Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 688 - See the Rod, Know the Man?
Chapter 688: See the Rod, Know the Man?

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Wang Lu had always believed that, as a man or as a cultivator, he should adhere to the saying courageously moving forward—this courageously moving forward did not mean that one should not look for another way when facing a wall, but to never regret what he had done and always look ahead.

However, at present, Wang Lu sincerely regretted his decision on coming over to meet Four Element Supreme.

“Supreme Wang Lu, you could trust my judgment on this matter. I have been paying attention to the path of reproduction for a long time. It’s easy for me to judge a person’s ability in reproduction and inheritance.”

“… Could you, roughly explain your way of judging?”

Upon hearing Wang Lu’s question, Four Element Supreme showed a somewhat excited look. “It’s very simple. First of all, it’s the shape.”


“Yes, the shape of the reproductive organs. The basic attributes are the length and diameter. In addition…”

“Wait a minute, how do you know the ‘shape’ of other people’s reproductive organs?”

Four Element Supreme was quite proud when he replied, “Of course, it’s because I have a pair of good eyes. For this reason, I have actually done some practice. I can even judge the person’s organ properties through clothing. However, many people would set up some defensive spell to hide their body, which requires me a bit of time to see through, but even that couldn’t stop me.”


“The shape of the organ is only basic, there is also the degree of Yang energy, and then…”


“Aside from men, I could also judge the attributes of women. Of course, this is more troublesome.”

“Please stop for a moment, Four Element Supreme. I want to ask you a question, has anyone ever told you over the years that your behavior is generally called pervert?”

Four Element Supreme blinked his eyes. “Why?”

“It seems that there is none, so let me reluctantly say it: you really are a pervert.”

Four Element Supreme frowned, thought for a moment, and then shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. How those mediocre people judge me, why should I care? Don’t I know how many people in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals curse me as dog bloodline? How many people hate me for being cold-blooded and heartless? However, heaven is not benevolent, it treats all living beings as dogs. So for a group to reproduce, it would inevitably be accompanied with many cold-blooded and heartless feelings.”

Wang Lu was amazed by this Four Element Supreme. His perversion was so high-end that he was indeed worthy of a Supreme!

“… Well, since everyone is, in any case, a colleague, I think I should still give you a suggestion. It’s better to use this kind of judgment less.”

Four Element Supreme nodded his head and said, “Of course, it would not be used frequently. This kind of comprehensive judgment is far more complex than just a simple shape analysis. In order to be accurate, it must involve the field of cause and effect. Moreover, in my present cultivation base, the consumption is also heavy. Therefore, I would not use it frequently… Fortunately, I still found that Supreme Wang Lu’s attributes are strong. If you could spread and multiply your Void Spirit Root attribute, then Nine Regions would welcome a true golden age! Imagine, if a hundred years in the future, there are ten, a hundred Daoist Master Wang Lu, what’s a mere crisis of Fallen Immortal?”

The ferventness of Four Element Supreme in saying those words caused Wang Lu to be distracted, thinking of what would happen if there were a hundred of him?

However, after thinking about it, the likely outcome would probably be them killing each other… He was never the type of person who would willingly put himself lower than the others.

Of course, those were all things to be taken up later. Now the problem was…

“So, Supreme Wang Lu, you should get married and have children as soon as possible. I’ve paid attention to your situation, you have never lacked a confidante around you. The two successor female disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, as well as the two spirit beasts Bai Shixuan and Quan Zouhua, and the Knight King from Western Continent. These are all your preferred choices.

“Among which, I strongly recommend you to make a union with Zhu Shiyao. Her sword spirit root physique is blessed by heaven. If it could be combined with the special quality of your Void Spirit Root, the future is limitless. In addition, the second option should go to Liu Li. Her Brilliant Sword Heart is not inferior to Zhu Shiyao’s Stellar Sword, but it has a slight superposition with the special characteristics of your Void Spirit Root.

“As for Bai Shixuan and Quan Zouhua, although they are not purely human beings, they have completed their transformation and have human characteristics. If they combined with you, they might have interesting changes, which would be beneficial to the enrichment and diversity of the population. However, the changes might be good or bad, which requires you to keep trying to get the good result by quantity. As for the Knight King of Western Continent, I would advise you to be careful. If she returns to Western Continent with your flesh and blood, it would not be a blessing to the Nine Regions.”

“… I could be with dogs, but not Western Continent people? Unexpectedly, not only you’re a dog lover, but also a nationalist.”

“Speaking of which, if the target is not limited to Spirit Sword Sect, I think Qiong Hua is also a good match. When it comes to the comprehensive quality, she is actually at the same level as Zhu Shiyao. Among cultivators of the same generation, she is the one closest to you. In addition, Zhou Mumu of Kunlun Sect is also very good. It is said that you and her have a very good relationship, so the possibility of profound development is not low. Speaking of this, some people also said that you and some disciples of Yin and Yang School have had a relationship. It seems that the first one is called Tiandao Lan? I advise you to draw a clean line with them as soon as possible. Yin and Yang School people are addicted to the joy of men and women, which is fundamentally evil.”

