Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 686 - Wishing Everyone Happy Holiday
Chapter 686: Wishing Everyone Happy Holiday

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“In simple term, people unwilling to be left out would kill endlessly.”

Inside the study room, Wang Lu looked through the files collected by Hai Yunfan with deep emotion.

This was the information collected by Hai Yunfan during the night in his free time during Wang Lu’s recuperation period. Taking Lou Xiao backing as the clue, it implicated a long string of cultivators.

The head of the backer, which was dreaded by Hai Yunfan, was naturally the Four Element Supreme, which was now the Master of Lou Xiao. The leader of the Four Element School was well known in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal. He was famous for his strength, as well as his fussiness over class division between cultivator. He regarded cultivators of humble origins as ants and artificial spirit root as a contamination to the immortal cultivation. For this reason, the Four Element School did not have a harmonious relationship with Shengjing Sect. As for those ordinary mortals who had no chance of walking on the path of immortal cultivation, they were not even as good as grass, completely unable to enter his field of vision. In the eyes of Four Element Supreme, there were not so many creatures in Nine Regions. Only cultivators of noble bloodline and those talented ones were human, while the rest were merely stones.

This stubborn bloodline-ism had offended too many people. After all, in the immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions, noble bloodline was not the majority. Although they possessed various ways to ensure their future generations having spiritual roots that were far higher than that of ordinary people, their fertility rate remained low. More than eighty percent of cultivators in Nine Regions were individuals without the bloodline. In other words, eighty percent of the cultivators were not considered as humans in the eyes of Four Element Supreme.

In dealing with these non-human, the attitude of the Four Element Supreme had always been straightforward: treating them as invisible. Unlike some extremists, he did not treat the heretical with direct knife thrust. Instead, he would just ignore the other party. However, this often made other people uncomfortable.

At a high-level meeting, the head of the organizer respectfully greeted the Four Element Supreme with a warm smile but was instead ignored.

At the banquet, the Elders that sat at the same table as him warmly saluted him, but he turned a blind eye to it.

What was more, when he encountered evil cultivators rampaging, he rushed forward to kill those evil cultivators but then completely ignored the righteous cultivators who were seriously injured even until that person died of exhaustion or life.

That kind of Four Element Supreme would, of course, offend too many people. Among the senior Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall, he had always been a highly controversial person.

However, in the eyes of many people, Four Element Supreme was undoubtedly a good person. Because for those that he considered as persons, he was generous and loyal… almost all moral excellence could be placed on him, and he truly deserved it.

That high-level meeting, where he ignored the head of the organizer, was created by him in order to solve the accumulated grievances between two deeply rooted noble immortal cultivation family. In that one meeting, he managed to save the two families from butchering each other and the tens of millions of people related to them.

At the banquet, he deigned to come to an inferior noble family to preside over a wedding, only because he was an old acquaintance to the family’s ancestor.

The evil cultivator that was wreaking havoc that he killed was the infamous senior of the evil path whose real strength was very similar to him. Meaning that it was easy to push back but difficult to kill. However, on that day, Four Element Supreme even sacrificed two high-rank spiritual treasures and broke one of his arms before finally managing to crush that senior evil cultivator.

Four Element Supreme was a cultivator with such distinct likes and dislikes. During his one thousand and five hundred years of immortal cultivation, he made outstanding contributions to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and, at the same time, made a lot of friends.

Even the person most hostile to Four Element Supreme must acknowledge that he definitely had the qualification to serve as a senior Elder in Heavenly Sage Hall and a standing member of the Organizing Committee of the Grand Competition. However, when it came to his view of bloodline, one could only shake one’s head and sigh.

“The above information could explain why the Four Element Supreme was not pleased with me—although I indeed have the Void Spirit root, my family was basically mountain people, so there’s nothing to say about it. But it doesn’t explain why he favored Lou Xiao. That little baldy is also from the similar family background.”

While reading the information regarding the Four Element Supreme, Wang Lu casually concluded, “Although the Four Element Supreme is a divisive character in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, there are not a few people who support him, from high-rank sects to aristocratic families. Moreover, his popularity among monsters and spirit beasts are quite good. So, to say that he is quite influential is not an overstatement…”

As he said that, there was a doubtful voice coming from the other side.

“Why does he have so many supporters among monsters?”

With clear eyes that were filled with inconceivableness, Bai Shixuan asked.

As an Immortal Beast from Grand Cloud, she could not understand this phenomenon. Because, according to reason, spirit beasts and monsters were the biggest victims in this bloodline-ism. Those who emphasized bloodlines would at least admit to being born from a noble human race, but they would never admit creatures other than human beings, even if such creatures were immortal beasts born with magical abilities. In that case, why do the spiritual beasts and monsters have to support a bloodline-ism believer?

Wang Lu also felt that it was strange. “The data shows that the Four Element Supreme treats spiritual beasts and monsters much better than human beings. He even seldom eats the meat of spiritual beast.”

Bai Shixuan’s were widened. “This man is quite strange.”

“Really strange indeed… but what’s stranges is that you don’t spend your honeymoon with Huahua. What are you doing here?” Wang Lu closed the file and for the time being and did not consider the matter regarding Four Element Supreme. He now paid his full attention on Bai Shixuan.

