Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 703 It’s As If Someone Had Planned It

Chapter 703 It’s As If Someone Had Planned It

"I didn’t expect to see you again so soon."

In the field of ice and snow, Xuan Mo held a scented tea with her hand with a graceful posture. In the ice and snow; she was like a pure fairy, but there were tiredness and sorrow that could not be hidden in her face.

Wang Lu looked around and saw that in this field of ice and snow, a simple cave built of ice crystals sheltered them from the weather, and Xuan Mo lived in the cave.

"Is this your new home? The decoration is quite simple."

Xuan Mo smiled bitterly. "Why ask when you already know the answer?"

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This was the mysterious frost world, one of the tens of millions of small worlds in the tombs of immortals. It was a world that was frozen and lost its vitality. A temporary refuge for Xuan Mo and Bai Ze.

They were now refugees.

Under the cruel and inhuman suppression from Senior Gem Emperor, even Xuan Mo’s good relationships with the other failed to save her, and she was forced to go.

Either she would be persecuted by the Gem Emperor for various reasons, or she had to kneel down to be a dog for the Gem Emperor. Xuan Mo was a cultivator who had reached the peak of her realm. Thus, she was very proud of herself. She would never willingly be a dog to anybody. However, she didn’t want to be tied in the hands of the Gem Emperor either. Thus, she had to flee.

There were tens of millions of small worlds in the tombs of the immortals. So if Xuan Mo truly intended to flee, it would be very difficult for the Gem Emperor to catch her.

"But if you run away, you basically a disgraced deserter in the eyes of your group."

Xuan Mo looked at Wang Lu and said, "Isn’t that just what you want?"

Wang Lu wasn’t polite either. With a laugh, he said, "Yes, I came here under the order of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to try to turn you over to our side. Now it seems that it’s just right."

Xuan Mo shook her head. "If you think that I will switch side now, you are wrong. If I really want to abandon the Earth Immortal camp, I would not hide here, but instead, go directly to your side. In my situation at that time, if I was so determined to leave, Senior Gem Emperor could not stop me."

Wang Lu said, "If you are so foolish not to change side at this time, then there really is no need to persuade you to come to our side."

Xuan Mo nodded. "Then, by all means, go back. I will not abandon my Earth Immortal identity."

Wang Lu smiled. "I don’t expect you to abandon your identity as an Earth Immortal and join the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. You don’t even have to join the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to switch sides."

Xuan Mo was curious. "Besides the Earth Immortals and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, are there any other camp? Are you working for a third party?" When it came to the last question, Xuan Mo’s look suddenly turned cold.

"Fallen Immortal?"

At the thought of this, Xuan Mo was shocked.

If it were not for the Fallen Immortals, after having experienced the Age of Chaos, how could Nine Regions bred such a genius? If it were not for the Fallen Immortals, how could many of her companions died in his hands…?

While she was thinking the worst, suddenly she was hit on the forehead by something warm and soft. She was shocked, thinking that it must’ve been a unique hidden weapon. However, the next moment, the hidden weapon fell from her forehead and slid across her eyes.

It was just a steamed bun. But, why it was a steamed bun?

Before her, Wang Lu was waiting angrily. "This is my usual snack for my Junior Sister. Today, I happily give it to you as a brain tonic! Did you just think about Fallen Immortal?"

Having her thoughts seen through, Xuan Mo was not embarrassed. After wiping the grease stains on her forehead with a handkerchief and then carefully wrapped the steamed bun, she calmly said, "Yes, I have my doubts about you… Right now, besides the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and our Earth Immortals, is there any third party? You can’t possibly work for the Western Continent people…"

Wang Lu sighed. "Use your mind for a bit, how could a person like me be a dog for someone else? How could the Fallen Immortals possibly buy me? We have known each other for a long time, haven’t you seen my arrogance and pride?

Xuan Mo declined to comment.

Seeing that the other party still didn’t get it, Wang Lu had to speak more clearly. "It’s simple really. What I mean by third party camp is myself. If you are not willing to switch side to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals camp, you might as well join my camp."

"…" Xuan Mo couldn’t speak for a long time. "Are you trying to amuse me?"

Wang Lu said, "I am serious."

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Xuan Mo was finally shocked by Wang Lu’s amazing courage. A young man in Jindan Stage who had been cultivating for less than thirty years actually has the guts to tell an ancient Earth Immortal to join his side. What kind of courage or rather persuasion ability that he could possibly have!

Even Xuan Mo’s immortal heart, which had remained immovable for thousands of years, was shocked. Without realizing it, she had squeezed the wrapped steamed bun in her hand.