“Supreme, your skills in gossiping are so amazing, you even know about me and the girls of Yin and Yang School?”

Four Element Supreme humphed, but he actually appeared somewhat proud.

Wang Lu was now truly convinced of this person’s sincerity. Perhaps, the primary reason why this guy’s relationships with people were not good was not because of his classism.

The main reason was that he was really a pervert.

While thinking about it, he heard the voice of Four Element Supreme coming in again, “In my opinion, if Supreme Wang Lu is willing to dispense with your own sect and generations, there would be many good choices among the elder cultivators.”

Wang Lu shook his head again and again. “I have no interest in mature women.”

“Is that so? That’s a pity then. Actually, my eight daughters are actually not bad. They are only over three hundred years old this year, and their cultivation base has reached Yuanying Stage.”

“… No need.”

“Well, I also thought that they’re a bit worse. Although my daughters’ cultivation is good, they are quite inferior if compared with you. By the way, how is your Master? Her cultivation base and temperament are a perfect match for you.”

“That’s enough, I will seriously consider the matter of reproduction, but this time, I come to meet with Supreme not to discuss reproduction.”

Four Element Supreme nodded, showing that his desire to express his thoughts had been greatly satisfied. It was now time to listen to Wang Lu’s words.

“First of all… let’s talk about Luo Xiao. Why does Supreme favor Luo Xiao alone? He is an individual cultivator not of the noble bloodline. You couldn’t possibly change your general impressions of him just because of his attainment in chess in which he previously helped you defeat the Black and White Ancestor, right?”

Four Element Supreme laughed and said, “Of course not. Why would I care about a trivial chess skill? I’m interested in his inheritance reproduction ability… Maybe he is not as good as you, but he definitely could live up to the five words ‘live well with big tool’. Before judging your attributes, I have always regarded him as the cultivation focus among the next generations of cultivators.”

“… Are you judging the cultivation focus by reproductive ability?”

Four Element Supreme earnestly said, “That’s very important.”

“Besides that, is there no other reason?”

“Certainly. I don’t know what prejudice you have against Luo Xiao, but in my opinion, he is one of the rare genius cultivators in the world. Although it is difficult to reach your present achievements, don’t forget that you are from Spirit Sword Sect, one of the top five sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, while he is only from a mediocre sect. The starting points of the two of you are too different.”

“Rare genius?” Wang Lu chewed on the wording of Four Element Supreme, but the restlessness in his heart actually became deeper. “Supreme has been in contact with him for a long time. In your opinion, is this person reliable?”

Upon hearing this, Four Element Supreme frowned. “Does Supreme Wang Lu suspect that he has a problem?”

“Far from it, that is why I have to seek advice from Supreme. If there’s any doubt, I wouldn’t have waited until now.”

After a moment of thinking, Four Element Supreme said, “No one is absolutely reliable, including you. Once you encounter enough temptation, you will eventually give in.”

Wang Lu replied, “I don’t deny this, but different people have different price. For me to betray, I’m afraid no one could offer me such a high price.”

“Luo Xiao is also a not-so-easy-to-buy person. Although he is of ordinary origin and looks friendly and humble, he has extraordinary pride in his heart and will not tolerate being bought out by others. In a sense, he has a lot of similarities with you.”

With that, Four Element Supreme looked down and gently nodded. “Yes, there are indeed similarities.”

“I think…”

Before Wang Lu could utter his refutation, Four Element Supreme said, “Easy there. If you were him, a rising star from Huayan School who wanted to shine on the stage of this Grand Competition, but unexpectedly the planner of the whole thing found you not pleasing to his eyes, what would you do?”

Wang Lu knitted his brows and did not reply.

Four Element Supreme continued, “If I were you, I would give him a fair stage. According to your temperament, you should not be afraid of such a challenge.”

Wang Lu remained silent as he thought whether there was any real problem with his treatment of Luo Xiao.

According to Four Element Supreme, Luo Xiao was only a genius with a strong desire to prove himself and was eager to gain something from the Grand Competition. If that was the case, then, instead of suppressing him, he ought to give him a stage to prove himself and make full use of his talent.

Wang Lu didn’t think that his judgment could be better than that of Four Element Supreme. Although Four Element Supreme was a pervert, he was undoubtedly the best in all things perverted. During his one thousand and five hundred years of cultivation, he should not misjudge a person’s standpoint.

After thinking of this, he heard Four Element Supreme say, “The matter regarding Supreme Wang Lu’s hate toward Luo Xiao, many people have already known it. I think if Supreme Wang Lu could show your magnanimity on Luo Xiao’s problem, then those few who still disagree with Supreme Wang Lu would have no words to say anymore.”

Wang Lu snorted. “Is this the condition for cooperation proposed by Supreme?”

Four Element Supreme was silent.

“Very well, I agree. If I can get the support from Supreme, what of mere Luo Xiao? From now on, I would not stop him anymore, just tell him to participate freely on the stage of Grand Competition.

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