Bai Shixuan slightly wrinkled her eyebrows as her lovely little nose moved. “You’re really annoying.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was shocked. “Little Bai, do you have a fever? Why are you talking nonsense?”

Bai Shixuan’s attachment to Wang Lu was not a secret in the entire Spirit Sword Mountain. In the beginning, when Wang Lu met Grand Cloud Fairy in Grand Cloud Mountain, the fairy sacrificed herself by scattering her thousands of years of cultivation and birthing a new mountain spirit Bai Shixuan… so for her, Wang Lu was simply too special. Thus, all along, what people saw was Bai Shixuan being obedient to Wang Lu, like a well-behaved wife… or daughter.

Unfortunately, this daughter seemed to have entered the rebellious period and began to talk back to Wang Lu.

“Hump, who told you to encourage that fool Huahua to pester me?” Bai Shixuan was quite dissatisfied. “Both of us are girls! You should be responsible for guiding her back to the normal path, rather than indulging her!”

Wang Lu’s words were sincere and earnest. “You should try to understand the beauty of Lili. The world is not lacking in beauty, but just lacks…”

“That’s disgusting.”

Bai Shixuan immediately interrupted Wang Lu’s rambling with just two words. And only Bai Shixuan could use these two words to silence Wang Lu.

“… Very well, I’ll try to find more than a hundred strong men to let Huahua understand that men are the truth in this world.”

“Really disgusting.”

“O-Okay, I’ll go try to persuade her when I have free time. In the meantime, you’ll live here.”

Bai Shixuan finally showed a smile and said, “Okay, but what if Huahua look for me here?”

“Then I’ll just put up a sign at the door that read: Earth Immortals and dogs are not allowed to enter…”

“Hey!” Bai Shixuan, whose real body was a spiritual dog, burst into laughter.

After Bai Shixuan’s perfunctory visit, Wang Lu continued to read the file. However, the more he read, the more upset he became. At present, the situation in Grand Competition gradually became advantageous to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. With the morale advantage and the victory in his directed Jindan Stage challenge, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals began to win and score continuously, as if to form a powerful momentum.

However, thinking about that Lou Xiao and the Four Element Supreme, Wang Lu felt that the current situation was actually less than optimal.

The superiority of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals lied in Wang Lu successfully kneading together an incomparably huge organization successfully and bursting out its amazing strength. However, this kind of kneading was, after all, formed reluctantly, meaning that this and that hidden danger existed.

The bigger the organization, the harder it was for it to unite. For the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to achieve the present stage, it largely relied on external threats such as ancient Earth Immortals. When those external threats weakened, the internal contradiction would unavoidably surge up.

At the time when the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was still in an absolutely weak position, there were people like the Master of Heavenly Book Building who went against their own team. Fortunately, Wang Lu promptly suppressed them. Right now, if the Four Element Supreme came out to make trouble, the situation would be a bit troublesome.

After pondering it over for a long time at his desk, Wang Lu still felt that he couldn’t just let the matter go. However, to directly target the Four Element Supreme could really be a troublesome thing. Expecting him to be dealt with as easy as the Master of Heavenly Book Building was simply whimsical. At least, Aya’s frontal crushing tactic would definitely not work. The Four Element Supreme had been cultivating for one thousand and five hundred years, so his fighting capability was absolutely on the same level as that of Aya.

If fighting was not possible… Wang Lu was silent as his eyebrows twisted into a ball.

After nobody knows how long, Wang Lu finally stood up from the desk and lightly breathed.

In the data, although the Four Element Supreme discriminated against ordinary people, he was a straightforward person, everything that he thought was almost always written on his face. Encountering such a person…

Face to face, man to man!

In Immortal Six Area where the Four Element Supreme was placed, Wang Lu came alone. However, he saw several cultivators had been waiting for him in front of the door.

There were three on the left and three on the right. All were Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, but this time, they were just like doormen.

“School leader has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Wang Lu replied with a smile, “This showing off is outstanding.”

Then he stepped in, completely ignoring the faces of the six doormen.

It was not surprising that the Four Element Supreme had guessed that he would come. Because after learning about Luo Xiao’s two consecutive victories, Wang Lu nevertheless had to take an action, and this action would mostly be aimed at Four Element Supreme.

For the Four Element Supreme who had always been accustomed to ignoring the commoners, how could he suddenly pay so much attention to Wang Lu?

With a hint of curiosity, Wang Lu went all the way to the main hall and met the Four Element Supreme who had been waiting respectfully for a long time.

One thousand and five hundred years did not leave too many traces on him. The person that faced Wang Lu looked like a young twenty-something-year-old. Only his eyes were filled with the vicissitudes of life.

There was a low table in front of the Supreme. Two cups of tea were on top of the table. One cup was in front of him, and the other was in front of Wang Lu.

Wang Lu was not polite. He immediately took two steps forward, sat directly in front of Four Element Supreme, and took a sip of the cup of tea. He then couldn’t help but praise, “Good tea.”

Four Element Supreme nodded. His eyes remained locked on Wang Lu’s face. After not talking for a moment, he went straight to the point.

A point that Wang Lu had never thought of.

“When are you going to get married and have children, Supreme Wang Lu?”


The teacup fell on the table.

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