Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 694 - Direct and Plainspoken
Chapter 694: Direct and Plainspoken

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Hai Yunfan never thought a question that he raised would cause a chain reaction.

At that time, he listened to Wang Lu’s remark seriously, and wondered about the basis for Wang Lu to say that the five Daoist Masters of Deity Stage contestants could actually be annihilated.

At Deity Stage, it was very difficult for a cultivator to die. Unless they deliberately court death, such as resisting the divine tribulation head-on or perhaps run toward perilous places. Even if they crushed their bodies and set their primordial spirit in turmoil, they would still have means of recovery. As for the elite corps of Deity Stage experts who they elected to represent the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in the match, there were already quite a few of them who had tasted the hint of the fierceness of Heavenly Tribulation.

If these cultivators wholeheartedly wanted to save their lives, even Supremes of Unity Stage could not completely extinguish their body and soul. Unless they directly use the Yin and Yang divide formerly used by Earth Immortal Xuan Mo that they could be caught by surprise and disintegrate in an instant. Otherwise, no matter what they would do, they could still escape with their life.

Unless the other party deliberately targeted these means of resurrection and forcibly prevented them from escaping.

For the Earth Immortals, if they really wished to kill people, it was easy to accomplish such a feat. When the Grand Competition had just started, under the man in black’s instruction, they gave the Earth Immortals free hand to kill the contestants from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and managed to kill a lot of them in the competition arena, which knocked down the morale of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals tremendously.

Later on, Wang Lu turned the situation around by orchestrating the defeat and death of Poison Immortal and Ravenous Wolf in Jindan Stage group fight, which made the Earth Immortals hesitate for a bit. After a short period, there were few serious casualties in the fighting arena. On the one hand, the Earth Immortals no longer made deliberate killings, on the other hand, the constants from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were constantly strengthening their life-saving measures.

In this Deity Stage group fight, in theory, there was a real risk—this was no longer a simple one-on-one situation. Under extreme conditions, it might divide people and surrounded them, forming a one-on-five situation. A little carelessness would destroy both their body and their spirit. However, they based that on the premise that the Earth Immortals were merciless and had a deliberate intent to murder people. According to the current situation, the Earth Immortals might not be so keen on killing people—Wang Lu had already killed most of those who relished in the joy of killing.

Thus, this surprised Hai Yunfan. Why would Wang Lu envisage such a tragic situation? Could it be that his plan of action was for the five contestants to push the round to force the opposite party to start the battle immediately wherein they would later simultaneously explode to end in mutual destruction?

Some people had originally put this extreme plan into action—such people were the barbarians of Royal Soldier Sect. Moreover, those who took the lead in devising the plan outside shouted the slogan that inflamed their emotions: For victory and honor; the road to death, what of it? If you guys don’t dare to go, our Royal Soldier Sect will send five of our Deity Stage cultivators!

Well, although Royal Soldier Sect was one of the top five super sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and, in terms of fighting prowess, it was only under Shengjing Sect, the five Deity Stage contestants were not just five pieces of rubble they could dispose of casually. The Royal Soldier Sect’s action amazed Hai Yunfan when he heard this. However, when he scrutinized them thoroughly later, he saw that the overtime volunteer from the Royal Soldier Sect who took the lead in shouting was holding a bottle of Special Fortune, an alcoholic liquor specialty of Royal Soldier Sect. This flushed the man’s face making his head sway.

Drunken cultivators in Royal Soldier Sect had always had the reputation of having the style of True Immortal—as long as they were drunk, they feared nothing in Heaven or Earth. As for having their body turned into mush and their primordial spirit blown away, that would only matter when it counted. Every year in Royal Soldier Sect there were always cultivators who died a violent death because of drunkenness, but not only were there no countermeasures, they even took pride in it. It was such a tradition that made many cultivators to criticize the current lead disciple Xiang Liang for he had lost the soul of Royal Soldier Sect when he himself had never touched a drop of liquor

However, when he saw the cultivator who had the soul of Royal Soldier Sect devised the plan in front of him, Hai Yunfan felt so mad as he laughed at himself at that same time that he made up a lie to confuse that drunken cultivator, and they did not report the plan to Wang Lu at all—Wang Lu was a creative machine, so as his secretary, Hai Yunfan didn’t have to waste his time with this unreliable plan.

