Because his body could quickly regenerate, while Fenrir could not.

In the biting war just now, Ravenous Wolf seemed to have lost more, but he was actually a step closer to victory. For him, this was not a devouring contest, but a test of endurance and perseverance.

Sure enough, after several more rounds of biting, Ravenous Wolf lost his arms again and his abdomen was even bitten open, such that half of his internal organs were swallowed… However, he quickly regenerated, while Fenrir, on the other hand, could not stop the bleeding of her wounds. During this, she also lost her two feet, making her footing unsteady and appearing exceptionally weak.

Ravenous Wolf attacked again and, without reservation, unleashed another mountain-sized punch. Fenrir had no choice but to open her mouth to block it. But Ravenous Wolf took this opportunity to tear down a piece of flesh from Fenrir’s neck, nearly biting her throat. Fenrir turned to fight back, but she was forced to stop by the other hand sent out by Ravenous Wolf.

Ravenous Wolf took another opportunity to bite another leg of Fenrir. Thus, Fenrir lost three of her limbs, losing a lot of blood. Finally, she couldn’t hold on anymore and loudly fell down.

Ravenous Wolf carefully looked down at his opponent and then, without hesitation, opened his mouth to bite her.

He wanted to complete his harvest before Wang Lu could admit defeat.

“Everything you have will belong to me now.”

As he thought of that, he aimed his two rows of teeth at Fenrir’s throat and then bit hard.


Ravenous Wolf felt severe pain in his mouth, followed by the sound of breaking of objects.

Most of his sword-like teeth broke!

“Is this her lifesaving prop? No matter, prop like this has a limited number of use, I could just do it again!”

Thereupon, Ravenous Wolf quickly regenerated two rows of sharp teeth, aimed at Fenrir’s neck, and then took another bite.

This time, his teeth didn’t break, but Ravenous Wolf clearly felt that the opponent’s neck seemed to be multiple times tougher. Even biting with his full strength, his teeth would only slip to the side of the skin, completely causing no harm, let alone biting the throat to do instant kill.

“What’s wrong here?”

Ravenous Wolf was puzzled, but he didn’t have much time to think about the reason, because the severely wounded Fenrir had turned her head, opened her mouth gently, and aimed for his throat.

At this time, Fenrir’s force had almost been spent. This was the last strike that she barely managed. However, considering her lethality, Ravenous Wolf was unwilling to take the risk for no reason. Hence, he intended to pull back temporarily.

However, when he wanted to put this thought into motion, he found that his body somewhat disobeyed his thought, and his reaction was unbelievably slow.

Seeing Fenrir’s last strike getting closer and closer, Ravenous Wolf was burning with anxiety.

Move, move, damn it!

Unfortunately, the innumerable internal roar could not change the reality. Not only his body did not move, it instead became weaker. Ravenous Wolf watched as Fenrir’s mouth rapidly expanded in front of him, which completely covered his field of vision. However, he seemed barely even able to stand, with power seemingly exhausted.

… Turns out to be so…

At the last moment, Ravenous Wolf finally realized it.

Fenrir’s devour ability was completely beyond his imagination. Not only could she swallow the body, but she could also swallow his “existence”. In the previous biting match, he seemed to have the upper hand because every time parts of his body were swallowed, he could regenerate them very quickly. However, as a matter of fact, his strength was declining because his existence was being continuously diluted.

When Ravenous Wolf finally realized this, he had lost too much, and the situation was unsalvageable.

This was an almost perfect trap. But in the end, there was still a flaw.

It seems like I won this match.

Thinking to this, Ravenous Wolf let out a faint smile.

“Want to eat me? Then eat, but be careful of indigestion.”

The next moment, his world fell into absolute darkness.

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