Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 689 - Unwilling-to-be-Left-Out Little Baldy
Chapter 689: Unwilling-to-be-Left-Out Little Baldy

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“He indeed deserves to be a genius with a big tool. In just half a month, he had shown his talents, making him shine brightly.”

In the courtyard in Immortal Five Area, Wang Lu flipped through the latest news in his study room, clicking his tongue repeatedly.

“In the trading area, baldy’s hand ought to be almost used up, right?”

From the side, his secretary, Hai Yunfan, answered, “The sales are pretty good. During this period, he has won a series of successive battles. Plus the works of people with aspirations, his popularity has soared. According to the result of the survey from Mysterious Sky Mansion, his popularity index has reached the top ten in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals… Whether it’s the strength or business ability, they’re all amazing.”

Wang Lu said, “If you could be chosen as the son-in-law by the Four Element Supreme, of course, you’ll have amazing performance. In fact, you haven’t seen his most amazing feature yet.”

Hai Yunfan was amazed. “Four Element Supreme chose him as his son-in-law? Isn’t Luo Xiao a Zen monk?”

Wang Lu sneered and said, “Happy monk, haven’t you heard of it?”

Hai Yunfan naturally could hear that this was a joke. However, the matter regarding Four Element Supreme looking for a son-in-law was not just a rumor. Thinking of the little baldy who was so pious to Zen dressed in a groom’s attire in front of Four Element Supreme, he could not help but shake his head with a bitter smile on his face.

“… If the son-in-law story is true, then he is really lucky. It seems that Four Element Supreme wants to pass on all his inheritance to him. But, Supreme has many sons, and he also has more than a dozen daughters, which one he wants to marry off then?”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “Maybe it’s not just one. After all, his tool is big, monogamy simply couldn’t stop him.”

“He has a big tool…”

Wang Lu waved his hand. “In short, no need to be so uptight with regards to Luo Xiao’s matter. If he wants to be a star, then let him be. Since Four Element Supreme is now endorsing him, there’s no need for me to meddle.”

“… Is that so? Very well, I’ll find someone to give an order to the cultivators of Secret Mountain so that they could pay close attention to him.”

Wang Lu’s face immediately bloomed with a smile; his secretary Hai Yunfan was indeed really good at grasping his intention.

Since assuming the position of chief planner, there were some words that were not easy to be said directly, and even have to say the opposite. At this time, as a secretary, whether Hai Yunfan could correctly understand his superior’s true intention was the very test of his ability, and Little Hai’s performance rarely disappointed Wang Lu.

Wang Lu nodded. “Pay attention to the ways and means of doing things.”

Hai Yunfan sighed. “Don’t worry, this won’t involve you. Luo Xiao is now the target of public criticism, you are not the only one who pays attention to him. So even if it’s exposed, it could be pushed on to others. The bill from Secret Mountain for all the matter regarding Luo Xiao has been reduced.”

“Oh, this is the end of this star, let this be the headache of Four Element Supreme.”

Wang Lu shook his head and then put aside all the information about Luo Xiao and shifted his attention to other matters.

Since reaching an agreement with Four Element Supreme half a month ago, Wang Lu had let Luo Xiao’s matters go.

Over the past half month, Luo Xiao had registered for seven consecutive competitions, and Wang Lu had approved all of them. In order for Luo Xiao to enter the battle in some competitions, he was forced to defeat the original candidates, which had caused considerable controversy. However, Luo Xiao had repeatedly won many battles. Counting the previous two matches, the record of nine consecutive victories was dazzling and brilliant. Thus, he soon became a rising star in this Grand Competition.

In this regard, Wang Lu was not the least bit surprised. Luo Xiao could make the Four Element Supreme take him so seriously, and it would not be just because of bedroom prowess alone. A certain strength was inevitable. That being the case, this nine consecutive wins looked really bright, even more dazzling than Wang Lu’s five consecutive victories.

However, the difficulty of the two was not the same. One was to turn the tide with one’s own strength when the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was in full decline, while the other was simply in pursuit of the retreating enemy. And there was no bone biting tough battle within those nine matches. The quality was simply not the same. A lot of the current fame was simply due to the hype.

Therefore, there was absolutely no need to spend too much energy on Luo Xiao. In comparison, the Earth Immortal camp was more worthy of attention.

Wang Lu was a person who could distinguish the relative importance of matters. Since he saw his displeasure toward Luo Xiao was a private matter, then it was insignificant in the context of the entire Grand Competition. It was a good habit of Wang Lu to not let his personal matters get in the way of public matters.

Unfortunately, when Wang Lu turned his eyes away, Luo Xiao was unwilling to be left out.

Five days later, Luo Xiao’s tenth competition ended.

The content of the competition was only a trivial matter, and a victory only amounted to two points. However, for Luo Xiao, this was his tenth consecutive victory.