"… I repeat, will you please use your brain, my Senior Xuan Mo? Right now if you join a camp, do you need to focus on its strength? The Fallen Immortals camp is the strongest, do you want to join them?"

Xuan Mo retorted, "But since you put yourself in the same position as the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and Earth Immortals, calling yourself the third party force, at least your strength must not differ too much right?"

"Why not? The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals claimed that the union is equal, but do you think a huge super sect like Shengjing Sect could be said in the same way as the Seven Stars Sect? There are hundreds of thousands of countries in Nine Regions, of which large countries cover hundreds of millions of miles, while the small countries only have thousands of people. What’s the difference between them? Aren’t they all collectively known as countries in Nine Regions?"

Xuan Mo shook her head in disapproval. "You’re using sophistry." After a pause, she continued, "I can’t promise you anything, but at least right now, Bai Ze, Lu Biechen, and I would no longer appear in the arena of Grand Competition. Is that enough for you? Senior Gem Emperor might be able to consolidate the strength of the remaining people, but those people are not enough to guarantee the victory in the Grand Competition. Some people are simply irreplaceable.

Speaking to this, she couldn’t help but sigh at the thought that many irreplaceable companions had died in the internal strife. And in the Grand Competition, which they initially had a good chance of winning but now had gradually dwindled down.

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Seeing how resolute Xuan Mo was, Wang Lu no longer nagged her. If the persuasion could succeed then good if not, there was no need to force it. Let alone, if only a mere few words could sway her, then Xuan Mo’s intention ought to be questioned.

"There are several things that I need to discuss with you besides persuading you to change side." Wang Lu said, gradually looking very serious, "The first thing is the whereabouts of Black. Where is he?"

This was the most important matter in Wang Lu’s mind. No matter what others might think, Wang Lu always thought that the man in black was the real trouble. The sudden appearance of Gem Emperor and his disturbance of the rhythm of everyone was like a passer-by walking in a hurry…

There was not much evidence for this conclusion. It was merely based on his intuition. However, Wang Lu felt that his intuition was credible. Thus, the first thing he asked was the whereabouts of the man in black.

"He’s also hiding." Xuan Mo said, "Senior Gem Emperor put the biggest effort to deal with him, and it almost killed him on the spot…"

"Wait a minute." Wang Lu interrupted, "I remember you said that Black was so powerful, so how could he was almost killed on the spot? What is the origin of the Gem Emperor?"

Xuan Mo said, "I don’t know. Originally Senior Gem Emperor was not so strong. I don’t know why he became stronger after he woke up this time."

"… Okay, continue."

"After Black was seriously injured, he immediately went into hiding. Senior Gem Emperor looked for him several times, but failed every time… Later, he contacted me and told me about the location of this place. It is said to be stable and hidden among the countless small worlds. It could be used to hide when the situation is extremely unfavorable."

"In other words, your current position is not really safe? At the same time, Black successfully hides in the dark and remotely controls everything. These position changes are very smooth."

Xuan Mo immediately caught the meaning behind it. "Are you doubting Black? He is not the kind of person who would sell his companions. Although his style is a bit radical… it’s much better than Senior Gem Emperor."

Wang Lu didn’t argue, but instead, he merely said, "Can you get in touch with him?"

Xuan Mo hesitated for a moment. "Black said, if something comes up he would look for me. He did not leave any contact information."

Wang Lu took a look at her and inwardly thought that Black probably had left behind a way to contact him but told Xuan Mo not to tell anyone… But now, since Wang Lu already knew about it, he would have the chance to pry it out of her mouth in the future.

"The second matter is about Senior Gem Emperor, could you tell me all about him in detail?"

Xuan Mo looked at Wang Lu but did not speak.

Wang Lu knew what she was worried about. After all, Senior Gem Emperor was her former comrade-in-arms and companion in Earth Immortal camp. On the other hand, Wang Lu belonged to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals… The internal and external contradictions must be clearly distinguished.

Thus, Wang Lu advised, "Senior Gem Emperor is our common enemy. Only by resolving it can we both live in harmony. You should know this very well. The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals are not enemies. Those who hinder our common cause are the enemies."

Hearing this, Xuan Mo finally wavered a bit. The woman’s eyes twinkled for a long time before she slowly opened her mouth and said, "Senior Gem Emperor… is a very special person."

However, she only said a word when suddenly, the snow outside the cave suddenly stopped and the clouds in the sky suddenly parted in two. And then, a magnificent purple symbolizing the supreme descended from the sky.

At the same time, an imposing and composed voice reverberated across the Mysterious Frost World.

"Xuan Mo, you really disappoint me."

In horror, Xuan Mo’s face was suddenly drained of color. She got up and said, "Senior Gem Emperor!"

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