However, why did it seem like the people from the Royal Soldier Sect refused to give up and had directly reported to Wang Lu now? That should not be it; even if people of Royal Soldier Sect were not sensible, they had no way of seeing Wang Lu directly.

Was it because he misunderstood that Wang Lu was not actually thinking about the desperate suicide tactic, but it actually worried him that the Earth Immortals would give a heavy hand? However… was that necessary? The Deity Stage cultivators were not the same as Jindan and Yuanying since they were already a relatively high-level force. Faced with the Fallen Immortal, they could more or less act as cannon fodders; therefore, they should not waste them at will. Having this awareness, there were really no need to kill anybody right now.

Unfortunately, Wang Lu never spoke. Instead, he frowned and fell into deep thought. His fingers were knocking on the desk rhythmically, which frustrated Hai Yunfan.

Just when he couldn’t help but ask, Wang Lu explained, “Not this time. I’m thinking about what has already happened.”

“What already happened?” Hai Yunfan was confused.

“What happened before? Are you thinking about your old lover?” Another smoky voice came in.

Immediately Wang Lu summoned his Immortal Sword Rouge Tears and swung it in the sound’s direction. The strike of the sword was fierce making Hai Yunfan retreat a few steps back.

However, the strike of that fierce sword abruptly stopped, and two tender fingers grasped the sharp tip of the Rouge Tears gently. It could not advance even half an inch anymore. Then an angry voice boomed.

“Wang Lu, do you really want to rebel? What have I done wrong to warrant this?”

Wang Lu slowly withdrew his Rouge Tears and said, “Pay me in advance, you’ll be in trouble eventually.”

“What the… you want me to pay in advance for this? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” As Wang Wu cursed, she unceremoniously came over to see the documents on Wang Lu’s desk. After looking at them, she raised her eyebrows. “The plan of the group fight for Deity Stage level? What’s so hard about this? Just find some silly people in Royal Soldier Sect. Then give them a bottle of Special Fortune and let them loose at the Earth Immortals to explode once they’re drunk.”

Hai Yunfan really wanted to prostrate himself in front of this pair of Master and disciple. Especially Wang Wu, she was a rarity that appeared one in tens of thousands of years, no, hundreds of thousands of years. It was amazing for Wang Lu to reach this point under her poisoning.

“What if the self-explosion fail? The attention to this match is too high, so there’s no need to take this risk. Besides, we should wait for a better chance to let the people to the Royal Soldier Sect to become human bombs in the future.”

Wang Wu immediately expressed her enthusiastic support, “Remember to tell me in advance, I’m going to the black market to bet on it!”

By now, Hai Yunfan really couldn’t stand it any longer. He got up and said his goodbye, “There’s something urgent at home, so I’d better go home now.”

After a moment, Wang Lu pointed to Hai Yunfan’s distant back and sighed at Wang Wu. “See, this is the working atmosphere of our organizing committee’s overtime group. The disciples of Ten Thousand Arts Sect are so hungry for a companion to thrive. They couldn’t even take care of their own work, so they had to go home to find their wives to satiate their desire.”

As soon as his voice fell, Hai Yunfan, after walking halfway ahead, immediately returned. He sat down at the secretary desk and began to deal with official business in silence.

Wang Lu smiled and stopped playing tricks with his own secretary. He turned around and asked Wang Wu, “What are you doing here?”

“Looking if you need any help here… These days, my Senior Brother caught me wandering in the City of Immortals. He said that since I had time to play, I might as well come and help you. That’s why I came here. When do you have dinner here? I’m hungry.”