After ten consecutive wins, even if they were not meaty competitions, it was a shocking enough topic. For a time, countless people went after Luo Xiao, and even the main newspapers and magazines under Mysterious Sky Mansion sent their special personnel to conduct interviews.

In that interview, there was an interesting dialogue.

“Excuse me, Daoist Master Luo Xiao, do you feel surprised at the results that you have achieved now?”

This question was actually a standard question. Luo Xiao could modestly reply the same as before, such as: Yes, I did not expect to play so well, it’s probably because of the support from everyone. I hope to continue to have this support in the future so that I can make my due contributions to the Grand Competition.

This time, however, Luo Xiao chose another answer.

“Yes, I didn’t expect that this ten consecutive wins would be delayed this late. I thought it would happen earlier. Unfortunately, my applications for the previous matches were put down. Thus, I could not prove myself at that time.”

At that time, the reporter who heard this was stunned for a long time before he realized that Luo Xiao was openly targeting Wang Lu.

Thus, the reporter immediately threw out more exciting questions.

“I think Daoist Master Luo Xiao also knows that your ten consecutive win record has broken the previous record in this Grand Competition so far. The previous record holder is Supreme Wang Lu with six consecutive wins. What do you think of this?”

Luo Xiao smiled and replied, “This is not a simple numerical comparison. Wang Lu’s achievements are much higher than mine, and his competitions were much heavier in difficulty… However, this is only temporary. Grand Competition has only arrived at the halfway point. Most of the key competitions haven’t started yet. So I think I have enough time to surpass the previous records.”

When it came to this, his meaning was already clear enough.

In this regard, people were amazed at Luo Xiao’s overnight celebrity status, but also marveled at the fact that there were some cultivators of this generation that dare to challenge Wang Lu out in the open… And then they began to wonder how Wang Lu would react to that.

As everyone knew, Wang Lu didn’t like Luo Xiao from the beginning, and the suppression against the latter had been talked about by many people over the meal. At this time, Luo Xiao’s ten consecutive victories had made Wang Lu’s suppression policy look very embarrassing. Thus, now it was reasonable that the tit-for-tat move was the retaliation.

Whether Luo Xiao could shake Wang Lu’s position or not, regardless of Wang Lu’s gesture to this rising star, what attitude would he take?

As everyone knew, Wang Lu never seemed to be a magnanimous person.

In one of the courtyards in the Immortal Five area, Wang Lu looked at the latest report presented by Hai Yunfan in rage.

“What a joke! They actually dare to question my intention? These media reporters are more and more knowledgeable about and resorting to stealing and trickery. If I am really petty, it would be very easy for me to shut down several newspapers and magazines publication with my present authority. That is to say, it’s exactly because they knew of my magnanimity that they dare to jump up and do this in front of me.”

On this, Hai Yunfan disagreed, “I don’t think it’s that simple. These newspapers and magazines have been pushing for Luo Xiao’s success in the past, so obviously, some people are manipulating them. At first, I thought it was Four Element Supreme, but after investigating it, I found that this was not the case.”

Wang Lu said, “It doesn’t matter who is manipulating behind them. The important thing is that, since they have questioned it, I must give my reply. Little Hai, help me prepare a celebration ceremony in two days.”

“Celebration?” Hai Yunfan frowned and said, “To celebrate your successive wins?”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “Wrong. This is not to celebrate my successive victories, but to celebrate Luo Xiao’s ten winning streak. Doesn’t he want to be in the spotlight? Then I’ll give him the spotlight!”

Two days later, the celebration ceremony set by Hai Yunfan officially began.

The theme was to celebrate Daoist Master Luo Xiao’s ten consecutive victories. The organizer was the Organizing Committee of the Grand Competition, meaning that this was a very high-level celebration. The host was the chief planner and standing elder of the Organizing Committee, which was Wang Lu himself. This occasion naturally became a heated discussion in the City of Immortals. The way people saw it, Wang Lu’s arrangement definitely harbored unfathomable motives. Perhaps he had set up an ambush squad at the celebration, ready to chop Luo Xiao into the mud.

However, Luo Xiao could not avoid this ceremony because Wang Lu had also invited many Supremes from Heavenly Sage Hall, including Supreme He Tu who had always supported Wang Lu. Thus, the occasion was unmatched in grandeur.

Even though he knew there would not be a good feast at the banquet, how could Luo Xiao dare to ignore so many Elders?

Thus, Luo Xiao finally came.

Then he immediately regretted it.

At the beginning of the ceremony, he realized that he really shouldn’t have come today. Even if he had to tell an excuse such as he had suffered injuries in the match a few days ago, it would’ve been better than attending such a ceremony.

There was no ambush squad in the ceremony. In fact, Wang Lu did not show any trace of hostility. He just sat at the rostrum with a serious expression while reading aloud the report in his hand.

The title of the report was, the study of the report of Daoist Master Luo Xiao’s exemplary deeds situation.

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