Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 682
Chapter 682: National Mourning Day For DOTA 2

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The fight between Wang Lu and Bai Ze raged on very quickly.

Within a few breaths, the two had completed several rounds of offense and defense exchange, which was dizzying.

For Yuanying Stage cultivators or higher, the fight was still fine, but for Jindan Stage and lower, they felt that they couldn’t even see the two.

“What the hell is happening there?”

Although the pace of the match in the previous three matches could also be considered as fast—it was also quite common for the fight between peak Jindan cultivators to last for several days and several nights. And for Liu Li and the others, they only needed several rounds of offense and defense to determine the outcome.

However, even they were not as fast paced as that of Wang Lu against Bai Ze, such that people didn’t even have enough time to react.

This was undoubtedly somewhat disappointing. Because in the eyes of the most ignorant spectators, Wang Lu’s personal appearance meant that the outcome of the match was already decided, so they only needed to enjoy the process seriously. But now, the process was simply too fast to be enjoyed, how could they not be disappointed?

Of course, the audience couldn’t understand that, if something needed Wang Lu to personally appear, then it most likely meant great trouble.

However, just as the people began to complain, the pace of the fight finally slowed down.

After a dazzling exchange of offense and defense, Wang Lu and Bai Ze suddenly stopped moving.

At the same time, Bai Ze’s seventh golden seal landed on Wang Lu. The scene that happened after that was shocking, it didn’t actually leave behind any tragic wound.

As for Wang Lu, he had pressed his hand on Bai Ze’s chest, looking very weak. But it wasn’t clear what he was trying to do, either.

The two stopped in such an action, which left the audience particularly puzzled. Even the Elders of the Heavenly Sage Hall could not help but lean forward as if they could see the scene more clearly.

“Is this… a draw?”

An Elder tried to guess.

“It doesn’t look like it. Wang Lu’s face is calmer than the opponent.”

“I think, for Wang Lu, even if he loses, he could still stay calm. So it’s rather arbitrary to judge the outcome of the fight just by his expression alone.”

For these low-level Deity Stage Elders, watching a Jindan level fight by observing the expression on both sides was actually an unprecedented novel experience. However, both Bai Ze and Wang Lu had already gone beyond the scope of common sense.

And just as the audience was starting to have differing opinions, the two participants finally opened their mouth.

Bai Ze gritted his teeth and said, “Despicable and shameless.”

Hearing this, many people felt relieved because it seemed that Bai Ze had suffered a loss. As for the despicable and shameless accusation, for people like Wang Lu, they were not that different than a cool breeze.

However, the next moment, people became anxious again.

“For the sake of this victory, you don’t even want your life, what the hell were you thinking?”

With that, Bai Ze stood up, waved his hand to pull back all the seven golden seals, and then shook his head, looking like a winner who was indignant with the enemy.

Then he reached out to touch his chest, turned his wrist, and then pulled out a big thumb-sized silkworm. That young silkworm’s entire body was golden-colored. It continued to twist in Bai Ze’s fingertips.

Bai Ze stared at the silkworm earnestly and then raised his head and asked Wang Lu, “What is this?”

Wang Lu laughed and said, “Golden Silkworm Insect.”

“Golden Silkworm Insect?”

“Isn’t it an implement used to break through a stage through forced seizure of the surrounding good luck, from Jindan to Yuanying, right?”

Hearing this, the audience immediately understood.

It turned out this was what Bai Ze referred to as shameless and despicable! By using the strange insect named Golden Silkworm Insect, Bai Ze’s Stage was forcibly advanced to Yuanying Stage, which caused him to violate the rules and hence automatically lose!

Of course, the golden silkworm insect that could break through someone’s stage was something that they had never heard of before. Before today, this golden silkworm insect had never appeared in Nine Regions. However, since it was Wang Lu, it was not unusual for him to come up with anything.

Thinking about the last fight where Quan Zouhua managed to kill the opponent but lost the match because of excessive energy absorption… this was indeed the so-called what goes around comes around.

On the other hand, in order to send the golden silkworm into Bai Ze’s body, Wang Lu was hit by the seventh golden seal. Was this… all right?

However, the two people in the fighting arena actually didn’t pay attention to this problem. Bai Ze merely asked coldly, “Is this golden silkworm from that witch doctor?”

Wang Lu nodded. “Although A Wu’s Stage is not high, she is the number great desolation witch doctor in Nine Regions.”

Bai Ze also nodded. “There were indeed a lot of magical abilities in the Age of Desolation, but unfortunately, all of them are extinct and ultimately deviant ways. If you depend too much on this kind of thing, even if you get a few points by chance, in the end, you could not convince the public and even more impossible for you to use it long term.”

The next moment, Bai Ze’s finger sent out a huge amount of true yuan and exterminated the golden silkworm.

“You won this time.” Bai Ze said, “But how long do you think you could celebrate the victory?”