While urging that issue, Wang Wu took a serious look at the newly written materials in front of Wang Lu and laughed, “Was the original plan scrapped? Are you starting from scratch again? But it seems that your handwriting came to an abrupt end. What problems have you encountered? Let me hear it and just give me ten thousand spirit stones to solve it.”

The nearby Hai Yunfan could not help but have his jaw dropped. This pair of Master and disciple was too fucked up, this kind of tacit understanding based on insulting each other or even killing each other was almost unheard of. Both of them were really familiar with each other as if they were the same person. No, they even knew each other better than their own, it was like…

However, before he could think too much, the dialogue between the Master and disciple went deeper.

Wang Lu said, “I encountered a problem. In fact, it has been a problem that puzzled me since the start of the Grand Competition. Why did those Earth Immortals kill their opponents so fiercely in the first place?”

Wang Wu sneered, “Nonsense, those Earth Immortals are not related to us, why would they want to go soft us?”

Instead, Wang Lu shook his head and said, “Even if it’s with one’s own parents, if there are conflicts of interests, it won’t prevent people from killing each other. The problem is that, on the whole, we cooperate with the Earth Immortals more than we compete, and we benefit each other more than otherwise since we have common enemies. The reason why we came up with the plan is to better integrate the strength of everyone and settle disputes.”

Wang Wu said, “Do you think this kind of bombastic talk has any meaning?”

“Then why did they agree to it? Bai Zoe’s bet with you is only one aspect. If the other Earth Immortals really want to veto it, it wouldn’t matter to them to lose some face. They agreed anyway.”

Wang Wu replied, “Then what is your explanation? Agreeing with you about the grand competition is about the general situation. To win the competition when it came in, they used a fierce method; a quick sword cuts through tangled hemp, to shock and awe the opponent, but it could reduce the two side’s overall loss. What’s wrong with that?”

Wang Lu said, “There’s nothing wrong with that, so I haven’t thought too much about it. I just had an idea. Why didn’t the Earth Immortals use the opposite method? For example, when they have the chance to kill, they could deliberately refuse to do so in order to show magnanimity.”

Wang Wu burst out laughing and asked, “What’s the benefit of being magnanimous?”

Wang Lu replied matter-of-factly, “The benefit is that I won’t go all out.”

“Well, that’s true. Indeed, it’s strange, the man in charge of the Earth Immortal side is the man in black and not the brainless Bai Ze. It’s reasonable to say that it should not be this fierce…”

Wang Lu said, “I don’t think even Bai Ze would have made that decision to kill so they could shock and awe their opponents. In theory, it’s true, but it’s actually a psychotic means, which could easily cause unexpected side effects.”

Wang Wu replied, “Yes, the risk is big indeed.”

“There is no unwarranted risk in the world, so there should be other benefits for them to do so.”

“For example, are there any secrets in this City of Immortals?” Saying this, Wang Wu’s eyes began to shine.

Wang Lu knew what she was thinking about without even looking at her. “You’re dying to be a treasure hunter, but this is the home of the Earth Immortals. Be careful not to get caught stealing treasures.”

The Master and disciples seriously exchanged their opinions. Wang Wu seemed a bit careless but still guided Wang Lu’s thinking one step at a time. As he listened from the side, Hai Yunfan’s mind turned sharp. When he heard the last part, he immediately interrupted.

“This is just your speculation. Are there really treasures?”

“Of course, this is just speculation, otherwise it’s a fact. The problem is that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the Earth Immortals are in hostile relations now. Both sides keep to themselves; the information is so scarce. Where do you want me to find treasures?”

Wang Wu suddenly said, “Is it difficult to find treasures? Then go ask someone who knows.”

“Who? Who else in this City of Immortals know more than me?”

Wang Wu said, “Xuan Mo, isn’t she on good terms with you? If you have questions, you can go straight to her door and ask. If we can ask a man and a half-woman to come, our Union of Ten Thousand Immortals camp will be stronger than ever before.”

Wang Lu was silent for a long time. “That’s reasonable.”

He then suddenly summoned the Four Element Supreme.

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