Wang Lu said, “Yes, I’m already dead, you can celebrate it slowly.”

With that, like huge fireworks, Wang Lu’s figure exploded and turned into a piece of golden rainbow.

At this moment, millions of audience were dumbfounded.

This development was truly unexpected for anyone. Even after watching the contestant expelled out of the fighting arena after the fight was over and the terrain in the fighting arena changed rapidly, returning to its original state… people felt that their mind remained blank.

Was the fight over?

Wang Lu won, and then died?

Wang Lu died?

The golden fragments explosion just now seemed to still linger in front of people’s eyes. People saw Wang Lu being hit by the seventh golden seal, which was an immortal treasure that condensed out negation. Even Wang Wu couldn’t just face it head-on and had to use substitute spells to offset the damage. Even if Wang Lu was stronger, was he stronger than his Master? Being hit by the fire, wasn’t this the normal result?

However, why was Wang Lu hit by the fire? Judging from the agility and quickness that he showed at the start of the match, even if he could not compete with the pursuing and besieging of the seven golden seals, he could still at least continue to delay for a long time. Although it was still a toss when he would be able to find the flaw to put the golden silkworm into Bai Ze’s body, however, this was like a deliberate death, did he just heroically sacrifice himself?

At this time, when people recalled the words from Bai Ze just now… they really thought so.

In order to score a victory, he didn’t even want his own life. Wang Lu, what were you thinking?

Was it because the situation in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was so depressing that he planned to sacrifice himself to awaken the others? The problem with this was that the sacrifice was too great! Judging from the previous performance of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, it would be better for everyone to fall asleep than to lose a sober Wang Lu!

And just when people were panic-stricken, feeling overwhelmed about their future, they suddenly heard a sneer from the rostrum.

This laughter was captured by the broadcasting equipment in the stadium and then spread through the thousands upon thousands of signboards in the City of Immortals.

“Are you guys sure that Wang Lu is the one who died? He was without his Non-Phase Sword, nor his Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi. No matter the fighting style or the spells used, the person who died is quite different from Wang Lu. Except for his face and mouth, is there any similarity between that person and Wang Lu?”

The speaker was not a cultivator of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, but a slender old man from the Earth Immortals camp whose face exuded an air of scholarly refinement.

As soon as he said this statement, let alone the people of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, even the Earth Immortals burst into an uproar. “What did you say?”

That old man did not pay attention to it, but instead stroked his own beard and said, “The Same Body Insect, Golden Silkworm Insect, plus this Multicolored Soil Mate Fake Substitute… unexpectedly, the Dark Witch Race bloodline has not been cut off.”

Hearing this, people were baffled. They knew the name of Same Body Insect and Golden Silkworm Insect, but what was Five Element Soil Mate Fake Substitute? What was Dark Witch Race?

Unfortunately, the old man didn’t explain too much. After saying these words and showing his existence, he silently sat back without saying a word, just like a stone statue. This made people want to rush toward him and berate him for telling things in half.

However, with those few words from the old man, it was not difficult for people to outline the truth.

Just now, it was not Wang Lu who fought against Bai Ze, but the Five Element Soil Mate Fake Substitute. Because it was just a substitute, the two things that Wang Lu most excelled at, Non-Phase Sword and Primal Chaos Sword Qi, were rarely used. Instead, it was Wang Lu’s five element spells that were used frequently. And because it was a substitute, it was okay to for it to ‘perish together’ with the enemy.

This meant that the Golden Silkworm Insect and the Five Element Soil Mate Fake Substitute won this match handily.

After having thought through this point, people inside and outside the stadium broke into loud laughter.

Amidst the laughter, Bai Ze’s face gradually turned from green to white and then red. Because when the old man pointed out the truth, he also understood everything.

Indeed, from the very beginning, there was something really wrong with his opponent. As for Wang Lu, he actually didn’t need to use Non-Phase Sword, he didn’t display any defensive superiority, but instead fought the fight through maneuver, which was simply unreasonable! At the last moment, there were the form and spirit in the Primal Chaos Sword Qi that the opponent brewed, but after further investigation, it was not difficult to ascertain that the speed with which it formed was far slower than the original…

After further reflection, these flaws were obviously laughable. However, when one thought that the opponent was Wang Lu, everything was possible, and thus one would undoubtedly turn a blind eye to these flaws and eventually fall for this trick.

This was simply an unprecedented shame! The other party didn’t even send the real person to the stage, but managed to handily beat him with just two props! His previous hard work—earnestly transforming the immortal treasure negation seal, designing tactics for Jindan Stage fight, seemed to have turned into a joke!

“Wang Lu! Come out! Don’t just hide like that! Are you planning to use the substitute to fool everyone?”

As soon as Bai Ze’s voice fell, Wang Lu’s voice came through.

“Sorry, I don’t use a substitute.”

After a pause, he added.

“I use my IQ.”

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